1.05 Savage Blood

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Savage Blood
野獣の血 (Yajuu no Chi)
Directed by Shigeyuki Miya
Written by Akemi Moriyama
Based On Original story
Voice Actors
Yuuya Uchida
Hiroki Touchi
Kinryu Arimoto
Takaya Hashi
Atsushi Abe
Tomomichi Nishimura
Kiyoko Nagaki
Daisuke Namikawa
Masakazu Morita
Motoki Tagaki
Yoshihisa Kawahara
Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Ai Horanai
Voice Actors
Jared Padalecki
Andrew Farrar
Terrence Scammell
Alain Goulem
Michael Yarmush
Richard M. Dumont
Lucinda Davis
Daniel Brochu
Outline While Sam investigates a series of cattle mutilations, Dean helps a boy named Ryan learn to stand up for himself. But Ryan's father has a dark secret, and things are complicated by another hunter's arrival.
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For the last two years, numerous cattle mutilations have occurred in Hoover, a town near Alamosa, Colorado. Sam entertains the theory that extraterrestrials are responsible, but reads an entry in his father's journal that details similar cases of cattle mutilations in Red Lodge, Montana. These incidents went on for three years and were then followed by a series of 5 murders, all beheadings, of people who had moved to Red Lodge in the last three years. John posited that demons were responsible. Sam decides to investigate all the people who have moved to Hoover in the last two years, but while in Hoover he sees a familiar face: a vampire hunter named Jason. He follows him and learns that he has a camper parked out on the edge of town.

Meanwhile, Dean witnesses a group of bullies harassing another boy named Ryan on the edge of a nearby rooftop. While he watches, one of the bullies, Charlie, calls Ryan's dad a wimp and then bets that Ryan can't let go of the rail around the roof's edge. Ryan does, and a gust of wind knocks him off the building. Thankfully, Dean is there just in time to catch him. Dean sets him down and then goes to leave, but Ryan clutches his head in pain and Dean decides to give him a ride home. As they drive in the Impala, Ryan asks Dean if he can teach him to fight. His father, Gayle, is a pacifist who says "only an idiot strikes out in anger or to take revenge," but Ryan is tired of the bullying he has to endure. Ryan's mom died when he was young, and he and his dad move every few years, which makes it hard to make friends. Dean agrees to teach him some fighting moves the next day.

When Dean and Sam meet up that night, they decide that Sam will keep watch on the vampire hunter Jason tomorrow afternoon, while Dean trains Ryan. Before Sam can ask Dean why he wants to help Ryan, Dean falls asleep.

The next day, Dean and Ryan both wear gi (or jūdōgi) and practice the martial art Judo. As they grapple, Ryan is overcome by anger and tries to strangle Dean, but Dean subdues him and then admonishes him for his lack of control. He tells Ryan about the time his own father, John, taught him that fighting is something you do to protect yourself - being angry means you're out of control and can't protect what's important. When Dean goes to leave, Ryan collapses, once again clutching his head in pain. Dean takes him home and carries him inside, where he notices a silver bullet on an end table. The bullet has clearly been shot, so once he leaves he stays out of sight to watch Ryan's house and calls Sam.

Sam has been watching Jason all day, and he reports to Dean that the other hunter hasn't moved from his camper. Dean tells him about the bullet in Ryan's house and then hastily hangs up when he sees something in a nearby field. He goes to investigate and sees that it's Ryan's father, Gayle, and he is sucking the blood of a cow. Dean calls Sam again and tells him that Gayle is a vampire. Sam runs up to check that Jason really is in his camper, but he finds a dummy instead, and tells Dean. While Dean's distracted, Gayle comes up behind him and knocks him out.

When Dean wakes up, he is tied to a chair in Gayle's barn. Gayle knows that Dean is a hunter and asks him why he's been talking to his son, Ryan. He thinks that he's trying to train Ryan to hunt him, but Dean denies it. He then asks Gayle why he's feeding on cows, and Gayle explains that even though he's a vampire, he doesn't feed on humans. He and his wife, Miranda, were living peacefully among humans when an overzealous hunter killed her twelve years ago and took all of her belongings. The only keepsake Gayle has is the bullet the hunter left in her body and that Dean found in their home.

Dean asks Gayle if Ryan knows what he is, and he says that he doesn't. He also tells Dean that Ryan's headaches mean that he will soon transform into a vampire for the first time. Rage is a trigger for the transformation, and Dean's training may have contributed to Ryan's awakening. He tries to make a deal with Dean - he'll let Dean go if he'll leave Ryan and him alone - but before he can untie Dean, he's shot through the window behind him with silver bullets.

Meanwhile, in the house, Ryan sits up and spits out a tooth. When he touches his mouth, he feels a sharp canine tooth descending in its place. He is transforming. When he hears the gunshots from the barn, he goes out to investigate.

In the barn, Jason appears and cuts Dean loose. He's shot Gayle multiple times and, though Dean tells him that Gayle doesn't prey on humans, he's intent on torturing Gayle with a knife soaked in dead man's blood. Before he can begin the torture, though, Gayle notices the necklace around neck - it was his wife's - and accuses Jason of killing Miranda. They struggle, and then Dean joins the fray to try to stop Jason from killing Gayle. Eventually, Jason gets the upper hand and holds two guns, one on Gayle and one on Dean. Just as he's about to shoot them both, Sam appears and shoots Jason. The wounds aren't fatal, though, and Gayle jumps on Jason, intending to kill him.

Before he can, Ryan, who has completed his transformation into a vampire, jumps in to stop him. Even though he heard that Jason killed his mother and is full of rage himself, he tells his father that he has to control his anger, and that his mother wouldn't want him to become a killer.

As they drive away from Hoover, Dean asks Sam what he thinks Gayle and Ryan will do next. Sam guesses that they'll move to a new town, and then asks Dean why he was teaching Ryan Judo. Apparently, it was Jui-Jitsu - not Judo - that John taught Dean when he was a kid. Dean says that the real point was to teach Ryan discipline, and then tries to turn the car around when he realizes that Ryan was still wearing his training outfit that he lent him. Sam tells him to forget it.



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Trivia & References

Hoover, Colorado is a fictional city that is located near Alamosa, Colorado. Alamosa is a real city in the San Luis Valley. It's possible that the name Hoover is a reference to the Hoover Dam, which is located on the Colorado River, but not in Colorado. The nearest city to the Hoover Dam is Boulder City, Nevada. Red Lodge, Montana is a real city in Southern Montana, and is the county seat of Carbon County.
Red Lodge, Montana, is where Sam and Dean encounter Gordon Walker in 2.03 Bloodlust. Like Jason, Gordon was a vampire hunter intent on killing all vampires, even those that had vowed not to drink human blood.
In the establishing shots of Hoover, Colorado, a Google corporate building can be seen.
The first page of John's journal has some pictures and the following notes:
5 men and women killed in Red Lodge, Montana.
1st victim, male, 26. Did odd jobs around town.
1st witness, mother. Found her son's body in the backyard.
No signs of struggling. Culprit, someone he knew.
2nd murder, male 30. Gym instructor.
Beheaded. Headless body found near river. Head still missing.
3rd murder, male 40. Club owner. Another beheading.
Stabbed more than ten times in the body.
4th killing. Female, 24.
Found in Red Lodge woods
Bullet wounds in stomach. Traces of blood in forest.
Looks like victim ran from the killer.
Cleft wound suggests blunt ax, rather than knife.
5th killing. Corporate employee. Beheaded.
Body found in bushes in park near home.
No connection between the 5 victims.
All beheaded.
Police have no leads.
High possibility culprit is a demon.
The second page of John's journal contains a newspaper clipping titled "Cattle mutilation: Multiple cases of cattle mutilation. Wild hounds?" and the notation:
Cattle mutilation.
Where did the blood go?
Any cases of human mutilation?
Any connection to the Red Lodge murders?
Possibility of blood sucking UMA?

There is also a second clipping titled "MORE CATTLE MUTILATED!" and the notation:

Sudden natural death of livestock a sign of demonic activity?
What was the blood used for? Sacrificial blood for rituals?
Black magic? High possibility culprit is a demon.
Analyze location of cattle deaths and numbers.
Any alchemic patterns?
Look into history of town and past incidents.

Lost in Translation

Sam's introduction to the case at the beginning of the episode is markedly different in Japanese and in English. Extra details not included in the English dubbed version: the Red Lodge murders occurred 12 years ago; 74 people moved to Hoover two years ago, when the cattle mutilations began; and Dean is disgusted with the long list of possible suspects in Hoover. Detail not included in the Japanese version: the 5 Red Lodge victims had all just moved to Red Lodge 3 years before they were murdered. Also, in the English version, Sam says "I bet Dad read about this, too," which is strange because he is reading from his Dad's journal, which includes notes about the Red Lodge murders as well as notes and newspaper clippings about the current cattle mutilations in Hoover. It is therefore obvious that John read about the Hoover cattle mutilations. John's notes read that he thinks a demon is responsible in both cases.