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Title Tracks
Episode # Season 1, Episode 7
First aired March 18th 2021
Directed by Bola Ogun
Written by Casey Fisher & Paula Sabbaga
Outline Captain James and Liam follow up on a tip regarding Emily’s murder and get some answers as they take a secret trip to Mexico. Trey escorts Stella, August and the girls soccer team to an away game but when things take a dangerous turn Trey, Walker and Micki have to team up to save the kids. Micki learns some shocking news.
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August is making breakfast, showing off his culinary skills at the family ranch. Walker comes in and greets his kids. He proceeds to touch the hot skillet and burns his hand. Stella is texting Trevor to see if he is interested in going to the Laredo soccer game being their water boy. August has plans to ask Ruby to the dance coming up. Walker leaves and tells Stella that he is going to try his best to come to the game. Stella is mimicking her father. Walker is checking in on Micki and greets Trey and scoffs at him that his other hand is now injured. Micki comes in and tells Walker about the crime that Adriana is being detained in San Antonio for- a DWI hit and run. Micki is perplexed as her mother does not drink and that she thinks something else is going on. Walker tells Micki that he will go with her to San Antonio and that they can make it official case if needed as he wants to support in any way he can.

James and Liam are in Mexico following up on the leads that Hoyt has given them. James speaks with Walker on phone as Walker is telling him that he is going with Micki. Both James and Liam look at each other and feel awful that they are lying to Walker. The girls soccer team is loading up. Stella is anxiously waiting for Trevor, who is running late. August is speaking with Ruby and is about to ask her to dance when "Todd" shows up and wraps his arm around Ruby. August is taken aback. Isabel oversees this and calls him over to pull him away from the awkwardness. Trevor pulls up and greets Stella. He has a instant flashback to when he spoke to his father(Clint) who expressed to him that Duke(Walker) needs to pay for what he did to their family. Trevor tells Stella she has nothing to worry about and boards the bus. Micki has casefile on the DWI case. Walker is questioning why Adriana did what she did. Adriana comes out and is upset with Micki for bailing her out and being there. Adriana tells Micki that she is going to take care of everything and that she doesn't want her help. Micki insists and Ariana confesses that in fact she did commit the crime and to leave it alone.

Micki and Walker pull up the Micki's childhood home. They talk about the evidence that the case already has. There is a bracelet that was at crime scene that is given to addicts that Micki does not recognize. Adrianna does not drink, so Micki is wondering why Adriana would lie. Walker relates to Micki in regards to chasing after something that may or may not be there. Walker thinks the case is open and shut and observes Adriana leaving her home. At the hotel, everyone is settling in. August runs into Trevor and is asking about relationship advice. Todd overhears this and puts his two sense in about girls and physics and nonsense. At Galeria 107, Liam and James are gathering intel. Liam is looking at the purchasing books and taking pictures. James is talking to the owner of the gallery, who is Mendoza's niece. Micki and Walker observe that Adriana has stopped at another person's house. Walker jokes about it being a secret stance house. Micki has a flashback about when she was a young girl and her being in the car with Adriana watching trolley's as this was when she felt the safest. Micki admits that she wants to protect people. Walker agrees with Micki and that maybe this is what Adrianna is doing as well. Walker knows that Micki wants to make Adriana proud. Walker wants to help Micki prove that she is right about Adriana not being part of this and tells her that he wants to help solve the case.

At the hotel, August see's Ruby and Todd together and Stella with Trevor. He overhears Isabel on the phone speaking in Spanish to her parents. August understood what she was saying and did not realize how bad Isabel was. Isabel explains that her parents are already in Mexico to prevent from deportation and that she cant even hug them. August feels bad that Isabel has been dealing with this alone. Stella is explaining to Trevor about the annual "Thirsty Balls" keg scrimmage. Trevor is distracted and opens up that his father got under his skin before he left as all he wanted was to be close to him but now its becoming more of a burden. Stella can relate to this and assures Trevor that he can make up his own mind. Walker and Micki see a woman walk out of the house. Her name is Mercedes Ruiz. They question her on why she is seeing Adriana. Mercedes explains that Adriana is her therapist and that she needed help with something and that she is a good person. As Mercedes is leaving, Micki sees that she is wearing the same bracelet that was pictured in the crime scene photos.

At the taco food truck, Micki and Walker are talking more about the case. They are thinking Adriana was framed. Micki explains to Walker that the reason why she knows this food spot is that the person who runs the truck was the first person she arrested and that she wanted to help get him back on his feet. Walker jokes about Micki having other friends but also letting her know that both her and Adriana share wanting to help people. They come across a name on the phone records, Office Mike Stevenson. They think that maybe he is harassing Adriana. They finish eating their tacos and head over to question him. While Liam is outside, James is still in art gallery speaking with Mendoza's niece. It turns out that both are flirty with each other. James tells her that he has been recently divorced and isn't looking for anything. The woman(Mendoza's niece) takes his phone and puts her number in it. When James leaves, she gets on the phone with someone and tells them that she has no idea "why the guy who arrested her uncle is in Mexico."

Everyone is having fun at the Thirsty Balls keg scrimmage. Isabel is explaining to August about the different games, he is filming what is going on. Isabel distracts Todd while August can talk to Ruby, which does not work. Micki and Walker walk onto Officer Stevenson's property and Stevenson knows who Micki is and her favorite movie. Stevenson does not finish the statement as Micki will get mad. Walker ends up putting the pieces together and realizes that Stevenson is not harassing Adriana, but is dating her. Adriana walks out with a dish full of steaks. Liam and James are having drinks and talking about what they have learned. Liam doesn't want to lose focus and have come to grips that Emily may have gotten herself in trouble with a gang known as "NorthSide Nation". Liam and James realize that Cordell was right along to keep looking into Emily's murder and that they need to tell Walker what they have uncovered.

Micki is wondering why her mother is dating law enforcement and can't support the line of work that she is in. Walker and Stevenson are talking about Walker's slip up with a suspect and how he was preparing for Adriana's evaluation. Adriana reminds Walker that it isn't about "what happens in court, it matters what comes after. Micki decides to try to interrogate Stevenson her own way in finding out about what could of happened to make her mom confess to a crime she did not do. Adriana tells Micki that she appreciates her trying to find a connection that fits. Walker receives a a phone call from Trey. He tells him that all the kids have left the hotel and he has no idea where they are. Walker excuses himself as he needs to go and find his kids. Micki tells Walker that she has his back and will come help. At the scrimmage, the fun continues but then takes a dark turn when men in trucks come onto the field and start circling the group. They are yelling and are all packing with guns. One of the men confronts the groups, tells them that they need to vacate the premises or pay. Oswald gives the kids a ultimatum, anyone who can score on him and it goes in they will leave. Stella volunteers. As she kicks the ball, one of the other goons shoots the ball. Trevor decides to tackle Oswald and the kids start running. Micki and Walker show up in the truck guns blazing. All the kids are running to hide. Trevor is on the ground. Walker interjects and starts to punch Oswald. Trevor gets up and sees a gun on the ground. He picks it up and pulls it towards the direction of Walker and Oswald. Trevor then shouts out "Duke". Walker is stunned by what he just heard and in the heat of the moment Trevor tells Walker that Oswald had this on him. Walker cuffs Oswald.

At the police station, Walker is all too familiar with these goons as these are members of the Northside Nation faction in Austin. Oswald is being detained and provokes Walker. Walker, remains cool, which surprises Micki as he tells Oswald that he just got himself more time in jail by threatening a police officer and their family. But of course, Walker recites the wrong code but it doesn't matter. Trey is going back to hotel with Micki and the other kids to start making phone calls. Walker is upset and angry with his own kids. Stella and August are just relieved that their dad is there and end up both hugging him, which softens Walker. August asks for a request before going back to hotel. August, Isabel, Trevor, Stella, Micki and Walker are in an open field. August has a surprise for Isabel. Her parents are just on the other side of the gate and text Isabel to look up. Fireworks start to go off. Isabel is happy that August and Stella did this. Isabel asks August to go to the dance as friends. Stella tells Trevor that he is taking her to the dance and Trevor accepts and kisses her on the cheek. As fireworks are going off, Micki has another flashback but this time it is more of a memory. She realizes that there was another woman in the car. She tells Walker she has to go.

Micki is confronting Adriana about the other woman. Adriana finally confesses that Mercedes Ruiz is her biological mother. Adriana explains that she took Micki in as her mother was an addict that she was not going to be able to take care of her. After a few year, Ruiz came back wanting her back but that Adriana was already her mother and that it was better this way. Adriana was paying off Ruiz to stay away until most recently. Ruiz wanted to see Micki. Adriana told her "no" and Ruiz was the one who was driving drunk and was involved in the accident. Adriana explained the Micki this is why she confessed to the crime as she was blaming herself. Micki is upset with what she just heard and that it is all making sense why she couldn't make her mother proud and it was because she wasn't her real mom. Micki also finds out that her real name is Nina Ruiz and she was born in Mexico. Micki's whole life was(is) a lie. At soccer game, Walker is in stands speaking to Micki. He askes her if he needs him to go where she is. Micki appreciates it and says she is still dealing with all of it and just doesn't want anyone else to know. Micki is outside Ruiz residence and she wants to go knock on door but she is too upset and leaves.

Walker and Trevor have a conversation at the game. Trevor is thinking that it was about the whole "Duke" situation but it is not. Walker appreciates what Trevor did for his kids and tell him that he is brave. Walker tells Trevor that making the right choice of not pulling the trigger is what really makes a difference of who the real brave people are. Trevor is thrown back with the kindness of Walker and his words and goes back to his water duties but not before Walker warns Trevor that the all important "what are your intentions with my daughter" speech will happen soon.

As Liam and James are leaving the hotel in Mexico, James spots his car on the street. As he presses the alarm to open the car, it blows up. Liam and James just look at each other perplexed.



  • "Broken" Foot by Wiretree

(playing while August is cooking breakfast in the family kitchen)

  • "Melao" by Cilantro Boombox

(playing while waiting for soccer bus and Liam and James talking in Mexico)

  • "Fresh" by Crash

(playing while kids coming off bus and August asking about girls)

  • "The Warning" by Quiet Company

(playing while Walker and Micki are at Taco Truck)

  • "Humble Brag" by Super Best Frens Club

(playing at the beginning of the Keg soccer game)

  • "De Carora a South Congress" by Cilantro Boombox

(playing while Captain James and Liam are talking in Mexico)

  • "Hate" by Lincoln Durham

(playing during shootout at Keg soccer game)

  • "Mirrors of Paradise" by KaiL Baxley

(playing while Fireworks going on, Micki's flashback)

  • "Sunset Canyon" by Foxwarren, Andy Shauf & D.A. Kissick

(playing while Walker and Trevor having heart to heart in stands/Car explosion in Mexico)


Liam: "If we can't follow Geri, then we follow the money."
Isabel: "It sucks when somebody gives you fireworks, and you can't give them back."
Trey: "Is that your...."

Stella: "Waterboy"

Trey: "Thirsty, aren't we?"
Walker: "It's like Rocco's Radio, "the simplest explanation is usually the truth. It's a famous principle."
Micki: "That's Occum's Razor, you chump."
Micki: "What?, you got my six all of a sudden."
Walker: "All of a sudden... I'm 100 miles from home Ramirez, I always have your six."
Stella: "Speaking from experience, it's not our job to inherit our dads baggage."
Walker: "You made is right, that is all that counts."
Walker: "What you did, standing up to that man... that took bravery."

Trevor: "Didn't feel like it. I had the shot and didn't take it.

Walker: " Son, that is exactly the bravery I'm speaking of. If you had taken that shot, you have no idea how it would of changed your life. As someone who's had to do ot before, I don't wish it on anyone, especially not a young man with his whole life ahead of him."

Trivia & References

Stella: And that's the Penalty Kick. Miss it... and you got to eat the worm.
The worm refers to the worm found in a bottle of mezcal. It began as a marketing ploy to sell the spirit to Americans, with the worm meant to indicate a high quality spirit. Eating the worm became a feat of daring.

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