10.08 Hibbing 911

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Title Hibbing 911
Episode # Season 10, Episode 8
First aired December 2, 2014
Directed by Tim Andrew
Written by Teleplay:
Jenny Klein
Jenny Klein
Phil Sgriccia
On IMDB Hibbing 911
Outline While at a sheriff's retreat, Sheriff Jody Mills meets overeager Sheriff Donna Hanscum. They find local people have been attacked and eaten. What the locals call animal attacks Jody believes otherwise, and she calls in Sam and Dean for help.
Monster Vampires
Location(s) Hibbing, Minnesota
Lebanon, Kansas
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Jody is forced to go to a sheriff's retreat in Hibbing, Minnesota, by the mayor of Sioux Falls despite having Alex to look after and a lot of work to do. On her way in, she encounters a young beggar, Starr, who she gives some money to get lunch. Inside, she meets Sheriff Donna Hanscum and is disconcerted by Donna's overly-friendly attitude. However, she is annoyed by Sheriff Doug Kontos' rudeness to Donna & Donna explains that Doug is her ex-husband.

After talking to Alex and trusting her not to throw a party while she's gone, Jody finds that she has to partner with Donna for the duration of the retreat. While seeing what activities there are to do at the retreat, Jody gets interested when another sheriff mentions that a body was found eaten nearly whole with no clues and the local police believing it to be an animal attack. Recognizing that it might be a monster, Jody excuses herself and calls Sam & Dean. The boys are researching the Mark of Cain, but have found nothing in the Men of Letters library or files. Jody is annoyed that Sam didn't tell her Dean was no longer missing. Jody tells Sam & Dean about the body, but refuses their help and says she'll call if she needs them. Despite this, they decide to come anyway.

Wanting to check out the body, Jody goes to the morgue but the coroner, Shelly, refuses to let her in. However, Donna arrives and convinces her to let them see the body. While Donna examines the body, Jody asks for the man's personal effects and is surprised to find that his pants have no belt. After Donna tells her that she can't recognize the bite of what killed the man, Jody grows worried as she knows it must be a monster after all and not a wild animal. She finds the sheriff to try and gauge if he knows more about the attacks. Jody and Donna approach him, but he is unhelpful until his deputy pulls him away to tell him about another victim under the guise of telling him about a "raffle." Jody doesn't believe him about the raffle and is disgusted at Doug's actions, telling Donna that he seems like a "dick." Donna tells her she still cares and then heads off to get away from the disgusting display. After Donna leaves, Jody confronts Len who admits that someone else turned up dead and he is trying to keep it quiet to not spoil everyone's good time. Afterwards, Jody calls Alex and is annoyed with her, especially when she hears firecrackers in the background. Donna arrives and points out how Jody's life isn't perfect either and then gets annoyed as Jody was leaving without her until Jody explains there was another attack and she was going to go check the morgue until she realized it was probably closed. Jody explains that she's grown frustrated with her inability to get through to Alex and Donna comforts her about it. While Donna suggests they hang out together, Jody decides to go to bed instead.

When Sam & Dean show up the next morning, Jody is annoyed to see them at first as she told them she could handle it. While she was planning to head to the morgue again, Sam informs her they just went and all the flesh was eaten off of the second victim too. When she finds out that the victim's wallet was missing, Jody tells the Winchesters about the missing belt on the first victim. When Sam and Dean recognize Donna, Jody is surprised and they explain that Donna nearly blew a case for them. Jody explains that while Donna has been helpful, she's been trying to keep her from learning the truth to protect her and while annoyed, agrees to distract Donna for them. When Donna comes over, Jody gets her to go see the weapons that are on display to distract her. While there, Jody is unimpressed with the weapons the man shows them until Doug shows up to make fun of Donna again. Eventually, Jody can't take anymore of it and tells Doug off which annoys Donna who tells her to keep quiet about her husband until Jody loses one of her own. This causes Jody to flashback to the death of her late husband and Donna realizes that she did lose a husband. Though Jody forgives Donna for her mistake, she won't talk about it with her.

After the body of Sheriff Goodhill is found killed in an apparent animal attack, Dean asks Jody if she's seen Sheriff Len Cuse, and she hasn't in awhile. She then asks about him as she heard about him going off on his own for awhile. Dean assures her that it's nothing he can't handle and she promises to listen if he ever needs someone to talk to. Like Dean, Jody is surprised to hear that the surveillance video of the first attack is deleted but, before she can question it further, Donna pulls her aside to talk. Jody is surprised to hear Donna's description of Len's teeth and, realizing that he's a vampire, calls Sam & Dean. When Jody can't get them, she and Donna go to break into Len's room themselves. In the room, Jody promises to explain later about all of Len's sunscreen but before she can examine an address Donna finds, Sam & Dean arrive and Jody tells them Len is a vampire and is forced to explain the truth to Donna. After they figure out where to go from the address Donna found, Jody sticks up for Donna when she wants to go with them and the Winchesters reluctantly agree as a result.

At the farm, after the Winchesters are knocked out, Jody & Donna are taken prisoner by Catfish and the other vampire that was part of the nest besides Starr. Jody is annoyed that the vampires steal from their victims as well as kill them and consume every part and that she gave Starr lunch money. Starr & Len explain that Len turned the nest and taught them to consume everything of their prey but then left after he grew a conscience and went on to protect people to try to make up for his evil past. When Len is ordered to kill them, Jody tells him that he doesn't have to hurt them and when his refusal leads to Starr killing him, she is horrified by the action. When Dean breaks free and attacks the vampires, Jody kicks Starr to the ground so she can't help the others. As a result, Starr goes after her but Donna decapitates Starr before she can harm Jody.

Afterwards, Jody tells Donna she did a great job on killing Starr and offers to help her learn how to fight monsters, something Donna gladly accepts.




  • "All I Know (Jive / 43 BPM)" by Jim Wolfe
(playing in the bar as Jody and Donna talk to Len about the animal attack)
  • "There's a Rumour" by Tim Renwick (Cavendish Music Library / Imagem Production Music)
(playing in the bar after Len is pulled aside to deal with the "raffle")
  • "The Weight" by The Band
(playing as Sam and Dean roll into Hibbing)


Sam: I mean how much lore is even left? We got nothing on the Mark?
Dean: Right, you think these eggheads with all the crap they amassed over the years would have actually collected something important. Ah, here -- 'He-wolf, She-wolf: A Study in Werewolf Transgenderism,' six hundred pages, volume one. But, uh, something important, like I don't know maybe the oldest symbol known to man -- 'that's not worth our time, it's not weird enough.'
Jody: Honestly Donna, I just met the guy, but Doug seems like kind of a dick.
Donna: But he was my dick... I'm gonna hit the can, you know, where it's less gross.
Donna: Uh Oh, flying the coop without me? Again.

Jody: No.
Donna: No I get it, I do. Take a hint, Donna. Right?
Jody: There's been another animal attack.

Donna: Shut the front door. Says who?
Donna: So. Fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out of control teen. Wanna get blingo'd on my mini-bar and watch pay-per-view?
Sam: Alright I'll go try and crack the police server.

Dean: Yeah, maybe I'll go crack the deputy.
Sam: Right. But this time try to be a little less defensive of your 'pretend job.'
Dean: You know this badge means something.
Sam: I made it at Kinkos.

Dean: Yes you did. Be proud of that.
Jody: Oh for the love of God, what is wrong with you? Do you get off on fat shaming chicks? You are so not fat by the way. And you, you are just a douche!

Doug: Well, okay. I'll just uh, okay then.
Donna: What the H-E-double hockey sticks Jody? Calling my ex a douche to his face.
Jody: It didn't look like you were gonna do it.
Donna: What would be the point? We're divorced. You really think I'm gonna change him now?
Jody: So he gets to treat you like a doormat forever, is that it?

Donna: How about this -- until you've actually lost a husband, how about you keep your mouth zipped about mine.
Jody: Sheriff Cuse is a vampire.

Donna: She just pulled out a machete.
Jody: Donna saw his teeth.
Donna: What the cuss!? A vampire?

Dean: Wanna give her the talk?
Donna: Wait, so, when we were at the weight loss spa.

Dean: Monsters, sucking out your fat. We took care of it.

Donna: Ah jeez. I knew losing ten pounds that fast was too good to be true.
Sam: All due respect sheriff, but vampires are far more dangerous than the Johns you throw in jail.

Dean: You're gonna sit this one out.
Donna: Stuff you, Dean! Or whatever your real name is.

Jody: Hanscum's good.
Donna: So, fresh corpse, jerk ex-husband, out-of-control teen. Want to get blingo'd on my minibar and watch pay-per-view?
Jody: You okay?

Donna: Yeah, other than feeling like I wanna hurl. I just chopped off a vampire's head.
Jody: You were great at that.

Donna: Thanks.

Trivia & References

"Hibbing 911" may be a reference to the comedy series Reno 911!
Writer Jenny Klein set the episode in Hibbing, Minnesota as a reference to Bob Dylan, who was raised in Hibbing. There are Dylan references in the episode including use of the song "The Weight" and a reference to the song "Up on Cripple Creek," both songs by The Band who were Dylan's backing band from 1965 to 1967.
Sam: Hey, we good?

Dean: Aces. Yeah, I love the smell of parchment in the morning.

Reference to the line, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" from Apocalypse Now.
Woman: Don't you go smoking, Howie.

Howie: Just watch your Top Model.

"Top Model" is the shorten name for the CW reality series—America's Next Top Model.
Dean: You know, this badge means something.

Sam: I made it at Kinko's.

Kinko's is the former name of FedEx Office.
Donna: Look at all this sunblock, you'd think he's at the Copacabana or something.
Copacabana is a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. It is also the name of a New York City nightclub that served as the inspiration for the Barry Manilow song.
The address to the farm where the vampire nest is staying at—424 Cripple Creek Road—is a reference to the song by The Band titled "Up on Cripple Creek."
Starr may be a reference to the character of Starr from the 1987 movie "The Lost Boys", a vampire movie directed by Joel Schumacher. The female vampire Star, played by Jami Gertz was somewhat of a hippy as well.
Starr: It's all love, pretty boy. All of you will become all of us. We won't waste one bit.

Dean: Okay Mufasa, enough with the circle of life crap. You're a vampire, you're scum, end of story.

Mufasa is the father of Simba in The Lion King. "Circle of life" refers to the song from the film.
Sam: So what'd you do, Len? You break up Burning Man?

Starr: More like Woodstock. Len found me crying on the curb after my daddy kicked me out, I got in Len's van and the rest is wavy gravy.

Wavy Gravy is a hippy activist who played Woodstock.
Jody: So, what, Len's like your Charlie Manson?

Starr: Oh, Charlie couldn't hold a candle to Len. He taught us everything.

Charles Manson was the leader of the Manson Family, a cult/commune that was created in California in the '60s. He was convicted for conspiracy to commit the murder, for the deaths of actress Sharon Tate and seven of her guests at her home.
Dean: I'm sure it was all kombucha and kumbaya.
Kombucha is fermented black or green tea drink. Kumbaya is a 1920's spiritual song.
Donna: Hakuna matata, lady.
What a wonderful phrase! Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase for "there isn't a problem/trouble." It is also a song from The Lion King.


Hibbing, Minnesota was previously the setting for 1.15 The Benders.
Noah Beggs, who played Howie, previously played a black-eyed demon in 6.07 Family Matters, and was also on Dark Angel with Jensen.
Andy Nez, who played Sheriff Kevin Ott, previously played a cop in 4.03 In the Beginning.
Aren Buchholz, who played Deputy Brice Graham, previously played the vampire boy in 6.05 Live Free or Twihard.
Keith MacKechnie, who played Chaz, previously played a coroner in 5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future.
Sam and Dean reuse their aliases from 9.13 The Purge—"Agents Frehley and Criss."—which was also the episode where Donna was introduced.
Continuity error: when the four get into the Impala to follow the lead to the farm, Donna slides into the backseat on the passenger side, behind Sam, while Jody sits behind Dean. When they arrive at the farm, their positions are reversed with Jody on Sam’s side and Donna behind Dean.

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