1.16 Bad Apples

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Title Bad Apples
Episode # Season 1, Episode 16
First aired July 15th, 2021
Directed by Joel Novoa
Written by Aearon Carew
Outline Captain James leads Micki and the team into a drug bust with a dirty cop, Officer Campbell at the center. However, after Campbell is inexplicably set free, the cop targets the Captain’s son, DJ in retaliation. Walker gives Trey advice on his future.
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Captain James, Micki and other Rangers are waiting for a drug buy to occur so they can make an arrest. James is worried that six months of hard work will go down the drain so he tells Micki to wait until after the buy. Micki is confused as she does not understand why Rangers are part of a drug bust. The deal goes off and the Rangers come in with guns blazing and arrest everyone onsite. It turns out that one of the people part of the bust is Lt. Campbell from Narcotics but James expresses that he is just another dirty cop who takes drugs and sells them back on street. Micki is concerned that she was left out in the dark and James tells her that the arrest was clean and she was focused and that there is nothing else to worry about. At the Walker farm, Walker and August are doing some manual labor and sanding two wood chairs for the porch. August brings up if Walker id missing being a Ranger and how it made him happy. Walker assures him that what makes him happy is being a dad. August runs inside to get something and Walker takes out his Texas Ranger belt buckle to look at. As Stella approaches, he throws it in the bush and reminds Stella to start planning for something she can put on a college application since the summer before senior year is approaching. Liam pulls up and Walker asks if he needs an intern, Liam makes a joke about stamps and Stella laughs and leaves. Liam and Walker talk about how Stan's poll numbers are up and Walker tries to give some advice, in which Liam wants to speak to Abeline. Walker's parents are away for the weekend and all he has is Walker. Walker tells Liam that he needs something big to grab people. Liam agrees that a speech would be amazing and that the one person that would kill it would be Bret. Liam misses Bret and has not told him anything about what happened the night with Clint West or the fact that he lied about cheating. Walker tells Liam that he needs to be honest and tell Bret everything. At the police station, James and Stan are questioning Campbell as they have the right to investigate corruption. Campbell was suppose to be working on getting intel on the Lozado Cartel but apparently was not as they have been inactive for sometime. James was doing some surveillance of his own and has evidence that Campbell was involved in some extra activity. The phone rings and it is the DA, he tells James to let Campbell go. James takes the cuffs off Campbell and he tosses them onto the desk and gives James a dirty look. James walks out with Stan and is met by his son, DJ, whom he was suppose to pick up at airport an hour ago. Campbell walks by and introduces himself. James has a concerned look on his face but shakes it off as DJ wants to grab something to eat. At Micki's place, she is excited to show Trey what came in the mail. Trey is worried that the letter from UT Medical School could be a rejection and tells her to open it. Trey was accepted but does not seem to be happy. Micki grabs him a gift that she had made for him which is a personalized white coat. Trey is concerned that his TBI could be permanent and this will prevent him from being able to perform medicine. He has a doctors appointment in the morning and hopefully he gets the all clear. At the Side Step, Walker joins in the meal with James and DJ. DJ attends Boise State, is a backup wide receiver and has done study abroad. Walker is impressed with how much he has matured since high school and DJ extends the same courtesy to Walker about stepping away. As they are walking out of the Side Step, Walker askes DJ to help spread some encouragement to Stella and August. DJ askes how Stella is doing and Walker reluctantly tells him that she is fine. As they open the door, there is a fire in the parking lot, the truck of Captain James is on fire and the word "Traitor" is scratched on the side.

The fire is out and Walker is walking around he truck asking what the next moves should be, like a law enforcement person would do. Captain James tells Walker to take DJ home an Walker shows his defeat as he wants to help. James tells DJ that he loves him and Walker leaves. A witness, Carol tells Micki and James that four middles aged white men strolled up to the car with no fear, set the fire and walked away. Micki tells James they need to act now and loud. James tells Micki assertively that he will take care of it and that he needs her to go with him. Micki is reluctant but tells him okay. Stella and DJ are talking at the family ranch and they are joking that Walker is most likely right that stuffing envelopes will be good for her resume. They remanence of the old days and she tells DJ all that has happened while he was gone. DJ has an idea to bring her to UT to show her around to get an idea of what she may want to do after high school. She agrees happily. In town, Liam proceeds to knock on Bret's door. Liam tells him that he owes him an apology and that a lot has happened. Liam tells Bret that he didn't want to involve him and keep him safe. Liam jokes that this is why he is the speechwriter and this is a failed attempt of an apology. The door opens and another man is wondering who Bret is speaking to. Liam is thrown off by this and tells Bret to take care. Micki, camera in hand is taking running surveillance on Campbell and the other men who may have torched James's car. Micki is sneaking around and calls for backup. She is told that backup is 20 minutes away and she proceeds to take matters as she approaches closer. She is stopped by James and he tells her that she needs to trust him and meet him at HQ. The door opens and Campbell greets them and tells them to stop the harassment or he will need to respond. He tells Micki and James to have a goodnight and he walks off.

James has gathered Micki, Liam and Stan to be on what he has worked on. James has done a lot of work and has come to the conclusion that Campbell is being protected but he has no idea by who. Stan is looking amazed and bewildered by all of this police work. James has an ironclad case but needs Liam to find out why McLawson hasn't brought up formal charges. James doesn't just want one bad apple but the whole basket. Stan reminds that this case has pretty big implications and Liam reminds him this could help make change and this is important to James. They all get to work. Walker and Trey are riding horses along the trail. Trey is asking Walker for some advice and tells him the good news about his TBI only being mild. Trey doesn't know what he wants yet as he now needs to make a choice. Walker understands all too well about making choices. Trey is jealous that Micki knows what she wants and that he thinks he is crazy for maybe not wanting this career step. Walker's advice is to think with the heart. DJ and Stella are in the car. He askes Stella what she wants to do. She wants to help people, like her mother did. He suggests that maybe she should travel. A police is behind him and wants him to pull over. Its's Campbell that stopped the car. He tells DJ to get out of the car and proceeds to throw him against car and tells him that he matches a robbery suspect and plants a small bag of drugs in his pocket. DJ recognizes that it is Campbell and Stella begs him to stop. Campbell places DJ under arrest and throws him in the back of the police car and tells him that his father should have left things alone. Stella has recorded all of this on her cell phone and is left worried about DJ. DJ has been released and is hugged by his father. DJ is upset and angry and tells James that he thought he was safe because of the job that his father had but that is not the case as he is just another kid of a black cop. James is visibiy upset and wants to go home to talk about it more. Dj tells him there is nothing more to talk about. James is angered. Stella is in her room and Walker tells her that DJ is okay. Stella proceeds to ask her father if he is thinking about going back as a Ranger as the world needs good people. Walker tells Stella that the Rangers are doing fine without him. Stella explains to Walker that she knows now he will always be there for her but that she can't be selfish anymore and that he needs to go and do what he does best and hands him the Texas Rangers belt buckle. Walker tells her that her mother would be so proud and they joke on how she got the buckle in the first place. Walker also needs the approval of August. August is in the doorway and tells him that he supports him going back to being a Ranger.

Liam is in the office of McLawson and is questioning why formal charges have not been filed. Liam tells him that Campbell made it personal by threating a friend and that if nothing is going to happen he will have no other choice but to call the state attorney general. McLawson tells Liam to stay far away from this. At the police station, James has gathered Stan, Micki and other rangers to be on alert as they will be going to grab Campbell. Walker walks in, uniform and all and askes if he needs any more backup. He knows that this is not protocol but he as done a lot of thinking and being a ranger is what he is his regardless of wearing the badge or not. James grabs a bible, Micki is the witness and Stan will complete the paperwork later and Walker has his badge in hand, which he took out of James's office and is proceeded to be sworn back in as a Texas Ranger. Walker has the biggest smile and repeats after James. James walks into the diner that Campbell is at. Campbell tells James that he crossed a line and his boy needed to pay the price. As Campbell leaves, the TV news anchor breaks news that a arrest warrant has been issued for Campbell from the Moss police department. The video that Stella recorded was also on the news. James tells him that he under arrest and he flees. Micki is chasing him through the kitchen towards the back door where Walker is waiting and kicks a cart in his way so he falls into it. Campbell tries to punch James which ends up not in his favor as he ends up on the ground as James punches him. Micki slaps the cuffs on Campbell.

At the Walker residence, Walker is sitting on one of the chairs he completed. DJ and James pull up. DJ is heading back to school as he has had his fulfillment of being home but jokes he won't be away for long as his father(his hero) lives here. Stella and DJ walk off and James is impressed as he sits down in the other chair. Walker jokes about its all about the sandpaper edging that makes the chair unique. Liam walks into the office of McLawson and he is packing it all up and it is being emptied. He tells Liam is no longer fit to hold office and he will be at home for the remainder of his term as he let things get into the way. Liam is more concerned then ever with what exactly is going on and McLawson tells Liam to not let the job take away his morals. At Micki's apartment, Micki and Trey are drinking beers and Trey tells Micki the truth about not wanting to be a surgeon. Micki is surprised but is supportive. Trey has decided that he likes helping people with emotional problems and wants to pursue psychology. At Liam's campaign office, Liam has a dry run of his speech. Bret walks into the office and is listening to the speech and is pretty impressed. Bret has never stopped caring about him but got tired of waiting, so he moved on but he wants to help Liam by working professional on his campaign. Liam is excited and they both shake hands. At the Side Step, Walker takes out the TX Whiskey, pour three glasses for himself, Liam and Micki and they toast to once less bad apple off the force and James appreciates the good people he has around him. Micki tells James how she can relate to a bad apple as she has one during her 2nd deployment. James reminds her of the importance to always stick together and Micki realizes that she needs to learn how to follow before she can lead. Walker comes back with coasters and James formally toasts Walker back and Walker is glad to be with them and Salud's them and expressed it will be like old times and James reminds him that technically, Walker is considered a "rookie" again.



  • "Hunting Ground" by THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT

(James and Micki are on a stakeout)

  • "How You Make a Fool" (feat. Robert Ellis) by THE TENDER THINGS

(James, DJ, and Walker drink and catch up)

  • "Devil Echoes" by POLOCK

(James, DJ, and Walker discover the car on fire)

  • "Only Us" by PAPERWHITE

(DJ and Stella stuff envelopes and talk about her future)

  • "Wisdom/Boredom" by DANIEL TRAKELL

(Stella convinces Walker to go back to the Rangers)

  • "Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)" by SPOON

(James preps the crew to go out and get Campbell; Walker returns and is sworn in as a Ranger)

  • "Porno Disaster" by THE OCTOPUS PROJECT

(James shows up to confront and arrest Campbell; Campbell makes a run for it)


(Walker, Micki, Liam, and James celebrate closing the Campbell case and having Walker back on the force)


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