1.22 Devil's Trap (transcript)

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1.22 Devil's Trap

Written by: Eric Kripke

Directed by: Kim Manners

Air Date: 4 May 2006


This episode is the season finale and picks up where Salvation left off.

Act 1

Lincoln, Nebraska

John’s cell phone is ringing. Meg picks it up.

Meg: You boys really screwed up this time.

Salvation, Iowa

Dean looks at Sam.

Dean: Where is he?

Meg – over phone: You’re never going to see your father again.

Dean (hangs up his phone): They’ve got Dad.

Sam: Meg? (Dean just nods) What’d she say?

Dean: I just told you, Sammy. (Dean is clearly upset) Okay. Okay.

Dean takes the Colt and tucks it into the back of his jeans.

Sam: What are you doing, Dean?

Dean (grabs his duffel bag): We got to go.

Sam: Why?

Dean (putting on his jacket): Because the demon knows we’re in Salvation, all right. It knows we got the Colt. It’s got Dad – it’s probably coming for us next.

Sam: Good. We’ve still got three bullets left. Let it come.

Dean: Listen, tough guy, we’re not ready, okay? We don’t know how many of them are out there. Now, we’re no good to anybody dead. We’re leaving.... now!


The Impala is speeding down the road and takes a turn sideways.

Sam: I’m telling you, Dean, we could have taken him.

Dean: What we need is a plan. Now, they’re probably keeping Dad alive, we just gotta figure out where. They’re gonna wanna trade him for the gun. (Sam just shakes his head and Dean glances over at him) What?

Sam: Dean, if that were true, why didn’t Meg mention a trade? (getting upset) Dad, he might be....

Dean: Don’t!

Sam: Look, I don’t want to believe it any more than you. But if he is, all the more reason to kill this damn thing. We still have the Colt. We can still finish the job.

Dean: Screw the job, Sam!

Sam: Dean, I’m just trying to do what he would want. He would want us to keep going.

Dean (angry): Quit talking about him like he’s dead already. Listen to me, everything stops until we get him back, you understand me? Everything.

Sam pauses to think.

Sam: So how do we find him?

Dean: Maybe we go to Lincoln. Start at the warehouse where he was taken.

Sam: Come on, Dean, you really think these demons are going to leave a trail?

Dean (pauses): You’re right. We need help.

The Impala drives off through the night.

Bobby’s Place – Day

The Impala drives onto a junkyard, which we later learn is Bobby Singer’s property. Bobby is an old friend of John’s, who had not parted on good terms with him the last time they saw each other. There are junk cars around and hubcaps nailed to the side of the house. A large dog is chained to a post and is lying on the hood of an old tow truck.

Inside, there are books stacked everywhere. It’s untidy and cluttered with papers on every wall.

Bobby picks up two round silver flasks with crosses on them and hands one to Dean. Sam is sitting at a cluttered desk reading a very large book.

Bobby: Here you go.

Dean: What is this – holy water?

Bobby: That one is. (holds out the other flask) This is whiskey.

He takes a swig of whiskey and hands it to Dean, who also drinks.

Dean: Bobby, thanks. Thanks for everything. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure we should come.

Bobby: Nonsense. Your Daddy needs help.

Dean: Well, yeah, but last time we saw you, I mean, you did threaten to blast him full of buckshot. Cocked the shotgun and everything.

Bobby: Yeah, well, what can I say? John just has that effect on people.

Dean: Yeah, I guess he does.

Bobby: None of that matters now. All that matters is that you get him back.

Sam: Bobby, this book.... I’ve never seen anything like it.

Bobby (comes over to Sam and sits on the corner of the desk): Key of Solomon? It’s the real deal, alright.

Sam: And these, uh, these protective circles. They really work?

Bobby: Hell, yeah. You get a demon in - they’re trapped. Powerless. It’s like a Satanic roach motel. (Sam chuckles)

Dean (coming over to them): Man, knows his stuff.

Bobby: I’ll tell you something else, too. This is some serious crap you boys stepped in.

Sam: Oh, yeah? How’s that?

Bobby: Normal year, I hear of, say, three demonic possessions. Maybe four, tops.

Dean: Yeah?

Bobby: This year I hear of 27 so far. You get what I’m saying? More and more demons are walking among us – a lot more.

Sam: Do you know why?

Bobby: No, but I know it’s something big. The storm’s coming, and you boys, your Daddy – you are smack in the middle of it.

The dog starts barking outside.

Bobby: Rumsfeld.

As Bobby goes over to the window the dog stops barking with a whine.

Bobby (to himself): What is it?

He looks out the window and sees the chain hanging broken and the dog nowhere in sight.

Bobby: Something’s wrong.

At that moment Meg kicks in the door and saunters in. Dean slips the holy water flask out of his pocket.

Meg: No more crap, okay?

Dean comes at her, unscrewing the flask, but Meg hits him and sends him flying into a stack of books. He appears to be knocked out.

Sam steps in front of Bobby, placing himself between Bobby and Meg.

Meg: I want the Colt, Sam – the real Colt – right now.

Sam and Bobby are slowly moving across the room and Meg follows them.

Sam: We don’t have it on us. We buried it.

Meg: Didn’t I say “no more crap”? I swear – after everything I heard about you Winchesters, I got to tell you, I’m a little underwhelmed. First Johnny tries to pawn off a fake gun, and then he leaves the real gun with you two chuckleheads. Lackluster, men. I mean, did you really think I wouldn’t find you?

Dean steps into frame behind her.

Dean: Actually, we were counting on it.

Meg turns to look at him. Dean stares at her and then looks up at the ceiling. Meg also looks up and sees a large protective symbol etched there.

Dean: Gotcha.


“Devil’s Trap”

Meg is tied to a chair in the middle of the floor. Dean and Sam are watching her.

Meg: You know, if you wanted to tie me up, all you had to do was ask.

Bobby comes in with a very large canister of salt.

Bobby: I salted the door and windows. If there are any demons out there – they ain’t getting in.

Dean nods and stands up, moving around Bobby and Sam to stand in front of Meg.

Dean: Where’s our father, Meg?

Meg: You didn’t ask very nice.

Dean: Where’s our father, bitch?

Meg: Jeez. You kiss your mother with that mouth? Oh wait, I forgot, you don’t.

Dean lunges at her, putting his hands on the chair arms.

Dean (yelling): You think this is a frigging game? Where is he?! What did you do to him?

Meg: He died screaming. I killed him myself.

Dean just looks at her with hate, then hits her across the face.

Meg: That’s kind of a turn on – you hitting a girl.

Dean: You’re no girl.

Bobby (stands up and moves into the next room): Dean.

Dean follows and Sam moves up to him.

Sam: You okay?

Dean: She’s lying. He’s not dead.

Bobby: Dean, you got to be careful with her. Don’t hurt her.

Dean: Why?

Bobby: Because she really is a girl, that’s why.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Bobby: She’s possessed. That’s a human possessed by a demon. Can’t you tell?

Dean: Are you trying to tell me there’s an innocent girl trapped somewhere in there?

Bobby just nods. Dean looks at Meg, who is staring back at him.

Dean: That’s actually good news.

Scene shifts to show Sam looking through a book for an exorcism ritual. Sam looks at Dean - who looks back at his brother – and they move over to Meg.

Meg: Are you gonna read me a story?

Dean: Something like that. Hit it, Sam.

Sam: Regna terrae, cantate deo, psallite domino....... (he continues in Latin)

Meg (to Dean): An exorcism? Are you serious?

Dean: Oh we’re going for it, baby – head spinning, projectile vomiting, the whole nine yards.

Sam:.... tribuite virtutem deo.

Meg flinches in pain. Sam looks at Dean. Meg looks over her shoulder at Sam.

Meg: I’m gonna to kill you. (she looks at Dean) I’m gonna rip the bones from your body.

Dean: No, you’re gonna burn in hell. Unless you tell us where our Dad is. (Meg just smiles at him) Well, at least you’ll get a nice tan. (he glances up at Sam)

Sam: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incuriso infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, onmis congregatio et secta diabolica....

Meg has been shaking and obviously in pain while Sam reads the exorcism ritual. She finally gasps in pain and Sam stops.

Meg: He begged for his life with tears in his eyes. He begged to see his sons one last time. That’s when I slit his throat.

Sam starts reading again and Dean leans down to her.

Sam: Ergo...

Dean: For your sake, I hope you’re lying. Cause if it’s true, I swear to God, I will march into hell myself and I will slaughter each and every one of you evil sons of bitches, so help me God!

Sam: Perditionis venenum propinare. Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciae. (a winds starts to blow through the room) Hostis humanae salutis. Humiliare sub potenti manu dei. Contremisce et effuge. Invocato a nobis sancto et terribile nomine. Quem inferi tremunt...

Meg starts to show signs of being in pain again.

Dean: Where is he?

Meg: You just won’t take “dead” for an answer, will you?

Dean: Where is he?!

Meg: Dead!

Dean (yelling): No, he’s not! He’s not dead! He can’t be! (Dean is obviously getting very upset and angry. Sam is looking at him with concern) What are you looking at? Keep reading.

Sam: Ab insidis diaboli, libera nos, domine. Ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias, libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos. (the chair starts to slide around the circle) Ut inimicos sanctae ecclesiae humiliare digneris, to rogamus audi....

Meg: He will be!

Dean: Wait! What?!

Meg: He’s not dead. But he will be after what we do to him.

Dean: How do we know you’re telling the truth?

Meg: You don’t.

Dean: Sam!

Meg: A building! Okay? A building in Jefferson City.

Dean: Missouri? Where, where? An address!

Meg: I don’t know.

Sam: And the demon – the one we’re looking for - where is it?

Meg: I don’t know! I swear! That’s everything. That’s all I know.

Dean: Finish it.

Meg: What? I told you the truth!

Dean: I don’t care.

Meg: You son of a bitch, you promised.

Dean: I lied!! Sam? (Sam doesn’t say anything and Dean looks at him) Sam! Read. (Dean walks by him)

Sam (quietly to Dean): Maybe we can still use her. Find out where the demon is.

Dean: She doesn’t know.

Sam: She lied.

Dean: Sam, there’s an innocent girl trapped somewhere in there. We’ve go to help her.

Bobby (comes up to them): You’re gonna kill her.

Dean: What?

Bobby: You said she fell from a building. That girl’s body is broken. The only thing keeping her alive is that demon inside. You exorcise it – that girl is going to die.

Dean: Listen to me, both of you, we are not gonna leave her like that.

Bobby: She is a human being.

Dean: And we’re gonna put her out of her misery. Sam, finish it.

Sam looks at his brother and Bobby, not sure what’s the right thing to do. He looks over at Meg.

Dean: Finish it.

Sam takes a breath and keeps going.

Sam: Dominicos sanctae ecclesiae, terogamus audi nos, terribilis deus do sanctuario suo deus israhel. Ipse tribuite virtutem et fortitudinem plebi suae, benedictus deus, gloria patri....

Meg throws her head back and screams. The demon leaves through her mouth in a black cloud and spreads out in the protective circle in the ceiling before disappearing.

Meg leans forward and blood starts to drip from her mouth.

The men stand there looking at her, not really sure it’s over.

Meg slowly lifts her head.

Dean: She’s still alive. (to Bobby) Call 911. Get some water and blankets.

Bobby rushes off. Dean and Sam untie Meg.

Meg (whispers): Thank you.

Sam: Shh, shh. Just take it easy, alright?

Dean: Come on. Let’s get her down.

They lift Meg from the chair. There is the sound of bones crunching and Meg screams in pain. They lower her to the floor.

Sam: Sorry, sorry. I got you. I got you. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Meg (strained): A year.

Sam: What?

Meg: It’s been a year.

Sam: Shh, just take it easy.

Meg: I’ve been awake for some of it. I couldn’t move my own body. The things I did – it’s a nightmare.

Dean: Was it telling us the truth about our Dad?

Sam: Dean.

Dean: We need to know.

Meg: Yes. But it wants... you to know... that... they want you to come for him.

Dean: If Dad’s still alive, none of that matters.

Bobby comes in with a blanket and a glass of water. He hands the glass to Dean while he and Sam cover her.

Dean holds her head up so she can drink.

Sam: Where is the demon we’re looking for?

Meg: Not there. Other ones. Awful ones.

Dean: Where are they keeping our Dad?

Meg: By the river. Sunrise.

Dean: “Sunrise”. What does that mean? What does that mean?

But Meg is dead.

Act 2


Bobby’s Place

Bobby: You better hurry up and beat it. Before the paramedics get here.

Dean: What are you gonna tell them?

Bobby: You think you guys invented lying to the cops? I’ll figure something out. (he hands the Key of Solomon book to Sam) Here take this. You might need it.

Sam: Thanks.

Dean: Thanks... for everything. Be careful, alright?

Bobby: You just go find your Dad. And when you do, you bring him around, would you? I won’t even try to shoot him this time.

Dean and Sam leave.

Jefferson City, Missouri

The Impala is parked by some train tracks. Sam is looking through the Key of Solomon book on the roof of the car, spinning a marker in his hand. Dean is at the back of the car, loading up guns and putting them into his duffel bag.

Dean is very solemn and Sam looks over at him, concerned.

Sam: You’ve been quiet.

Dean: Just getting ready.

Sam: He’s gonna be fine, Dean.

Dean doesn’t answer and Sam flips to another page of the book. He sees a symbol and picks up the book to walk to the open trunk lid. He rubs off the dirt and starts to draw on the lid.

Dean: Dude, what are you drawing on my car!

Sam: It’s called a Devil’s trap. Demons can’t get through it or inside it.

Dean: So?

Sam (as he moves around to the other end of the trunk): It basically turns the trunk into a lockbox.

Dean: So?

Sam: So, we have a place to hide the Colt while we go get Dad.

Dean: What are you talking about? We’re bringing the Colt with us.

Sam: We can’t, Dean. We’ve only got three bullets left. We can’t just use them on any demon, we’ve got to use them on the demon.

Dean: No, we have to save Dad, Sam, okay? We’re gonna need all the help we can get.

Sam: Dean, you know how pissed Dad would be if we used all the bullets? Dean, he wouldn’t want us to bring the gun.

Dean: I don’t care, Sam. I don’t care what Dad wants, okay? And since when do you care what Dad wants?

Sam: We want to kill this demon. You used to want that, too. Hell, I mean, you’re the one who came and got me at school! (Dean scoffs) You’re the one who dragged me back into this, Dean. I’m just trying to finish it!

Dean: Well, you and Dad are a lot more alike than I thought, you know that? You both can’t wait to sacrifice yourself for this thing. But you know what? I’m gonna be the one to bury you. You’re selfish, you know that? You don’t care about anything but revenge.

Sam: That’s not true, Dean. (Dean scoffs) I want Dad back. But they are expecting us to bring this gun. They get the gun, they will kill us all. That Colt is our only leverage and you know it, Dean. We can not bring that gun. We can’t.

Dean: Fine.

Sam: I’m serious, Dean.

Dean: I said fine, Sam.

Dean takes the Colt out of his jacket pocket and holds it up to show Sam before putting it in the trunk.

Dean and Sam are walking by the river. They step up beside some trees and Dean stops.

Dean: Hey, hey. (Sam stops and looks at him) Think I know what Meg meant by Sunrise.

Sam looks over and sees an apartment building with a sign out front that says “Sunrise Apartments”.

Dean: Son of a bitch. That’s pretty smart. I mean, if these demons can possess people they can possess almost anybody inside.

Sam: Yeah, and make anybody attack us.

Dean: And so we can’t kill them – a building full of human shields.

Sam: They probably know exactly what we look like, too. And they could look like anybody.

Dean: Yeah, this sucks out loud.

Sam: Tell me about it. Alright, so, how the hell are we going to get in?

Dean looks over at the building for a minute.

Dean: Pull the fire alarm, get out all the civilians.

Sam: Okay, but then the city responds in, what, seven minutes?

Dean: Seven minutes exactly.

Inside Apartment Building

Sam walks in the front door and goes to a fire alarm on the wall. Just as he’s about to pull it a man comes walking down the hallway. Sam moves to the stairs like he’s going up them, but when the man leaves through the front door he quickly goes and pulls the alarm.

The scene shows a man and a woman sitting almost motionless at a table in one of the apartments. They look up as the alarm goes off.

Sam leaves the building.

The man in the apartment gets up and goes over to the bedroom door. He opens it and we see John tied to the bed. He’s breathing.

Outside the Building

People are leaving and firemen are coming in. Dean comes up to one of the firemen.

Dean: Hey, what’s happening? Is it a fire?

Fireman: We’re figuring that out right now, sir. Just stay back. (the fireman moves Dean away)

Dean: Well, I’ve got a Yorkie upstairs and he pees when he’s nervous....

Fireman: Sir, you have to stay back.

Sam moves behind them to the fire truck. He finds a compartment and picks the lock.

Inside the Building

Dean and Sam come down the hallway dressed in full fireman gear – helmets, breathing apparatus, etc.

Dean is using his EMF to check the doors of the apartments.

Dean: I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up.

Sam: You never told me that.

Dean’s EMF starts reading high.

Inside Apartment

The woman is sitting with her head down. There is banging on the door and she looks up – her eyes are completely black. She and the man go over to the door to look out through the peep hole.

Dean: This is the fire department. We need you to evacuate.

The man steps behind the door and nods for the woman to open it. She unlocks the door and the boys shove it open. The woman is thrown backward as Dean and Sam come through. The brothers spray the couple with water from their tanks and it burns them – holy water. Dean punches the man and shoves him into a closet.

Dean: Come on!

Sam grabs the woman off the table and shoves her in as well. Dean leans against the door and it lurches as the demons inside try to get out.

Dean: Hurry up!

Sam grabs a canister of salt from the duffel bag and runs a line around the closet door. As soon as he finishes it the pounding stops. The boys take off the fireman gear and move to the bedroom door. They slowly open it and see John on the bed. Dean goes over to his father.

Dean: Dad? (he leans down and listens) He’s still breathing. (Sam looks relieved. Dean starts shaking John) Dad, wake up. Dad!

Dean takes out a knife and is about to cut the restraints around John’s wrists.

Sam: Wait. Wait.

Dean: What?

Sam: He could be possessed for all we know.

Dean: What, are you nuts?

Sam: Dean, we got to be sure.

Sam takes a flask of holy water out of the duffel bag and sprinkles it on John. It has no effect.

John moans and starts to come around.

John: Sam? Why are you splashing water on me?

Dean: Dad, are you okay?

John: They’ve been drugging me. Where’s the Colt?

Sam: Don’t worry, Dad, it’s safe.

Dean cuts him free.

John: Good boys. Good boys.

Outside the Building

A fireman is talking on his radio while a group of people look on. A man in the crowd looks around and suddenly acts surprised – then his eyes go completely black. He moves toward the building and the fireman tries to stop him.

Fireman: Hey, buddy, you can’t go in.

The fireman’s eyes suddenly go black as well and he follows the man into the building.

Inside the Apartment

Dean and Sam are carrying John out of the bedroom. The front door suddenly bursts open and the man and fireman come in.

Sam: Go! Go!

Dean: Back! Back!

They go back into the bedroom and close the door locking it.

An axe suddenly comes through the door.


Inside the Apartment

Sam runs a line of salt at the bedroom door. Dean and John are already out on the fire escape.

Dean: Sam, let’s go!

Sam tosses him the duffel bag and goes through the window out onto the fire escape. He runs salt along the window sill.

Dean helps John down onto the street and Sam moves ahead of them.

Sam is suddenly attacked by the man who was with Meg in Lincoln. He pins Sam down on the street and starts beating him to death. Dean puts John down and goes to his brother’s aid.

Dean: Sam!

Dean runs over and kicks the man in the face, but it has not effect. Dean is suddenly thrown onto a parked car, shattering the windshild, and the man goes back to beating Sam.

Suddenly there is a gunshot and the man gets a bullet through the head. He falls off of Sam , dead.

Dean is standing with the Colt. He puts it away and comes over to his brother.

Dean: Sam! (he picks him up) Sam, come on! Come on!

Dean gets Sam onto his feet and they look at the dead man. The demon is dead and so is the man it was possessing.

Dean: Come on. We got to get out of here.

They go over to John and pick him up, leaving the area in a hurry.


The Impala is parked outside a cabin in the woods.

Inside Sam is pouring salt along the window sill. His face is a mess – bruised, bloody, and swollen.

Dean comes into the room.

Sam: How is he?

Dean: He just needed a little rest, that’s all. How are you?

Sam: I’ll survive. (he turns to his brother) Hey, you don’t think we were followed here, do you?

Dean: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I mean, we couldn’t have found a more out-of-the-way place to hole up.

Sam: Yeah. (he looks at his brother) Hey, uh.... Dean, you, um...... you saved my life back there.

Dean: So, I guess you’re glad I brought the gun, huh?

Sam: Man, I’m trying to thank you here.

Dean: You’re welcome.

Sam walks across the room.

Dean: Hey, Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Dean: You know that guy I shot? There was a person in there.

Sam: You didn’t have a choice, Dean.

Dean: Yeah, I know, that’s not what bothers me.

Sam: Then what does?

Dean: Killing that guy, killing Meg. I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t even flinch. For you or Dad, the things I’m willing to do or kill, it’s just, uh .... it scares me sometimes.

Sam just looks at him, not knowing what to say.

John comes into the room.

John: It shouldn’t. You did good.

Dean: You’re not mad?

John: For what?

Dean: Using a bullet.

John: Mad? I’m proud of you. You know, Sam and I, we can get pretty obsessed. But you – you watch out for this family. You always have.

Dean: Thanks.

The wind suddenly picks up and the lights start to flicker. They all go over to the window.

John: It found us. It’s here.

Sam: The demon?

John: Sam, lines of salt in front of every window, every door.

Sam: I already did it.

John: Well, check it, okay?

Sam: Okay. (he leaves the room)

John: Dean, you got the gun?

Dean: Yeah.

John: Give it to me.

Dean (taking the Colt out of his jeans): Dad, Sam tried to shoot the demon in Salvation. It disappeared.

John: This is me. I won’t miss. Now, the gun, hurry.

Dean hesitates and looks down at the gun.

John: Son, please.

Dean starts to back up a few steps.

John: Give me the gun. What are you doing, Dean?

Dean: He’d be furious.

John: What?

Dean: That I wasted a bullet. He wouldn’t be proud of me, he’d tear me a new one.

John just looks at him as Dean raises the gun, pointing it at him and cocking it.

Dean: You’re not my Dad.



Dean has the gun pointed at John.

John: Dean, it’s me.

Dean: I know my Dad better than anyone. And you ain’t him.

John: What the hell’s gotten into you?

Dean: I could ask you the same thing. Stay back.

Sam comes into the room and is shocked to see Dean pointing the gun at John.

Sam: Dean? What the hell’s going on?

John: Your brother’s lost his mind.

Dean: He’s not Dad.

Sam: What?

Dean: I think he’s possessed. I think he’s been possessed since we rescued him. (He starts to get upset.)

John: Don’t listen to him, Sammy.

Sam: Dean, how do you know?

Dean (fighting back tears): He’s .... he’s different.

John: You know, we don’t have time for this. Sam, you wanna kill this demon, you’ve gotta trust me.

Sam looks back and forth between his father and brother. Dean glances at him, but doesn’t say anything else to convince him.

John: Sam?

Sam looks back and forth.

Sam: No. No. (He moves over to stand by his brother’s side.)

John looks at them.

John: Fine. You’re both so sure, go ahead. Kill me.

John looks down and waits.

Dean holds the gun on him, but can’t pull the trigger.

John: I thought so.

He looks back up and his eyes are yellow.

Sam lunges, but is thrown against the wall, pinned there. So is Dean, and he drops the Colt.

John picks it up.

John: What a pain in the ass this thing’s been.

Sam: It’s you, isn’t it? We’ve been looking for you for a long time.

John: Well, you found me.

Sam: But the holy water?

John: You think something like that works on something like me?

Sam tries to fight the force that has him pinned to the wall, but fails.

Sam: I’m gonna kill you!

John: Oh, that’d be a neat trick. In fact, (he puts the gun down on a table) here. Make the gun float to you there, psychic boy.

Sam looks at the gun, but nothing happens.

John: Well, this is fun. (he walks over to the window beside Dean) I could’ve killed you a hundred times today, but this...... (sighs) this is worth the wait.

Dean struggles, but is still pinned to the wall.

John looks over at him.

John: Your Dad – he’s in here with me. Trapped inside his own meat suit. He says “hi”, by the way. He’s gonna tear you apart. He’s gonna taste the iron in your blood.

Dean: Let him go, or I swear to God –

John: What? What are you and God gonna do? You see, as far as I’m concerned, this is justice. (he comes over to Dean) You know that little exorcism of yours? That was my daughter.

Dean: Who, Meg?

John: The one in the alley? That was my boy. You understand.

Dean: You’ve got to be kidding me.

John: What? You’re the only one that can have a family? You destroyed my children. How would you feel if I killed your family? (he smiles at Dean) Oh, that’s right. I forgot. I did. Still, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Dean: You son of a bitch.

Sam: I wanna know why. Why’d you do it?

John (turns to Sam): You mean why did I kill Mommy and pretty, little Jess?

Sam: Yeah.

John (turns back to Dean): You know, I never told you this, but Sam was going to ask her to marry him. (he backs up toward Sam) Been shopping for rings and everything. (he turns to Sam) You want to know why? Because they got in the way.

Sam: In the way of what?

John: My plans for you, Sammy. You... and all the children like you.

Dean: Listen, you mind just getting this over with, huh? Cause I really can’t stand the monologuing.

John (goes to him): Funny, but that’s all part of your M.O., isn’t it? Masks all that nasty pain, masks the truth.

Dean: Oh, yeah? What’s that?

John: You know, you fight and you fight for this family, but the truth is they don’t need you. Not like you need them. Sam – he’s clearly John’s favorite. Even when they fight, it’s more concern than he’s ever shown you.

Dean: I bet you’re real proud of your kids, too, huh? Oh wait, I forgot. I wasted ‘em.

Dean just smiles at him and John looks at Dean. He steps back and puts his head down. When he looks back up Dean suddenly yells in pain.

Sam: Dean! No!

Dean starts to bleed heavily from his chest. Sam starts to struggle against the force pinning him.

Dean: Dad! Dad, don’t you let it kill me!

John looks at him again and smiles. Dean starts screaming in pain.

Sam: Dean!! No!!

The blood is flowing out of Dean. Sam struggles as hard as he can to break free.

Blood is running out of Dean’s mouth.

Dean: Dad, please.

Dean passes out.

Sam: Dean!!

John (whispers): Stop. (Sam is suddenly let go) Stop it.

Sam dives and grabs the gun off the table. John turns to him, eyes yellow once again, and Sam aims the gun at him.

John: You kill me, you kill Daddy.

Sam: I know.

Sam fires the gun, shooting John in the leg. He falls down and so does Dean. Sam gets up and goes to his brother.

Sam: Dean? Dean, hey? Oh God, you’ve lost a lot of blood.

Dean: Where’s Dad?

Sam: He’s right here. He’s right here, Dean.

Dean: Go check on him.

Sam: Dean.

Dean: Go check on him.

Sam gets up and goes over to check on John. He is lying motionless on the floor.

Sam: Dad? Dad?

John (suddenly looks up): Sammy! It’s still alive. It’s inside me, I can feel it. You shoot me. You shoot me! You shoot me in the heart, son! (Sam aims the gun at John) Do it now!

Dean: Sam, don’t you do it. Don’t you do it.

John: You’ve gotta hurry! I can’t hold onto it much longer! You shoot me, son! Shoot me! Son, I’m begging you! We can end this here and now! Sammy!

Dean: Sam, no.

John: You do this! Sammy!! Sam.....

The demon suddenly leaves John in a black cloud from his mouth. It disappears through the floor.

John looks at Sam accusingly.


In the Impala

Sam is driving with John by his side. Dean is in the back seat. John gasps in pain, Dean is just slumped in the back seat.

Sam: Look, just hold on, alright. The hospital’s only ten minutes away.

John: I’m surprised at you, Sammy. Why didn’t you kill it? I thought we saw eye-to-eye on this? Killing this demon comes first – before me, before everything.

Sam looks in the rear view mirror at Dean.

Sam: No, sir. Not before everything. Look, we’ve still got the Colt. We still have the one bullet left. We just have to start over, alright? I mean, we already found the demon.....

An eighteen wheeler suddenly slams into the passenger side of the Impala at full speed, driving it sideways in front of it.

The driver of the semi is sitting behind the wheel. His eyes are black.

Dean, Sam, and John are all unconscious in the car – blood all over them