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Title Duke
Episode # Season 1, Episode 5
First aired February 18, 2021
Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Bret VandenBos & Brandon Miller
Outline When his past unexpectedly collides with his present life, Walker is forced to resume his undercover identity to keep his family safe. Micki gets caught up in Walker's old case. August threatens to blow his father's cover.
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Four Months Earlier

Walker is undercover, worker as a guy called Duke at a bull riding ring. A rider called Clint challenges Duke to ride one of the bulls. Duke tells Twyla that he can ride but that he does not want to embarrass Clint. Twyla and Duke share a look (almost like flirting) as Twyla gives him some friendly advice about how to ride the injured bull.


Walker is in panic mode as reads a text from Twyla on Duke's phone asking for him to meet her at Jarrow Motel. Walker rushes to the bathroom, fills the sink with water and plunges his face into it. Stella is outside needing the bathroom to get ready for game day. Walker lifts his head and stares into the mirror. Walker is heading downstairs in full ranger uniform. Stella is sitting down eating breakfast and August is messing around with some fishing equipment. Walker tells then that he is going to a crappy motel as they are on a manhunt and will not be around. Stella is disappointed as she has her soccer game at Noon. August is still a upset from finding out about his father's secret undercover life. Walker assures Stella he will be there and August sarcastically responds that "unless he leaves town again." Walker tells Stella that she needs to watch him as he is punished for what he had done but sending a text using his undercover phone. Stella is confused about the current situation. Walker leaves. We see Micki and Trey. Micki is eating some breakfast and Trey is sitting at the table reviewing game film as he is so pumped up about the game today as this is his first one being an assistant coach. He then joking asks Micki if Walker(his bromance buddy) knows about his new gig. He expressed that he always has to be ready as in why he has new cleats. Trey tells Micki that he has looking at flights for Vegas as he is planning for a reunion of some type(wanting his mom to finally meet Micki). Micki has a very bad reaction to this and brings up her mother, Mrs. Adriana Ramirez. Micki apologizes for her reaction and she will talk to him about this later. Walker is getting himself ready to become "Duke Culpepper". Yes(he goes shirtless in this scene). Walker is replacing his army tags with a cross, using awful aftershave, dirty baseball cap(Texas Rangers, interesting, huh), and puts his cowboy boots on. Walker leans up against his truck and you instantly see that Walker does not want to be undercover as Duke. Micki is at police station, where James askes her to come in. Liam is there, with FBI agent from San Antonio Unit, Tessa Graves. They are all being briefed on Operation: Watch the Throne(which is Walker's undercover assignment). Captain James expressed that Walker's task was to find out who the players were as part of the Rodeo Kings bank robbery crew. Graves expressed that Walker confirmed that Twyla was inside person who worked at the bank and that he was sharing an intimate relationship with. Graves expressed that this could of been enough to bring them down but that Liam refused to put Walker on the stand as this would put him and his family in danger. The last robbery ended with 300K stolen and that Duke(Walker) was the last person to know where the money is. Graves is thinking Walker is dirty and James knows that putting him undercover in the state he was in was a mistake but that he is the only way in to stop this crew. Graves tells Micki that Walker would go dark for long periods of time during the operation and that Twyla's phone are bugged and they have a camera stream at hotel. On camera, we see Duke pull up the the bar and grill attached to the Jarrow Hotel. Liam is defending his brother as this must of been a last resort for him to go back undercover. Liam confirms that Walker hated who he became because of Duke. Micki right away is thinking of an idea that may help in getting Walker out of the situation he is now in. Duke is knocking on hotel room door, Twyla answers, puts her had on his face, makes a comment about missing that aftershave and the door slams shut.

Duke and Twyla start to undress each other. They are making romantic and steamy moves. Duke stops Twyla and says they can't do it right now as he is needs to get himself and her out of town. Duke explains that he has no idea where the money is and that he does not have it. Twyla does not believe him as she told the rest of the crew that he is good for it. Twyla is paranoid as she thinks she is being followed by the FBI due to the bank she worked with was audited by the FBI. Twyla explains that she is tapped out and needs his help. Duke hugs her with his eyes closed, realizing that he is in some serious trouble here. We see August fumbling with a fishing line and camera(almost like a tripod) Ruby shows up and they talk. August is scared that his dad wont be coming home tonight as he will leave again. August explains that the "to go" box is lighter and that he thinks he is with Twyla Jean. Ruby then gives some advice about trying to talk to him about staying. Duke and Twyla are at the bar drinking and remembering of old times. Twyla then plays a song on the old jukebox and they start dancing together. Duke has a flashback memory of when he and Twyla were talking. It was when he opened up about how he was happy with her and when he is riding on the bull. He also mentions about losing someone, his brother(obviously this is not true). The dance is over and they both head towards the back of the bar. We then see close up of Micki(staking out the place). She is dressed in undercover clothes(plaid shirt, jeans and her hair is down). Jaxson comes into bar, he has a gun in his back pocket. Micki right away knows she needs to intervene as he is heading for Duke. Micki ignores orders to stand down and pulls the gun out of his pocket and lays it on the table. She then explains that she didn't like this look of Jaxson and that she was there with Duke as his backup as Twyla was packing herself. All guns are placed on the table and she introduces herself as Adriana(which is her mothers name, hehe), an old pal of Duke's. Duke gives her the "what do you think your doing" look and cracks a half cocked smile.

At Stella's soccer game, Stella is looking for he dad, who is not there. Coach brings everyone together for a huddle and Assistant Coach Trey gives the pre-game pump up speech. The girls go onto the field, Trey notices that Stella is distracted. He asked if she is good and she responds that she will work it out on the field. At the bar, Adriana, Jaxson, Duke and Twyla are talking. Jaxson thinks that Duke has the 300k as he and Crystal were the last ones to see it. He and the others will not leave Austin until they have it. Adriana comes up with a plan that since this in a experienced crew, that they can get the money easily. They are discussing about the money and that this crew is one man short, meaning that they need someone else. Twyla, thinking she is being cute tests Adriana to see who this other crew member to see if she is really that close to Walker. While this is going on, Graves, James and Liam are all listening to this back at the station. Captain James, Liam and Graves are not thinking that Adriana will not know the answer to this question. Adriana expressed that the other member of the crew is none other than Hoyt Rawlins. Jaxson explains they have the "Kyle" job which was a job that Clint was working on before he got pinched. Duke reminds them that he is flat broke and this is the only way to get the money and then out of Austin. They all agree to take on Adriana as part of the crew but that she needs to do something first. At the station, James and Graves are setting up tact teams in order to infiltrate the rest of the crew. Liam is sitting there and flashes back to the time where earlier in the undercover assignment, Walker askes Liam to meet him at the bar, Annunziata's(the bar where Duke and the crew hang out). Liam is waiting in back room. Walker(Duke) locks the door and fills up the sink with water and dunks his head in it. He explains to Liam that the arrests need to happen that night as Clint and Crystal want to go guns blazing like Butch and Sundance. Walker is obviously is panicked by this whole thing. Liam reminds him that he needs them in the bank to make the case worth it. The flashback ends with Graves asking Liam if he will be joining her and James with the tach teams. Liam follows. Walker and Micki(Duke and Adriana) are walking and having casual conversation. Walker knows that Graves showed up to the job today and speaks into Micki's ear piece and reminds her to make the arrests and that everything else can be talked about later. Walker is confused why Micki is undercover and she is actually liking the fact that she isn't playing herself and not trying to mess things up. Micki wants to prove to Graves that none of what Walker had to do was because of Duke and Duke alone. They end up under the tent where Jaxson unveils a mechanical bull. He explains that she needs to prove herself to Brahma. Micki takes on this test and ends up riding the bull for 15 seconds, breaking Dukes Personal record. As Duke looks away, a car pulls up, preparing for it to be someone that he may need to get rid of, he takes out his gun but to his surprise, it is two teenagers. One is Ruby and the other is August. August gets out of the car and Walker is in disbelief.

Walker, needing to stay in character as Duke, askes August to leave. August is stubborn and wants to know what he lied to him again and wants to know if he will be leaving again. August wants to confront Twyla, but this blow everything up. Walker as Duke asks him to leave again that they will talk about it later. August leaves reluctantly. At the soccer field, Stella is running sprints. Trey tries to bond with her wanting to know what is going on with her. Stella says some snarking comment and wants to go back to running. Trey explains that this is day one and he wanted to try. Trey then volunteers to run sprints with her and Stella stops him and opens up. She explains that she threw herself into soceer and this was something that her mother loved and that Walker never missed a game. Stella thinks that by having her play soccer that this will help Walker be present and be home. Trey offers some advice regarding that Stella needs to do decide if she wants to play for herself or for her father. The Rodeo Kings are preparing for the bank job with weapons. Duke asks Jaxson if all these bullets are necessary. Jaxson reminds Duke of how Clint always went big. Duke(Walker) is shaking his hand(almost like an anxiety type of thing) and Adriana(Micki) takes it and assures that August will forgive him. Walker isnt too sure. While getting his gun ready, Duke has a flashback from the last bank robbery he was part of. Both Clint and Crystal were wounded during it and Duke was the one that got Crystal out of the bank. Duke pleaded with Crystal while in the car that she didn't need to do this. Crystal said that she did have to and told Duke to tell Clint that we will always have "one last dance." Crystal leaves with the money and Duke is apprehended by Graves. Flashback ends with Duke expressing that he knows where the money is. He tells the others that the money is in the jukebox at Annunziata's an that they don't need to rob the bank. Twyla then knocks Jaxson out with her gun and pulls the gun on Duke and Adriana. She tells both of them to drop their weapons and lay on the floor and count down from fifty. Twyla leaves for the bar. Micki and Walker then bicker about just being played. Walker has a smile on his face and Micki does not like it. He expresses to her that they know where to make the arrest and that he wants to give August what he wants to most(regarding not seeing Duke anytime soon).

Duke is at the bar where the money is already in the hands of Twyla. Dukes askes for one more dance. Twyla wanted to share the money with Duke but always knew that something was being held back and it was never going to be just them. Duke looks at her. As the song ends, Twyla makes a move for it. Captain James meets her at the entrance. They both make a run for it in opposite directions. They are both surrounded on both sides. Twyla is asked to drop her weapon, the cash and is arrested by James. Duke is still running and makes a run for the pool. Graves is there with her gun facing towards him. Duke looks at Twyla and says one more thing to her and pulls out his gun. Before he could take a shot, Graves shoots him and he falls into the pool. Twyla is in shock. Duke is floating in the water, lifeless. They take Twyla away in handcuffs. Liam runs towards to pool screaming his name. Walker then opens his eyes and climbs out of the pool. Liam, with his hand on Walker's shoulder assures him that Twyla is gone, everyone is safe and that its over. Walker is relieved. At the bar, it is nightfall and the cops are wrapping up the case. Walker is back in his normal uniform and is speaking with Graves. He askes her if she still feels that he is "crocked" and she expresses that he did help locate the money and wrap up the Rodeo Kings. Liam then walks up and tells Walker that back then he should of stopped it when he had the chance. Walker assures Liam that the dead bodies are not on him and they are on Clint and none of this is on him. Liam and Walker share a brotherly hug.

At the police station, Liam and Captain James are talking about how Graves was turning everything over to get the case solved. Captain James agrees but also wonders what Liam has been turning himself. The drone coverage of the night that Emily was killed was requested by both of them. They both think that something is off about the case. It looks like they will be working together to figure out what happened. Micki is at home and Trey walks in. Micki asks about the game and Trey expresses that he enjoys what the kids are giving to him more then what he giving to them. Micki shows Trey a drawing of him and a soccer ball in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. She tells Trey that she would love to give his mom the particulars and reminds him that "moms are stressful" as she does not have the very best relationships with hers as she feels she is always small around her. Trey assures her that his mom is not. Micki wants this to be for the long haul and this excites Trey. Walker walks in the front door of the family ranch. August is sitting at the table. He demands to Walker that if he is leaving that he needs to tell Stella himself. Stella walks into room with a soccer jersey "8". Walker is distracted and asks why she has her mothers jersey. Stella explains that she is changing her number to hers. Walker explains to both Stella and August that he is sorry for everything and the only reason why he yelled at him was to keep him away from those bad people. Walker didn't mean a single word, but August explained that he did. Walker knows this and tells him that its because of him that Duke Culpepper is dead and this is all over. August smiles. Walker explains that he will never leave again. Walker asks the kids to join him outside to take the badass with crap aftershave and "light him up. Outside, Walker tells the kids that any questions that he can offer information he will what he can. August asks about what kind of person Duke was. Walker explains that Duke pretended a lot, to be happy, to feel whole, and to be in love. Walker assures them that everything was real with their mom and that Walker was pretending to be okay when he wasn't. Stella expresses that they pretended a lot as well when Emily passed away as well. The episode ends with Walker hugging Stella and August lighting a match to Duke's belongings.



  • "You And I" by Ali Holder

(Tywla and Duke- beginning/ending in the bar)

  • "Heaven" by Lincoln Durham

(Flashback to introduction between Duke, Twyla and Clint West)

  • "If I Die" by Low Cut Connie

(Walker is becoming Duke)

  • "CMP9442 Danger Zone" by Bon Johnson

(Duke and Twyla speaking at bar)

  • "Last Dance" by Walker Cast

(Karaoke Flashback)

  • "This Is Mine" by Think No Think

(Micki(playing Adriana) riding the mechanical bull)

  • "Hate the Taste" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

(Duke gets shot)

  • "Although We Cry" by Paul & The Tall Trees

(Kids and Walker burn the personal effects of Duke)


Twyla Jean: "Your gonna shovel prairie pancakes the rest of your life, cowboy?"
Clint West: I'd say you either go 10 or go home, what do you say, Dick?"
Duke: "It's Duke, Hope you can count to 11."
Walker(Duke): "No eyes on this. Keep the circle small. And the lies honest."
Duke: "I lost someone, My brother. He was my best friend. we rode circuits together. We wing-manned together."
Duke: "We always think better with whiskey and garlic bread, right?"
Trey: "Excellence is hard. Excellence is earned. Now go out there and show them what excellence looks like."
Liam: "I need one day and one foot."
Walker (Duke): Thank you by the way. I know you backed this unstoppable jackass site unseen."
Duke, Twyla and Jaxon: "The Brahma's shows us your soul."
August: "Is this who you really want to be, a fake cowboy badass with crap aftershave?"
August: "If I never see this guy again, it'll be too soon."
Stella: "Maybe wait till day two to motivate and inspire, Coach."
Trey: "17 with sarcasm, Refreshing."
Walker(Duke): "I thought we had an out, I didn't think..."
Micki(Adriana): You'd get robbed? By the robbers?
Duke: "What do I always say Twyla, Go BIG right?
Liam: "Hey, its over, Duke is dead."
Graves: "Well, I wouldn't have shot you if I was gonna cuff you."
Walker: Why don't we , uh why don't we say goodbye, Once and for all."

Trivia & References

Walker(as Duke): I got to tell you, I think they're keeping me sidelined so I don't go embarrass, uh, Donkey Kong over there!
Donkey Kong is the chest-beating ape character from a series of video games.
Augie: Don't know how to explain it, but I think it's my dad's go box.
A go box, or go bag, is a collection of essential items that a person may need if they need to leave home with little warning during a disaster, or leave for work in a hurry.
Walker: Hey, bartender, we're gonna need all the arancini you got back there, yeah?
Arancini are an Italian fried rice ball, usually stuffed with meat or cheese.

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