1.12 A Tale of Two Families

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Title A Tale of Two Families
Episode # Season 1, Episode 12
First aired May 20th 2021
Directed by Steve Robin
Written by Kevin Fahey Anna Fricke
Outline The show flashes back to the days right before and after Emily’s death and how the entire Walker family dealt with the sudden tragic loss
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Present Day Walker is walking away from the car when Clint arrives with Trevor. The ranch is surrounded on all sides with men and guns. Clint has his gun pointed at Walker. Liam comes running out of house and Stella screams out for her dad. Fades to black.

At the family ranch, Emily is packing the back of her car with water, August is taking pictures with her camera and Stella is bouncing and kicking a basketball. Emily picks up her phone and is speaking to Walker about how she is about to leave and how a competition is brewing as it is GAME NIGHT at the Walker. Walker tells Emily that he loves her and she tells him that she loves him more and that they will see each other when the pass each other on the road. Bonham is fixing something on Emily's car and they share some family banter. Abeline is helping fill the car and is concerned on how late Emily is leaving to help the people by the boarder. Emily tells her that no one else is available to help and tries to recruit her to come along. Instead, Emily askes that she keeps an eye out on the kids and her last words to her kids are "LOVE YOU". A line of cars are seen pulling up. The Walker family and Bret are seem all wearing black as they are coming back from Emily's funeral. Everyone is sitting in the living room in quiet. Walker tries to lighten the mood with a joke that Emily would of said by now. As laughter ensues and more puns are made, Walker is remembering a couple of times where he had kissed Emily goodbye. Walker excuses himself to go outside. Walker is visibly upset and this is the first time he sees Emily as a vision. Emily is upset that he walked out on them and that he needs to be their with them to help grieve together. Walker tells her that this was not part of the plan and that it should of been him. Emily wants Walker to promise her that he will be their for the kids. He explains that he has no idea what to do or how to do it. She tells him that he needs to just "do his best". Emily vision vanishes.

The night skyline of New York City. Liam just came out of his office and needing fresh air. He runs into Bret, who so happens to be jogging near his job. Liam tells Bret, who he is newly engaged to that want Liam as partner for the firm but he is conflicted as he needs to fly back home to Austin and he is worried about Walker as he has not heard from him since the funeral. Bret assures him that he isn't going anywhere and that he envies the fact that Liam is their for his job and his family. In sunny Austin, August and Stella are waiting outside of Tarry Town High School waiting for Walker to pick them up as he is late again. Stella is concerned that her dad is working too much and not sleeping and needs help. August has no idea what to do. Stella spots "Gramps" truck in the parking lot with a sleeping Walker. Stella and August get into the truck and Stella drives home. August suggests if their dad knows how bad it is. The look in Stella's eyes, August knows she is up to no good. Stella knows that her dad needs a wake up call. Stella drives the truck into the the hitching post. Bonham and Abeline hear the crash and run outside. Walker is awake and exits the truck, not knowing what just happened. Bonham scolds Walker and Abeline brings the kids inside. Walker has no idea what happened and pleads with his mama. The next day, Walker is sleeping on the couch in his home, beside him is a bottle of booze. Bonham comes in wanting to speak with his son. He kicks Cordell in the foot to wake him up. Walker looks all out of sorts and Bonham brings him to the family ranch to talk. Walker sees the number of cars outside and makes a joke. Bonham tells him the story about the hitching post that has been in family for many years and that it was "crying shame" that one of their own slammed into it. Walker has a look of defeat and shame. He brings Walker inside and in the living room, an intervention is about to happen. Liam, Larry James, Stan, Abeline, Stella, and August are concerned about him and want to help. Abeline starts the conversation and tells him that what happened the other day can't happen again. Walker is fuzzy about the details still. Stella tells him how scared she and August was when he ran into the post as he feel asleep. James questions about him returning to work so soon as Walker has thrown himself into a many open cases. Walker, think that his badge is being taken away and Stan expresses that Walker needs to make himself available to his family and that calling in favors to try to look into Emily's case is not doing anyone good as it is closed. Walker apologizes and realizes that he doesn't want to be a burden and can't afford to put anyone else in danger. He decides that its best to go away for awhile on a case out of town and get his head on straight and press reset. Cordell tells Abeline that what is best for his family is his mama as he needs to protect them from him spiraling down. Stella and August plead with their dad to stay as he is needed here. Walker promises that it will only be for a few weeks. He goes into the bathroom and sees the vision of Emily in the mirror. Walker has the sheer look of that he has failed everyone, including breaking his promise to Emily. This time, she is hurt and angry that he has chosen to run away from his problems. She questions what his new persona will be and now he can forget about her and his family. Walker explains that this is not been easy. Walker is slammed with all kinds of emotions as the Emily calls him a coward and he takes off the wedding ring and places it in the medicine cabinet.


Liam is sitting in Stella's room admiring all of the awards and pictures she has. Stella comes in and has an idea to go with Liam to New York. She needs a to not be home right now and wants to help with wedding planning. Liam explains that her place is in Austin with her family. She reminds Liam that he is family as well. Bonham is sitting in a doctors office and has just gotten news that he has prostate cancer. The doctor suggests a treatment plan to better prevent the spread. Bonham appreciates everything and tells him that it isn't so much about the news its concerning on if he should share it with his family with what is currently going on. Bonham drives to Morrison Seed & Tack where he confronts Gary(who is the guy that Abeline is sleeping with) and proceeds to punch him and wishes him a Merry Christmas. At the Side Step, Stella is hanging out with friends and asks for some liquor in her soda, she overhears that someone is about to beat the high score on Galaga, which is her mothers She pleads that the guys play a different game and tries to push him away and he pushes Stella to the ground and she has a gash on her forehead but she is happy because the high score is still Emily's. At the hospital, Liam walks in as he is the emergency contact. Liam shares a story about needing to wear turtlenecks to cover the initials "d.m.b" as this is something that he was afraid of the reaction from Bonham and Abeline. Liam will keep the scar a secret as to not talk about shenanigan's of others. Liam tells Stella that he is staying and that he and Bret will figure things out and that family is important. Stella hugs Liam as this makes her happy. At the family ranch, the house is decorated. Bonham is putting finishing touches on the tree. Abeline comes walking in and tells Bonham that she ended things with Gary because of everything that has gone on this past year, they should be together. Bonham jokes that she fell back in love with him. Liam and Stella come walking in. Liam explains that he will spending the holidays in Texas as he got the time wrong on his flight. August comes into the room with a more decorations. Stella askes him "star or angel". August suggests putting a star on top as it reminds him of dad and everyone smiles and agrees.

Micki, who is a state trooper is on highway patrol and sitting in her car. She receives a text from Trey regarding if she will be around as he has leave coming up. She answers back that she can be. A car speeds pass her and Micki is in pursuit. The car stops right outside of the sign "Odessa Rodeo". Crystal aka Mrs. Strand gives her license and registration and small talks ensues. Crystal has brochures of how to apply for a loans from different banks in her front seat. She tells Micki that she was going to see her son. Micki gives her a warning and Crystal thanks her. Micki has a hunch that this is something more. Back at the station, O'Driscoll calls her into his office and tells Micki that she she is on highway patrol and not robbery and homicide. Micki is piecing the clues together and thinks that Crystal maybe involved. Micki is not wanting to teach but just wants to do her job. O'Driscoll tells her to stay in her lane. Micki looks up Crystal's address and that night goes to her house. Micki notices that Crystal has changed the license place off the jeep. Crystal spots Micki and they start talking. Crystal tells Micki that she hasn't seen her son yet as she doesn't like driving at night. Micki is using her keen sense of detective work to see what she can learn. Inside, Clint and Duke are talking. Duke wants in on the next bank job and Clint is not all too convinced. Clint questions Duke on where he came from and all that. Duke tells him that he has had various jobs and then did a some time in Hilltop. Clint has a friend who is serving time that does not remember seeing or meeting Duke. Duke proceeds to tell Clint that he lost his wife and heard the gunshots over the phone. He tells him that he needed to leave and become someone else. Clint expressed that this could help. They both overhear laughter and Duke grabs the gun and is about to prove to Clint that he can be trusted as he is willing to shoot Micki. Micki knows that Crystal is up to something and tries to convince her to not go through with it. Crystal wishes her a goodnight. Duke takes a deep breath that he was able to talk himself out of almost blowing his cover. The next day, Crystal is worried about this last job an her family. Clint askes Duke for his advice now that he is in the circle. Duke talks them into going in for one last score. Crystal just wants to go home after this job is done. At the station, Micki is being asked some questions by Captain LArry James in regards to the surveillance request for Crystal Strand and James is looking into it personally. Micki explains again that she is just trying to piece together some things and doing her job. She thinks there is a connection between the rodeo circuit and bank robberies. James tells her that she is "stretching" a bit and that wasting DPS's time is not advisable. As James walks away, he smirks as Micki has done great police work. Micki follows James and askes him if she was even close with anything she has gathered. James jokes with her that this is his job to look into meaningless traffic stops and reminds her to start doing Sudoku if she is that bored. Micki goes back to her desk and overhears that there have been shots fired at the bank and follows the other officers to the call. At the bank, Clint has bag full of money and Crystal has just gotten shot and Duke is trying to stop it. Clint tells Duke "blaze of glory" and starts shooting at police while Duke escorts Crystal to the car, where she flees. Duke is asked to drop to the floor with his hands up. James has Walker in the back of the car and tells him that both Clint and Jaxson were arrested and that Crystal died from the gun shot wound. James askes if Walker is going to go back home. Walker explains that he has lost too much of himself and that he has no idea what he is walking into or who he is walking in as. James tells Walker that he will need to get by with pretending for a little while. Still handcuffed, James hands Walker the key and tells him it starts by "letting go". A police officer is at the house where Trevor is practicing his roping skills for the circuit. His aunt is with him and is given a warrant to search the property. The police officer tells Trevor that there has been a bank robbery and his father has been arrested and his mother is dead. Trevor is stunned with what he just heard. Fast forward to one of the visits he is having with his father. Clint assures Trevor it was not suppose to happen like this. Clint tells Trevor that he will make this all right. Clint tells Trevor that he shouldn't turn his back on him as he will regret it one day. Trevor tells Clint he needs so time to think about it. At another visit with his father, Trevor tells him that he got a job at the prison stables to be close so they can talk more. Clint agrees as he has been doing a lot of thinking about the events of what happened and he askes Trevor to help him to see what he did wrong. Trevor agrees as he wants to know as well.

1 DAY AGO A flashback of the events that occurred with Stella and Trevor driving out of town, burning of the money and the fire in the cabin. The man who took Trevor away is his own father. Trevor wakes up and they go visit Crystal's grave. Clint convinces Trevor that he needs to make things right and that he ever wanted was to be a family again. Clint wants revenge as Walker still has his family while they still suffer. He won't stand for it and that it is just him and Trevor now.

PRESENT DAY The family ranch is surrounded. Walker is grabbing for his gun and Clint warns him to not make a move. Liam runs out of the house and Clint shoots. Liam falls to the ground, Walker screams, Stella gasps and Trevor is standing there. All guns are now pointing at Walker's direction. Walker has no other choice but to stay where he is and now Clint is calling the shots.



  • "Letting Go" by Erika Wennerstrom

(Emily getting ready to go, saying goodbye to the family)

  • "Do It Again" by Homer

(Bret and Liam talk about Liam's job and family)

  • "Bloom" by Arch Leaves

(Intervention, Walker talking to Emily)

  • "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" by Luther Dickinson

(Bonham punches Gary}

  • "Tomb" by APES

(Arcade music at SideStep. Stella protects Emily's high score)

  • "Jingle Bells" by Jimmy "Orion" Ellis

(Bonham and Abby talk, decorating the Christmas tree)

  • "Weeds" by A. Sinclair

(Micki's a trooper, pulls Crystal over}

  • "Night" by Daniel Spaleniak

(Trevor and Clint talk in prison)

  • "This Means War" by Calliope Musicals

(Shootout at Walker Ranch)


Emily: "Take care of my kids for me."
Abby: "Always."
Walker: "You know your mom would probably tell a joke right now. Lift the tension. I love that about her."
Walker: "I don't know what to do."
Emily: "Do your best."
Bret: "No one takes good news worse than you." (to Liam)
Stella: "He needs a wake up call, before we lose him too."
Walker: "A lot of extra cars here, Daddy. That's never a good sign."
Bonham: Yeah. This hitching post, it's standing for generations. My dad hitched his horse it it. His Dad, and on. It's a crying shame that one of our knocked it down."
Stan: "We heard you been calling in favors on a case that's closed. My office won't stand for that."

Walker: "Is that what this is? You taking my badge?"

Stan: "Didn't say that. Now listen to me. This is about more than just a batch alright? This is about your life. About this family. About doing what's right. Cordell, this can't go on."
Emily: "Makes sense. You get to be somebody else. Run away from your problems."

Walker: "This isn't easy. Not for anyone."

Emily: "I guess you can take your wedding ring off now. Can't have anyone knowing about me. Your life here. So who are you gonna be? What's your new persona? Bachelor? Widower? Coward?"
Liam: "And corporate mergers seem very trivial when compared to family. So I'm here. At least until your father gets back."
Abby: "I ended it. I just thought with...everything that's going on, that it was best if we were together for now."
Bonham: "For a second there, I thought you fell back in love with me."
Stella: "Hey Augie. Star or Angel this year?
Augie: "Star. It reminds me of Dad."
Crystal: "Why are you doing this? You are too smart to be a cop."
Micki: "Thank you!"
Clint: "You got brass balls Duke. You gonna gun down a trooper in cold blood?"
Duke: "You tell me, Clint. Do I pull the trigger, end this right now? Or is that gonna bring too much heat down on us? I guess that depends on how close we are to this, uh, robbery I keep hoping your gonna tell me about? Once you trust me?"
Clint: "You stay put, Duke. We ain't got nothing to hide from family."
Walker: "I just don't have any idea what I am walking into. Who I am walking in as. I mean, this, all this...how do I not take it with me?"
James: "You start with letting go."
Clint: "We should talk more. About everything that's happened. I made mistakes, son. And seeing you, well, it make me think awful hard about it all."
Clint: "Do your best." (to Walker)

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