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Title Dig
Episode # Season 1, Episode 17
First aired July 22nd, 2021
Directed by Richard Speight
Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke
Outline Walker and Micki investigate a bomb threat at the school that targeted Liam and Stan. Abeline and Bonham plan a vow renewal, and Trey’s mother comes for a visit.
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Walker is sitting in DPS chair's Stan Morrinson's office exchanging pleasantries. Stan wants Walker to be the very best Ranger he can be but to stay within the limits of the law. Walker chuckles and reminds him that change could be a good thing as he has now had some time to reflect. James walks in joking around with Walker and Stan. There is one more stop on the campaign trail and it is at Sacred Heart. Walker tells Stan that he will be driving Liam over and Stan does not want favoritism. James ensures that Walker will drive Stan over and he places a 'Vote for Stan Morrison' pin on his tie. Stan shakes Walker's hand and officially welcomes him back as a Texas Ranger. Bonham is washing his hands and Abeline askes if he has heard from the doctor. Bonham expressed no and Abeline sets a reminder to call the Dr. in the afternoon by using Google. The kids comes in and Stella wants August to tell Ruby how he feels as it is the last week of school before summer. Bret is with Liam as they are preparing for the debate and they talk about what spirit week is all about and Bret askes if people just say things they want to change or they actually act on it. Stella teases August again about coming clean and Bonham agrees with Stella as he leaves to get some work done. Stella teases Mawline to see if she needs help with talking points for the renewal vows. Mawline tells Stella she has nothing to worry about and that people get better with age. Both Stella and August go off to school. Trey's mother arrives and everyone is happy. Trey's mother gives a big hug to Micki and tells her how beautiful she is. Keesha questions if they both figured out how they will pay for the mortgage and all of that. Trey tells his mother to relax. Micki is finishing getting ready for work and she realizes that she has missed a couple days of her birth control. She pops in two in her mouth and Trey is concerned if that is okay to do. Micki assures him that it is and that she is not ready to be pregnant but it looks like Trey is. Stan, Liam, Bret, Walker and Micki are outside the school. There is some press there wanting to grab some photos. Bryon Santos, the reporter starts asking questions about the case of Emily Walker and Stan and Liam both shut it down. At the same time, Walker and Micki are informed that someone has called in a bomb threat at the school. Walker and Micki clear the area and then go into the building to check things out. They hear some noises coming from a class room and as they check it out and they come across a cow with a banner on it and Walker makes a joke.

The bomb squad is sweeping the school and Walker has gotten a tip that the person who called in the threat was aganist both candidates. The debate is called off and Liam invited Stan back to the ranch for a BBQ. Stan insists that he brings the BBQ. Walker feels bad that the start of spirit week has been ruined that that he knows



  • "Sweeter Than the Scars" by SHINYRIBS

(Stan makes Walker's return to the Rangers official)

  • "Nightlight" by WIRETREE

(Walker hosts the Sacred High kids at the Side Step; Walker and Geri reconnect)

  • "Shakey Mama Blues" by LEOPOLD AND HIS FICTION

(Walker and Micki search the school and spot photos of high school Walker. Geri and Walker text)

  • "Love in a Cage" by WILLIAM LUKE WHITE

(Bel invites Stella to Mexico; Ruby invites August to her house)

  • "Time to Go" (feat. French for Rabbits) by LINDSAY

(Micki gives Walker her mock DPS testimony)

  • "Mary, Won't You Call Me Someone" by RUBBER BAND GUN

(High school kids still there having fun; Walker and Micki discusses Walker's need to face Carlos Mendoza)

  • "Strangers" by WINGTIP

(Augie and Ruby hanging out; Augie turns her down, walks out)

  • "Clozer" by THINK NO THINK

(Stan and Byron get into a shoving match)

  • "Slow Rise II" by SUN JUNE

(Micki's bungalow, looking forward to her future with Trey)

  • "The Night Terror" by BILLY KING & THE BAD BAD BAD

(Walker disarms and takes out both goons; Walker kidnaps Stan at gunpoint)


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