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Title "Rule Number 17"
Episode # Season 1, Episode 9
First aired April 15 2021
Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Bret VandenBos
Outline Walker and Captain James investigate a high stakes poker game where one of the players may have information on Emily’s killer. The night takes a turn when Geri shows up to join the game. Micki takes August and Stella on an unusual adventure.
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The Night Emily was killed

A distraught Walker is outside the Morgue and Geri is in her car cleaning herself up of any evidence she may have on her clothes as she was around her body. There is a blond woman outside flickering a lighter on and off. Geri is crying as well. Captain James comes out and tells Walker that the coroner is ready to see him. Geri tells Walker that she loves him and Walker reciprocates. Walker walks into the room where the Emily's body is. James uncovers the sheet and Walker instantly falls apart with emotion. Geri is behind him and James is crying as well. Walker is so concerned with how cold the room is and how he needs to take her home. Walker with tears and anger wants justice instantly and will not be at peace until the person who killed Emily is also lying on a cold slab. Walker proceeds to hold Emily's face in palm of his hand and continues to cry.

Present Day

Bonham and Abeline are riding horses and talking about what damage they have due to the storm. Liam told told his parents about what happened in Mexico and about Emily's killer still being out there. Bonham and Abeline both agree that the "Son of a bitch" needs to be found and that Walker needs to tell the kids all of it. Walker is walking into the dining room and his fumbling around with the poker chip in his hand(he does this when he is anxious). At the table is Bonham, Abeline, Liam, August and Stella. Walker proceeds to tell that Mendoza is being released as he is not the one who killed Emily and that due to the investigation from Liam and Captain James, her killer is still out there. Both kids have different reactions. August is worried about being safe and Stella is concerned that her father is going "hunting" and that they are just going to allow him to go. Walker confirms that he is not going to do nothing while the killer is still free. Liam assures that they are all safe and will be with them all day with their grandparents. At the same time. a car pulls up and it is Captain James. Walker wants to bring peace to the family and as much as he wants the support, they want them to understand it. Both kids leave the room. Walker is outside and is carrying what looks like a shotgun and is putting it into his car. James askes Walker about being partners for the day just like old times and getting their reunion on. Walker expresses that he is not interested in working with someone who doesn't believe him. James is trying to fix that and has authorized a listening device at a poker game being played and someone was referencing about burying a Ranger's wife. Walker is intrigued at this point and has 2nd thoughts of picking up Micki and getting himself in trouble.

James and Walker are at the site of the poker game. They are both eating. James jokes that he has to let his "dogs" out, which is referencing his feet. Walker pleads to not do it by the food and James expressed he will be the bigger person and his feet will just be un happy. They are talking about how things used to be, the different rules and also the case. Cordell is reading the file and Geri is in the case file. Walker is wondering why she is involved. Geri then proceeds to roll up to the poker game. Walker has a bad feeling about this and James agrees. He tell Walker that the hush money for Carlos was laundered through the Side Step. Walker is dumbfounded with this new revelation and realize that maybe Emily stumbled upon something and became a loose end. Walker takes his holster off and storms out of the surveillance truck to confront Geri. Walker is demanding some answers and wanting to know what is going on and why she is involved as Walker and James knows everything. Geri tells him no and that she got herself in a bad situation and owes money to the Northside Nation and she is just paying it all back and that's all. Walker is really wanting to know the final moments with Emily as she was with her. Geri forces Walker to ask if she killed Emily. Geri answers that she didn't kill her best friend and that if she knew who did, she would kill them herself. James walks up and askes to move this conversation into the van.

Abeline is making fresh squeezed lemonade, Bonham is loading a shot gun, and Liam is destroying the trellis that was made for their wedding ceremony. The joke is that the wood can now keep them all warm as it is 14 degrees outside. Liam walks over and askes about getting stain for the kitchen granite and getting some more bourbon. His parents joke about Liam's beard as they want him to shave it. Liam enjoys helping out as he is using it as a distraction. Liam assures that the relationship ended like gentlemen. Micki's truck pulls up as she is going to be with the Walker family for added protection, courtesy of Captain James. In the background, the piano starts to play and Stella is screaming. Abeline expresses that the fighting occurs only when they are concerned about their father. James and Walker are talking about if they believe Geri or not and Walker in unable to make the call as he is too close. James expressed that he is unsure either but that they need to use her to identify some people. Walker tells Geri to be quiet and she tells them that their wire is dead as Oswald got angry and destroyed it on the person who was wearing it. Confirmation that Oswald is the point person for the money. Geri wonders how Walker knows about Oswald and he tells her that a lot happened while she was MIA. Geri demands that she is going into the warehouse as she wants the truth just as bad and knows that this can end tonight.

Geri walks into the warehouse where Oswald, a blond haired woman and a couple of others are playing poker. Geri rolls up and is greeted by Oswald. She throws the $25,000 loan that she owes on the table and tell him they are even. Oswald tell Geri that she isn't selling the Side step to a Ranger and that she better remove the money off the table. Geri is dealt into the game. Cali(blond haired female) is on the side of Geri and also tells her that Oswald is just pissed because she is winning his money. Geri proceeds to ask for selling to a Ranger is a bad thing and he tells Geri that she better pull out of the sale of the bar as having a Ranger involved is bad for North Nation business and will be for her as well. Oswald proceeds to tell Geri that one body in the dessert is good enough. Walker hears this and is ready to jump. James tells him that nothing will hold up in court and that Oswald needs to confess to something concrete. James does not want to take a chance with this a miss again. Walker is not happy with this choice and tells Geri to hang on a bit longer and see what else she can find on why the sale to Ranger is really a bad thing.

Micki is bringing Liam some lemonade and his is cleaning out the garage. Liam and Micki have some good conversation and Liam tells her about the "Walker for Governor" sign that is still in the garage. Micki askes if he is interested in running. Liam tells Micki about how Bret wrote a speech for Liam for Travis County DA but that nothing came out of it as "life happened". Again, in the background, Stella and August are continuing to fight. Micki expresses that she will handle it. Inside, Stella and August are wresting on the ground. Stella wants to see his phone. August finally gives up and Micki wants to know what is going on. August tells Stella that Trevor texted him to cancel on plans that they had. August proceeds to call her a brat and diva. Micki and Stella talk about how she is feeling about Trevor ghosting her and complications at the dance and that Trevor is just gone. Micki thinks of an idea that will help release all the built up energy both kids have. They both smile when she askes them how they are with using a rifle. Cali and Geri are still sitting at the poker table as Oswald is at the bar.

At the warehouse, Cali is telling Geri to be careful at what she is about to do. Geri is walking up to talk to Oswald but she sees the broken bear bottle and blood on the floor and she is flashing back the night of Emily's murder. She is panicking and Walker observes this. Walker and James are afraid she is going to be made. Walker proceeds to distract Geri with a memory from 7th grade where she was wearing a Houston Oilers backpack and that she called him and jackass for making fun of Hoyt's hair(which he referenced as looking like a JTT haircut). Walker tells Geri that he believes her and that all he wants is her safe. Geri snaps back and confronts Oswald about why she can't sell the bar and what his issue is with the Ranger. Geri tells Oswald that she deserves answers as she heard that Nation killed the Ranger's wife and that is why he doesn't want the Ranger looking into the financials. Oswald becomes suspicious and Geri is apprehended by two people while Oswald searches her and finds the wire. Ranger Walker storms in the front, shotgun in hand and James through the back. Oswald has Geri at gun point and now it is a standoff. Walker and James have banter about Rule 26, regarding a moron who has a gun have the opportunity to not make a mistake and get himself killed. Everyone else in the warehouse proceeds to put their guns on the ground and Oswald still has a gun to Geri and Walker tell him to put his gun down and let her go.

The standoff continues and Walker tells everyone that they will not out shoot himself and James. Walker and James are having banter over how they have evidence for many of them for thievery and that the poker game has a city permit. They are stalling until backup arrive which is about 1 min and 30 seconds according the Walker. James and Walker continue to rant off questions and rules and just wants to know who was their the night of April 8th. Oswald tells them that that night was his mother's birthday and that they were at Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma. The rest of the backup arrives and Walker asks Oswald one more time to drop the gun and release Geri or be part of the firefight. Oswald proceeds to release Geri. Geri punches Oswald and tells him that her debt has been paid. As she is leaving, Cali tells her that she knows all about April 8th and wants to talk. Liam is very happy with what he has accomplished for the day and is speaking to his parents about installing a Google Nest so they can add groceries, check the weather and set reminders for the breeding cycles. Liam is just trying to help and Abeline is just so concerned about what has happened to Liam recently. Liam expresses that she is only busying herself on worrying about him so it distracts her from thinking about how Cordell will come home like. Abeline expressed that its not like that and Liam tells her that it has always been about Cordell. Abeline reminds Liam that he should focus on his next chapter of his life and not what is going on currently. Stella and Micki are shooting bottles and August wants to shoot at moving targets. August tells Micki that he has enough therapy with Dr. Jane. Micki can relate to the kids having teenage problems and that the idea was that there isn't anything right or wrong but that being honest is key. August opens up about wanting his dad to kill the person and that this person needs to suffer the same way they all did. Stella is liking that she is living in almost as she does not want to feel again what she went through the past year and that she couldn't believe that she may have to because of what her dad told her about her mother's killer.

James and Walker are still at the warehouse, everyone including Oswald is being put into police cars. James tells Walker that they are checking on the alibi for Oswald and that they will be speaking to Cali soon. James tells Walker that he hates that he let his "partner" down, especially with this case and that he is having a difficult time making changes that he knows people are not ready for. He admits that he botched Emily's case and he tells Walker that he wanted to make things right, especially between them. Cali is walked up and will not speak until she knows she is protected. Walker asks her about April 8th and if she knows who killed Emily. She tells them that she has evidence and wants to prove it. Walker takes the cuffs off Cali and she tells them that she has messages on her phone that will implicate Oswald. Cali runs back into the warehouse where her phone is. James gets a call that confirms the alibi checks out for Oswald. Walker is confused as Cali said she has evidence. They run into the warehouse where he sees the lighter and sees her flickering it (as she did this the night at the medical examiner's office) They proceed to go after Cali in the warehouse. Cali has shut the lights and both James and Walker split up. Cali proceeds to shoot at Walker and James Walker is following the footsteps left by her shoes when she stepped in the puddle. James tells Cali to drop the gun and she does. Walker interrogated Cali about being there that night of the coroners office and askes her Cali why. Cali tells Walker that Emily stumbled upon her and someone checking out damage that was caused by her car from a pothole as they were transporting painkillers and a crate busted open and some fell to the floor. She saw Emily take out her phone and that is the reason why Emily was killed. Walker is showing his emotions and is ready to pull the trigger. James is trying to talk Walker out of shooting her as it will not bring him peace. Walker expresses that he will not now that unless he shoots her. James tells him to think about his kids and the fight that he has had. Walker puts his gun down and Cali proceeds to take out another gun that is slipped under her wrist jacket and just as she is about to get a shot off, another one goes off and hits Cali. Walker goes towards the direction of the shot and it is Geri standing there with her gun out. She didn't go home after all as she needed to know. Walker consoles Geri as she is crying and apologizing. James confirms that Cali is dead.

James is dropping off Walker at the ranch. James tells Walker that Micki has been around all day. James wanted to go old school on this one. Walker appreciated that and asks if he is staying for dinner. James says he has some unfinished business to take care of. He then takes out the original napkin that has the partner rules written on it and threatens to burn it. James takes the napkin from Walker as this brings a smile to his face. Walker thanks James for everything and admits that he has been distant since the night at the medical examiner's office as all he sees every time he looks at James is him uncovering Emily's body. He knows that this needs to change and wants to just as much fix their relationship as well. Walker walks in and is greeted by the dogs and hugs from Stella and August. Bonham takes a deep breath as he is relieved. His goes into kitchen and looks up and says "Thank you". He then opens up the refrigerator and askes the Google to flip a coin regarding what to have for dinner. It lands on tails, which means rib eyes for dinner.

Geri is at the side step, saying her goodbyes. She is pouring herself a drink. Liam is staring at the "Walker for Governor" sign and is clean shaven. Abeline walks up to him and smiles. Liam is thinking of what is next for him. James is outside the jail where Mendoza is being released. He leaves a message for Micki, thanking her for letting him borrow Walker for the day and that they both appreciate it. The Walker family is having dinner outside and as food is being passed around he "sees" Emily in the distance. Walker decides to give a toast about being thankful that they are all here together. Walker talks about the last time he saw Emily and she knew that he was going to lose the game that they were playing and how worried she was. Walker wants to think about the things they all have gained and not lost. Walker and family raises their glasses for Emily. Walker raises his glass and says "To you". For a split second, no one else around, just him and Emily. Their eyes meet with tears and Emily mouths the words "I love you". Stella and August are sleeping on Walker's shoulders and he gets up to get another log onto the fire. He stops and is thinking about being else where.

Walker shows up at the Side Step where Geri is drinking alone and is sitting on the floor. Walker proceeds to sit next to her. Geri demands an apology and pours him a drink. Geri askes Walker if it gets easier and he expresses with time. Geri expresses that there has been so much and that Walker agrees to they are the only two that understand it. Walker takes Geri's hand, faces her and tells her he is sorry. They both look at each other and proceed to move closer. Their foreheads touch and in that moment they both share an intimate kiss.



  • "Gonna Be Your Boy" by Leopold and His Fiction

(Chores at the Walker Family Home, Abelene and Bonham talk about Cordell and Liam)

  • "Hot Mess" by The Owsley Brothers

(Poker Game)

  • "Just Gang" by P-Lo

(Geri gets up to confront Oswald and panics)

  • "Preacher" by Lincoln Durham

(Micki, Stella and August have shooting practice)

  • "Road Trip" by Kalli feat. Kirsten Proffit

(Walker comes home after the events at warehouse)

  • "In Corners" by Mamahawk

(Walker talking to Emily during the toast, Walker goes to see Geri and they kiss)


Captain James: "Roll out, ride out and the rest....
Walker and James(together): "Just don't tell Mama."
Captain James: "If Rule 14 is applicable, maybe, uh Rule 17 should be, too."

Walker: "I know you always have my back.
Captain James: "But..."

Walker: A lot has happened since we wrote down rules on a bar napkin."
Walker: But tonight, takes the cake. And I believe you. If you need to bail, bail. I want you safe."

Captain James: "We don't have a confession yet."

Walker: "Well, I can't lose her, too."
Micki: "No wrong feelings."
Walker: "I love you buddy, okay....I love you buddy."
Walker: " Um when I see you, I-I see...that and that has to change. Because I want to make us right, too."

Captain James: Well, good on us, then, huh?"

Walker: "Good on us."
Walker: "Tonight, I don't want to talk about the things we've lost, I want to talk about things we've gained. A bond that had been broken, Gratitude. Steaks. Thanks, daddy. Closure. And, uh finally...some peace." "To Emily."

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The episode was originally titled "Time. Place. Collateral."

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