1.02 Roadkill

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死へのドライブ (Shi e no Drive)
Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka
Written by Raelle Tucker
Naoya Takayama
Based On Roadkill
Voice Actors
Yuuya Uchida
Hiroki Touchi
Kyoko Hikami
Shigeru Nakahara
Kahoko Taki
Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Voice Actors
Jared Padalecki
Andrew Farrar
Lucinda Davis
Bruce Dinsmore
Susan Glover
Mark Camacho
Outline Sam and Dean are investigating a haunted stretch of road when a woman begs for their help finding her husband.
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Dean and Sam are traveling down Route 41, discussing a case, when a woman jumps in front of the Impala. Dean hits the brakes, and the woman, Molly, approaches and asks them for help. She and her husband, David, were in a car accident that knocked her unconscious, and her husband is now missing. Sam and Dean go with her to look for the wreck, but, when they get to the scene of the accident, the car is no longer there. Molly is distraught, and Sam asks her if she saw anything strange or out of the ordinary. She tells him that she was looking for David when she came to an old house in the woods. A man was there, but he didn't look human, and she ran.

They go to the house together, and Sam tells Molly about the ghost of Jonah Greeley. Fifteen years ago, he was killed on Route 41, and his soul is consumed with vengeance against the person who killed him. He haunts the road and attacks whoever is traveling the road hoping to get his revenge. She is worried for David, but Sam tells her that he's safe and that they need to get her somewhere safe, as well. Meanwhile, Dean has been searching the house and found an entrance to the attic. Together, they go up into the attic, where they find the body of Marion Greeley. Apparently she hanged herself after her husband's death, unable to live without him. Sam notices pictures of a tree on the attic wall, and he becomes convinced that Jonah's body is buried under a tree instead of under a more customary grave marker. They need to find which tree he's buried under and salt and burn his remains so that they can put his spirit to rest. Before they can leave the attic, however, ghostly arms shoot out of a grandfather clock and reach for Molly. Sam pulls her away and Dean shoots the grandfather clock with a salt round, buying them some time to escape out the attic window. Once outside, they find Jonah's grave and salt and burn his remains.

As they prepare to leave, Molly reminds them that they still have to find David. When Sam seems reluctant to tell her the truth about David, she becomes convinced that he is dead and runs into the woods alone, crying. They start to follow her, but stand back as she accuses them of using her as bait to draw out Jonah's ghost. Then, before they can react, a spirit grabs her and pulls her over a cliff and into a river. Sam and Dean start to run after her but soon realize that, because they've already put Jonah Greeley to rest, the spirit who grabbed Molly must be Marion Greeley. While Sam continues to pursue Molly, Dean turns around and runs back to the Greeley's house.

At the Greeley's house, Dean returns to the attic and throws salt over Marion Greeley's still hanging corpse. Unfortunately, after salting and burning Jonah Greeley, Dean is short on lighter fluid, and Marion's body won't burn easily. Meanwhile, Sam jumps into the river and tries to rescue Molly from Marion's murderous spirit. They are both being pulled underwater by Marion when Dean finally manages to burn her remains... using his shirt and jacket as kindling.

Once Marion's spirit is put to rest, Sam pulls Molly out of the river and revives her. He and Dean then drive Molly to see David. David... who is fifteen years older and has remarried. Molly is confused, and Sam reveals that, while David is still alive, Molly is actually a spirit. She and Jonah Greeley died fifteen years ago in a car crash, and their wandering spirits have been causing car accidents on Route 41 ever since. Because she was cremated, there is nothing keeping Molly from moving on except for her own confused emotions. Sam empathizes with her—he knows what it is like to lose a loved one—and she gives him a hug before finally moving on in a flash of light.

As they drive away from David's house, Dean asks Sam if he meant what he said to Molly—that there's something better waiting after death. Sam says that it's what he chooses to believe, because anything else would be too much to bear. Dean agrees with him and then tells Sam to roll up his window, but Sam doesn't answer, and Dean notices that something is wrong. He pulls the Impala over and asks Sam what's going on, but Sam is in the middle of a psychic vision and can't answer. In his mind, he sees fire and a woman screaming for help.



(plays during the end credits)



Sam: I don't know, I got a bad feeling.
Dean: You're saying this now? We have fourteen victims, already. What do you suggest we do? We can't just give up. You don't think I feel like packing it in sometimes? Well I do, but we got a job to do, Sammy.
Sam: It was a custom—a token of her love. I read in a book somewhere that the folks around here have this custom of planting trees where the dead are buried. They serve as a kind of tombstone or something.
Dean: That's great, Sam. I'm all for tokens of love, but we need to find the damn body.
Sam: We're purifying the body with salt and then burning it. Dad says that this is the way to bring spirits to their death.

Molly: You mean spirits die, too?

Sam: Yeah, apparently. We don't know for sure. My theory is, some spirits might be attached to this world because they don't know if they're supposed to die... All I know is, I sure as hell hope that where they go is a better place than where they've been.
Molly: You kept saying David was safe. That's what you said. It was all a lie, wasn't it? You used him to get to the ghost. Didn't you?! You used me, too! You knew all along, didn't you?!
Sam: Believe me, I know how hard it is to let people go. To leave a loved one behind. But you just have to hope that they're off to a better place. And that's what I choose to believe.

Molly: Thank you, Sam, you're sweet. And it sounds like you know what it's like to lose someone.

Sam: Yeah, I do.
Dean: (to Sam) So tell me, what's it like hugging a ghost? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?
Dean: So, did you really mean what you said about going to a better place after we leave this world?
Sam: Yeah, at least that's what I choose to believe. Otherwise, it's too much to bear.

Trivia & References

When Sam is checking John's journal for information about Route 41, the text reads, "All accidents happen on Feb 22." Also in the attic is a picture of a tree with the notation "22, Feb." at the top. This puts the date of the initial accident, subsequent accidents, and this episode as February 22.

Lost in Translation

The love note that Dean finds in the attic is in English and reads:
Marion I love you
more as I write this
than I did last night
when we spoke
with deep and tender love
When Dean reads it aloud, however, he says: "My darling Marion, I love you more as I write this than I did last night when we spoke. My love for you is greater than ever. Sincerely, your loving husband, Jonah."