1.08 Fine Is a Four Letter Word

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Title Fine is a Four Letter Word
Episode # Season 1, Episode 8
First aired April 8 2021
Directed by Stacey K. Black
Written by Katherine Alyse
Outline A tornado touches down in Austin and all hands on deck to keep the kids and community safe. Walker, Micki and Trey rush to the school where the kids are at the school dance. Walker's parents stop at a store for supplies where old memories resurface and the two are forced to discuss their marriage. Liam and Bret get trapped in elevator and Liam has a heart to heart talk.
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Walker is flipping pancakes for breakfast. They are having a family breakfast. Liam is speaking to Micki regarding how Walker knew all along that Mendoza didn't kill Emily and that they all thought he was just being obsessive. Liam has been sleeping in his office for a week, as he is staying away from everyone to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Micki has been told by James to stay alert and that was it. Micki has done her own digging and that she needs Liam's help to put final piece together. Micki tells Liam that Walker needs to know about Emily's murderer still out there, and now everyone maybe in danger. Liam promises to tell Walker. Both Trevor and Stella are getting ready for the dance. Abeline is helping Stella. Trevor makes a stop at the prison to visit his father, Clint. Clint has been keeping tabs on some friends of his and thinks its a great idea that Trevor is so close to Walker's daughter as to use this as part of his revenge. Clint proceeds to trade some vending machine food for some flowers and makes a Corsage. Walker has made his own flowers out of weeds and flowers for Stella to put on Trevor's shirt. The vision of Emily appears and tells Walker to get rid of the weeds. They both have a nice moment before she disappears. Walker gives Stella the flowers and also a necklace of Emily's to wear. Abeline runs from inside to take pictures. Walker smiles as Stella is off to the dance with Trevor. Bonham askes Abeline if she wants to help him stock up on some supplies. Abeline jokes about how he plans such a romantic date night. Walker is inside know and is speaking with Liam, wanting to go out as he is free for the first time in a long time. Liam says that he is busy and that the next day will be better. Walker proceeds to text Micki about partaking in Game night and orders two pizzas. In the background, there is a weather report about a Tornado watch for a few counties in Austin. There is a knock at the door of Liam's office. It is Bret and Liam opens the door. Bret is there as he hasn't seen him in a week and wants to take him out to dinner. Liam says he is working on a bug case and doesnt have time. Bret insists. Liam cleans up his office and they make there way to the elevator.

At game night, Trey and Micki are sharing in some fun and laughs. Micki tells Trey that Walker is coming over. Trey jokes that Walker is presumptuous. Micki agrees and Trey then tries to see if he can get any details about Adriana as Micki has been quiet about the whole subject since the arrest. Micki does not want to talk about it with Trey. Walker shows up with two pizza's. As he is about to settle in, alerts on cell phones chime, the alert is about a Tornado warning at Flournoy Acres, where the kids are having their dance. Walker tells them he needs to go and Micki and Trey proceed to follow him so they can help. Stella and Trevor show up at dance. They sit with August, Bel and Ruby. Stella and Bel hug and Bel jokes that August did not tell her how beautiful she looked. August gives her a look, thanks her for asking him out of pity and compliments her. Ruby is trying to get in contact her grandfather as he is not answering his phone. Walker, Micki and Trey show up to make sure things are okay. Walker still has the pizza in his hands and proceeds to check on the generator. Liam and Bret enter the elevator. Bret tries to hold Liam's hand and he pushes it away. Liam looks stressed and Bret wants to know why. As the elevator is going down, it shuts down due to the power going out. Liam is freaking out. They press emergency button and she explains that it may take a while to get to them. Liam calls his Abeline. Bonham has pulled up to a supply shop and is speaking Walker about needing some supplies for the kids at the dance. Abeline is speaking to Liam and proceeds to run out of the car and tells Bonham that they need a drop key to open the elevator that Liam and Bret are stuck in. Bonham is at the checkout and Gary(who is the one Abeline had an affair with) is checking him out and Bonhman is not pleased. Abeline expressed that she had no idea this was going to happen.

At the dance, Walker is on the phone, EMS is sending out a mobile hospital unit just in case. Walker is stuffing his face with food when Julie introduces herself to him. Julie is the science teacher at the school Walker and Julie share in some awkward flirting and Trey and Micki and laughing in the background. August comes up to Walker and askes for his help to rescue Ruby's grandfather who recently had heart surgery and is not answering his phone. Trey proceeds to ask about if a deliberator was installed. Ruby confirms this and Trey is in need of a magnet that he gets from Julie. They are packing the car and Walker admits that he was sorta feeling a connection with Julie. They proceed to talk about whay Micki still hasn't told Trey about Adriana as secrets are no fun. Micki explains that Walker and Trey are two different people in her life and that work partners do not count and that if she says the truth out loud that it is true and that she is not ready for that honesty. In the elevator, Liam is freaking out. He finally tells Liam that the reason he has been distant is that he did something horrible and unforgivable in Mexico. Liam tells Bret that he cheated with a bartender and that he deserves better. Bret is shook with this news. Bonham and Abeline proceed to open to elevator doors and escort them out of building in the nick of time. At the dance, Stella and Trevor are sharing stories about being kids as how Stella misses it as her and August haven't been kids since Emily died. Trevor shares that he enjoys the smell of pencils after being sharpened. Stella wants Trevor to open up more about his parents. Trevor says there isn't much to say about them. Stella reminds him that he wouldn't be in Austin if he didn't care about his father. Trevor tells her that he is only there for her and compliments on her necklace.

Micki, Trey and Walker are driving to rescue Ruby's grandfather and they discuss on coming up with a "trio" team name. They come across where Mr. Cofield is and there are powerlines down. Micki drops the magnet near the open powerlines as Micki stops in her tracks. Walker talks her out of having a panic attack with remembering three distinct items: tree branch, telephone branch and asphalt. Micki repeats this but adds that Walker is an ass. The image of the Tornado comes into frame. The find Mr. Cofield and bring him to a safe area so Trey can work on him. Trey askes for the magnet and Micki says she dropped it. Walker proceeds to go back for it but then a loose tree branch dis lodges and knocks Walker off his feet. Walker has injured his shoulder and Micki comes to his rescue now. At the dance, Bonham and Abeline are concerned about Liam and what he has told him and is doing. Liam explains that he is doing the sacrificing here. August is taking pictures of the girls and Ruby hugs August for his help in getting his father to rescue his grandfather. Trevor has created a surprise for Stella and the others and she is appreciative as it is a maze created out of gym mats as this was her favorite childhood memory. Trevor gives Stella his jacket as she is cold. They show the kids having fun in the maze, dancing and Stella giving Trevor a pencil sharpener. Stella pulls something out of the jacket pocket, it's a visitor pass to see inmate "Clint West". Stella stares at Trevor, who now realizes that she knows that he has been lying to her. Stella storms out of the room.

Micki apologizes for freezing and getting Walker hurt. Walker shrugs it off and starts talking about the Adriana case. This gets Trey's attention and he now knows that Walker knows more about situation with Adriana and he does not understand why Micki wouldn't tell him something this important. Micki is forced to tell Trey the truth about Adriana being her aunt and not her mother. Trey is shocked that he had no idea but yet Walker knew everything. Walker stops the conversation as they come across a disaster area with debris and others hurt. Trey climbs up a car to check on a passenger. As the passenger is being passed to Micki, some debris comes falling down knocking Trey to the ground. Micki and Trey have a heart to heart about how she was protecting herself and that he is a big part of her story and she didn't want to burden him. Trey tells Micki he loves her.

Back at the dance, Walker is updating Micki on the people they saved. Walker also apologizes for the truth coming out the way it did. Micki reminds Walker that the reason why she didn't tell him right away was because she didn't want it to be real. Walker understands this. Liam askes Walker to meet him outside as he needs to tell him something. Walker runs into Julie who proceeds to give Walker her number as she would like to go out with him. Walker fumbles around his words and explains he may not necessarily be ready but she expressed that she will be around. At the same time, Liam is speaking with Bret and apologizes for what he did down in Mexico and tell him that he loves him. Bret does not want to listen to any of this and explains that Liam doesn't get to control how things work. Bonham is trying to apologize for the earlier events with Gary by asking Abeline to dance. They both confess that they both have been angry about what has been going on for some time now and they start dancing. Stella and Trevor are talking about Clint and that she thinks that Trevor getting close was all an act and planned. Trevor explains to Stella that he would never have planned this and that he really cares for her. They start dancing but midway, Trevor runs off. Trey is laying in a stretcher, who seems to have a concussion. Micki apologizes for lying to him. Trey explains that being in a partnership means that the "messy" parts are what two people who love each other deal with together.

Walker and Liam are sitting on school benches. Walker tells Liam about getting a number and Liam wants him to be happy. Walker knows Liam is not doing well. Liam tells Walker that he broke up with Bret to protect him as there are bad people who will put everyone in danger because of the information that him and James found out about Emily's murder. Liam tells Walker that he was right all along and that someone else killed Emily and there are ties to the Northside Gang and they are dangerous people and that everyone is in danger. Walker is showing all different kinds of emotion(anger, frustration and sadness). Walker appreciates Liam telling him as this has been weighing on him since Mexico. Walker proceeds to take a deep breath, gets up and walks away. As he is walking away. the vision of Emily appears who has tears in her eyes. Walker and Emily walk away together out of frame.



  • "It's Better to Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow" by

(Stella and Trevor getting ready for dance)

  • "Time Undone" by

(Conversation between Micki and Trey during Game night)

  • "Nobody's Favorite" by

(Conversation between kids during dance and Walker, Micki and Trey show up to help with storm)

  • "Way Over My Head" by

(Micki and Walker talking about Trey and Walker flirting with science teacher)

  • "Looking For" by

(Kids dancing at school dance)

  • "Loneliness Pt. II" by

(Conversation between Abeline and Bonham at school dance)

  • "Dust Bowl" by

(Tornado rescue, Trey falls and gets hurt)

  • "I Don't Wanna Dance" by

(Dance with Stella, Trevor, Abeline and Bonham)

  • "So Quickly" by

(Liam tells Walker truth about Emily's murder, and closing scene)


Micki: "But this isn't your secret to keep."
Clint: Well, it's important to keep up with friends no matter where they are."
Emily: "I mean I hate to see you leave."
Walker: "But you love to watch me walk away."
Trevor: "Have you tried Facebook? I hear grandparents love Facebook."
Walker: Kinda sweet, they're still um clumsy dancing during a natural disaster."
Julie Bramlett: "All school dances are natural disasters."
Walker: "Hold on. Haven't we learned that secrets, secrets are no fun?"

Micki: "Excuse me?"
Micki: No, you don't count.
Walker: "Excuse me?"

Micki: 'Look, you are my partner. Trey's my person. I'm not ready for that level of acceptance, honestly."
Bret: "You do not get to decide what I forgive."
Trey: "I think we need a trio name. Micki and I are Tricki, feels like if we add Walker, it's gotta be...."

Micki: "Tricker."
Walker: "Wick-ay, Wicki-rey

Trey: No..No.. hers is much better."
Bonham: "Love is a verb, Liam. It's something you do actively."
Liam: "You have no idea what I'm sacrificing, Dad. It just looks different depending on who you are."
Micki: I did it to protect me. I just... I didn't want it to be true. I just wanted to pretend like it wasn't part of my story. And You. Trey. You are such a big part of my story. I just...If I told you, it would mean it's a part of me too.
Bret: You can't control people react, Liam. All you can do is show up. Be Honest. And let them make their own decisions.
Bonham: But I was thinking... tonight, maybe the dancin's not about the dancin'. It's just about being close.
Trey: "You're not responsible for what hurt you in the past. But you are responsible for what you do in the present."
Walker: "I forget what it was like to flirt as just myself. And, uh, I am not good."

Trivia & References

Referencing the love story between Romeo and Juliet
Trevor: "Can we just dance here...for the rest of this song? Let's just dance. Pretend you're not a Capulet and I'm not a Montague."

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