1.06 Till Death Do Us Part

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Till Death Do Us Part
血まみれメアリ (Chimamire Mary)
Directed by Atsuko Ishizuka
Written by Naoya Takayama
Based On Original story
Voice Actors
Yuuya Uchida
Hiroki Touchi
Mie Sonozaki
Takaya Hashi
Akeno Watanabe
Ai Horanai
Komina Matsushita
Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Voice Actors
Jared Padalecki
Andrew Farrar
Angela Galluppo
Alain Goulem
Vanessa Matsui
Katie Stanfield
Richard M. Dumont
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Sam and Dean go to visit Jessica's grave, and Sam stands over her headstone, remembering when he met her 3 years ago at Stanford University…

3 Years Ago
Co-ed Evelyn Sommers is found dead with her eyes scratched out. John Winchester thinks that Bloody Mary might be behind the murder, but Dean isn't convinced. They both travel to Stanford to investigate, and, even though Sam is a student there, John is determined not to contact him or bring him in on the case. They go to visit Evelyn's apartment, and Dean remarks on the way that all the reflective surfaces in her apartment are covered with tissue paper. John tells him that in the East, mirrors are used to summon spirits because they're believed to be paths that connect the real world and the spirit world, and speculates that Evelyn was possessed by a spirit, probably Bloody Mary. Before they go, Dean notices that there's a new message on Evelyn's phone, and they listen to it. A girl named Risa tells Evelyn to stop calling her and telling her about Bloody Mary because it was just a figment of their imagination when they were kids.

Meanwhile, Sam is studying pre-law at Stanford. A pretty girl named Jessica Moore, who's in a lot of his classes, approaches him and strikes up a conversation. Sam gets defensive when she starts asking him questions about himself, but eventually opens up to her about the transience of his childhood. They're walking across campus together when they overhear a reporter asking a student about Evelyn. Jessica gets upset and confides in Sam that she and Evelyn were close friends when they were young, and that she'd just received a strange phone call from her about Bloody Mary. She'd thought that Evelyn was joking, but now that she's dead Jessica thinks that Evelyn was being serious and that she might have been able to help her.



(plays during the end credits)



John: What do you think you're doing?

Dean: Ah, come on. You gotta let me drive once and a while.

John: Not the way you drive. I don't want you wrecking my car.
Sam: The three of us--me, my dad, and my brother--never really stayed in one place for long. Kept moving around, and I never really got to know how to make friends with people, I guess.

Jessica: Go on.
Sam: Dad told me not to let anyone get too close, because I'm bound to make them sad one day, so…

Jessica: You think you could be friends with me?

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