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Title Pilot
Episode # Season 1, Episode 1
First aired January 21, 2021
Directed by Jessica Yu
Written by Anna Fricke
On IMDB Pilot
Outline Following his wife's death, Texas Ranger Cordell Walker return home after two years undercover, and struggles to reconnect with his children, while also dealing with balancing his job, with a new boss and a new partner.
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11 months ago
Walker is driving and meets up with his wife, Emily. She is going to meet up with Geri to get supplies so she can deliver it to people who needed it that were living by the boarder. Walker seems concerned and wants to make sure that Emily stays to the approved route. Emily is more worried about him spending time with his children and family. They kiss and part ways. At Walker's parent's house on the ranch, Bonham (dad); Abeline(mom); Stella(daughter); August(son) and Walker are playing a game that he doesn’t know the rules and he is losing badly. Walker gets a text from Emily and it states "SOS". Walker walks away from the fun and takes the call. Emily is running from someone who is chasing her and tells Walker that "something is wrong". While on the call, Walker hears gun shots and he turns to utter panic. The line goes dead. Walker tells August to take his turn as he is taking a "work call". Cordell is outside his truck and he calls Emily and it goes right to voicemail. The scene cuts to Emily bleeding out, struggling to breathe. Walker realizes that his world just crumbled into a thousand pieces. Walker screams and collapses in grief by his truck.

Present Day
The Walker family have gathered to celebrate Walker's return from an undercover operation he took shortly after the passing of Emily. His old partner, Larry James has been promoted to Captain and has not told him yet. Stella is sure that he is not going to show and she is not happy with her father being gone this long. August wants to believe. A car pulls into driveway but it isn't Walker, instead, it is Stan Morrison, local string puller and friend. Capt. James offers to send a patrol after Cordell. Liam tells him to try the lookout on Lady Bird Lake, which is Walker and Emily's favorite spot. Walker is sitting back of his truck, getting drunk and seeing visions of Emily. Officer Micki Ramirez pulls up in her patrol car asking Walker for his ID. Micki tells him that she will drive him home and pick his car up in the morning. Walker is in the back of the patrol car, looking very uncomfortable as he is very tall. Micki has some small talk and Walker introduces himself as a Texas Ranger and that he has not seen his family or anyone in over 10 months. Micki tells Cordell that she will be promoted and Cordell grins and gives her respect. Walker goes inside his personal home, lays on the couch and falls asleep. . The next morning Walker runs back to his truck. He grabs his cowboy hat, and is driving to the family ranch. When he arrives, his first encounter is with Bonham. His dad’s greeting is not so welcoming and is pretty cutthroat and likes order. He finally smiles as he is happy to see him and tells Walker to go see his mother. Walker greets, hugs and kisses his mother and is greeted by the two family dogs. August comes in with such surprise, love and they embrace. Liam, comes into frame, so happy to see his brother and they play wrestle. Abeline tells them to cut it out and tells Liam to get ready for work. Liam tells Walker that he has been helping out with the kids. Liam also tells Walker that he now Assistant District Attorney. Later that day, Walker with his cowboy hat, badge and boots meets with Captain James on a case. Walker is sarcastic at first to his former partner, who then he hugs and congratulates. James gives him the 411 on the case and Micki walks up. Walker already knows Micki from the night before and saw him drunk. Captain James explains that Micki just got promoted to Texas Ranger and will be Walker's new partner. Walker smirks and Micki tells him about the case. The case involves an assaulted police officer. Micki and Walker are outside an Austin food truck. They are feeling each other out and talking about the case. Walker compliments Micki on being a "badass" and tells her that being a Texas Ranger is hard work. Micki knows this and is up for the challenge. Speaking about the case, Walker sends Micki to do grunt work.

At the family ranch, Walker is eating dinner with his family minus Stella who is out with a friend. During the intense dinner conversation involving Abeline sending the kids to a catholic school(Sacred Heart) in which Walker and Emily did not want, his father chimes in and tells Walker that he should be more appreciative. Walker gets a call from the police who have Stella. He is meeting with Stella and her friend Isabel, and her parents. They got busted for possession. Isabel's parents are nervous now that a Texas Ranger is involved becuase they are not legal in the country. Stella and Cordell fight in the truck and she storms off when they get to the ranch. Liam and Cordell at the local bar, called Side Step. Geri(who is a family friend of Emily and Walker) is the bartender. Geri greets the brothers, Liam excuses himself to make a phone call to his fiancé, Bret. Geri is worried about Cordell, and feels guilty as she was with Emily the night everything happened. Micki is at home where she meets her boyfriend, Trey who just got back from deployment, as he is an army medic. Back at the bar, Walker and Geri have a moment and he demands Geri to take a break and dance. They dance, look at each other, they smile and laugh. The dance is cut short when Micki texts about meeting early for work as she found something regarding the case.

Micki has found the vehicle and the company it belongs to. Both Walker and Micki go talk to the owner and some workers. While there, Walker picks up a cross and is praying to "JC" Walker throws the cross for Micki to hold while speaking to the owner and then to Jordan and Alex. One of them brings up Walker’s wife, the events that happened, and how he didn't protect her and then proceeds to swing and spit at Walker. Walker gets angry and throws him down hard. Walker has hurt his had and Micki takes him to her place and forgets that Trey is there. Walker has some banter with Micki for his previous actions. Micki expresses that she will have his back but wants to know if he has hers as she has a lot to prove and does not want Walker to mess it up. Trey tells Walker to not mess with Micki as she will fight back. Walker smirks and gets cleaned up. Walker gets a call from Stella’s school as she has gone missing. Walker arrives at school and sees Liam, who is the emergency contact and at first Walker is confused by that. They devise a plan to find her. Walker goes to Isabel's home to see if Stella is there. She is not at Isabel's house and her parents are frightened again as she and her husband do not have papers but that Isabel was born in the United States. Walker expressed that he will see what he can do as he will speak to Liam. Back at the station, Walker and Micki have conversations about the current situation with Stella, information about the case and Micki's family backstory. Micki explains that her mother is disappointed in the choices of being in the army and now a Texas Ranger. While her mother sees this as a betrayal, Micki sees this as a chance for her to make a difference as she is the first Mexican American woman Texas Ranger. While talking the realize that this case is drug related. The cross from the shop they were at early is actually has heroine inside. Micki tells Walker to go find his daughter while she gathers back up to arrest the owner of the company.

Walker finds Stella at the lookout. This place holds great significance to the Walker family. They fight again and Stella tells her father that the only one that the one person that can fix this is gone. Walker expresses that he is trying his best and that work is very important and he is trying to balance everything. Walker meets back up with Micki and they discover after speaking with the owner that his own sister, Cheryl who was behind the drugs and ties to a cartel. They end up taking her down and Capt. James congratulates both of them on a job well done and now there will be a task force set up that Walker is recommended for to assist in finding the cartel. In the same breathe, James admonishes him on how he treated the suspect earlier and demanded he do better. Walker is not happy with himself. Walker is sitting with Liam and he is playing with a poker chip. The poker chip was found on Emily's body and Walker wants to know why. There are more questions he has especially now with what occurred earlier with one of the workers who knew about what had happened Emily. Liam explained that he needs to move on as someone confessed. Walker is not convinced. Walker is at home now and is greeted by his father, who gives his two sense about Stella. Bonham is quickly silenced by Abeline. His father walks out of the room expressing that Stella will come around. Abeline expressed that Walker needs to be at home with his kids as this is his job now as especially now he needs to get to know them. Abeline expresed that the farmhouse is available and that it would be good for everyone. Walker realizes that he has beem dooped and that this plan has already started. Walker tells his mother about the task force in which Stella overhears this and then August walks in. Abeline is confident that Walker will make the right choice as in he will stay put.

Outside the farmhouse, Walker sees a vision of Emily. Emily is giving her blessing that this is the right thing to do. August is so happy to show off the craftmanship that he did with the table. Walker is proud of him and apologizes that he has been forced to grow up so fast. August wants to sleep at the farmhouse and Walker agrees and smiles. August is asleep on the couch with Walker beside him, when Stella comes in with a quilt. Cordell asks Stella to sit next to him. She refuses to sit on the couch, but does sit on the floor by his feet. Stella and Walker talk as she is certain he is going leave again. To her surprise, Walker says that he is not taking the task force job as he wants to be at home with her and her brother. Stella smiles and Walker expresses that now is all they got.



  • "In a River" by Rostam
(playing as Walker and Emily kiss goodbye)
  • "Waters Crossed RE" by Royal Forest
(plays over the Walker family game night)
  • "Go Down River" by The Heavy Heavy
(playing as Walker's family waits for him to arrive home)
  • "It Might Get Dark" by White Denim
(plays as Walker heads back to his homestead)
  • "Low" by Chill Russell
(playing as Walker and Micki have lunch)
  • "Those Who Wait" by Christy Hayes
(playing as Walker has dinner with his family)
  • "Westfall" by Okkervil River
(playing as Walker and Stella leave the police station)
  • "Rhythm Revue" by Loteria
(plays at the bar with Liam and Walker)
  • "The Hard Way" by Turnpike Troubadours
(playing as Walker asks Geri to dance with him)
  • "Run" by Abhi the Nomad
(playing as Walker tries to talk to Jordanna and Alex)
  • "Poison in the Well" by by Ethan Burns & The Ragged Jubilee
(playing as Micki brings Walker to her house when they run into Trey)
  • "Valley" by Kevin Morby
(plays when Walker finds Stella at the lookout by the lake where he confronts her about her recent behavior)
  • "Livin' In" by The Mammoths
(playing when Micki and Walker confront Milo about the heroin)
  • "Souvenir" by Boygenius
(playing as Walker and Augie sleep outside in the cable and Walker tells Stella that he's not taking the job out of town)


Walker: You're getting stronger but I am still the older brother.
Walker: If we can't be alright, lets be crazy.
Micki: This is my idiot partner, Cordell Walker.
Micki: See? Who does the law protect, not us.
Captain James: Apologies wont cut it, Do Better.
Walker: Helps me think.
Liam: Helps you worry.
Walker: Now's all we got.

Trivia & References

Bonhman Walker: Ten months? That's over 14 breeding cycles here.
The reproductive cycle of a mare is approximately 21 days.
Walker: Doomed for a certain term to walk the night.
This is a quote from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Trey: Nice buckle. Handcrafted by a Texas convict.

Micki: Handcrafted by a Texas convict.
Trey: Oh, that's messed up.

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum has an arrangement with the Texas Department of Corrections for prisoners to make hand-crafted nickel-silver belt buckles with the Texas Ranger insignia. Chuck Norris wore one in the series Walker: Texas Ranger.
Walker: Had a weird dream about the sandworm from Beetlejuice.
Beetlejuice is a 1988 movie by Tim Burton starring Michael Keaton.

Sides, Scripts & Transcripts

  • Pilot Script for Walker - an draft of the script for the Pilot episode of Walker. It is close to the aired version but obviously an earlier draft.