1.15 The Benders (transcript)

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1.15 The Benders

Written by: John Shiban

Directed by: Peter Ellis

Air Date: 14 Feb 2006


Hibbing, Minnesota. A young boy is watching TV in his bedroom. He hears a noise outside and looks out the window. A man is walking in a parking lot with two bags of garbage in his hands. The man throws the bags into a dumpster and starts walking back to his car. He hears the same screeching noise and stops. He gets down on his knees and looks under the car. He sees something that horrifies him, although the audience does not see it, and stands up quickly. An invisible force pulls him back to the ground, on his stomach. He is dragged under the car, screaming, until he is gone. The boy looks frightened and shuts the curtains.)

Act One

(FADE TO: Living Room. Day. DEAN and SAM are dressed as sheriffs. They are talking to the boy and his mother.)

MRS. MCKAY: I know you’re just doing your job, but the police have been here all week already. I don’t see why we have to go through this again. The more he tells the story, the more he believes it’s true.

SAM: Mrs. McKay, we know you spoke with the local authorities.

DEAN: But, uh, this seems like a matter for the state police, so….

SAM: Don’t worry about how crazy it sounds, Evan. You just tell us what you saw.

EVAN: I was up late, watching TV. When I heard this weird noise.

SAM: What did it sound like?

EVAN: It sounded like….a monster. (DEAN and SAM exchange a look.)

MRS. MCKAY: Tell the officers what you were watching on TV.

EVAN: Godzilla Vs. Mothra. (DEAN smiles.)

DEAN: (excitedly) That’s my favorite Godzilla movie. It’s so much better than the original, huh?

EVAN: Totally.

DEAN: Yeah. (He nods towards SAM.) He likes the remake.

EVAN: Yuck! (SAM glares at DEAN and clears his throat. DEAN stops.)

SAM: Evan, did you see what this thing was?

EVAN: No. But I saw it grab Mr. Jenkins. It pulled him underneath the car.

SAM: Then what?

EVAN: It took him away. I heard the monster leaving. It made this really scary sound.

SAM: What did it sound like, Evan?

EVAN: Like this…whining growl. (SAM and DEAN exchange another look.)

SAM: Thanks for your time.

(CUT TO: INT. – Kugel’s Keg. Night. SAM is having a beer at a table, looking at research. DEAN is nearby, throwing darts.)

SAM: So, local police have now ruled out foul play. Apparently, there are worse signs of a struggle.

DEAN: Well, they could be right, it could just be a kidnapping. Maybe this isn’t our kind of gig.

SAM: Yeah, maybe not. Except for this—Dad marked the area, Dean. (DEAN comes to the table and looks at their father’s journal.) Possible hunting grounds of a phantom attacker.

DEAN: Why would he even do that?

SAM: Well, he found a lot of local folklore about a dark figure that comes out at night. Grabs people, then vanishes. He found this too—this county has more missing persons per capita than anywhere else in the state.

DEAN: That is weird.

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: Don’t phantom attackers usually snatch people from their beds? Jenkins was taken from a parking lot.

SAM: Well, there are all kinds. You know, Spring Heeled Jacks, phantom gassers. They take people anywhere, anytime. Look, Dean, I don’t know if this is our kind of gig either.

DEAN: Yeah, you’re right, we should ask around more tomorrow.

SAM: Right. (He takes out his wallet.) I saw a motel about five miles back.

DEAN: Whoa, whoa, easy. Let’s have another round.

SAM: We should get an early start.

DEAN: Yeah, you really know how to have fun, don’t you, Grandma? (SAM smiles.) Alright, I’ll meet you outside, I gotta take a leak. (He grabs his coat and heads to the bathroom. SAM gathers his research and leaves.)

(CUT TO: EXT. – Kugel’s Keg. SAM is walking back to the car. He hears a noise and stops. He places the journal on the hood of the car and takes out a flashlight from his coat pocket. He turns it on and looks around, then bends down to look under the car. He sees a cat, which hisses at him then runs away.)

SAM: Whoa! (He sees the animal and laughs at himself. He gets up, shaking his head, then waits by the car. The camera gives a view from under the car and focuses on SAM’s feet.)

(CUT TO: Minutes later. DEAN comes out of the bar and walks to the car. He sees that SAM is missing, but notices the journal on the hood. DEAN opens the car door and checks to see if SAM is inside, but he isn’t there. He looks around, confused.)

(CUT TO: Later. A group of people come out of the bar. DEAN walks up to a biker and his girlfriend, who are clearly drunk.)

DEAN: Hey, you guys been outside, around here in the last hour or so? (They shake their head and walk away.) Sam! (He looks around frantically.) Sammy! (He turns around and notices a surveillance camera on top of a streetlight. DEAN walks into the middle of the deserted road and looks around.) Sam. (The screen goes black.)

Missing Persons Report

(FADE IN: Sheriff’s Department. A deputy, KATHLEEN, is looking at DEAN’s fake ID.)

KATHLEEN: So, what can we do for you, Officer Washington?

DEAN: I’m working a missing persons.

KATHLEEN: I didn’t know the Jenkins case was being covered by the state police.

DEAN: Oh, no. No, there’s someone else. Actually, it’s my cousin. We were havin’ a few last night at this bar down by the highway. And I haven’t seen him since.

KATHLEEN: Does your cousin have a drinking problem?

DEAN: Sam? Two beers and he’s doin’ karaoke. (KATHLEEN smiles.) No, he wasn’t drunk. He was taken. (KATHLEEN nods and sits down at her computer. DEAN follows her and sits also.)

KATHLEEN: Alright. What’s his name?

DEAN: Winchester. Sam Winchester.

KATHLEEN: Like the rifle?

DEAN: Like the rifle. (KATHLEEN types SAM’s name in the computer and brings up his police record. She observes the page, then clicks on DEAN’s link and brings up his record.)

KATHLEEN: Samuel Winchester. So, you know that his brother, Dean Winchester, died in St. Louis. And, uh, was suspected of murder. (DEAN tries to look nonchalant.)

DEAN: Yeah, Dean. Kind of the black sheep of the family. Handsome, though.

KATHLEEN: Uh-huh. (She types something else and brings up more search results on the computer.) Well, he’s not showing up in any current field reports.

DEAN: Oh, I already have a lead. I saw a surveillance camera by the highway.

KATHLEEN: Uh-huh. The county traffic cam?

DEAN: Right. Yeah. I’m thinking the camera picked up whatever took him. Or, whoever.

KATHLEEN: Well, I have access to the traffic cam footage down at the county works department, but—well, anyhow, let’s do this the right way. (She stands up and gets some paperwork from a filing cabinet.) Why don’t you fill out a missing persons report and sit tight over here? (She hands him a clipboard.)

DEAN: Officer, look, uh, he’s family. I kind of—I kind of look out for the kid. You gotta let me go with you.

KATHLEEN: I’m sorry, I can’t do that.

DEAN: Well, tell me something. Your county has its fair share of missing persons. Any of ‘em come back? (KATHLEEN looks sad.) Sam’s my responsibility. And he’s comin’ back. I’m bringin’ him back. (She stares at him.)

(CUT TO: Unknown location. SAM is asleep in a cage. He jerks awake and observes his surroundings. He rattles the bars of the cage. He looks around and notices JENKINS asleep in a cage next to his.)

(CUT TO: EXT. – County Works Department. DEAN is sitting on a bench outside. KATHLEEN comes behind him, holding printouts of the camera footage.)

KATHLEEN: Greg. (He sees her and stands up.) I think we’ve got something. (She hands him the printouts and he looks through them.) These traffic cams take an image every three seconds, as part of the Amber Alert program. These images were all taken around the time that your cousin, Sam, disappeared.

DEAN: This really isn’t what I’m looking for.

KATHLEEN: Just wait, wait—next one. (He turns the page and sees an image of a rusty truck driving.) This one was taken right after Sam left the bar. Look at the back end of that thing. Now, look at the plates. (DEAN turns another page and sees a close-up image of the truck’s license plates.)

DEAN: Oh, the plates look new. It’s probably stolen.

KATHLEEN: So, whoever’s driving that rust bucket must be involved. (A beat-up van drives by. Its engine is whining loudly.)

DEAN: Hear that engine?


DEAN: Kind of a whining growl, isn’t it?

KATHLEEN: Sure. (DEAN stares at the van as it drives away.)

DEAN: (to himself) I’ll be damned.

(CUT TO: Unknown location. SAM is trying to kick down the door of his cage, but he fails. JENKINS groans and wakes up. SAM rushes over to talk to him through the bars of their cages.)

SAM: You’re alive. (JENKINS groans again.) Hey, you okay?

JENKINS: Does it look like I’m doin’ okay?

SAM: Where are we?

JENKINS: I don’t know. The country, I think. Smells like the country.

SAM: You’re Alvin Jenkins, aren’t you?

JENKINS: Yeah. (SAM sighs.)

SAM: I was lookin’ for ya.

JENKINS: Oh, yeah?

SAM: Yeah.

JENKINS: Well, no offense, but this is a piss-poor rescue.

SAM: Well, my brother’s out there right now, too. He’s lookin’ for us. So—

JENKINS: So, he’s not gonna find us. We’re in the middle of nowhere. (He nods towards the door leading into the building.) Waiting for them to come back and do God-knows-what to us.

SAM: What are they? Have you seen them?

JENKINS: What are you talking about?

SAM: Whatever’s got us, what’d they look like?

JENKINS: See for yourself. (The door to the building opens and two men wearing black coats and hats walk in. One man walks over to JENKINS’ cage and kicks the side of it. JENKINS moves back into the corner. The other man goes to a panel of buttons attached to a pole in the middle of the room. He inserts a key into the panel and twists it. JENKINs’ cage unlocks. The men enter.) Leave me alone! Don’t you take me, leave me alone! (The men place a plate of food in front of JENKINS. They leave the cage and walk over to the panel. One of the men twists the key again and removes it, which locks the cage. They leave, and JENKINS devours his food.)

SAM: (to himself) I’ll be damned. They’re just people.

JENKINS: Yeah. What’d you expect?

SAM: How often do they feed you?

JENKINS: Once a day. And they use that thing over there to open the cage. (He points to the panel.)

SAM: And that’s the only time you see ‘em?

JENKINS: So far. But I’m waitin’.

SAM: Waitin’ for what?

JENKINS: Ned Beatty time, man.

SAM: I think that’s the least of your worries right now.

JENKINS: Oh, yeah?

SAM: Yeah.

JENKINS: What do you think they want, then? (SAM reaches through the top of his cage and grabs a long metal wire stretching from the top of the pole to the ground. He tries to pull it down.)

SAM: Depends on who they are.

JENKINS: They’re a bunch of psycho hillbilly rednecks, if you ask me. Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places. (SAM continues to pull on the wire. It gradually starts to detach from the pole.)

(CUT TO: INT. - Sheriff’s car. KATHLEEN and DEAN are driving.)

KATHLEEN: (pointing to a passing traffic camera) Okay, the next traffic cam is fifty miles from here, and the pickup didn’t pass that one, so….

DEAN: So, it must’ve pulled off somewhere. I didn’t see any other roads here.

KATHLEEN: Well, a lot of these backwoods properties have their own private roads.

DEAN: (annoyed) Great. (He stares out the window. New information comes up on KATHLEEN’s computer. She clicks the highlighted item and brings up a page about DEAN’s fake ID. She reads it and looks concerned.)

KATHLEEN: So, Gregory. (DEAN turns to look at her.)

DEAN: Yeah?

KATHLEEN: I ran your badge number. It’s routine when we’re working a case with state police. For accounting purposes and what have you.

DEAN: Mmhmm.

KATHLEEN: And, uh, they just got back to me. (She pulls the car over to the side of the road.) It says here your badge was stolen. (DEAN looks surprised.) And there’s a picture of you. (She turns the computer to DEAN. He sees a picture of a heavy African-American man.)

DEAN: I lost some weight. (He chuckles.) And I got that Michael Jackson skin disease. (KATHLEEN takes off her seatbelt.)

KATHLEEN: Okay, would you step out of the car, please?

DEAN: Look, look, look. (She stops.) If you wanna arrest me, that’s fine. I’ll cooperate, I swear. But, first, please—let me find Sam.

KATHLEEN: I don’t even know who you are. Or if this Sam person is missing.

DEAN: Look into my eyes and tell me if I’m lying about this.

KATHLEEN: Identity theft? You’re impersonating an officer.

DEAN: Look, here’s the thing. When we were young, I pretty much pulled him from a fire. And ever since then, I’ve felt responsible for him. Like it’s my job to keep him safe. I’m just afraid if we don’t find him fast—please. (His voice breaks.) He’s my family.

KATHLEEN: I’m sorry. You’ve given me no choice. I have to take you in. (She glances at her visor. Her eye catches a photo of her and another man, smiling. She looks sad and sighs.) After we find Sam Winchester. (She fastens her seatbelt. DEAN looks confused.)

(CUT TO: Unknown location. SAM is still trying to pull the metal coil from the beam.)

JENKINS: What’s your name, again?

SAM: It’s Sam.

JENKINS: Why don’t you give it up, Sammy, there’s no way out.

SAM: Don’t….call me….Sammy! (He groans and finally tears the coil down. A small piece of metal falls on the floor also.)

JENKINS: What is it? (SAM picks it up and looks at it.)

SAM: It’s a bracket.

JENKINS: Well, thank God, a bracket. Now we’ve got ‘em, huh? (Suddenly, JENKINS’ cage unlocks itself and opens.) Must’ve been short. (He climbs out of the cage.) Maybe you knocked somethin’ loose.

SAM: I think you should get back in there, Jenkins.


SAM: This isn’t right.

JENKINS: Don’t you wanna get out of here?

SAM: Yeah. But that was too easy.

JENKINS: Look, I’m gonna get out of here, and I’m gonna send help, okay, don’t worry.

SAM: No, I’m serious. Jenkins—this might be a trap.

JENKINS: Bye, Sammy. (He pushes open the door and leaves.)

SAM: Jenkins! (On the other side of the door, JENKINS is in another room similar to the one he just left. He finds an exit and leaves. In the other room, JENKINS’ cage slams shut.)

(CUT TO: Outside. JENKINS is walking around the outside of a rundown house. He finds a knife on the ground and picks it up. He looks up to the sky.)

JENKINS: Thank you. (He starts running into the woods.)

(CUT TO: Woods. JENKINS continues walking. He hears a noise and raises his knife, then starts to run in the rain. Before long, a man in camouflage jumps in front of him and knocks him down with a long knife. JENKINS falls to the ground, but sticks his own knife in the man’s leg. The man stumbles, allowing JENKINS to get up and run away. JENKINS reaches a clearing. He looks around, lost. Suddenly, another camouflaged man appears and puts his knife through JENKINS’ leg, then removes it. The second camouflaged man appears, and they both point their knives at JENKINS, who is on the ground. He is able to get up and run away. The men watch him and laugh. JENKINS keeps running, but trips over a thin wire on the ground. The men catch up to him and raise their knives.)

(CUT TO: Unknown location. SAM can hear JENKINS screaming. The screen goes black.)

(FADE IN: Street. DEAN and KATHLEEN are walking back to the car, holding cups of coffee.)

DEAN: Hey, Officer? Look, I don’t mean to press my luck.

KATHLEEN: Your luck is so pressed.

DEAN: Right. I was wondering—why are you helping me out, anyway? Why don’t you just lock me up?

KATHLEEN: My brother, Riley, disappeared three years ago. A lot like Sam. We searched for him, but—nothing. I know what it’s like to feel responsible for someone, and for them—Come on. Let’s keep at it. (She gets in the car.)

(CUT TO: Edge of the forest. KATHLEEN and DEAN are driving by.)

DEAN: (OS) Wait, wait, wait—pull over here. Pull over. (They pull over and get out of the car, then walk towards the forest.) It’s the first turn-off I’ve seen so far.

KATHLEEN: You stay here, I’ll check it out.

DEAN: No way.

KATHLEEN: Hey. (They stop walking.) You’re a civilian. And a felon, I think. I’m not taking you with me.

DEAN: You’re not goin’ without me. (KATHLEEN sighs.)

KATHLEEN: Alright. You promise you won’t get involved? You’ll let me handle it?

DEAN: Yeah, I promise.

KATHLEEN: Shake on it. (She extends her hand. DEAN shakes it. While they are shaking hands, KATHLEEN places a set of handcuffs on DEAN’s arm.)

DEAN: Oh, come on.

(CUT TO: Car. KATHLEEN handcuffs DEAN to the door handle and starts walking away.)

DEAN: This is ridiculous. Kathleen, I really think you’re gonna need my help.

KATHLEEN: I’ll manage. Thank you. (She locks the door and walks away.)

DEAN: I gotta start carrying paper clips.

(CUT TO: Road. KATHLEEN is walking. She passes a rundown barn, along with several wagon wheels strewn along the grass. She walks further and sees a dilapidated house. She makes her way to the front porch and climbs up the stairs.)

KATHLEEN: Hello? Anybody home? (She knocks on the door. A young girl, MISSY, comes outside, covered in dirt and filth. She is unwashed and has long, uncombed hair.) Hi. Who are you? (The girl comes closer and examines KATHLEEN’s badge.)

MISSY: Who are you?

KATHLEEN: I’m, uh, I’m Kathleen. I’m a deputy. What’s your name?

MISSY: Missy.

KATHLEEN: Missy. That’s a pretty name. Missy, is your mom home?

MISSY: She’s dead.

KATHLEEN: I’m sorry. What about your dad? (MISSY shakes her head.) No? Can I come in for a minute? (MISSY shakes her head again and starts moving towards the door.) I just want you to look at a picture. (She takes a picture of SAM from her coat pocket and shows it to MISSY.) Have you seen that guy? Look at that picture. (MISSY looks up and sees something behind KATHLEEN. She smiles wickedly.) What?

MISSY: That’s gonna hurt. (KATHLEEN turns around and sees a tall, equally unwashed man, PA BENDER, standing beside her. He hits her in the head with a shovel, and she falls to the ground, unconscious.)

PA: Missy, sweetheart, go tell your brothers I wanna see ‘em.

MISSY: Yes, Daddy. (She walks away.)

(CUT TO: Car. DEAN is looking around for something to unlock the handcuffs. He finally notices the antenna of the car and reaches for it, but he is too far away. He hears the screech of the pickup truck.)

DEAN: Oh, son of a bitch. (He stretches further.)

(CUT TO: Woods. The pickup truck is driving.)

(CUT TO: Car. DEAN is still reaching for the antenna.)

(CUT TO: Woods. JARED and LEE BENDER unlock a gate and start walking.)

(CUT TO: Car. DEAN finally grabs the antenna and begins to unscrew it.)

(CUT TO: Woods. JARED and LEE are still walking.)

(CUT TO: Car. The antenna comes loose and falls to the ground. DEAN picks it up and begins unlocking the handcuffs. JARED and LEE reach a clearing and see the car. They laugh. The camera pans to the side of the car, but DEAN is gone.)

LEE: Well, I’ve never seen him so angry before.

JARED: Well, Lee, never been followed by the police before. (LEE, who now has KATHLEEN’s keys, unlocks the car door and gets in.)

(CUT TO: Barn. KATHLEEN is in a cage. She is wearing a dirty white T-shirt, and her hair is down. She wakes up and groans, massaging her head.)

SAM: (OS) You alright?

KATHLEEN: Are you Sam Winchester?

SAM: Yeah.

KATHLEEN: Your, uh, your cousin’s looking for you.

SAM: (relieved) Thank God. Where is he?

KATHLEEN: I, uh—I cuffed him to my car. (SAM sighs. The door opens and DEAN enters, but KATHLEEN and SAM do not know it is him. DEAN observes the barn, disgusted. He sees SAM in his cage.)

DEAN: Sam? (SAM smiles.) Are you hurt?

SAM: No.

DEAN: Damn, it’s good to see you.

KATHLEEN: How did you get out of the cuffs? (DEAN turns around and sees her.)

DEAN: Oh, I know a trick or two. (She stares at him, confused.) Alright. (He moves to the door of the cage and sees the locks.) Oh, these locks look like they’re gonna be a bitch.

SAM: Well, there’s some kind of automatic control right there. (He points to the control panel.)

DEAN: Have you seen ‘em?

SAM: Yeah. Dude, they’re just people.

DEAN: And they jumped you? Must be gettin’ a little rusty there, kiddo. (He walks over to the control panel and starts trying different buttons.) What do they want?

SAM: I don’t know. They let Jenkins go, but that was some sort of trap. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

DEAN: Well, that’s the point. You know, with our usual playmates, there’s rules, there’s patterns. But with people, they’re just crazy.

SAM: See anything else out there?

DEAN: Uh, he has about a dozen junked cars hidden out back. Plates from all over, so I’m thinkin’ when they take someone, they take their car, too.

KATHLEEN: Did you see a black Mustang out there? About ten years old?

DEAN: Yeah, actually, I did. (She looks sad.) Your brother’s? (She nods.) I’m sorry. (He pauses.) Let’s get you guys out of here, then we’ll take care of those bastards. (He points to the control panel.) This thing takes a key. Key?

SAM: I don’t know.

DEAN: Alright, I better go find it. (He goes to leave.)

SAM: Hey. (DEAN stops and turns around.) Be careful.

DEAN: Yeah. (He leaves.)

(CUT TO: INT. – House. DEAN is in another dark room. He turns on his flashlight and starts to look around. The room is filled with shelves of jars and bottles, which contain various body parts. DEAN looks at a container filled with an unrecognizable item.)

DEAN: Yikes. (He keeps searching the room and comes across a wall full of Polaroid pictures. Each photo shows JARED and LEE standing next to a dead body. He notices a picture of them holding JENKINS’ corpse.) I’ll say it again—demons I get. People are crazy. (He moves to a flight of stairs and climbs them.)

(CUT TO: Upstairs. PA BENDER is in the kitchen, butchering something. DEAN comes upstairs and looks around the living room. A record is playing in the background. DEAN bumps into a windchime.

DEAN: What the -- (The windchime is made of bones.)

DEAN sees a wooden pole leaning against the wall and picks it up. He leans against the wall and makes his way toward the kitchen. He notices a small tray filled with keys, on a nearby table. DEAN takes a peek inside the kitchen. PA turns around to pick up another tool, and DEAN turns away. He moves towards the tray of keys, and starts to pick it up when he notices a jar full of teeth. He examines it, disgusted, then hears the floor creak behind him. He sets the jar down and turns around quickly. MISSY is standing before him.)

DEAN: Shh. It’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you. (She holds up a knife.)

MISSY: I know. (She sticks the knife into DEAN’s jacket, pinning him against the wall.) Daddy!

DEAN: Jeez!

MISSY: Daddy! (DEAN removes the knife. JARED and LEE come downstairs.) Daddy! (JARED grabs DEAN under his arms. LEE walks towards them, but DEAN jumps up and kicks him. JARED throws DEAN into the wall, causing the knife to fall to the floor. LEE runs towards DEAN, but DEAN grabs him first and pushes him to the ground. He then punches JARED, but is thrown into the wall again by LEE. All three of them stand up.)

DEAN: (pointing to JARED) I’m gonna kick your ass first. (He points to LEE.) Then yours. (PA comes up behind DEAN and hits him over the head with a pan. DEAN falls to the floor, unconscious. The screen goes black.)


(FADE IN: Living room. The Benders are crowded around DEAN, who is sitting in a chair, with his hands tied behind his back. He wakes up, groaning.)

LEE: (to PA) Come on. Let us hunt him.

JARED: Yeah, this one’s a fighter. Sure would be fun to hunt. (PA laughs.)

DEAN: Oh, you gotta be kiddin’ me. That’s what this is about? You -- you yahoos hunt people?

PA: You ever killed before?

DEAN: Wh-- (laughs) Well, that depends on what you mean.

PA: I’ve hunted all my life. Just like my father, his before him. I’ve hunted deer and bear—I even got a cougar once. Oh boy. But the best hunt is human. Oh, there’s nothin’ like it. Holdin’ their life in your hands. Seein’ the fear in their eyes just before they go dark. Makes you feel powerful alive.

DEAN: You’re a sick puppy.

PA: We give ‘em a weapon. Give ‘em a fightin’ chance. It’s kind of like our tradition passed down, father to son. Of course, only one or two a year. Never enough to bring the law down, we never been that sloppy.

DEAN: Yeah, well, don’t sell yourself short. You’re plenty sloppy.

PA: So, what, you with that pretty cop? (MISSY looks up at her brother with a smile.) Are you a cop?

DEAN: If I tell you, you promise not to make me into an ashtray? (PA looks angry. LEE walks over and punches DEAN.)

PA: Only reason I don’t let my boys take you right here and now is that there’s somethin’ I need to know. (He walks to the fireplace and takes a hot poker.)

DEAN: Yeah, how ‘bout it’s not nice to marry your sister?

PA: Tell me—any of the cops gonna come lookin’ for you?

DEAN: Oh, eat me. No, no, no, wait, wait, wait—you actually might. (JARED walks over to DEAN and holds his head in place.)

PA: You think this is funny? You brought this down on my family. Alright, you wanna play games? We’ll play some games. Looks like we’re gonna have a hunt tonight after all, boys. (to DEAN) And you get to pick the animal. The boy or the cop?

DEAN: Okay, wait, wait—look, nobody’s comin’ for me, alright? It’s just us.

PA: You don’t choose, I will. (He places the hot poker on DEAN’s shirt. DEAN screams in pain. PA removes the poker.)

DEAN: Ah, you son of a bitch! (PA places the poker barely an inch from DEAN’s eye.)

PA: Next time, I’ll take an eye.

DEAN: Alright, the guy, the guy! Take the guy! (JARED lets go of DEAN’s head, and PA moves the poker. He takes a key from around his neck and hands it to LEE.)

PA: Lee, go do it. Don’t let him out, though. Shoot him in the cage. (LEE walks to the door.)

DEAN: What? I thought you said you were gonna hunt him. You were gonna give him a chance.

PA: Lee, when you’re done with the boy—shoot the bitch, too. (LEE nods and leaves, with his rifle.) Better clean this mess up before any more cops come runnin’ out here. (DEAN looks scared.)

(CUT TO: Barn. LEE enters and walks over to the control panel. He inserts the key and twists it.)

SAM: What are you doing? (The door to his cage unlocks and LEE walks towards him. SAM notices the bracket on the floor and grabs it. LEE opens the cage door and aims his gun.)


(CUT TO: Living Room. DEAN and the three Benders can hear a gunshot.)

DEAN: You hurt my brother, I’ll kill you, I swear. I’ll kill you all. I will kill you all! (PA stands up and walks towards the open front door.)

PA: Lee!

(CUT TO: Barn. SAM and LEE are both out of the cage. SAM is on top of LEE. He grabs the gun and hits LEE in the face with it three times. LEE collapses on the floor. SAM tries to fire the gun, but it does not work.)

SAM: Damn.

(CUT TO: Living Room.)

PA: Lee! (LEE does not respond. PA turns to the other three.) Jared, you come with me. Missy, you watch him now. (JARED grabs two rifles, hands one to PA, and they both leave. MISSY remains next to DEAN, holding a knife dangerously close to his eye.)

(CUT TO: Barn. LEE and JARED enter, guns raised, and look around.)

PA: Lee! Where are ya? Lee! (They find LEE unconscious, locked in SAM’s cage.) Damn it, Jared, get the lights! (JARED moves over to the light switch and pushes it up. The barn remains dark.)

JARED: They must have blown the fuses. (PA tries the control panel, but it is broken. They move into another room of the barn. SAM hides behind a bale of hay. LEE and JARED hear a noise. JARED looks around in one area of the room, while PA climbs a ladder leading to a balcony. KATHLEEN moves to a cabinet, unseen, and opens it, but she hears a noise and stops. JARED also hears something. He walks to the cabinet and stands to face it. He fires his rifle several times at the doors, but KATHLEEN does not come out. JARED opens the cabinet, but finds nothing inside but tools. He looks around the barn, when, suddenly KATHLEEN falls on top of his back. She wraps her arms around his neck and wrestles with him, before being knocked to the ground. Meanwhile, PA is chasing after SAM. He fires his rifle twice, but SAM escapes. While KATHLEEN is on the ground, JARED aims his gun at her.) You stupid bitch. (He gets ready to shoot her, but SAM enters.)

SAM: Hey! (JARED turns around and sees SAM. He fires the gun, but SAM runs away to dodge it. At the same moment, PA walks in behind SAM and gets hit with the bullet instead. He falls to the ground. JARED cocks the gun and turns around. SAM appears behind him and grabs the gun. He hits JARED in the face with the rifle several times, and JARED collapses, unconscious. The screen goes black.)

(FADE IN: Barn. SAM places JARED in KATHLEEN’s cage and closes the door. He walks to the control panel and locks the cage. He makes his way over to KATHLEEN, who is standing over PA, with her gun raised.)

KATHLEEN: I’ll watch this one. You go ahead. (SAM stares at her, motionless.) Go ahead. (SAM leaves.)

PA: You hurt my family, I’m gonna bleed you, bitch.

KATHLEEN: (tearfully) You killed my brother.

PA: Your brother? (He laughs cruelly.) Now I see.

KATHLEEN: Just tell me why. (PA smiles.)

PA: Because it’s fun. (He cackles. KATHLEEN looks at him, horrified, and fires the gun.)

Final Scenes

(CUT TO: EXT. – House. DEAN and SAM walk out the front door and down the porch steps. They meet up with KATHLEEN, who is leaving the barn.)

KATHLEEN: Where’s the girl?

DEAN: Locked her in a closet. What about the dad? (She pauses.)

KATHLEEN: Shot. Trying to escape. (All three of them exchange a look.)

(CUT TO: EXT. – House. Later. DEAN, SAM, and KATHLEEN are leaving.)

DEAN: I think the car’s at the police station. (KATHLEEN is listening to a woman on her walkie-talkie.)

WOMAN: Backup unit en route to your location. (KATHLEEN approaches SAM and DEAN.)

KATHLEEN: So, state police and the FBI are gonna be here within the hour. They’re gonna wanna talk to you. I suggest that you’re both long gone by then.

DEAN: Thanks. Hey, listen, I don’t mean to press our luck, but we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere. Think we could catch a ride?

KATHLEEN: Start walking. Duck if you see a squad car.

SAM: Sounds great to me. Thanks.

DEAN: Listen, uh….I’m sorry about your brother.

KATHLEEN: Thank you. (She begins to tear up.) It was really hard not knowing what happened to him. I thought it would be easier once I knew the truth—but it isn’t really. (She pauses.) Anyway, you should go. (SAM and DEAN nod and walk away. KATHLEEN watches them leave, close to tears.)

(CUT TO: Road. SAM and DEAN are walking.)

DEAN: Never do that again.

SAM: Do what?

DEAN: Go missin’ like that. (SAM laughs.)

SAM: You were worried about me.

DEAN: All I’m sayin’ is, you vanish like that again, I’m not lookin’ for ya.

SAM: Sure, you won’t.

DEAN: I’m not. (SAM chuckles.)

SAM: So, you got sidelined by a thirteen-year-old girl, huh?

DEAN: Oh, shut up.

SAM: Just sayin’, gettin’ rusty there, kiddo.

DEAN: (chuckling) Shut up. (SAM laughs. They continue walking as the screen fades to black.)