1.05 Legend of a Mind

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Title Legend of a Mind
Episode # Season 1, Episode 5
First aired November 15, 2022
Directed by Lisa Soper
Written by Sehaj Sethi
On IMDB Legend of a Mind
Monster Djinn
Location(s) Lawrence, Kansas
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Dean: Spending a lifetime of hunting monsters takes its toll. There comes the time when you gotta let out that pain inside you. If you don't, it'll eat you alive.

Mary and John are working on an old motorbike, which Millie had given John's dad Henry just before he disappeared. Mary knows a bit about mechanics, and John suggests that when she leaves hunting she could work in Millie's garage. Mary says thought that there's too much history for her in Lawrence, and she thinks she will leave town. Millie asks John how he is, concerned after his breakdown following the case at the VA Hospital. He reassures her he's fine. She notes the chemistry he has with Mary, but John admits he doesn't know how Mary feels about him.

At the clubhouse, Latika has found a potential case - a Congressman whose brain was turned to mush inside his skull. The gang turn up at his office, and find out from his assistant that his behavior had become odd and he'd been having nightmares in the weeks before he died. Mary and Lata decide the death was probably caused by a djinn, so they decide to search empty warehouses for its lair. Finally at one warehouse, they disturb someone who flees from them, but not before a flash of recognition pass between him and Ada.

Ada reveals to her friends that the djinn is her son Tony. When she was young she had a relationship with a Djinn, who was not harming people when they met and fell in love. However when he started to kill, Ada left him. She later gave birth to Tony, but kept his heritage from him until his Djinn powers started to manifest.

Carlos and Ada return to the warehouse where Tony had been living, and while on the stakeout, Ada falls asleep and Tony appears to her. He says he's been using his Djinn powers to help people. A strange sound had drawn him to Lawrence. He had tried to help Congressman with his nightmares, but while in his dreams he saw a "giant bug" was also in his mind controlling him. Tony also heard the name of the next victim - Eric Fisher. John goes to visit Betty, his ex- who is now a police officer, and she tells him there have been two other victims who died in the same way as the Congressman.

Lata has obtained x-rays from the Congressman's autopsy that reveal three stingers and an unknown substance in the victim's brain confirming that it wasn't Tony's story. Mary relays this to Ada, and at the same time asks her about falling in love when she was young, and how she knew whether it was the right path to pursue.

The gang track down the next victim and manage to save him from an Akrida attack, but in the process it manages to insert its stinger's into Mary. Back at the clubhouse, Tony has agreed to help Mary. The stingers need to be removed along with the Akrida's presence in Mary's subconscious, which Tony says will be hidden away where he deepest trauma is stored. He knows she won't allow a stranger access, so John agrees to help. Carlos knocks John unconscious, and Tony guides him into Mary's mind. He tells her the stingers will be hidden in a traumatic memory. The first one she faces is of the first person she killed, a werewolf who was a boy called Jacob, but the stogers aren't there. Then she finds her memory of herself at five years of age, when her parents told her monsters were real and that she would be a hunter. It's then that she feels that opportunities to a future outside hunting started being closed to her. She reassures her young self that it's okay to be scared and that she will try and leave hunting. They find the stingers and Mary is released.

Tony also shares that the Akrida are responsible for attracting the "unicorn" monsters to Lawrence and are collecting essence from their remains. The gang deduce that the monsters are being drawn to town by s signal that is probably coming from a radio tower. Meanwhile, one of her minions reports to Roxy that Mary is not under their control, but she seems non-plussed, and says they will get what they want eventually.

Mary and John return to working on his dad's old motorbike, and John says that when he finishes it, she can have it and use it to leave Lawrence.




  • "Pull the Wool" by U.S. Stamps
(playing on the radio in Winchesters Garage, while John works on his father's motorcycle)
  • "The Windmills of Your Mind" by Dusty Springfield
(playing as Mary is pulled from her nightmare)
  • "I Put a Spell on You" by Nina Simone
(plays on the radio as the Monster Club realize Rockin' Roxy is an Akrida)


Carlos: Okay, a fancy councilman with a mushy brain is tempting, but the demon Ada and I trapped in a bonsai tree said the Akrida have a leader running around in a human body. Seems like we should maybe find that person before they, you know, destroy the world.
John: Hey, what's a djinn?
Carlos: They attack a person in their subconscious and feed off their mental energy, usually till the person slips into a coma and dies. It's sort of like a brain vampire.
John: I just stopped at Harper's. Figured I'd get you something too. French dip sandwich... Extra au jus.
Latika: EMTs found three splinter-like objects near the body. It's just a theory, but these stingers could have been implanted by the Akrida, allowing them to take control of the human host. The toxicology report confirms an unknown substance was found in the councilman's brain.
Ada: One thing you learn about plants, you can never treat any of the two the same. They each need their own perfect amount of light and water in order to grow.
Ada: I followed my heart. I don't think that's ever a mistake.

Mary: Even if you're scared?

Ada: Especially then. It's just part of falling in love.
Tony: Our nightmares are rooted in trauma. They take shape in our darkest memories. Mine... mine are about turning into my dad.
Mary: Mom and Dad told me not to be scared, but I am scared. It's okay to be scared. In fact, it's good to be scared. You can't be brave if you're never scared. It's gonna be okay. Not in this moment; not today. But someday. I'm gonna find a way to open all the doors that were closed for you. I promise.

Trivia & References

"Legend of a Mind" is a song by The Moody Blues from their 1968 album, In Search of a Lost Chord.
Carlos: I'm sorry, maybe it's just the DMT talking from this past weekend, but did I just hear you say that A - you're a mom, and B - the monster we're hunting is your son?
DMT is a psychoactive drug made from animals or plants that causes hallucinations.
Mary: You said that you were afraid of the monster under your bed and your parents told you not to worry... Well, my parents told me that the monsters I was afraid of were real. And that one day it would be my job to hunt them down and kill them. And this was the night they told me that.
This recalls Sam's lines from the Supernatural pilot:
"When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45."


John revealed to Mary that Henry disappeared two weeks after his birthday in 1958.
Betty is seen painting an image of Saint Miguel - also known as the archangel Michael.

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