10.04 Paper Moon (transcript)

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10.04 Paper Moon

Written by: Adam Glass

Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc

Air Date: October 28, 2014


[Episode opens in Durham, Washington, on a biker bar called Panheads. We follow a mystery person into the bar, outside the door, and as they enter the bar, bikers look at the person approvingly.]

♪ I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand ♪ ♪ walkin' through the streets of Soho in the rain ♪

[They mystery person enters to a bar full of bikers, both men and women. We now see brief glimpses that the person is what appears to be a beautiful woman - a bracelet, red painted lips. She starts walking through the bar, looking the patrons up and down.]

♪ he was lookin' for a place called Lee ho fook's ♪ ♪ gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein ♪ ♪ aaoooooo! Werewolves of London ♪

FEMALE PATRON I know, right?

♪ Aaoooooo! ♪ ♪ Aaoooooo! ♪ ♪ I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada ♪ ♪ at Trader Vic's ♪ ♪ and his hair was perfect ♪ ♪ little old lady got mutilated late last night ♪

[The mystery woman continues perusing the bar until she settles on a young man who blatantly returns her interest. Scene cuts to outside the building, the woman slamming the man up against the wall and ripping open his shirt.]

BIKER Damn. Girl after my own heart.

MYSTERY WOMAN That's the idea, sweetie.

♪ Aaoooooo! ♪

BIKER What the hell?

[The mystery woman grows claws and slashes the biker’s throat. He falls to the ground where she attacks him snarling.]

♪ Werewolves of London ♪ ♪ Aaoooooo! ♪ ♪ Aaoooooo! ♪ ♪ Werewolves of London ♪




[Scene opens beside a lake. A boat cruises past on the open water. Sam and Dean – sunglasses on – are kicking back and drinking beers at the waterside. Sam has his right arm in a sling.]

DEAN Hey, something I needed to ask you.

SAM Shoot.

DEAN [amused] You've been... Kicked, bit, scratched, stabbed, possessed, killed... And you sprain your friggin' elbow?

SAM Dude, it was more than a sprain. All right? And it was a friggin' demon, but...

DEAN What? That sling come with a slice of… crybaby pie on the side?

SAM [smiles despite himself]

DEAN [smirking] Please.

[They laugh and sit companionably for a moment, then Sam turns to study his brother.]

SAM [concerned] How you doing?

DEAN Golden, man.

SAM Come on.

[Sam gives Dean his puppy dog look. Dean deflects.]

DEAN Seriously, I'm good. I am. You know, we got... Three more cases of this stuff on ice in the trunk. Taking some ‘we time.’… best decision we ever made.

[They toast.]

SAM Hear that.

[The boys take a swig of their beers and sit back. A moment passes.]

DEAN See that thing in the paper this morning?

SAM [huffs out a breath] Maybe it was an animal kill.

DEAN It was three kills, and it was in the same town, all within the last month.

SAM Yeah, you're right. We should call some guys, have 'em fix it.

DEAN [nodding] Good. Smart.

SAM Done.

[Another moment passes.]

DEAN [confident] Or... We could be in and out. It's a milk run.

SAM Right, because that happens… never.

[Dean takes off his sunglasses and rubs his face.]

DEAN [earnest] Look, Sam, what we're doing here, it's good, okay? You and me hanging out. But I need to work… I need this.

[Sam takes his glasses off and looks at Dean in concern.]

SAM [frowning] If things go sideways... I mean, like, an inch, you gotta give me the heads-up.

DEAN [relieved] Done. You got my word.

[Dean is almost standing before he finishes. He hurriedly grabs his chair, eagerly moving off toward the Impala and leaving Sam still sitting, sighing heavily and frowning in disbelief.]

[END] _____________________________________


[Scene opens at the King County Sheriff station. Sam and Dean are dressed as Game Wardens. Dean hands over his (fake) ID to the Sheriff, while Sam simply flashes his. The Sheriff looks at them in relief.]

SHERIFF Gentlemen. Well, I'm not gonna lie. We're damn glad to see you.

[He hands back Dean’s ID.]

SHERIFF You boys must come up on stuff like this all the time.

DEAN Oh, yeah.

SAM Oh, yeah.

DEAN Yeah, definitely.

SHERIFF Hell, seen raccoons in rec rooms and bears in swimming pools. But this? You tell me.

DEAN Yeah.

[The Sheriff pauses, looking at the brothers in expectation of a good story. Dean realizes and immediately starts spinning one.]

DEAN Oh. Well, uh... Where do we start? What with, uh...Logging.

SAM Ice caps.

DEAN Bitcoin. Yeah.

[The Sheriff looks on in scepticism. Dean starts to get flustered.]

DEAN Obama.

[Sam watches the exchange in disbelief then jumps in to save his brother before he makes more of a fool of himself.]

SAM You know what? Maybe -- maybe, uh, you could walk us through the attacks. Any similarities, anything weird.

SHERIFF Only thing weird about them was how similar they were. Folks torn clean through. Hearts… absent.

DEAN Hearts absent as in --

SHERIFF Consumed, most likely.

DEAN And there were no witnesses?

SHERIFF Well, the town square attack, the parking lot... Those were real late. But the bar? Hell, with how jammed the place was, you'd think somebody other than Tommy would've seen something.

[Dean jumps on this piece of information.]

DEAN And what did he see?

SHERIFF Honestly, not much. Now Tommy ain't exactly what we call a reliable witness. And he's telling anybody who'll listen he saw some girl go out back with Barker, and she got torn up, too.

DEAN So there was a second victim?

SHERIFF Well, sure... Except Tommy's a drunk. There's no body, no D.N.A., no blood trail, no nothing to suggest that.

[A Deputy approaches, handing the Sheriff some paperwork.]

SHERIFF Give me one sec.

SAM Yeah.

[Both Deputies walk away. The brothers quietly discuss the information they were given.]

DEAN Hearts missing. Sounds wolfy to me, right?

SAM Yeah. Pretty brazen, even for a werewolf.

DEAN You think it was the girl?

[Sam shrugs and turns to his brother.]

SAM Let's find out.



[Scene opens back at Panheads. Sam and Dean are seated at a table with the biker – Tommy – that the SHERIFF told them about. A large mug of beer sits on the table in front of him.]

TOMMY Yeah, Barker and I have been raising hell, chasing tail, and riding for a long time. Part of him always knew when his clock ran out, it wasn't gonna be pretty. To go out like that? By some animal? Just ain't right.

[He shakes his head in disbelief]

DEAN You mind, uh, you mind telling us what went down?

TOMMY It was just another party, you know? Barker went out back. The next thing you know, everyone's yelling and screaming, and he's all torn up.

SAM Now the sheriff mentioned you thought there might've been a girl involved. You think she was killed, too?

TOMMY Nope [shaking his head he reaches for his beer, taking a large swig]

DEAN So there was no girl?

TOMMY Couldn't say. [He shakes his head again and looks at Dean nervously out of the corner of his eye.]

SAM [doing his earnest, puppy dog thing] You know we're not cops, right?

TOMMY Badge is a badge.

DEAN Well, you should also know that working outdoors the way we do, we see some – some pretty weird crap. Stuff that we can't explain. I mean, hell, half the stuff, we wouldn't have believed it ourselves had we not seen it together.

TOMMY Well, you don't have to live in this town, mister. You don't have to deal with the ridicule.

DEAN I'm just saying that crazy might not be half as crazy as you think.

TOMMY [hesitantly] So if someone were to tell you they saw a ghost, you'd...believe that?

DEAN [looking over at Sam and back again.] Just assume we believe everything.

TOMMY [nods decisively] Okay, then. The other night, I was taking a ride past the old Sturges farm. You know, thinking about the rides me and Barker used to go on. I saw her, man.

SAM [eyebrows raised] Saw her, who?

TOMMY The girl.

DEAN What, after the attack?

TOMMY Hell, yeah. She was just standing there, all bloody, watching me. So -- so I turn the hell around, I-I ran back, thinking, damn, you know, she -- But...She was just gone. Like, gone.

SAM [nodding] Like a ghost.

TOMMY [nodding] No, I don't give one red cent in hell what the cops say. She was there. She was eaten. She's a freakin' ghost.

[He takes another large swig of his beer and Dean turns to Sam raising his eyebrows.]



[Scene opens at night on an old farm. The boys pull up in the Impala. They get out and look around, leaving Baby’s lights on. Both have pistols.]

SAM Ghosts don't shred people like that.

DEAN [fiddling with his .45, ejecting the magazine and checking it] Yeah, well... This flea bag, looks like she ain't done chowing down on Sons of Anarchy just yet.

SAM Guess she likes bad boys.

DEAN [grinning] Well, wait’ll she gets a load of us.

[The boys turn on their flashlights and guns in hand, walk towards a seemingly deserted barn. Dean gestures with his gun for Sam to circle around the back while he takes the front. Sam sets off towards the back. Meanwhile Dean continues forward, coming across several dead chickens scattered on the ground. When he reaches the door, there are several deep scratches across its surface. He enters quickly and cautiously, gun aimed and ready and scans the interior, doing a quick but efficient search with his flashlight. He clicks off the light when he hears a low voice, aiming his gun at her. We see a mystery woman from behind. She is wearing the same bracelet as the woman in the opening scene and she is on the phone.]

MYSTERY WOMAN Stop ignoring my calls. Pick up the phone and call me right now. This isn't how it's supposed to go. Look, I've been down this road before and I'm not going to...

[She stops abruptly and sniffs the air, then suddenly bolts away from Dean. Dean runs after her and she runs straight into Sam who catches her. Sam points his gun at the mystery woman but hesitates, recognising her.]

DEAN What?

[Sam grabs the woman’s sleave, spinning her towards Dean.]

DEAN Kate?

[Flashback to episode 8.04 Bitten, where the boys stumbled onto a movie made by the woman, documenting how she, her boyfriend, and his best friend were turned into werewolves. The woman looks terrified while the boys look… not-shocked, but definitely disappointed.]




[Scene opens still in the barn. The boys have tied Kate hands with heave rope and secured them to the rafters.]

KATE [defiant] I know who you are.

DEAN Congratulations.

KATE After what happened at school, I thought you'd let me go.

SAM Yeah, well, that was before you started dropping bodies.

KATE [confused] What?

DEAN [smug] Guy at the bar saw you before you went all Wolverine on his buddy. So...Surprise. Here we are.

SAM [puppy-dogging again] Kate, you said you were gonna go straight. What happened?

KATE [insolent] I guess things change. Being this... I tried to be strong, but the hunger was too much. Too hard. It's not like anyone gave me a handbook on how to be a werewolf.

DEAN [sarcastic] Looks like you're doing a pretty good job so far. Break some hearts, then you eat 'em.

KATE I was on my own. I...evolved.

SAM So that's what you call killing innocent people?

KATE [defiant] Whatever you're gonna do, just...do it.

[The brothers look at each other, then Dean pulls back the hammer on his .45 and points it at Kate. He hesitates briefly and Sam puts a hand on Dean’s arm, stopping him. Dean uncocks the weapon as Sam indicates that they need to talk.]

SAM [concerned] Hey. You know what? Let me do it.

DEAN [confused] Why?

[While they talk, Kate uses one claw to work at the rope she’s tied up with.]

SAM [earnestly] Because... I think you should sit this one out.

DEAN What are you talking about?

SAM You're not ready, Dean.

[Sam’s phone rings, it’s the Sheriff. Dean turns to look at Kate who stops moving briefly.]

SAM Hello?

[Scene flashes to the Sheriff’s station.]

SHERIFF Warden, we had another animal attack over at the high school gymnasium. Guy was a security guard.

{Scene returns to Sam and Dean, Kate still working at her bonds in the background.]

SHERIFF Same M.O. as the other three.

SAM When?

SHERIFF Deputy said the victim's blood was still warm when he got there, so had to be less than an hour ago.

SAM [nodding] Of course. Thank you. Um, I'll be in touch. [Sam hangs up the phone and looks at his brother] We got a problem.

DEAN What, besides, uh, werewolf Barbie over here?

SAM Yeah.

[In the background, Kate is still working away at the rope. She’s nearly sawed right through it.]

SAM There was another kill, across town, just before dark.

DEAN Well, how did Kate get her murder on and then get back here b--

[Sam scrunches up his face and raises his eyebrows.]

DEAN You don't think she did it.

SAM Look... I don't know, man. But as far as I'm concerned-

[Suddenly the rope snaps and Kate breaks free, bolting out the door.]

DEAN Damn it!


[The brothers head toward the Impala.]

DEAN All right, if she's not icing people, then why play the big bad wolf?

SAM Maybe she's running with a pack? You know, trying to protect them?

DEAN Well, a hell of a price to pay. She was about two seconds away from taking a dirt nap.

[Dean pulls a pink phone out of his pocket and starts fiddling with it.]

SAM What is that?

DEAN It's her phone. Let's see who she was booty calling when we pulled up.

[He pressed redial.]

FEMALE VOICE ON THE PHONE Thank you for calling the Lincoln Motel. Can I help you?

[Dean hangs up and the boys jump the Impala and take off, dust flying.]



[Sam and Dean are in the Impala, talking.]

DEAN [raising his eyebrows at Sam] So what's this about me not being ready back there?

SAM [stumbling over his words] I'm -- I wasn't... trying to start something, Dean. I was just saying, I thought that was the whole point of us taking a break. You know?

DEAN Oh, no. No, yeah. I get that. And, you know, there's no worries there.

SAM Okay.

DEAN But I gotta ask. What about you?

SAM What about me, what?

DEAN Are you ready?

SAM [defensively] Why wouldn't I be ready?

DEAN Lester.

SAM Lester?


[The scene takes us back to when Sam was searching for Dean after he became a Demon and disappeared. Sam is sitting at a bar with a pathetic looking man, listening to him complain about his wife.]

LESTER My wife kicked me to the curb. We haven't had sex for four months, but not that she hasn't been having plenty.

SAM It is possible that you can have your revenge.

[Scene flashes to a crossroad where a Demon has been summoned. Lester is in the centre of the road and Sam is hiding just out of sight behind a tree.]

CROSSROADS DEMON Who summons me, and for what purpose?

SAM [hurrying out from behind the tree] Lester! Don't!

LESTER Kill my wife, and my soul is yours.

[Scene then flashes to where Lester is sitting in a car with Demon!Dean.]

LESTER Who are you?

[Dean’s eyes flash black and he punches Lester once in the face coldly and viciously.]

LESTER [blood dripping from his mouth] Uhh! Ow! You're a punk-ass demon! And you work for me now.

[Dean looks at Lester impassively and stabs him in the chest with the First Blade.]

LESTER [dying] Uhh!


[Scene resumes in the Impala.]

SAM You're serious? This is about Lester?

DEAN Um, don't get me wrong. I'm not -- I'm not -- I'm not trying to start anything either, okay? I'm just saying, maybe... maybe we oughta talk about that.

SAM Okay, except there's nothing to talk about.

DEAN [shrugs] Okay.

SAM Okay.

[There is an uncomfortable silence for a moment, then-]

DEAN I just figured, since we're opening up veins that maybe you'd want to talk about the guy who you made sell his soul.

SAM [indignant] The guy who you then killed, right? I mean, that's the same guy we're talking about?

DEAN [making excuses] I was a demon.

SAM [sarcastically] Oh, you were a demon? Oh, I didn't realize that.

DEAN Hey, man, Lester was gonna pay for that soul shake sooner or later. So technically, it's still on you.

SAM [frustrated] What do you want from me, Dean? Look, I w-- I'm not happy about it, okay? But I needed to find you. So if I had to... bend a few rules...

DEAN Go dark.

SAM Go dark. Sure. Label it if you want.

DEAN Look, man, again, I'm not complaining, okay? In fact, I'm doing just the opposite of complaining. I... I just... You know, between Lester and the others...

SAM [defensively] There weren't others.

DEAN Okay, either way, maybe we both needed that time off.

[Dean looks at Sam and Sam rolls his eyes.]

DEAN [nodding] This is good. This is good.

SAM Yeah. Okay.

[They drive off into the night.]



[Scene begins in daylight in with the boys parked in the driveway of a seedy motel. Dean is seated in the Impala watching the door to one of the rooms through the side mirror. Sam is inside reception (we assume). After finishing, Sam returns to the car, speaking to Dean through the open window, while leaning up against the car door.]

SAM All right, so the, uh, clerk says a blonde rolled into room 3 just before sunup.

DEAN She alone?

SAM He thinks so.

[Noticing movement, Dean concentrates on the mirror in time to see a petite woman leave the room. We are shown the woman locking the door, her bracelet shaking with the movement.]

DEAN She's on the move.

[Sam becomes alert, turning to watch the woman as she leaves in the other direction. Dean gets out of the car and the brothers follow.]



[Scene opens in a park. The brothers follow the woman down a track where there are joggers and pedestrians surrounding them. The woman turns down a lesser used trail evidently following a jogger, and Sam and Dean shadow her.]

SAM What's she doing?

DEAN Looking for breakfast.

[They follow the woman sown the trail to find her coming up behind a lone jogger. They pull their guns and point them at the woman.]

DEAN Kate!

SAM It's over.

[The woman turns, revealing that it is not – in fact – Kate, but another petite blonde. She looks at them in shock and freezes, raising her hands.]

MYSTERY WOMAN Oh, god. Please, don't. I'll give you anything you want.

[The boys semi-lower their guns, still on guard.]

SAM Where's Kate?


DEAN You were just in her motel room.

MYSTERY WOMAN What? That's my room.

DEAN Why were you following that guy?

MYSTERY WOMAN Robbie? I-I know him. I just wanted to surprise him.

SAM Test her.

MYSTERY WOMAN Test me for what?

[Dean puts his gun down the back of his pants and pulls a silver knife from the inside of his shirt, approaching the woman slowly.]

MYSTERY WOMAN [panicking] No! Help! Somebody help me!

DEAN Just take it easy.

MYSTERY WOMAN [whispering] I don't want to die.

[She suddenly changes, growing fangs and claws, her eyes turning yellow. A fight scene ensues, with the petite woman throwing the huge burly brothers around like ragdolls. She jumps on Sam, straddling him with her finger wrapped around his throat and proceeds to start to choke him. Kate suddenly shows up and grabs the mystery woman from behind, hauling her off Sam.]


KATE Stop it! Stop it!

[The woman runs and Dean aims his .45 at her, ready to shoot. Kate steps in front of the weapon, shielding the retreating woman.]

KATE Don't! She's my sister.

[Cue dramatic music while they all stare at each other dramatically.]




[Dean, Sam and Kate are still in the park. Dean comes back from searching for Kate’s sister.]

DEAN I lost her.

DEAN [pulling his gun on Kate] Kate, why is your sister a werewolf, huh?

SAM Hey. Hey.

DEAN Why?!

SAM Let her talk.

DEAN I am!

SAM Then put the gun down.

DEAN Why? So she can run again? Nuh-uh.

SAM She just saved our lives.

[Dean hold the gun on Kate, Kate stares back at him pleadingly. He lowers the gun.]

KATE My sister is a werewolf because I turned her into one.

DEAN Okay, this is the part where you help yourself out.

KATE I-I don't care. All right? I'm sick of the lies.

DEAN [pocketing his gun] Let me get this straight. We let you run because we take pity on you, and you turn around and you start making pups? You start killing people?!

KATE [shouting] It's not like that! I'm no killer.

DEAN Well, the way I remember it from the snuff film that you left us, is that you killed your boyfriend's best friend.

KATE That's because Brian went crazy. I had no other choice.

SAM Okay, Kate, if this wasn't you...

DEAN That's a big “if.”

SAM Then who was it? Your sister? Your sister do this, Kate?

DEAN Really?

[Kate stares back blankly.]

DEAN You almost took a bullet for her, and you got nothing?

KATE [shaking her head] What do you want me to say?

DEAN The truth!

SAM [noticing a bunch of joggers approaching] Hey, guys. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Can we, uh, take it somewhere else?

DEAN [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, sure. Go grab some coffee, maybe some bear hearts.

[Indicating to Kate to move ahead]

DEAN Let's party.

[They leave.]



[Scene opens in a diner. The brothers are seated across from Kate in a booth.]

KATE [reaching around to the small of her back] Just so you know, Brian's the reason I carry this.

DEAN [reaching for his gun] Hey.

KATE I'm just showing you something. [She slowly pulls out a silver dagger] In case I ever lose it, like Brian did, you won't have to kill me. [Puts it away]

DEAN Yeah, well, saying it and doing it are two different things.

KATE I'm serious. And whether you believe me or not, I've never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. And I have never, ever eaten a human heart.

SAM Guess that explains all the dead chickens back at the barn.

KATE I eat what I can find, what people won't miss, hopefully. Small game, deer. I meditate. Yoga helps.

SAM Yoga?

DEAN [mocking] Okay.

KATE You laugh, but... I'll pretty much try anything to keep that side of me under control.

DEAN [humouring her] Well, that is great, Kate. It really is. And it's nice to see that, uh, this hippie-dippie new age crap has had such a positive influence over your sister.

KATE [sighing] Tasha... She's a different story. After I left school, I was... Adrift. Lost. Not really sure where to go or... What to do, so... I went someplace safe.


[FLASHBACK to a suburban house. Kate’s family home. She watches her family through a window from behind a tree but doesn’t enter the house.]

KATE [voiceover] I went home. But...Even though I'd be good, I started to think about my family. How safe were they going to be? I was a werewolf. And then, of course, there was you two.

[The diner.]

KATE What if you showed up and tried to kill me? I couldn't risk that. So I... walked away. Never called, never wrote, just... Started a new life. Until one day, I saw a posting on my sister's Facebook page.

[FLASHBACK to a hospital. Kate’s sister Tasha is unconscious in a hospital bed. She is covered bruises and cuts. Kate enters the room and takes her sister’s hand, revealing the twin bracelets the two girls wear.]

KATE [voiceover] Tasha had been in a really bad car accident. The doctors didn't think she was gonna make it. We were always so close, so... I had to go say good-bye. Then...

[The diner.]

KATE It hit me. This curse that I had, that had brought me nothing but pain and suffering, could actually finally maybe do something good.

[FLASHBACK to the hospital. Kate closes the door to her sister’s room and approaches the unconscious girl.]

KATE [voiceover] If I turned Tasha into a werewolf, it would heal her wounds, save her life, give her a second chance.

[The diner.]

KATE So, uh... I did the unthinkable. At first, I thought I'd failed, that...

[FLASHBACK to a car. Kate is driving, Tasha in the passenger seat. Still unconscious at first, she slowly comes to. She has a bite on her forearm that heals as she wakes and looks around in confusion.]

KATE [voiceover] Even though werewolves heal quickly, it was too late for Tasha. Then she woke up, not sick anymore, but okay.

KATE [to Tasha, grabbing her hand] Hi. Hey.


KATE [voiceover] Tasha had so many questions. What happened? How did she get here? So... I was straight with her. The good, the bad, the ugly. What we were and why we could never go back home, and…

[The diner.]

KATE …the responsibility we had to control what we'd become.

[FLASHBACK to the car. Kate driving, holding her sister’s hand.]

KATE [to Tasha] I picked you up from the hospital. I'm gonna take you someplace safe, okay?

KATE [voiceover] It was a lot to swallow. But we had each other, and that felt like enough.

[The diner.]

KATE Or...So I thought.

[FLASHBACK to hotel room. Kate enters the room to find blood everywhere and her sister’s feeding on a human.]

KATE [voiceover] My sister, she gave in to everything that I had warned her about. And... I knew, even if I couldn't bring myself to admit it then...

[The diner.]

KATE I knew I was losing her.

SAM So back at the barn, that was all just an act to protect Tasha?

KATE She's family. And, yeah, worth eating a bullet for.

[Sam and Dean look at each other.]

KATE And she needs me now more than ever. This is my mess. I gotta clean it up.

SAM And how do you plan on doing that, Kate?

KATE By getting Tasha out of here.

SAM She hasn't listened to you yet. Why do you think she's gonna start now?

KATE [tearing up] I don't know, but... I've gotta try. Y-you know, we'll go out into the woods. We'll drop out for however long it takes until she learns to control this.

DEAN Little late for team building, do you think?

KATE So, what? I just abandon her? I did this. I owe her every chance to make it right.

SAM What if she never does?

KATE Then I'll take care of it.

DEAN You'll take care of it? You know what that means?

KATE Why don't you ask Brian?

DEAN Well, maybe it doesn't have to come to that. You know, if you had shot straight with us from the get-go, we might've been able to help you a lot sooner.

KATE What do you mean?

DEAN By curing you both.

[Sam looks at Dean in disbelief.]

KATE Shut up.

DEAN [sarcastically] Yeah, okay, or you're welcome.

KATE There is no cure for werewolves.

DEAN And for a long time, that was true, but we found one.

[Kate looks at the brothers eagerly.]

DEAN Now we've got everything we need on our end. Okay? But the clock is tickin', and we need one more thing -- Tasha. Unless… you wanna do this without her?

KATE [eagerly] N-no. No. It's a long drive, but... I know where to find her.

[Dean nods.]



[Scene opens outside the diner. The brothers are at the trunk of the Impala.]

SAM Dude, what are you doing? There is no cure.

DEAN [showing Sam his concealed knife] There's one.

SAM Dean, it's a little more complicated than that.

KATE Kate and Tasha are monsters, okay? Last I checked, we kill monsters.

SAM Right, but how can you possibly blame Kate for fighting for her sister? We do it all the time.

DEAN Well, yeah, and that's worked wonders for us.

SAM Well, we're still here, aren't we?

DEAN [questioningly] Yeah, but is it right? I mean, all that you've done for me, I've still got this Mark.

SAM [insistent] And we'll figure that out. We always do. But you can't take whatever's happened to us or to you and -- and dump it at these girls' feet.

DEAN [considering] All right, so, what? You wanna nuance this thing? Hit me. What's your plan?

[Sam frowns in thought.]



[Night. Sam, Dean and Kate are in the Impala. Dean is driving, Sam in the back, Kate asleep in the front passenger seat.]

SAM Kate?

DEAN She's out.

SAM [quietly, hesitantly] Okay. Then, um... I gotta tell you something. I, uh... I lied about Lester.

DEAN What?

SAM There were others.

DEAN Other humans?

SAM No. No, no. And -- and I'm sure there were a few hunters I rubbed -- or I... punched the wrong way, but...No. I pretty much saved my best stuff for the bad guys. But you gotta understand something, Dean.

[Camera zooms in on Sam’s face, we see a plethora of emotions cross it.]

SAM I watched you die.

[Camera now focusses on Dean, we see him struggling with his pain and sorrow.]

SAM And I carried you. I carried your corpse into your room, and I put your dead body on your bed, and then you just...

DEAN [softly] Yeah.

SAM Yeah.

[Camera pans between both.]

DEAN I know. I guess I was hoping that note would, you know, fill in the blanks.

SAM [incredulously] “Don't look for me”? That note? Yeah, that was really informative. Thanks.

DEAN [sighing] Yeah. I...

SAM What?

DEAN It's embarrassing, you know?

SAM W-what's embarrassing?

DEAN [ashamed] All of it. You know, the -- the -- that note. Crowley. Everything.

SAM Dean, you were a demon.

DEAN [sarcastically looking back over his shoulder] I was a demon? Oh, thanks. I didn't -- I didn't realize.

SAM [smiling] Shut up.

DEAN [softly and sincerely] Not to mention, I never even said “thank you”" so...

SAM [just as softly and sincerely] You don't ever have to say that, not to me.

DEAN Well... Good. Then I guess... Guess it's all gravy. Little R&R and we are back at it.

[He nods to himself then wakes Kate by tapping her am. She wakes abruptly.]

DEAN Hey. How we doing?

KATE [looking around] We're getting close.

DEAN What is this place?

KATE Ever since Tasha and I were little, we've been coming up to this cabin with our parents.

SAM Now why do you think Tasha will even be here?

KATE When she because a wolf, we knew it was gonna be hard, so we kinda came up with this escape plan in case things ever got bad.

DEAN So it's a rendezvous spot?

KATE Pretty much.

[Dean looks back at Sam.]



[Scene opens with the Impala coming to a stop in front of a cabin in the woods. They douse the headlights and park out front. There is a light on inside.]

SAM Now what?

KATE Maybe I should go in first, explain all this?

DEAN [nods] Sounds good.

[Kate makes to leave the car but Dean suddenly grabs her wrist, shackling her to the steering wheel with a pair of silver handcuffs.]

KATE What are doing?! You son of a bitch!

[Dean and Kate stare at each other.]

KATE [comprehension dawning] There is no cure, is there? I trusted you. [insistent] It's not her fault. It's mine.

DEAN She killed people.

KATE [pleading] Because I did this to her, okay? So if you want your pound of flesh, take me.

DEAN We'll deal with you later.

KATE But she can be saved!

DEAN [blunt, but despairing] No. Tasha's in too deep. You don't ever come back from that, not ever.

[Camera pans to Sam’s troubled face.]

DEAN [getting out of the car] Come on, Sammy.

KATE [screaming and struggling against her bonds] No! Please! Don't do this! No! Please? Don't!

[Sam gets out of the car, we can still hear Kate pleading to him from inside.]

KATE Please, Sam! Please don't!

[The brothers walk away toward the cabin, leaving Kate cuffed in the Imapala.]



[Sam and Dean enter the cabin, guns drawn, each scouting a different part of the room. Sam notices family photos on the mantle featuring the sisters at different ages. They go separate ways, searching the cabin, Sam eventually coming to a bedroom where Tasha is seated on the bed holding a doll.]

TASHA I can't believe my own sister betrayed me.

SAM [gun pointed at Tasha] Yeah, except...she didn't.

TASHA You're not gonna shoot me.

SAM And why is that?


[Scene changes to show Dean being walked into the room, a pistol held on him by an unknown male. Sam whirls to face the threat, gun rising.]

[Cue dramatic music while they all stare and point guns at each other dramatically. Again.]




[Scene opens still in the bedroom. Dean is being shoved around while Sam points his gun alternately on the guy holding Dean and Tasha.]

TASHA Drop the gun, or Dreamboat here gets his mind blown.

DEAN Don't do it, Sam.

[He gets brained with his captor’s gun and falls to the ground grunting and holding his head.]


TASHA [mocking] Well... Sammy?

[Sam keeps his gun trained on Tasha for a moment, then uncocks and drops it. Tasha kicks it aside. Kate appears in the doorway having been freed and dragged into the cabin by another strange male.]

KATE Tasha! What did -- who are these people?

TASHA [turning to her sister] Brandon. Travis.

TASHA [smiling evilly] I turned them. They're our new family.

DEAN [from the floor] Yeah, you're a regular psycho Brady Bunch.

[One of the men lurches at Dean, baring werewolf teeth.]

SAM [moving toward Dean, shouts] Hey!

[Tasha grabs Sam and effortlessly throws our poor banged and still too frail and skinny baby on the bed, and proceeds to begin strangling him.]


TASHA [to Kate while still throttling Sam] You've always had crappy taste in guys.

KATE [struggling against her captor] Tasha, we can talk about this.

[Tasha abruptly lets go of Sam and whirls to face Kate. Sam rises from the bed.]

TASHA They were gonna kill me. And now you're protecting them?

KATE No. I'm protecting you.

TASHA [sarcastically] Yeah. I'm good. Thanks.

[Sisterly face off.]

TASHA [menacingly] So here's how it's gonna be. You can walk away or you can join my pack.

KATE [shaking off her captor] I'm not walking away.

TASHA Then prove you got what it takes.

[She looks over at Sam.]

TASHA Eat his heart out.

[Kate looks darkly at Sam. Stare off.]

SAM Kate. You don't have to do this.

TASHA [barks (hehe)] No one's talking to you, Paul Bunyan!

[Epic stare-off between Kate and Sam, and Kate and Tasha.]


KATE [shaking her head in disgust] No.

TASHA [to her minions] Take them. Have some fun. Oh, and I want a heart to-go. Put it in a doggie bag.

[The men grab Sam and get Dean off the floor and frogmarch them into the other room.]

MINION 1 [shoving Dean] On your knees!

DEAN Wow. Well, I'm awfully flat—

[Dean gets clocked in the face by Minion 1. Sam gets punched in the stomach by Minion 2. They both drop to their knees.]


SAM Ohh! Uhh!

[Scene ends with the brothers on their knees, coughing.]



[The sisters face off in the bedroom.]

KATE [pleading] T., I can help you get better.

TASHA [sneering evilly] Oh, I am better. And smarter and stronger… and awesome. I'm a freakin' superhero.

KATE Who kills innocent people? No, that's not you. You were a good kid.

TASHA [evil posturing] I was weak and scared. I let people walk all over me -- mom, dad, friends, boyfriends, you. But I'm not weak anymore. And I'm not scared. I'm scary.

KATE I was trying to give you a second chance. You wouldn't have been... normal, but we would've had each other.

TASHA [more posturing] We still can. But I'm not gonna spend my life on the run from people like Mary-Kate and Ashley out there. We're strong, Kate. We can go anywhere we want. We do anything we want. And of anyone gets in our way...

[She moves toward Kate.]

TASHA You don't have to be alone anymore. We can do this together.




[Back in the main room with Sam and Dean. The boys are still on their knees on the floor.]

DEAN [to Sam] You okay?

SAM I've been better. These guys, huh? Can you believe 'em?

DEAN [mockingly] Yeah, a couple of minor leaguers.

MINION 1 Yo! You're dead. You don't get to talk. In fact –

[Sam suddenly lurches up, driving his knife into M2’s stomach.]


[Dean pulls his knife and attacks M1, but M1 deflects and catches his arm. M1 goes to bite Dean but Sam stabs him in the chest, saving his brother. Again.]

MINION 1 [dropping] Uhh!

DEAN Well, welcome to the majors, boys.

[Sam looks at his brother and huffs out a laugh.]

[END] ________________________________


[The sisters still face off in the bedroom. Kate allowing Tasha to believe she is with her.]

TASHA Kate... We're gonna be good, okay? We're gonna be great.

KATE I love you.

TASHA I love you, too.

[The sisters hug, and Kate stabs Tasha in the back with her dagger. Blood dribbles from Tasha’s mouth as she stumbles away from her sister.]

KATE I'm sorry.

[Tasha collapses to the ground, dead.]

KATE [tearing up] I'm so sorry.

[Cut away. The bedroom is empty but for Tasha’s corpse on the ground. The door crashes open and Sam and Dean enter, guns drawn. They see Tasha dead on the ground, and then notice an open window across the room.]

[Cue dramatic music while they the boys stare at the window, the corpse and each other.]

[FADE TO BLACK] [END ACT FOUR] ________________________________________________



[BM scene. Night. The boys are in the Impala speeding over the blacktop.]

DEAN So we going after her?

SAM [quietly] I don't know, Dean.

DEAN [grudging admiration.] But you gotta admit, when push came to kill, she did good.

SAM Yeah. So maybe it's a good thing you didn't shoot her.

DEAN Really? You're gonna Monday morning quarterback this thing?

[Dean sighs and looks exasperated at Sam.]

DEAN If you got an itch to scratch...

SAM [earnestly] Dean, look, we both jumped on this case. I agree. Equal parts blame there. But the whole idea behind laying low was to rest, to...try and deal with everything we – everything you went through. Maybe we jumped back in too fast. I mean, Dean… you were a demon. You still have the Mark.

[Sam looks at his brother worriedly]

SAM Didn't you ever wanna talk about it?

DEAN [irritated] Talk about it? Talk about it how?

SAM Come on, man.

DEAN I am coming on, Sam, look… I know what happened. Okay? I was there. Remember? I'm not trying to get by it. I just... That's not what this was about.

SAM Then what is this about?

DEAN [forcefully] It’s about gettin' back in the saddle. Okay? Doing something good, not stewing in my own crap.

SAM [anxious] And what if you're not ready?

[Dean turns to look at Sam, their conversation interrupted by a ringing phone. Dean, realizing it is the phone he took from Kate earlier, answers it, putting it on speakerphone.]

DEAN [into the phone] Well, I'll give you one thing. Pretty damned good at getaways.

[Scene switches to show Kate in a phone booth at a truckstop.]


KATE Yeah. Well, I decided that living was better than being dead.

SAM [through the phone.] For what it's worth, thank you.

[The Impala.]

SAM At the end of the day, she was your sister.

[The phone booth.]

KATE No. She wasn't.

[The Impala.]

DEAN Listen to me, Kate. You keep moving, keep your nose clean, and we can stop meeting like this.

KATE [through the phone] I hear ya.

[The phone booth.]

KATE And I will, but I'm not gonna promise, 'cause...

[The Impala.]

SAM Yeah.

DEAN See you around, kid.

[The phone booth.]

KATE I sure as hell hope not.

[She hangs up the phone and fiddles with her wrist, revealing that she is wearing both hers and her sister’s matching bracelets. She leaves the phone booth and sets off down the road. Cars and trucks passing her by.]

[The Impala. Continue interrupted BM scene.]

DEAN Let's say you're right.

SAM About what?

DEAN Everything.

[Camera pans to show Sam’s concerned face.]

DEAN Maybe I'm not ready to hunt.

[Camera pulls back to show the pain in Dean’s expression and the unshed tears in his eyes.]

DEAN [brokenly] But I am just trying to do the right thing, man, 'cause I'm so sick and tired of doing the wrong one.