1.11 Freedom

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Title Freedom
Episode # Season 1, Episode 11
First aired May 13th 2021
Directed by Alex Pillai
Written by Geri Carillo
Outline Walker and Geri are both unsure of their feelings for each other after their kiss and things get very complicated when Hoyt comes home from prison. However, the welcome home party is interrupted when Micki and Walker get word that Clint West is on the run
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At the Side Step, things are being prepared for Hoyt's Welcome Home party. August is setting up lights and a camera as he has been recording personal messages for Hoyt. It is Walker's turn to record his message yet he seems distracted. He looks at his cell phone as Geri texted that she is on her way with Hoyt. Walker fumbles around with the keyboard, trying to think of something to say. He first writes that he is "sorry" about the kiss, but then anxiously deletes it, then is starting to write that he doesn't want to make things...weir and deletes that and send a thumbs up emoji sign instead. August is reviewing the previous messages and comes to Geri's Geri is saying that Hoyt deserves "good things". Walker at this point is sweating from the lights. Walker is talking to the camera and is finding it hard to come up with words as he is feeling extremely guilty. Walker calls Micki, she and Trey are on a "stakeout" for Hoyt. Trey is having some fun with this and actually decides to put on a Ranger hat and plays the role. Micki and Trey are talking about a relationship achievement that just unlocked(most reliable person). Trey is still worried that with him still recovering from the TBI that this will change him in a way that makes him unreliable. Trey is also getting ready for the state soccer championship game and wants Stella to be on point. Hoyt and Geri pull into the parking lot and Geri is looking at her cell phone now to see if Walker had said anything else. Hoyt can feel that something is up. Hoyt promises that he is going legit and that Geri deserve more from him. Hoyt tries to kiss Geri and she backs away. Hoyt questioned what just happened and assures Geri that she can be honest with him. Geri tells Hoyt that he did nothing wrong. Walker is coming up from behind him as to surprise attack him just like when Hoyt greeted Walker previously. The door opens and everyone is waiting for Hoyt. Walker comes up from behind and tackles Hoyt to the floor. They hug and Hoyt is just appreciative of the both of them and Walker takes a deep breathe.

Clint and Jaxson are riding on a prisoner bus. All of a sudden a group of men on motorcycles and guns follows the bus. Back at Side Step, Geri is getting some liquid courage and talking to Micki. She congratulates her on having Hoyt back. Geri does not seem thrilled as something is obviously bothering her. Walker is sitting on the other side of bar texting Stella regarding coming to the Side Step, Hoyt comes up beside him and askes if everything is okay with Geri. Walker tries to make light of it and tells him about how she helped with finding out and taking the life of the person who murdered Emily. Hoyt is happy that Walker got the closure he needed and was also there for Geri. They both toast to Emily(wishing now she can finally rest). Walker requests beers and tells everyone they are on the house. Walker then gets up and asks August where Stella is. August is busy doing bus boy duties as he is the only actually working. Walker askes him what a "peace sigh" emoji means and August just walks away from him. Stella and Trevor have stopped for gas as they are continuing to drive away from Austin to get away from Clint and his buddies. Stella tells Walker that she is with Bel getting ready for the soccer game. Stella feels bad that she will miss the game. Trevor is concerned that they will be followed and tells Stella to shut her phone and that they need to pay in cash the rest of the way. Stella does not have enough money for that and going to an ATM is out of the question. She wants to know why they need more money. Trevor knows a spot where they can lay low and can get what they need. Hoyt askes Walker to dance with Geri while he dances with Abeline. Both Walker and Geri have not spoken in a month about what happened as Walker has had a lot of stuff going on including his DPS hearing. Geri expresses that she has had to think about more then just what happened then just the kiss, including her feelings which she thinks Walker has already thought about. Walker tells her this is not the case but Geri interrupts him abruptly. Geri wants to come clean to Hoyt and Walker does not want to ruin his welcome back party. Hoyt gets up on the bar and thanks everyone and tries to give Geri another plastic straw ring as the propose marriage once more. Geri interrupts Hoyt and jokes with him about junk jewelry. Micki and Walker get a text saying there has been a bus accident that involves a prisoner bus. Walker is frantic as Clint and Jaxson are on that bus.

Walker and Micki pull up to Texas Savings and Loan. Micki is wondering why they are at the bank and not questioning witnesses or checking out the abandoned car that was left behind. Walker tells Micki that Clint has friends everywhere and that this bank was next on the list of the Rodeo Kings to rob. He explains to Micki that with each back that was hit, there would be a safe deposit box opened. This particular bank has a necklace of Clint's wife and obviously he needs to make some quick cash. Micki is upset and warns Walker to not go into full "Duke" mode. Stella and Trevor pull up to an empty house. Trevor tells Stella that this used to be a house that they would go to when he was younger and he would swim in the lake. Stella wants to hear more stories and finally relax. Liam is meeting with a reporter from the Travis County Gazette. Hoyt and Abeline come home, fairly intoxicated. Hoyt is rambling on about Liam to the reporter and embarrassing him. Abeline apologizes for Hoyt's behavior and Liam gives a "what were you thinking" look. Abeline and Hoyt are making sandwiches, and talking about how some things are better together. Abeline tells Hoyt that it is never too late to change for the better and that he just needs to show Geri this. Hoyt knows that Geri deserves more than he can give. Abeline gives Hoyt the engagement ring that she had from Marv Davidson who she broke things off after the night she met Bonham at the Driskill Hotel. Trevor is reaching for something in the chimney. The bag falls out and it is filled with money, guns and passports. Stella wants to know where they are going as Trevor wants to get out as far away as he can. Stella tells Trevor that she can't leave her family forever as things are finally in a good place. Trevor needs to move forward if he has a chance at a better life. He wants Stella to go with him but will understand if she can't. At the bank, a motorcycle pulls up. Walker and Micki think that this maybe someone collecting the contents that are in the deposit box. They both go inside the bank and realize that it is not the person they are seeking. Walker askes the teller to see the contents and both writes and recites the number from memory. Micki questions why this information was left out of the report when the Duke case was closed. The bank teller tells them that the owner was already at the bank to collect and that they just missed him. She expressed that a message was left in the box pertaining to a scavenger hunt. The note inside also has the bandana that Duke used to wear on his wrist. Walker reads the message and doesn't know what Clint means or wants but may know the person who does.

At the jail, Walker and Micki are waiting to speak with Twyla Jean. Micki gives Walker the chance to speak with her alone. Twyla is upset at Walker for doing a number on her. She knows that he is there for information about Clint. She wants to know if the relationship they had was real. Walker expresses that that she was the right person at the right time after Emily died and that he still thinks of her when someone sings their song. Walker blew up the only real family Twyla had and that everyone has a sob story. Stella and Trevor are finally relaxing by the lake but it soon turns into violence when Trevor sees someone in the woods and starts shooting. Stella wakes up from the dream and tells Trevor she wants to go back home as she is not feeling safe, she expresses that her father can keep them safe from Clint. Trevor is frustrated as he blames Walker for his mother being killed during their last bank job and all he wanted was to be a family. Trevor wants to clear his head and wants Stella to make a choice. Stella and Trevor both say "I love you" and that she wants him and Trevor knows that these feelings make it that much harder. Liam and Abeline are reading the article that Bryon wrote and Liam is not happy. Abeline gives some advice regarding how keeping private will not do anyone any good and that Liam should just speak freely about his family. Walker is still questioning Twyla about what Clint is up to. Twyla reminds Walker that men only use her when they need to and that this time is different. Walker tells her that this is not what family is about and that even though he does not need anything from her, he will check in on her from time to time as he cares about her. Twyla is holding him to his word or she will come after him. As she is leaving, she gives Walker a clue on where Clint maybe going- a cabin in Choke Canyon(where Stella and Trevor are presently). Micki then tells Walker that for the last six months Clint has been receiving a visitor. Walker realizes that Trevor Strand is Clint West's son.

Stella is sitting in the cabin and Trevor walks in. They embrace and he apologizes for leaving and upsetting her. Trevor takes the bag of cash and passports into the fireplace and lights them up. Stella and Trevor kiss. Walker is upset that Stella lied to him and not answering any of his texts. Micki is trying to tell Walker that Trevor is not going to hurt her as he cares about her. Walker is not convinced as he thinks he will snap to do whatever his father wants him to do. The cabin is full on smoke as the chimney was in fact broken. A car rolls up and Trevor tells Stella to grab the gun. Trevor smashes the window and Stella runs into the forest and Jaxson takes Trevor away. Walker and Micki pull up to cabin and he puts the bandana over the face and walks inside. He finds her bag still in the cabin. Walker and Micki hear gun shots and run towards the forest. Stella is running from Jaxson as hun shots continue. Stella finds a spot and hides and takes a shot when she hears something close by. Stella realizes that she just shot(grazed) Walker in the arm. Jaxson comes up from behind and tackles Walker, they fight and exchange kicks and punches. Walker is on the ground, Micki comes(and saves the day) and is engaging with Jaxson as well. She gets pushed into a tree and then trips Jaxson from behind and throws on the cuffs. Stella askes if Clint is going to hurt Trevor and Jaxson tells him that he loves Trevor and just wanted to be reunited. Stella and Walker have words over the events that just occurred. Walker couldn't live with himself if Stella ran away or got hurt. Stella just wanted to help and save Trevor. Walker knows that Stella loves Trevor.

Micki arrives at home and Trey is sleeping. Trey tells Micki that while at the game he was feeling off due to his TBI and that August and Bel drove him home as that is why his truck is not in the driveway. Excitement unfolds when Trey tells Micki that Sacred Heart won the state championship. While driving on the highway, Walker and Stella have a father/daughter conversation and he understands why she did what she did for Trevor. They talk about how love sometimes is really hard and complicated. Stella askes Walker if he would like to take the road trip that she and Emily were planning on taking this upcoming summer before her senior year. Walker feels overwhelmed with happiness that she wants to spend time with him alone. At Geri's house, Hoyt is making a heart shape out of straw rings and is on one knee and proposes to Geri. Geri is surprised and tells him that she can't marry him as she kissed Walker. Hoyt doesn't care about one kiss. Hoyt askes Geri if it meant more and she tells him that she doesn't know how she is feeling. Geri knows that he is trying to change but she has changed as well and that feelings should mean more. Hoyt is upset that a month went by without either one of them saying anything and that he meant each and every time that he proposed to her. Hoyt leaves to have a chat with his "best friend". Liam is reading the comments from the article on his phone. Abeline runs towards the door thinking that it is Walker and Stella and when she sees that it is Hoyt, she realizes that something went wrong and she embraces him. Walker and Stella pull up in front of the ranch. She is surprised to see so many cars in the driveway. Stella is walking towards the front door while Walker takes her bag from the back seat. Clint is shown driving with a passenger on the same road towards the Walker residence with a determined look in his eye.



  • "Before They Pass By" by Woods

(Walker makes his video for Hoyt)

  • "The Sacred and the Profane" by Shinyribs

(Hoyt and Geri arrive at the party}

  • "Now and Then" by Natural Child

(Conversations at SideStep)

  • "The Real Thing" (instrumental) by Sahara Smith

(Walker and Geri and Hoyt and Abby dance at the party)

  • "Warm" by Alaska Reid

(Stella & Trevor make up and burn the money)

  • "Mavis" by Nathaniel Rateliff

(Geri break Hoyt's heart)


Hoyt: "You two make a great team."
Walker: "All right, all right, let's buck up. Less Tears, more Beers, Lewis, beers on the house."
Hoyt: " This is bad for business buddy. But hey, never could say no to free drinks."
Hoyt: "Ladies and gentlemen, Barflies! Friends and family, it warms my heart that you're here celebrating my freedom, I am a new man with plans, boy! You. There ain't a body I'd rather do time with than my girl Geri. You are my rock baby, and if all I get in this life is your love, then I can die a happy man. An honest man."
Micki: "Look if channeling your Rodeo Kings days serves us in the end, great. Just don't let me catch you slipping into full Duke again, ok?"
Walker: "What do you think? Could be Clint, could be Jaxson?" "Coincidence?"

Micki: "Just don't tell me you told me so."

Walker: "Don't need to, you just did."
Hoyt: "You know as a DA you set your boy up nice in a new free world, I bet."
Liam: "Oh, even if I could, I wouldn't."
Abby: "It's never too late to get on the straight and narrow."
Abeline: "Honey, you are worthy of love."
Trevor: "Stella, I know you have a good life back in Austin. And, I -I wish I did too, but the only way my life gets better is if I keep moving forward."
Clint(voice over): "Keep the circle small, and the lies honest, Duke."
Walker: "I lost my wife, Emily not long before I met you."

Twyla Jean: "Condolences."

Walker: "For what it's worth, you were the right person then."
Twyla Jean: "All I wanted was some money to make the grime sparkle."
Twyla Jean: "Men only need me when they need something. And I guess they didn't have a use for me this time."
Jaxson: "Families fight and forgive. Never underestimate the love between a father and his child."
Hoyt: "Geraldine, I meant it every damn time I asked. Maybe I should have looked closer at the fact that you never took me seriously."

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