1.15 Four Stones in Hand

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Title Four Stones in Hand
Episode # Season 1, Episode 15
First aired June 24th 2021
Directed by Tessa Blake
Written by Paula Sabbaga
Outline Micki’s real mother, Mercedes tries to make amends with Micki. Walker steps in to help and lands in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, August suffers from PTSD after what happened at the Ranch.
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Walker is sitting at a picnic table, listening to a police scanner and reviewing vendors for the Side Step. Liam comes over and sits with Walker. Liam admits that he is worried about his brother and Walker tells Liam he is worried about him. Liam just wants to make sure that Walker is taking care of himself and that he is serious about taking a break from being a Ranger. Walker tries to tell him that he is listening to a baseball game but Liam sees right through it. Liam gives Walker a Rubik's cube and tells him that he can focus for one whole day on something else other than a police case then he will apologize. Walker accepts. Walker is at the Side step fumbling around with the cube and Micki walks in and jokes how empty it is. Walker wonders why Micki is there and is seeing if she needs help with a case but all she wants is breakfast. They talk about how Trey is still out of town, as he is visiting his mother and that as much as she misses him navigating mothers is something she does not want to do. They start talking about Micki and her mother Mercedes and how Micki is not ready to forgive her but did reach out to her and left a message. As she is talking, Mercedes shows up and Micki is stunned. They share in an awkward family reunion and Walker suggests that he will make some coffee. Mercedes is apologizing for everything and Micki does not want to here it. Mercedes explains the expression "Four Stones in hand" meaning that you are preparing for an attack even though you are not threatened. Mercedes explains that she was trying to look for her and thought that she found her but it ended up not being her daughter and was scammed. Micki tells Mercedes that she is not the person to help. Micki walks away and tells Walker to not get involved. August and Stella are walking to school. Stella tells August that if he ever wants to talk about it and he tells her not. August and Stella are surrounded by fellow students wanting to know everything. August is called "brave" and he likes that. Walker is throwing out garbage and sees Mercedes in the car crying. Walker tells himself to not get involved but he does anyway. He asks her if she is okay and that he is a "concerned" citizen and would like to know more information. Mercedes and Walker are having coffee as she is telling him about the person that scammed her. They only communicated through letters. This person called themselves "Nina Ruiz". Mercedes was conned out of money and never heard from them again. Mercedes fell off the wagon, burned the letters and didn't tell the cops. Walker decides to take this case as a personal favor(aka quest) and that this what they will tell Micki when she askes. Walker gets the address of this so called person's house in Austin. Walker is scoping the place out and is about to climb the gate, when two officers stop him. Walker recognizes one of them(Randall) but to no avail, Walker is under arrest for trespassing.

Walker is behind bars, fumbling around with the rubix cube and Micki walks in with some wise cracks. Walker explains that he was checking out her mother's story and he felt bad because she was crying. Micki is upset and tells him that he shouldn't of meddled and Walker knew how much she was going to be angry. Micki walks away. August is in the AV club room plugging something in and it sparks and sets him off where he shutters off to the corner covering his ears, he is replaying the events of what happened at the ranch with Clint West. Ruby sees this calls out for him and them walks away as August seems to be okay like nothing happened. Walker is bailed out by Connie. Micki picks up the phone pretending to call security but actually dials Layla from the mayor's office. Walker put in a request to see if anyone has lived at he address, which no one has for 30 years. Micki is not surprised as her mother has obviously lied. Walker knows something else is off about all of this. Connie comes in and says that she found out that a P.O Box was receiving all of these letters. Micki agrees to help on the quest. At the doctors office, Bonham and Abeline are waiting for the doctor, as he comes in, Bonham makes a joke on how younger he is and he is not taking any advice from him. The suggested treatment is radio and hormonal treatment for at least six months. The doctor lists the amount of side effects and Bonham walks out. At the Side Step, Mercedes is talking about what happened. Micki is trying to get a timeline and Mercedes is fuzzy. Walker, using his intellectual brain askes specifically what she did for her one-year anniversary, in which she tells them she watched the Astros game and it was a hig score. Walker then tells Micki that the exact date and year. They find out about an old community center where the NA meetings are still held and that the person maybe there. Micki offers to go with Mercedes to the NA meeting, without Walker. Micki promises justice and maybe even the money back but all Mercedes wants is to let them know that she is real person and that forgiveness from her daughter is all she had left.

Stella and August are in the cafeteria. August is around a group of people talking about what happened, almost like he swopped into action. Ruby walks by to make sure he is okay and August appreciated the sentiment and tells her he is okay. Stella is trying to speak with Isabel(Bel) and she is not into it. Bel askes if she wants to talk about anything and Stella is thrown off with the attitude. Stella tells her that she doesn't want to talk. Bel walks away telling Stella she needs to go off and study. As they are approaching the community center, Micki tells Mercedes to act normal and pretend that she doesn't know her as that will cause suspicion. The group is about to begin. Micki's persona is Michelle, a woman who lost her mother at three, never knew her father and a sister that she pushed away. The story continues that she wants to reach out to tell her about the money that their uncle left but she gets why her sister hasn't returned her calls or letters, its because its hard to trust an addict that has hurt you. At the family ranch, Abeline questions why Bonham took the first step and then left as to say that he is taking the easy way out. Bonham doesn't see it that way and walks away to tend to the animals. Mercedes is now sharing about how she would call up her sister's and would just listen to the sound of her daughters voice and laughter as this is all she had to be close with her daughter. Joy, the group leader thanks Mercedes for sharing. As the group disperses, Joy Caldwell approaches Michelle and tells her that she should keep coming as she can help with locating her sister and offers at anytime she needs to talk, she will be there.

Micki contacts Walker and tells him that if he wants to help while this quest and break into Joy's house that this would be the time to do it. Walker pretends to be a food delivering person and ends up picking the lock. He is searching high and low in the house for any hiding spots. He notices that the fans are on and the AC is cut off. He opens up the AC unit and find a box with letters in it. Michelle(aka Micki) is talking to Joy drinking coffee while Walker is reading and going through the letters. Joy tells Michelle that she wants to be her temporary sponsor and will personally help track down her sister. Micki is trying to stall Joy for longer but Joy leaves. Micki is calls Walker to tell him that Joy is coming home and to get out of there. Walker has found out that Mercedes was not the only person that was scammed. Walker wants to keep some of the evidence. Walker has an idea and needs a day. Micki tells him that he needs to leave right now and as Joy is opening the front door, Walker is outside down the street holding the same food bags as before. August and Stella are in the AV room as August is getting ready for morning announcements. They both are talking about their different experiences at school and how people are treating them. August doesn't seem to have an issue with being a hero as this is the way he is dealing with it as he hates the reality for what really happened while Stella is not talking about it. August lays is on thick regarding how Stella chose a boy over her best friend and how she is using Bel for a convenient friend when she is waiting for something else. August points out that he knew about Bel's parents before she did as Stella has not been there for her and that all Bel wants is to be there for her. August tells Stella that he falls apart every time he hears loud noises and rather not have people feel sorry for him. As they continue to have a heated discussion Stella points out that the light is on and askes August if that means the whole school just heard their conversation. Outside the school, August is sitting alone as Ruby comes and sits next to him. August is being overdramatic about the events of the day and Ruby tells him that he sees him for the person he really is. At the NA meeting, Cordell has joined the group. He volunteers to start sharing that his addiction is breaking the rules and pushing his limits. Cordell proceeds to say that he needs to also stop someone who is breaking the rules. At this time, Micki gets up and opens the door. These people announce that someone scammed them out of money. Mercedes then gets up and accuses Joy Caldwell of doing the same thing involving thinking she had found her daughter. Joy, gets up and tries to explain herself but Micki places cuffs on her and places her under arrest.

Micki tells Mercedes that they have both been through a lot and offers to talk about it. Mercedes explains that with all of this she needs and wants to stay sober. Mercedes explains that she is her own problem and all she wants is to try her best to not let Micki down. Micki, tears in her eyes says that she can try to understand. Just then, the NA meeting is about to begin. Micki leaves to go outside and Walker is breaking the rules to solve the Rubik's cube. Micki describes the cube as the perfect metaphor about how even though Walker admitted he is addicted to breaking the rules, he is breaking the rules as a civilian with privileges as a ranger. Micki reminds him that he needs to find the balance. Walker acknowledges that Micki is right and agrees. Walker hands over some letters to Micki as he thought that reading them will make her understand Mercedes better. Micki, with non verbal cues is touched by the sentiment. In school, Stella approaches Bel and apologizes for being a bad judge in character, for shutting her out. Bel explains that she still cares and that she was talking to August the entire time to check in. Stella realizes that Bella has a crush on her brother and that they will talk about everything else. At the community center, Micki is waiting for Mercedes. Micki wants to know what she continued to write to Joy even though she was already scammed. Mercedes explains that writing to her was a sliver of hope and if she stopped she would feel like she was giving up. All Mercedes wants is to talk to her daughter. Through tears, Micki gives her the unopened letter with her address and would like for her to go through the letters and mail out the ones to her real daughter. At the hotel that Abeline and Bonham first met, Liam is accused of meddling, which in fact is true. Liam tells his father that if this is all about her then he really needs to do this for her. Abeline is at the check out desk confirming a reservation that Bonham does not know about. Liam is excused by his mother. Bonham thinks that he has failed. Abeline tells him that her involvement in his treatment is not a failure and that he is not allowed to spare her as his death would be the death of her. She further explains that none of this is easy and that she didn't ask for easy and she has no regrets. Abeline wants to renew their wedding vows as to have a fresh start. She teases that the room that they had shared all those years ago is occupied but that the room next to isn't. Bonham proceeds to kiss her on the forehead. At the family ranch, Walker is sitting by the fire and Micki arrives checking in on him. Walker explains he is finally giving in and hiring a cook. Micki thanks Walker for being a friend and meddling in. Liam comes over and is surprised that Walker solved it as it took him over a week to solve his first one. Walker tells Micki to stay quiet. Walker tells both of them that as much as he has the two of them to keep him in check from work and civilian life that he needs to keep himself in check and he needs to figure out who he really is on the opposite side of work. Both Micki and Liam crack a smile and Walkers pours them all a glass of whiskey and Walker admits to cheating. Liam laughs and shares a fun fact about the Rubik's cube. Micki then raises her glass and toasts to "moving on". They all toast and drink.




(Walker and Micki discuss the reopening and drama with Mercedes)

  • "Love" by APM Studio Musicians and Singers

(August and Stella return to school as the centers of attention)

  • "Stand Up" by T BIRD AND THE BREAKS

(Walker takes on the Mercedes scammer case)

  • "A Summer Song" by CONNER YOUNGBLOOD

(Micki reminds Mercedes to act normal)

  • " Cloud" by KATE DAVIS

(Ruby checks on August)

  • " Weak" by MELAT

(Bonham and Abilene reminisce at the Driskill)

  • " Never Makes a Sound" by JONATHAN TERRELL

(Walker works by himself checking applications)


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