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Title Bar None
Episode # Season 1, Episode 6
First aired March 11th, 2021
Directed by Amyn Kaderali
Written by Casey Fisher & Paula Sabbaga
Outline When Geri decides to sell the bar, it throws Walker for a loop. Micki is shocked when her mother drops in unexpectedly and Liam and Captain James start to look into Emily's murder and ask for assistance from Hoyt. Stella and August want to go camping to honor the one year of their mother's passing.
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At the Side Step, Micki and Walker are enjoying a beverage talking about how Walker may lose his job with the most recent lawsuit he has with a previous suspect. Walker explains that he knows he was wrong but that he was justified as the suspect "spat" at him. Walker explains that the job is not perfect and they both have to deal with it. Walker toasts to "Denise", which is the boar that is hanging up at the bar. During a flashback, six years previous, it is Walker's birthday. Emily has a big present for him. Hoyt and Geri are at the bar as well. Walker opens the box and it that same boar.

Present day, Walker is given mail that Geri has for him since he still has not changed his address. Walker stumbles upon the life insurance check for Emily. Walker explains that he is okay and with Sunday approaching(one year anniversary) it is just another day. He plans on celebrating it with Stella and August camping. A big collapse occurs with some of the foundation of the bar falling to the floor. At Detention Facility, Liam and Captain James are waiting for Carlos Mendoza. He sits down and refuses to speak to either one of them about what happened the night of Emily's murder. Captain James comes up with plan to see if someone from the inside can help. At the Family ranch, August and Stella are taking inventory of the items for the camping trip. Walker receives phone call from Geri, who abruptly comes out to say that she is selling the bar. Walker is surprised by this and wants to know why. Walker leaves his kids to finish inventory as he has to take care of an "emergency" at the Side Step.

AS Micki and Trey enjoy a morning in bed, Trey sends a picture to his mother as they are waiting for food from Olive Garlic. The door bell rings and Trey puts on a robe, looking like Micki's and answers the door. To Trey's and Micki's surprise it is her mother, Dr. Adriana Ramirez. She askes Micki to put some clothes on. At the Side Step, Geri is meeting with a real estate developer who has put an offer in. Walker runs in and says that the foundation falling could be suspected tampering and that being a Texas Ranger he needs to investigate. Geri is outranged with this. Micki is stressing out and does not want Trey to say anything that may warrant her mother's wrath. Adriana is walking around the home and is making comments and is surprised to see her book on the shelf. They start speaking in Spanish and Micki comes to find out that her mother is there to complete a psych evaluation on Walker and she knows that the mind games her mother will play. Geri is trying to understand why Walker is doing this. She explains to him that the foundation is falling apart, that she is feeling the pain of Emily's death and that he is in denial. Geri wants a fresh and clean start. Walker, even though he not the handy man of the family, wants to fix everything. Geri, reluctantly gives Walker the keys.

During the same flashback, Geri askes Emily and Walker to make sure they lock when done. Walker decides to take Denise(the boar) and redecorate and hang it up. Emily, wants to have a conversation referring to the injury he sustained on a case and how dangerous the job is and that they need to fill out a will. Walker and Emily have a conversation about what each other would do if the other passed away. Emily would marry Geri and work at Side Step. Walker expresses that he would be lost without her, would grow a beard and drink himself blind, then marry Geri and work at the Side Step. Stella and August are still packing for the camping trip. Abeline and Bonham show up giving them time frame of when they are going to leave as they are driving them and Walker will be meeting the kids at the camp site. Stella is stunned to hear this as she has made other plans for someone else. Stella is surprised to hear that their grandparents are joining them camping. Trevor is outside of the ranch and Stella introduces everyone to Trevor as he is her backup plan to drive. Abeline is cutthroat and does not want him camping with them.

At the jail, Captain James and Liam are waiting to speak to Hoyt, who hopefully will help them with their case. Liam and James explain the plan to Hoyt, who is referring to himself in the third person. Hoyt, is outraged with the plan as he thinks that Mendoza is the one who killed Emily. Liam explains that they have a hunch and needs more information. They tell Hoyt they are doing this without Walker knowing. Hoyt agrees to help.

Walker, is at Side Step and working on fixing the foundation problems. He is using a nail gun to place the wood beams. Micki is explaining that her mother has methods and motives and that this is just to teach her a lesson for choosing law enforcement and that he needs to take all of her advise about the evaluation seriously as this could end his career. Walker appreciates this but explains that he will be fine. As he is trying to put a beam in place he accidently shoots a nail into his hand and now is attached to the piece of wood. Walker explains this is all part of the "process" and Micki sighs. Micki receives a text from Trey explaining that the nail should be pulled out like a Band-Aid. Micki is about to pull the nail out and tries again to explain the importance of him taking her seriously. Micki pulls the nail out of hand, and Walker is in some serious pain. Trey walks in with his medical kit and behind him is Adriana. Walker and Adriana meet and exchange words. Micki leaves to go outside with her mother and Trey treats the wound that Walker sustained. Walker appreciates the metaphor regarding him running away from his emotions about Emily and that more structural problems can make it harder to to fix. Trey just explains that he talking about his hand.

Abeline and Bonham have conversation about Trevor coming along. Bonham makes reference that there is no harm with him coming along. He states that he "evolving" as to not give Abeline more grief about her taking in Hoyt years earlier. Bonham reminds Abeline that Stella seems to be happy.

At the jail, Hoyt is preparing for his move to Mendoza's cell. Hoyt has intel that Mendoza enjoys reading about art. Hoyt uses this to gain trust with Mendoza and shares his opinion about the "limited palette" that Rufino Tamayo has. Mendoza mentions that this is his niece's favorite artist.

Micki and Walker are working on a book shelf. Micki is riding Walker on the possible inquires that her mother will use. She brings up his undercover operation only 2 months after her death. Walker askes Micki to stop but Micki explains that if her mother will pull out all the stops. Micki presses again about Emily in a form of a question and Walker get upset and storms off. He is not going to make this evaluation about Emily and her death.

Stella, August, Trevor, Bonham and Abeline have stopped at a local picnic ground to eat something. Sandwiches are being passed around and the one that was saved for Walker is given to Trevor as Walker has not shown up yet. August starts playing "I spy". Laughs are shared and Stella expresses that she sees smoke coming from the hood of the car.

After only 2 hours, Hoyt has an update on Mendoza. Hoyt tells Liam and James that Mendoza is not a drug addict but that the injections he is giving himself is a drug named "Edaravone", which is a medication to treat ALS. Mendoza does not want anyone to know that he is dying. James puts together that he is the perfect person to confess to a murder because he is already dying and has nothing to lose.

Bonham, Stella and Abeline are trying to fix the car. Abeline and Stella are speaking in regards to what the day signifies and that Abeline does not trust Trevor. Stella does not mean to cause any harm but that Trevor understands what she is going through. Abeline checks the dipstick, Bonham starts the car.

Micki is still hounding Walker and trying to prepare him. Walker has had enough and tries to turn the situation around that Micki should have stepped in if there were questions about his actions and if they were justifiable. As this happens, all of the work that Walker has put with the foundation comes crashing down. Walker, who then becomes frustrated, tells Micki that she was right all along and that this was all about Emily. Micki and Walker have a heart to heart regarding the day's events. Walker thinks he has failed and that he is pissed that Emily is no longer in the world and that he gets to have "get out of jail" card because of his actions as this not how he feels. Walker expressed that he stopped caring about giving his kids a better world once Emily died. Micki reminded Walker that he needs to face his feelings as if he continues to run, it will make it worse in the end. Walker confides in Micki that he is going to plead guilty. Micki smiles and tells Walker that she is "proud of him." Micki returns home and her mother and Trey are cooking dinner. Micki tells Adriana that with some coaching Walker will plead guilty. Adriana explains that she wanted this case to actually come and teach Micki a lesson.

Bonham and Abeline dropped Stella and August off at Side step per request from Walker. Stella is saying goodbye to Trevor when Walker emerges to introduce himself and to sorta threaten. Trevor has a confused look on his face but walks away. Stella and August are setting up inside. Walker explains that he knows that he ran from the day and that he is sorry. He explains to the two of them that Emily did not like camping but she enjoyed the good things in life. He explains that Emily loved the confused look on Augie's face when waking up and how Stella was so creative with making tents. Trevor is about to leave the ranch, when Abeline warms up to him. He appreciates what the trip meant to all of them and that he could share in it. Abeline gives him some food to take home. Bonham and Abeline have a special moment together. Walker pours two shots for himself and is watching the kids sleep. Walker has a vision of Emily. Emily expresses that he was able to get them to sleep a lot earlier then she could. Walker apologizes for not being able to save the Side Step and that he needs to do more fixing then just that. Emily reminds him that it takes time to fix things and that not all things have to be good. Walker chuckles and Emily vanishes. In the morning, Stella, Walker and August are having breakfast and Walker has a surprise. It is the last thing Emily made, a skillet snickerdoodle. It has been in the freezer for one year and the kids think it was a perfect idea and will enjoy it. Geri walks in and explains that the real estate offer wants to knock the place down and build condos. August comes up with an idea to use part of the life insurance money to purchase the bar and fix it up and make more of a family establishment. Walker tells Geri that they match the offer and Geri without hesitation says that she received an offer but that this one is even better.

James is looking at the gallery that Mendoza's niece owns right across the border "Galeria 107" located in Reynosa, Mexico. They uncover that there have been multiple repeat purchases from a bank in Austin. There is a transaction that occurred two days after Emily was murdered and the money is coming from Straw Ring LLP. James realizes then that is the same LLP that Geri had for the Side Step. Geri is seen driving on the open road with a uncertain look. At the police station, Walker, Micki and Adriana are waiting to go in. Walker apologizes for his words and actions and is prepared for what is to come. A car pulls up and a woman steps explains that she is issuing a felony warrant for Adriana and she is placed under arrest. Micki and Walker are in disbelief.

Trevor walking into the visitors room of a prison. Trevor explains to his father, Clint West that he ran into an old friend that his father knows, Duke. Clint explains that Duke is dead. Trevor says he is not and that he is a Texas Ranger and that he is the reason why he is in prison.



  • "Say What You Mean" by Cilantro Boombox

(playing in background of bar)

  • "Kinda Shaken" by The Kingston Springs

(playing in background of bar)

  • "Hot Year" by The Sanco Loop

( playing while Cordell and Geri are talking about Side Step being sold)

  • "Magnolia" by Mail the Horse

(playing while Liam and Captain James are speaking to Hoyt at prison)

  • "Hangin’ On" by Western Youth

(playing while Walker, Geri and Micki are talking about Emily's Life Insurance)

  • "Follow You" by Pretty Hectic

(playing while Stella and Trevor are speaking in front of Side Step)

  • "Calling It" by Automatic

(playing while Geri is driving away out of town)

  • "Summer Begs" by Sarah Jaffe

(playing while Walker is having conversation with Emily about the kids)


Emily(during flashback): "Not all things have to be good for them to be good."
Geri: "Alex, this is the Side Step's Moaning Myrtle."
Micki: "Its typical, Wicked witch sends no warning."
Micki: "Sweet guys speak Spanish."
Geri: "I know you don't want to face it, but it's time to move on."
Walker: "Nothing gets my candle lit like a last will and testament." (flashback)
Abeline: Leave the attitude and pack your flannel."
Walker: "I follow a code"
Micki: "Its not about a code, it's about perception."
Micki: "Tough as nails"
Walker: "Oh, are you the one who is the Big Bad wolf, trying to make me look like a rotten apple."
Adrianna: "It's not about rotten apples, it's about a rotten system."
Hoyt: "Sometimes it's not about what people let out, it's what they let in."

Trivia & References

Walker: Thing is, it probably won't matter. I mean, you and I both know it, judges tend to protect the white hat.
The Texas Ranger dress code stipulates that they wear a light-colored or white hat. This is possibly influenced by the trope in Western movies in the early 20th century where the heroes wore white hats, and the villains wore black hats.
Bonham: Hey. Bags in the van. Oscar Mike. In.

Augie: Gramps, this isn't Nam.

Oscar Mike is military code for "on the move". Augie referring to "Nam", indicates that Bonham was likely in military during the American war in Vietnam.
Walker makes the kids a "Skillet snickerdoodle". Snickerdoodles are a type of sugar cookie.

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