1.04 Don’t Fence Me In

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Title Don't Fence Me In
Episode # Season 1, Episode 4
First aired February 11, 2021
Directed by John T. Kretchmer
Written by April Fitzsimmons
Outline While Cordell and Micki investigate a murder, Stella starts her community service. Both Abby and Cordell have secrets revealed.
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This episode starts with Micki and Walker in her truck making small talk. Walker is still wanting to know about Micki, including her middle name. While they are talking, a police call comes on the radio. Walker and Micki are close by and they respond. Sheriff Monty Shaw received distress call from Mr. Harlan(oil boss) who was DOA on arrival. A suspect-Hispanic was fleeing scene. Walker urges Micki to break protocol and block the car in. Micki hesitates and then does it. The car goes off the road. The driver of the car(Mr. Enzo Carillo) is injured but alive. Micki discovers that Carillo is from the Olvidado gang. At the press conference at the police station, the major is congratulating Sheriff Shaw in making streets safer by having another gang member apprehended. Captain James wants to recognize Micki for her efforts as well and she is uncomfortable. As she is leaving, the Carillo's daughter(Delia) confronts her and expresses in Spanish that she should do her homework and investigate before making judgements and turning on her own kind. Micki is bothered by this. At the Side Step that night, there is a party for Shaw, who is retiring from the force. Walker conversing with Micki at the bar ordering two drinks , one for himself and the other for Micki. He runs into one of Micki's APD coworkers(Winston) who expresses that she likes bourbon. Walker is surprised to learn this. Micki comes to get her drink, which now is in Winston's hand. Winston then calls Micki "Muskrat", which is obviously a nickname. Again, Walker can't believe what he is hearing. Micki jokes that Walker barely knows her but Walker expresses that he is learning and hands her a glass of bourbon. At the family ranch, Walker, Stella, August and Liam are moving in boxes from Walker's home into the farmhouse. Stella askes to paint her room, explains to Walker about her community service at the stables by the mall(in which Walker explains that she needs to steer clear of the prisoners). Liam and Walker have a conversation about Bel's parents immigration case. Liam says that it is not good and that the parents are on ICE's radar. Stella overhears this and she is concerned. August is upstairs making unpacking. He finds one of his father's old work boxes. He puts on the Texas Rangers(baseball cap) and is playing around with a cell phone and camera. Walker walks in and takes and is highly concerned when he sees the hat. August throws the camera and cell phone under the pillow. Walker takes the hat and the box and is going to find a spot in the cellar for it. Walker leaves the room and August decides to plug in the phone so it charges and turns on. Abby is in the kitchen making something on stove and dancing. Stan and Bonham come walking in. Abby is surprised. Stan askes what she is making and expresses "jalapeno jam". He asks Bonham about how Walker is doing and Bonham has a hard time with this conversation and walks outside. Stan then tells Abby that "Gary" from the Seed and Tack has been asking about her and that she hasn't picked up the bird seed. Abby is stirring the jam and cracks a concerning smile. Micki is sketching pictures. Micki is talking to Trey about being in spotlight and that is concerned with it. Trey is making her feel better. Trey is in the middle of looking for a new job and has a job interview lined up. When asking for good luck, Micki is distracted and says it in a way that isn't convincing. She opens her laptop and searches the database and finds out that Enzo dropped his gang in 1990, got a job with Harlan Oil and Micki questions why he went back to gang. Micki also is concerned to look into case further because of reputation of Shaw. Trey reminded her that she is a Texas Ranger. Micki agrees and gives Trey a "good luck" kiss and walks out. Trey uncovers a sketch that Micki drew of "Lady Libertad". she is a woman who looks like a superhero. Trey smiles. Walker is in the cellar looking for a place to put the box of his "undercover" case. While clearing a shelf, he uncovers some letter addressed to his mother from a man named "Gary". Walker showing his emotion, puts the letters down and bangs the box on top of them.

At police station, Micki is speaking with Walker about questions she has about the case but wants to do own "unofficial" investigation. Walker is in as he wants to support his partner. Walker, reveals is middle name to Micki and asks about hers in a joking manner. Connie(police receptionist) expressed that Enzo has died. During thid, Vern, who runs the prisoner stables greets the new "delinquents". Stella raises her hand when asked if anyone worked on a ranch before. Vern gives her the "mucking" job while everyone else will follow the new hire, Trevor who is instantly attracted to Stella. Stella cracks a smile. Micki and Walker are speaking with Delia about her father. She is speaking about how his teardrop tattoo was colored in which meant that he was out of the gang for good and there would be nothing to drag him back in. She explains that Mr. Harlan enjoyed being around Enzo and going to parties. Delia even expressed that Bob(Harlan) used to try to speak in Spanish. Micki asked about the other Harlan's. Delia expressed that Mrs. Harlan did not like Enzo. They now turn their questioning to Mrs. Harlan who is in the garden overseeing a "corpse" flower. She explains that Bob was suppose to he her date to the Garden Gala the night he was killed and that Enzo called her to express there was a problem with one of the rigs. She also told them that Enzo was asking for a raise. She also expressed that none of the kids would involve themselves with Enzo or Delia as they felt something "weird" about them. Micki and Walker question the son and daughter and ask for them both to stay in town until their alibis check out. At the reading of Bob Harlan's will it is expressed by the lawyer that all of his possessions were left to Enzo. The lawyer explains that since Enzo is a suspect in his murder that the estate would go to the spouse but that the case would need to be solved with an autopsy. Walker and Micki and now "officially" on the case.

August is seeking help from Ruby to help develop the photos from the camera. August is obviously feeling awkward. Ruby explains the process to August on how the photo is developed. As the image is being reveled, another secret comes to light. The picture is of Walker and another woman. They are in an enbracing pose. August takes out the picture and tells Ruby that this isn't his mom and runs out of the room with the picture. Stella is with Liam while he is speaking to Bel's parents about the the deportation situation. Sine Bel is a US citizen, she will not be deported. Liam is only able to counsel them in this regard. Her parents only care about Bel's safety. Stella askes if there is anything that can be done as she promised that her family would help. Bel's mother then tells Stella that she and Bel should try to stay out of trouble. Micki and Trey are talking about the case. Trey is wearing a towel to make believe that he has a cape to honor "Lady Libertad". Micki explains that this drawing is half Salma Hayek and half wonder woman. While talking to Trey and looking at the sketches, she realizes that both images sort of look alike. She tells Trey thank you and walks out. At Side Step, Liam and Walker are sharing a drink and Walker is getting the 411 on Gary. Liam explains that this happened during a "rough patch" and Gary was living in the bunkhouse. This all happened right before the unfortunate events with Emily's death. Micki comes storming in and askes Walker if he sees anything. Walker realizes as well there could be a family resembalance. They talk about the case. Liam inadvertently expressed that Carlos Mendoza was arrested two days after Emily's death referring to the recent arrest of Enzo from a prior case leading them to that these types of people always seem to find themselves always in trouble. Micki and Walker realize that Enzo most likely did not know that he was Harlan's son as he was asking for a raise and didn't know he would be getting part of the inheritance. They come to conclusion that one of the remaining Harlans must of known about this secret. They go off to speak to them all again.

At the stables, one of the new horses has broken through the gate. Trevor says hello to Stella and once again she smiles. Stella expressed that she knows how to ride a horse and can get her back. Her and Trevor ride with their horses and chase after the new horse. At the Garden, Mrs. Harlan asked about the autopsy results. Micki and Walker express to Mrs. Harlan that they have done some digging and came to find out that Enzo is believed to be Bob's son. Mrs. Harlan expressed that she had no idea about this and that she loved him. Micki and Walker ask why he would then alter his will more recently. Walker suggests that Mrs. Harlan was not at the Gala at the time of the murder. She tells them that Teraysa has the thumb drive of the Gala as it was filmed and that they will find that she was there all night. She walks away and Walker tells her that they are still waiting for the autopsy results. As they are walking out of the Garden, Walker askes if they could go see Stella down the road at the stables. Micki jokes about how she would love to be 17 again and in trouble. Walker then drops a bomb on her and refers to Micki as "Michelle Floriana". Micki stops dead in her tracks as Walker has found out her middle name. Walker jokes that he is good at his job and reminds her that if they are working together that they need to trust each other. Micki explains that it isn't about trust its about how she does not want to screw things up as she is one Latina woman Texas Ranger out of 164 men(mostly white). Stella and Trevor are riding back together and Stella is asking about advice on how she can make things right with her Bel. We find out that Trevor is working at the prisoner stables to be close to his dad who is doing time in jail and just wants to be close. He understand how the feelings of people messing up with people that the love. His advice is that since she is unable to change what happened, all that she can do is to not pretend that it didn't happen. At the stables, Stella hears her dad coming. She takes Trevor and runs into one of the stables to not be seen. She overhears Vern telling Walker that she is doing well and that he doesn't want her to know that he was there checking in. Stella tells Trevor that that guy was her father and his a Texas Ranger. Trevor jokes that Stella has the "tougher" father. At the Walker residence, August takes the phone off the charger and is going through the contacts. This is Walker's phone he used while undercover. August scrolls until he gets to the name "Twyla Jean". Based off the picture of her in the contacts, this is the woman that was in the picture with. August proceeds to send her a text message that says "Hey". We also get a Supernatural Easter Egg as one of the contacts is "Winchester Auto". At the police station, Walker is giving a briefing to Captain James about the case as he thought it was all wrapped up. Walker explains that the lawyer requested a full autopsy and that they don't thing Enzo actually did the killing. The three of them with Connie's help hack into the camera footage at the Garden. They come to see that Mrs. Harlan was not happy about the plant and that it turns out that Mrs. Harlan and Monty Shaw were having an affair. Captain James is uncertain about barking up this tree with Shaw as he is so close to retirement and that if they are wrong, this can be bad for all of them. Micki reminds her that she was brought on to shake down every tree. Captain James agrees.

Micki and Walker stop at Shaw's residence. He is about to leave. Micki and Walker want to run some loose ends with him. Micki decides to ride with Shaw. As Walker is following, he calls Micki, she put the phone speaker so he can overhear the conversation. Micki starts to run the details of the case with Shaw. She reveals that that the autopsy results found that Enzo sustained bludgeoned injuries that occurred before the car crash. She then tells Shaw that she knows about the affair and accuses Shaw of setting up an innocent man for murder. Walker in impressed and makes sure that Connie and Captain James are roped into the conversation. Shaw explains that he is not a dirty cop. The phone rings inside the car. Micki proceeds to answer it and Walker shouts to Shaw to pull over. In fear, Shaw takes out his gun and points it at Micki's head. Micki tells Walker to "Bull dog it". The truck stops. Micki places handcuffs on Shaw. At the police station, Captain James, Micki and Walker are sharing in a celebratory drink. James explains that what happened to Enzo is not Micki's fault. The final report was that Monty shot Harlan, Enzo tried to defend and was hit in head with Monty's gun. Walker expresses that the entire Harlan estate will be going to Delia and that she is going back to medical school. Captain James says that he ordered some take out for them to enjoy for a job well done. The BBQ is from her favorite place. She inquires on how James knew and he gazes over in Walker's direction. Walker then teases that he knows that she liked BBQ, blueberry ice cream, green tea and bourbon. It is obvious that Walker called Trey to get this information(LOL). Micki is appreciative of how Walker was supportive of her during the case. Walker explains that he did in fact not believe her but that he trusted her.

Stella is waiting outside of Bel's home. Stella wants to set things right and apologize to her and her parents. Stella gives Bel's a jar of the jalapeno jam. Bel jokes that she wants 10 more jars of it and they share in a laugh. Bel says she has to get inside for dinner. Bel says she will see Stella at practice. Stella's phone makes a ding sound and its a notification to Trevor accepted her as a friend on Instagram. Stella jumps up and down in excitement. Abeline is in the living room labeling jars. Walker walks in and askes if he can help. Abeline tells him what he can do. She then proceeds to tell Walker that August is concerned about him and his happiness. Walker does not know what that means and proceeds to ask the same question to his mother. Abeline knows that Walker found the letters. Abeline explains that it was in the past and that the reason why Bonham is sleeping in bunkhouse due to his snoring. Abeline reminds Walker that parents and adults are allowed to have secrets. Walker agrees that he and Emily didn't tell everything to the kids either. With a soft chuckle, Walker then tells his mother that Emily used to snore like a "bear cub" and with tears in his eyes, he expresses how much he misses her. Abeline grabs Walker and comforts him with a hug. Micki comes up to Trey(shirtless) pretending to be "Senor Libertad" Micki hugs Trey and thanks him for helping her sort things out. Trey tells Micki that he is the new director of sports medicine and assistant Soccer coach and Sacred Heart. Micki is so happy. Trey proceeds to give Micki a gift. The gift is the cartoon sketch of "Lady Libertad" in a frame. Walker walks into the bunkhouse and sees the camera with the picture of him and Twyla. August then apologizes that he took the camera and asks about the woman in the picture. Walker tells him that it was someone from his undercover team and that he does not not want to talk about that time as he is here in the present and this is where he wants to be. August expresses that he doesn't think his father is happy at home as he looked happier in the picture. Walker explains that it is hard for him to show it when at home. August wants to know why there are no pictures with him and his mother. Walker tells August that Emily was the family photographer and that she was never in any. Walker asks August to become the new family photo person and grabs him and August takes a picture of the two of them. Liam is with his assistant Ada who has given all the files to him regarding the death of Emily Walker. Ada explains that Captain James a couple days ago asked for surveillance logs of that night. Liam is confused by this as James told Walker to back off and yet he is looking into the case.

The last scene of this episode is Walker walking into August's room. He sees the phone on the bed and there is a message from Twyla Jean asking "Duke Culpepper"(which we can only assume was Walker's undercover name) if he is out of jail and expressing that she is at the Jarrow Motel and he needs to get their quick. Walker is in sheer scare and panic mode and he is realizing that the one thing he wanted to hide from his family is now coming to light and he will need to protect them at any costs, especially if that means keeping more secrets.



  • "Long Time Coming" by COWBOY DIPLOMACY

(James, Micki, Walker, Rangers, Austin P.D. and DPS celebrate at Side Step)

  • "Foot Down" by TOMAR AND THE FCS

(James, Micki, Walker, Rangers, Austin P.D. and DPS celebrate at Side Step)

  • "Thing Called Love" (feat. Molly Hagan) by Walker Cast

(Abeline sings while she cooks, Stan and Bonham startle her)

  • "The Barrel" by ALDOUS HARDING

(Micki confesses to Trey that she feels used)


(at Side Step, Liam and Walker talk about parents having marriage issues, as Micki enters with her sketches)

  • "Honey Butter" by SWELLS

(Stella avoids Walker at the stables, flirts with Trevor.)

  • "Higher" by Twin Buffalo

(playing as Walker and Micki arrest Sherriff Shaw)

  • "Tell Your Mother" by DR JOE

(Stella giving gift(jam) to Isabel

  • "American Miles" by Reed Foehl

(playing as Walker confronts Abby about her affair)

  • "City's Alive" by Chief White Lightning

(playing as Walker and Augie take a photo together)


Micki: "This middle name thing..... stop trying to make it happen, doesn't mean you know me"
Walker: "Yeah. but you never know when some small detail will help us."
Walker: "Bulldog it, now!"
Trey: "You got your seat at the table but you feel used....Maybe you have to play the game a little.....You got the star Banksy, use it"
Walker: "Come on...Off the books is my middle name...Just kidding, it's Beauregard, what's yours?"
Bernard: "You got it Ranger Rick"

Walker "Did he just call me Ranger Rick?"

Micki: "That was extremely satisfying."
Stella: "That dork was my dad."
Walker: "You okay?"

Micki: "Yeah, Nice Save."

Walker: " Yeah, I got your back Muskrat"
Captain James: "You take a job like this and you figure, here my chance to right the wrongs but you shake that apple tree, you never know who's gonna fall."
Trey: "You needed a hero, so you drew one...and then you became it."

Trivia & References

When Cordell scrolls through the contacts in the phone he used when undercover, one of them is "Winchester Auto" - a shoutout to Sam and Dean Winchester.

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