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Title Encore
Episode # Season 1, Episode 10
First aired May 6th 2021
Directed by K. Black
Written by Ann Johnson
Outline With the Sidestep now in their name, Walker, Stella, and August put their stamp on the place. Liam turns to Bonham for advice on a career move, while Micki and Trey work through the aftermath of his injuries after the hurricane. Stella confronts Clint about Trevor and his response prompts Stella to make a dangerous decision that will leave a permanent mark on the Walker family.
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Tools in hand, Walker, Stella and August are ready to do some demo work. Liam is using a power saw, Bonham is helping paint the walls with his expert palette that he thinks Walker is questioning. August is working on a special project which includes a Walker family picture(Walker, August, Stella and Emily). Walker is pouring two glasses of soda from the bar and toasts the bar and comments on how important the bar is to him and Emily. Stella jokes that Walker actually nailed himself to it so they get how important it is. August expresses that he wished Geri was there as she is still part of the Side Step. Geri has been gone for about a month taking care of business as Walker explains with a awkward expression. Walker proceeds to give the keys to Stella for the Emily Mustang as she just got her license back. Walker warns her about the rules of the road. While screwing on a skull tap, he askes about Trevor and where he is. Stella expresses that she has no idea where he is and he may not even be in town and proceeds to walk away. Walker has a concerned look on his face.

At Liam's office, the current DA and Stan Morrison are having a conversation. DA McLarson proceeds to tell Liam that he is stepping down before his term is up and there will be a special election. Liam is thinking that he will be recommended and be endorsed to take over but that is not the case. McLarson proceeds to tell Liam that he is going to back up Stan to become the new District Attorney. Stan thinks he is the right man for the job as he is well versed. Liam is concerned that this may be a lot for Stan to take on. Stan wants to help Liam move up and make himself have a new name with his progressive voice. Micki and Trey arrive at the Side Step to continue to help and she askes how the doctor appointment went. Trey explains that every TBI is different and that he will be back to normal soon. Micki is happy to hear this but also is cautious. Micki receives a phone call about a case from the APD. Walker greets "Tricki" and gets looped into the case that Micki was just called about. Trey is left with August as they are finishing the gallery wall of random things that mean the most to everyone.

At the police station, Micki is really excited about this grand larceny case. Walker is confused as why they were asked to consult. Micki explains that she has seen this crime scene before and knows who the person they are after. She expresses that this person is skilled as they only come for what they want and will leave a musical message. The song that is left is titled "How Am I Gonna Find You Now? Walker is impressed with the music aspect of this case. A 300 year old Stradivarius Violin is what was stolen and a pink guitar pic is the criminal's calling card. Micki explains that she never got a chance to solve this as her old boss never gave her a shot when she was a Trooper. Walker reminds her that she is now a Ranger and can solve this together. The suspect's name is Minnie Jayne. Walker is star struck when he hears that name as she is known for being a local hero, homegrown talent. Walker compliments on how great she is and Micki stares at him and expressed that fan boy or not, she will finally get her chance to arrest Minnie. At the horse stables, where Stella completed her community service, she breaks into the house that Trevor was staying at and starts looking around for clues of where he may have ended up. She stumbles on some photos that include him as a baby, a picture of them together, a picture of Duke, Twyla, Clint, and Crystal and a picture of him standing outside a house located on the Street "Slaughter". She hears noises and run out of the house, she runs into Clint.

Micki and Walker are reviewing the case files. Walker looks distracted. Walker tells her that both him and Geri kissed the night that Emily's killer was arrested and that he is thinking way too much into it. Micki, who often is the voice of reason gives advise to talk to her about it as this could help the complication of it all. Walker expresses that Geri has not been around to not even try to talk about it. Micki explains that she had one other opportunity to arrest Minnie but unfortunately the evidence was thrown out and charges dropped. Micki knows where Minnie will be and this excites Walker as he is going to be able to meet his favorite musician. Micki jokes that he cant go with her and Walker gives a look of defeat. At the family ranch, Bonham and Liam are observing some training for one of the horses. They proceed to talk about what is going on with Stan and also how Liam has no idea what he wants to do anymore. Bonham, in all his wisdom reminds him that he has a big brain and even bigger heart. He tells Liam to listen to his gut as he is a rancher. Trey is showing August a trick with twisting a bottle of liquor. August proceeds to try and throws it back to Trey who drops it. He holds his hand as to show that he is still weak on that side. August changes the subject and tells Trey he needs help to mount the special item that Micki brought. Trey is surprised that Micki had kept a wrapper from the first date they ever had. Trey explains to August about how it all went down during a supply run while on active duty and how he saved them from a dog. Trey is concerned that he is not that same person and August tells him that hiding how he is feeling is not doing anyone any good. At the stables, Stella is speaking to Clint, wanting to know where Trevor is. Clint is being snarky with his remarks and tells her that they are just getting acquainted with one another and that she now owes him for stealing his son's heart. Clint also asks Stella how "Duke" is doing and askes if August is still taking pictures with that old camera. Stella realizes that Clint has people all around and can cause some major problems for the Walker Family. At Little Barton's, Minnie Jayne is performing and Walker is fanboying and Micki is unimpressed. At the end of her set, she walks over and recognizes Micki who gives a face of disgust about how the show was while Walker praises how great the show was.

Micki and Walker are questioning Minnie. Minnie tells Micki that someone was watching her place as she had upgraded to the Smart home and was getting camera alerts the same night that the violin was stolen. She gives the guitar to Walker for him to look at and to hold. Micki is not pleased and kicks him in the leg as he is having way too much fun. Minnie expresses that she knows that someone is framing her to get her out of the way. Micki finds this all to be way to convenient but proceeds to listen. At the stables, Stella finds Clint and askes her about reading and how a particular book, Gone Girl is about selfish people who run away and leave everyone else behind and how one lie can destroy a family. Stella askes again about Trevor. Clint explains that Trevor was all that he had left and that he is upset that he chose Stella and the Walker family over him. Clint tells her about the aunt who took care of Trevor when Clint and Crystal were not around. He tells Stella that she needs to stay quiet about these chats as he will know if she tells Walker about them, almost as a threat. Walker and Micki are at Minnie's house looking for evidence. They come across the computer with the camera feeds. Walker explains that its all motion censored. Micki sees some movement in the attic. The suspect is in the house and tries to escape with a guitar in hand. Walker and Micki chase after him. The suspect is masked and kicks Micki to the ground and hits Walker in the stomach with the guitar. The suspect runs towards a fence where he climbs over it. They recover the guitar. Back at the station, the are speaking with Minnie to see what else she may know. Minnie is not surprised that the suspect who was stealing is Rex. She explains that he tried out for the band and didn't make it. She wanted to help him out so she gave him some clues on how to run a successful robbery job. Minnie continues to explain that if she helps them get Rex that she would like her record to be cleared as this will help her out with getting a career started or even a mortgage. Walker expresses that because he is a very important Ranger that Liam can make that happen. Micki is unimpressed again but goes along with it. Minnie explains that she was basically robbing for the arts as to pay for people who couldn't afford time in the record studio or couldn't afford instruments as the rich people didn't even know how to play them. The guitar that Walker was smashed in the stomach with was the only guitar that she had kept and Rex has become stupid and lazy. She explained further that Rex will most likely be at an event that will be celebrating Robbie Johnson's Crossroads and that the century old guitar that he played will be there. Stella locates the aunt's home where Trevor is. Stella opens up her heart to Trevor. Trevor warns Stella to leave right away. Just then, two men driving a white van run towards the house to attack Trevor. Stella runs to the car and picks Trevor up and they speed away. Trevor explains to Stella that his father sent those two men after him, which means they have been watching Stella as well.

Trevor and Stella proceed to talk about what is going on exactly and how his father wanted nothing but revenge. Trevor expressed that he had to leave as to not put her in danger as he chose Stella and her normal family. Trevor explains that he wanted to get to know her after he realized what type of person she is. Trevor explains that because of the history of both Clint and Walker that this is something that may interfere with the two of them being together. At the Robbie Johnson's gig, Walker and Minnie are sharing a cocktail. Walker is fanboying again and Minnie is invited to play on stage. As she plays, the lights go out and Minnie faints. Minnie has been drugged and Rex was able to steal the guitar and is posing as a security guard. Walker and Micki have him cornered. He drops the guitar and Micki slaps cuffs on him. Minnie, joking tells Rex to not give up that she was the one who taught him how to steal as that would cause some issues. Micki and Minnie share a smile.

At Hill Country Cattleman's Association Meeting, Liam tells Stan that he can't endorse him as DA as he is running himself as he is not afraid of change. Bonham realizes that Stan is not happy and Liam askes him about where his grandfather's campaign went wrong. Bonham tells him that it's about believing in the people and caring for them but also caring for himself as well. Bonham tells Liam that he believes that this wont happen to him. Bonham gets on stage and endorses his son and calls him a teacher who also likes to lead. Stan warns Liam that whatever happens that he did try to help.

It's grand re-opening at the Side Step and Micki expresses that she understands the double standards and what Minnie was talking about. Minnie wrote Micki a song in her honor. Micki and Minnie had their closure moment. Walker thanks Minnie for her assistance with the reopening and she proceeds to go onto the stage. Walker confides in Micki about how he has been doing a lot of thinking about the four of them(himself, Hoyt, Geri and Emily) and how he is tired of chasing ghosts. Micki's advice this time to Walker is to trust his instincts and that sometimes that blinds people when they do not see what is in front of them. Walker tries to call Geri, her voicemail box is full. Trey and Micki dance while he tells her the truth about not being sure when he will drive and how he is always the positive one but that with what happened he has no idea how to be the person he is currently as he is changing but that he is happy he is doing it with Micki. Walker and Stella are dancing as well and he is happy. Walker brings Stella in close and hugs her. Walker askes if there is anything on her mind, she tells him that he loves him and that she is just tired. Walker twirls her around and jokes that this wake her up. Walker receives a text message. Stella says it is okay as she was going to leave anyway. The text is from Geri telling him that Hoyt is coming home....Tomorrow. Trevor is waiting in the car and askes her how it went, Stella tells Trevor that the place looks nice and that her father and August look happy. Stella has no idea what to do now but explains that even though their dads screwed things up for them, it is up to them to fix what they broke. Stella is still angry with Trevor for lying to her but understands. Trevor askes how are they going to fix things and Stella explains that she has no idea but that they shouldn't worry about it tonight and that they should drive until they run out of gas and stay out until the sun comes up. Just then, the light turns green and they drive down the highway.



  • "Get Up" by Wiretree

(The Walkers renovating the SideStep)

  • "How'm I Gonna Find You Now" by James McMurtry

(Micki tells Walker the Heist Story)

  • "Good Boy" by Crystal Monee Hall

(Minnie Jayne's show in Gruene)

  • "Strangeways" by The Sanco Loop

(Minnie Jayne tells Walker and Micki about the crime after her show)

  • "Lovin Days" by Denney and The Jets

(Trey and August have a "Cocktail" moment at the bar, Trey talking about his 1st date with Micki)

  • "You’re On Your Own" by Constant Smiles

(Trevor and Stella talk in the car after attack)

  • "Get It Right" by Kalu and the Electric Joint

(Before Minnie Jayne's show where she is drugged)

  • "Run Wild (feat. NoMBe)" by Thutmose & NoMBe

(Chasing Rex)

  • "Fools Gold" by Tin Sparrow

(Liam's campaign event)

  • "Better With You" by Crystal Monee Hall

(Minnie Jayne playing at Sidestep)

  • "Sugar Shark" by The Medium

(bar music in background)


Stan: "Plus, it will give you a chance to make a new name for yourself, so they stop calling you Yankee Doodle ADA."
Liam: "They call me that?"
Walker: "Tricki!"
Walker: "OK, so what's their Heist Theme Song?"

Micki: "Really? That's what matters to you?"
Walker: "A song says a lot about someone."
Micki: "How'm I Gonna Find You Now"

Walker: "Ha! Pretty good."
Liam: "I could make real changes. I could get people to start living like we're in the 2020's and not the 1920's."
Bonham: "You remind me a lot of your grandfather. Big brain, even bigger heart. Sometimes your noggin doesn't always agree with what that heart wants. But lucky for you, you're still a rancher. So you listen to your gut."
Stella: "You played cops and robbers and murderers while your kids grew up without you. That was great?"
Micki: "You good?"
Walker: "You ever hear Minnie's song about the one that got away?"
Minnie: "Oh really?, I thought you'd understand, what kind of double standards people like us have to deal with. There's a hell of a lot more to life than just music."
Stella: "The night of the dance, maybe you left because you got scared or because we got messy. I get running. I have done it a lot. With you, I wanted to stand still. Be in it with you."
Minnie: "Story goes that when Robert was at a crossroads, the Devil appeared to him. Now, he couldn't play guitar worth a damn. So, he made a deal. Six strings for his soul. The Devil came to collect on that deal just a few years later, but, uh, Robert had made his peace. Now, I have made my fair share of deals with the devil, too. But if that's what it took for me to be here tonight, I'd like to think the devil would agree with me, when I say it was worth it."
Liam: "Where did grandpa's campaign go wrong?"
Bonham: "Grandpa was crazy. I mean, He cared about his people. He, uh, he believed in them. But at the end of the day, what else did he believe in? You know, they say that a cowboy is just a man with guts and a horse. Well, one day, the sun rose like it always does, and there was just a man with a horse. I don't see that happening to you, son"
Bonham: "I'd like to introduce my son, William Walker. You know him as Liam. He's a man who left town to learn. And when the time came, he came back. To teach. To Lead."
Walker: "You're good at holding a grudge. Almost as good as my old man, and that's saying a lot."

Trivia & References

The character of Minnie Jayne] was played by Crystal Monee Hall who is a singer, songwriter and professor of music at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.
Minnie tells the story of Robert Johnson, who was also featured in the Supernatural episode 2.08 Crossroad Blues. Robert Johnson was an African-American blues singer, guitarist and songwriter. Born in Hazelhurst, Mississippi in 1911 he was a guitarist and bu1es singer. He recorded only 29 songs before he was poisoned by a jealous husband when he was just 27. It is a popular urban legend that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his talent.

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