10.17 Inside Man (transcript)

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10.17 Inside Man

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Directed by: Rashaad Ernesto Green

Air Date: April 1, 2015


Int. Scene - Sam and Cas are sitting at a table with an older, balding gentleman with glasses. They are holding hands, and the unknown man is chanting. The audience can probably assume he’s some type of psychic. The lights flicker, the table shakes, and the candles start shooting flames.

PSYCHIC: Amate spiritus obscure, Te quaerimus. Te oramus, nobiscum colloquere, apud nos circita.

Int. living room with a recliner, many full bookshelves, and a radio playing “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. As the camera pans up the recliner, Bobby Singer takes a sip of his drink.

SONG: “Know when to hold 'em,

know when to fold 'em,

know when to walk away

and know when to run

you never count your money

when you're sitting at the table

there'll be time enough for counting

when the dealing's done.”

SAM: Bobby? (Sam’s voice comes through, static-y on the radio, with Kenny Rogers cutting in and out) Bobby, can you hear me?

SONG: “ . . . Ing at the table

SAM: Bobby, we need your help.

SONG: there will be time enough for counting


SONG: when the dealing's . . . ”


Int. Bunker: Sam’s bedroom. Sam is awakened by Dean screaming for him.

DEAN: Sam!

(Sam runs, barefoot and armed through the hall and bursts into Dean’s room. Dean’s having a nightmare.)

DEAN: No. No! No! No. No!

(Sam notices that DEAN is clenching his right fist which bears The Mark of Cain.)

In Dean’s Head - his nightmare induced by the Mark - he sees himself killing Lester, torturing METATRON, killing Abaddon, and revisits his fight with Cain.


CAIN: (Cain’s words echo through Dean’s head in his dream.) My story began when I killed my brother, and that's where your story inevitably will end.

(DEAN wakes up and sees SAM across the room from him. SAM looks worried.)

Int. Bunker - Sam sits at the library table on the phone, laptop open, when Dean enters, drinking some coffee.

SAM: Yeah. Yeah, okay, just, um . . . just be there. Yeah. Gotta go. (Sam hangs up his phone and addresses Dean) Hey. How did you sleep?

DEAN: Like a drunk baby. What do we got?

SAM: Uh, nothing.

DEAN: Really?

SAM: Yeah, I mean, uh, no weird deaths, no demon signs. There's a Kitsune working some truck stops outside of Boise, but Rudy's on it, so . . .

DEAN: All right. So, uh, snow day. I say we get drunk and shoot crap.

SAM: Yeah, except we do that every day. Actually, I was thinking about seeing a movie.

DEAN: Yeah, that could be cool.

SAM: It's a French movie.

DEAN: You mean like nudie French?

SAM: Even better. It's about a mime that's secretly a cockroach.

DEAN: I-I don't get it.

SAM: Dude, The New York Times said -

DEAN: Who cares?

SAM: All right, well . . . It's playing in Wichita, so I might not be back till morning.

DEAN: Well, I trust you. Make good choices.

SAM: Right. You know, I mean . . . I don't have to go alone . . .

DEAN: It's fine. Besides, I could use a little "me" time.

SAM: All right. Stay out of my room.

DEAN: Totally.

Ext. Sam parks his truck by the side of the road, behind Castiel and his ride

SAM: Thanks for coming, Cas.

CASTIEL: Of course. Where's Dean?

SAM: This is about Dean.

CASTIEL: Is he . . . ?

SAM: He's getting worse. Cas, we've gone through every other option possible. We got to talk about -

CASTIEL: Don't say it.

SAM: Do you think I want this? I'm not a fan of it, either. But if we want to get rid of the Mark . . . I'm just saying Charlie's gone radio silent; everything else we've tried has been a dead end. So . . .

CASTIEL: So I'll drive.

Int. Rowena’s room in Hell. She is painting occult symbols on herself, standing in front of a mirror, naked.


ROWENA: Please. It's nothing you haven't seen before.

CROWLEY: You're my mother. I don't want to see anything. I've been to hell, thanks.

ROWENA: Next time, knock.

CROWLEY: This is my domain. I don't knock.

ROWENA: Did you want something, Fergus?

CROWLEY: It's Crow . . . forget it. What are you doing?

ROWENA: What do you mean?

CROWLEY: I mean you've been nattering constantly at me for weeks, and now you haven't annoyed me for days. You're up to something.

ROWENA: You're right. I'm seeing someone. I'm a woman. I have desires, needs, and Trent is . . .

CROWLEY: Trent? You're dating a . . . Trent?

ROWENA: He's an assistant manager at Biggerson's. He's not the brightest bulb, but he's so . . . firm.

CROWLEY: Please stop talking.

ROWENA: You asked.

CROWLEY: Just put some clothes on.

Int. Sam’s Bedroom. Dean’s causing mischief while he’s on the phone.

DEAN: Rudy. Rudy! Hey, look. I know you can handle it, okay? I'm just saying that, uh, you know, if you needed a little assist, I could, uh, you know . . . all right. All right, all right, all right. Chill out. Sorry I asked. All right. Heh heh heh (chuckling to himself about his pranks on Sam) Ha. You know me. I'm always good. Hey, I'm fan-damn-tastic.

Ext. The playground where the doorway to Heaven is located. Sam and Cas approach the door and its guard.

GUARD: That's far enough, Castiel.

CASTIEL: Excuse me?

GUARD: I have orders. You aren't allowed upstairs.

SAM: Says who?

GUARD: Hold, please. (The angel currently in the vessel leaves, while the door opens a crack and another angel comes out and enters the vessel.

HANNAH: Hello, Castiel.

CASTIEL: Hannah.

HANNAH: I swore I'd never occupy another vessel, but . . . we need to have this conversation face-to-face.

CASTIEL: What conversation?

HANNAH: What do you want in Heaven?

CASTIEL: Metatron.

HANNAH: Why? Is this about your Grace? Are you fading?

CASTIEL: I'm fine for now.

SAM: This is about my brother.

HANNAH: Because you think Metatron might have information about the Mark of Cain?

CASTIEL: No. We know he does.

HANNAH: So he says. But Metatron lies.

SAM: Hannah, we just want to talk with him.

HANNAH: No, you want his help. But we both know the only way Metatron helps you is if he's free. And I can't let the scribe out of his cell. Not again. He's too dangerous.

CASTIEL: We won't . . .

HANNAH: Yes, you will. Because you're desperate.

CASTIEL: After all I've done for heaven . . . after all I've done for you.

HANNAH: I'm sorry.

CASTIEL: You should be!

SAM: Cas, let's go.

CASTIEL: What? We're leaving?

SAM: Yeah, we can't fight off four angels.

CASTIEL: So . . . so what? You just want to give up on Metatron?

SAM: No, we need him. Time for plan "B". We break him out.


Int. Rowena’s bedroom in Hell. She’s talking with an unknown demon.

ROWENA: I'm told you run Hell's switchboard. Tough job.

NEBBISHY DEMON: It's not so bad. I'm just happy to do my part.

ROWENA: You sure you're a demon?

NEBBISHY DEMON: Y-you can be damned and a conscientious worker.

ROWENA: Oh. Well, last year, my son . . . Crowley, was taken by the Winchesters. I need to know where they were holding him, and I'm told he made a call. I was hoping you could trace it for me.

NEBBISHY DEMON: O-of course. Y-you are the queen mother.


NEBBISHY DEMON: H-h-he did call, but t-there was some I-interference. I-I can't get the exact location. W-would a 10-mile radius work?

ROWENA: I'll make do.

Int. Bar with pool tables. Some young men are playing pool and slapping high fives. Dean enters and sits down at the bar, greeting the bartender by name.

DEAN: Hey, Donnie.

DONNIE: Hey, man.

DEAN: I'll do the, uh, Hervé Villechaize.

DONNIE: You bet.

DEAN: Thanks.

TY: (one of the boys playing pool, just beat his friend) Boom! Money. Now. Loser!

DEAN: Gracias.

TY: Give me your cash. Now. Right now.

DEAN: What's up with the Abercrombie rejects?

DONNIE: College kids "slumming it."

DEAN: Slumming? What are you talking about? This is a nice joint, huh? You got those custom urinal pucks.

TY: Come on, bitches. Who's next? 20 bucks a game. 20 bucks.

DEAN: (Dean scruffs his hair up and walks drunkenly over to the pool table) Yo! Yeah, I'll, uh . . . I'll play.

TY: What, seriously?

TY’S FRIEND: Dude, he's blitzed.

DEAN: No. No, no, no, no. I'm . . . I'm . . . I'm fine, man. I'm good to go. Hmm? Good to go.

TY: He's fine. Grab a stick.

Ext. Sam and Cas walk down a dark street toward a house.

SAM: So, back in the '50s, Oliver Pryce was a kid psychic. He performed everywhere . . . carnivals, Atlantic City . . . you name it. He was the real deal. Now, the Men of Letters were teaching him how to control his powers when they got . . . you know.

CASTIEL: Brutally slaughtered?

SAM: The point is, he's one of the good guys. He might be happy to see us.

CASTIEL: (upon seeing all of the “no trespassing” signs on the Pryce fence) Or not.

SAM: (pounds on the door) Mr. Pryce? Oliver Pryce!

CASTIEL: I'll break it down.

SAM: Dude, dude, dude. Chill.

CASTIEL: What? I'm helping.

SAM: Just follow my lead. Mr. Pryce? This is Sam -

PRYCE: Winchester. You're Sam Winchester, Man of Letters.

SAM: Yeah. H-how did you, uh . . .

PRYCE: Mind reader, remember? And you're . . . What are you?

CASTIEL: I'm an Angel.

PRYCE: That . . . No, you can't be.

CASTIEL: Why not?

PRYCE: Because I'm an atheist.

SAM: Not anymore. (Castiel and Sam enter the house, and the party retreats to Pryce’s living room/dining room)

CASTIEL: That's you?

PRYCE: Was me. I don't do the psychic stuff no more. Being around people, it's kind of . . . Hell. All those brains yapping all the time drives a guy bananas.

CASTIEL: Because you can hear everyone's thoughts.

PRYCE: Well, not yours. All I'm getting from you is . . . colors. But the hippie over here? I'm seeing some creep-ass hobbit-lookin' fella, a prison cell?

CASTIEL: That's heaven's jail.

PRYCE: Heaven's got a freakin' jail?

SAM: Yeah. Yeah, it does. And we're looking to break someone out of it.

PRYCE: Okay.

CASTIEL: We have an inside man, but we need your help to talk to him.

PRYCE: And if I say no?

SAM: You're the mind reader.

PRYCE: I'll get my crap.

Int. Bar where Dean is still playing pool, drunkenly, with the Ty and his gang.

DEAN: I'll get it. I'll get it.

TY: There it is. Corner pocket. The king is here.

DEAN: Okay, all right. Again?

TY: Sure. Say $100 this time.

DEAN: Yeah. Make it $300.

Background Music from the jukebox plays during the exchange

“I ain't going back

ain't going back no more”

I ain't going back

I ain't going back

ain't going back no more”

DEAN: What do you say?

TY: Uh . . . Give me your cash.

DEAN: (looking at the money on the table) I think you're a little short there. Why don't you toss in the watch? Good to go.

TY: My dad gave me this watch.

DEAN: I'm sure it's a very touching story. Got a little tear in my eye. Come on. We gonna play or not? (Ty takes off his watch and adds it to the pile. Dean sobers instantly) Rack 'em.

“I ain't going back

ain't going back no more

I ain't go . . .”

Int. Pryce’s house - this is the scene from the beginning. Sam, Castiel, and Pryce sit around a table with candles on it.

PRYCE: You got anything that belonged to the deceased?

SAM: Yes. Right here. (He reverently pulls Bobby’s hat out of his bag and places it on the table)

PRYCE: Good. Now shut up and hold hands. Amate spiritus obscure, Te quaerimus. Te oramus, nobiscum colloquere, apud nos circita.

Int. Bobby’s Heaven - the living room, recliner, drink, and radio

SONG: “Every gambler knows -”

SAM: (coming through the radio) Bobby?

SONG: “You never count your money”

SAM: Bobby, can you hear me?

SONG: “when you're sitting at the table”

SAM: Bobby, we need your help.

SONG: “there will be time enough for counting


SONG: “when the dealing's . . .”

Int. Bar - Dean’s pounding Ty at pool now

DEAN: (indicating which pocket the 8-ball will go in) That one.

TY: You hustled me.

DEAN: Well, you're pretty quick for a guy who's all hair gel and body spray. (Dean picks up his coat, the money and Ty’s watch, and heads off to the bathroom)

DEAN: Thanks, fellas.

TY’S FRIEND: Forget it, dude. He's an ass.

ROWENA: Hello, boys.

Int. Pryce’s house and Int. of Bobby’s heaven. The scene switches back and forth while they are talking.

SAM: And, uh, that's what's been happening . . . the short version of it, anyway. You still there, Bobby?

BOBBY: Yeah, Sam. It's just . . . Real good to hear your voice.

SAM: Yeah, you, too.

BOBBY: Okay. If, uh, I'm understanding right, you got to figure a way to get the Mark of Cain off Dean before it turns him back into a demon?

SAM: Pretty much, yeah.

BOBBY: So, just another day at the office for you boys, huh? Put Dean on the line.

SAM: Dean's not here.

BOBBY: Why not?

SAM: We . . . Dean's, um . . . He's not in a good place right now, Bobby.

BOBBY: So what's the play?

CASTIEL: Each soul in heaven is locked in its own private paradise. That's where you are now. You need to escape. You need to find the gate to earth and open it. Then you and I will find Metatron, the Scribe of God.

BOBBY: Hey, Sam, you remember when this job was just chopping up some fang and tossing back a cold one?

SAM: I miss that.

BOBBY: Ditto. So, while I'm playing Steve McQueen, anyone gonna be looking for me?

CASTIEL: Everyone. The Angels will not like a soul wandering free.

BOBBY: We got a way to slow them down?

SAM: Not exactly. But, um, you'll . . . you'll figure something out, Bobby. You always do.

BOBBY: Listen, I appreciate the warm fuzzy, but I ain't exactly playing on the big leagues these days. I'm mostly drinking and reading the classics. Truth is, I'm rusty. And maybe there's somebody better out there.

SAM: There isn't, Bobby. And w-with Dean the way he is . . . This is all we got.

BOBBY: Hell, I'm already dead. What's the worst that could happen?


Int. Bar. Dean comes out of the bathroom to find the bar deserted and Rowena drinking a glass of red wine.


DEAN: Rowena? What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? I'm sorry. Did I say "nice girl"? I meant "evil skank""

ROWENA: You say that like it's an insult. But nice girls, they're pathetic. Here's to evil skanks.

(Dean gets attacked by the Ty and his gang, whom Rowena has turned into animals with a spell.)

DEAN: Whoa, fellas. What did she do to you?

(DEAN attacks them and almost stabs TY with a pool cue. He has a flashback to when he beats Matt, killed Lester, broke Dark Charlie's arm, and shoots the shapeshifter, Olivia, multiple times. DEAN drops the pool cue and gets attacked by DONNIE, and DEAN attacks each of them until they are unconscious. ROWENA rolls up her sleeves, exposing the symbols she painted on her arms.)

ROWENA: Someone's tougher than he looks.

DEAN: You have no idea.

ROWENA: A spioradÌ an tsaoil, ÈistigÌ liom! DÛighigÌ an fear seo! DÛighigÌ go luaithreach È!

(Rowena’s spell shot light at Dean, but it just brushed past him and didn’t do anything.) Not possible.

DEAN: (grabs Rowena, and knife to neck, pushes her down on the bar) What the hell are you doing here?

ROWENA: Saving my son.

DEAN: Your son?

ROWENA: Crowley.

DEAN: Crowley Crowley?

ROWENA: My son is a king, a god . . . or he would be if you didn't . . . you snap your fingers, and he comes running like a wee lapdog.

DEAN: Lady, I don't know what you're talking about.

ROWENA: You're a good influence on him. That's why you need to die.

DEAN: Well, sorry your little light show didn't work.

ROWENA: Oh, I'll try again.

DEAN: What, you think I'm just gonna let you walk out of here?

ROWENA: I think you're a hero. You could have killed those men, but you didn't because they're innocent. 'Cause you're the good guy, and you want them to live. But the spell I cast will devour them from the inside out like it did that girl.

[Flashback to Season 10, Episode 7 “Girls Girls Girls” where Rowena cursed that young woman in the hotel hallway to become an animal and attack Dean and Sam.

ROWENA: Impetus bestiarum.

DEAN: What did you do to her?

[Flashback also shows the girl dying because she couldn’t physically handle the spell. The scene returns to DEAN still holding a knife to ROWENA's throat.]

ROWENA: I'm the only one that can save them. What's it going to be . . . Hero?

Int. Bobby’s heaven and Pryce’s house - the scene again switches back and forth between Bobby and Sam and Castiel.

BOBBY: So, where do we start?

CASTIEL: You need to find your heaven's escape hatch. Look for something that shouldn't be there, and that's your way out.

(BOBBY notices a string sticking out from the rug he is standing on. He pulls it and a doorway opens.)

BOBBY: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. (Bobby walks out into the hallways of Heaven; the Axis Mundi. An alarm starts sounding) Balls!

Int. Rowena’s room in Hell. Rowena comes back, livid, from her encounter with Dean. She throws her cloak off and stalks into the room, fuming and looking in the mirror. Then she picks up a knife and turns back to the mirror.

Int. Crowley’s throne room. Crowley sits on his throne, doing paperwork, when an apparently bloodied and beaten Rowena walks in.

CROWLEY: Rough date, mother?

ROWENA: Dean Winchester did this to me.

CROWLEY: (to his minions) Get out.

MINION: Yes, sir.

CROWLEY: (turning back to Rowena) Why were you anywhere near Dean Winchester?

ROWENA: I was trying to kill him.

CROWLEY: Been there. Never seems to work out quite the way you want.

ROWENA: The spell I cast should have ripped him apart, but . . .

CROWLEY: It was like Dean was protected from on high. It's the Mark of Cain. It never lets its host die easy.

ROWENA: The Mark? It's just a curse. T-The First Curse. But still, it can be removed.


ROWENA: I'll find a way.

CROWLEY: You do that. I assume you had a reason for this little suicide run of yours.

ROWENA: The best reason . . . you. Those tumshies have you on a leash. I thought I-if they were gone, you . . .

CROWLEY: I know what you thought. And I know that you were wrong. I have Sam and Dean exactly where I want them. What do they say? Friends close, enemies closer.

ROWENA: Maybe they were your enemies once. But now? Please. Do you even care that Dean Winchester mutilated your mother?!

CROWLEY: Because you were stupid.

ROWENA: Because I love you. Well, if my suffering's not enough, you know how much demons gossip. Right now, word's already spreading about all this. If you do nothing, you'll look weak. Your subjects will start to doubt you, mock you. Then it's just a matter of time before you have a revolt on your hands, before you lose your throne.

CROWLEY: You're playing a dangerous game.

ROWENA: And it's your move. So you can't kill Dean. Fine. Take him, throw him in some dank cell, let him rot. But do something! No more stalling. No more excuses. Show them how strong you really are. Be a bloody king!

Ext. Sam and Castiel sit in the car, staking out the playground where the door to Heaven is.

CASTIEL: You sure he can handle this?

SAM: He's Bobby. He can handle anything.

Int. The Halls of Heaven. Bobby is running around letting all of the souls out of their heavens. Everyone is randomly milling around the hallway. HANNAH and Several other angels come around the corner.

HANNAH: What? Find out how this happened. Excuse me, gentlemen. Gentlemen...and lady, I need you to return to your heavens in a calm, orderly manner.

BOBBY: Oh, yeah? Well, who made you boss?


OTHER SOUL: Who the hell you think do you are?

HANNAH: Let's go. Hold off, gentlemen and lady. (The souls all start pushing and shoving to try and get past HANNAH and the angels) Gentlemen, easy. Please! (Bobby slips past and goes down another hallway.)

Int. Bar where Dean’s drinking.

DEAN: Been waiting on you.

CROWLEY: Squirrel.

DEAN: Borris. Where's Natasha?

CROWLEY: Would it make a difference?

DEAN: Not really. So, we gonna do this?

Int. The Halls of Heaven. A random angel stands guard. Suddenly an all-call comes over angel radio.

ANGEL RADIO: The Bobbys are fighting back. All hands. We need all hands. They're surly. I repeat, the Bobbys are surly.

BOBBY: (Remembering his conversation with Castiel during the seance) If I find a way out, then what?

CASTIEL: The gate is behind door number . . .

BOBBY: 42. (He finds the door marked “42” and opens it.)

Ext. Sam and Cas in the car. They see the door to heaven open, and they get out of the car and run.

SAM: Go. Go! (shouting to Cas as they get out of the car)

(SAM attacks the angel standing guard while CASTIEL jumps through the door to Heaven)

Int. The Halls of Heaven. Castiel slides into the halls through the door.

BOBBY: Welcome to the party.

(Bobby helps CASTIEL get to his feet.)

CASTIEL: The prison, it's, uh . . . it's close.

BOBBY: Uh-huh. Cas, where's Dean?


BOBBY: You heard me.

CASTIEL: Dean's, uh . . . he's resting. He's . . . sick, and . . .

BOBBY: Try again.

CASTIEL: Dean doesn't know we're doing this.

BOBBY: Well, that's a page right out of the Winchester playbook, ain't it?

CASTIEL: Dean has given up.

BOBBY: And you idjits haven't.

CASTIEL: Would you?

BOBBY: Hell, no.


Int. The bar: Dean and Crowley sit at the bar, enjoying their drinks.

DEAN: Look, I'm not saying that I didn't want to slice and dice the witch. I'm just saying that that's not how it went down.

CROWLEY: So she's a liar.

DEAN: Must run in the family.

CROWLEY: Mother says that Mark is just a curse, can be removed. Of course, she doesn't know how.

DEAN: Figures. But I'm good, thanks.

CROWLEY: Who's the liar now? (They both take a sip from their drinks.) She says I've gone soft.

DEAN: You have. What? Yeah, maybe it's all the human blood that Sammy pumped into you, you know? Maybe it's, uh . . . I don't know. I don't know. But the old Crowley, he would have come in here with hellhounds and demons, and he would have blown the roof off the joint. Now? You didn't want to fight. You wanted to talk. And maybe I've changed, too. Here I am playing Dr. Phil to the King of Hell. Never saw that coming.

CROWLEY: Maybe we're getting old.

DEAN: Never saw that coming, either. What is it, huh? Why you letting mommy dearest tie you into knots?

CROWLEY: Because . . . We're family. Blood.

DEAN: That's not the same thing. A wise man once told me, "family don't end in blood," but it doesn't start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family's there through the good, bad . . . all of it. They got your back . . . even when it hurts. That's family. That sound like your mother?

Int. Heaven’s prison: Castiel and Bobby stand outside Metatron’s cell.

METATRON: Well, howdy, fellas.

BOBBY: This is the Scribe of God? He looks like a Fraggle.

METATRON: I'm gonna take that as a compliment. That was an excellent program.

CASTIEL: Metatron, we are here -

METATRON: I know why you're here, "Asstiel," and I'm not interested. I told you I would rather die than let Dean Winchester use me as his personal punching bag again.

CASTIEL: Don't worry. Dean's not involved. You're gonna be my punching bag.

METATRON: Ah. The "B" team, huh?


METATRON: Interesting. Keys are over there. Chop chop!

BOBBY: Are you sure this is the only way?

CASTIEL: Unfortunately.

Ext. Playground outside Heaven’s door.

METATRON: Sam-tastic! Miss me? Oh, smell that? That smells like freedom. Well, let's go. I call shotgun!

CASTIEL: You don't get to make demands, Metatron. You're not in charge here.

METATRON: Oh, I'm afraid I am. I know about the Mark. I have your Grace. I make the rules. It's called leverage, boys. Learn it, live it, love it.

(Castiel looks to Sam, who nods. Castiel pulls out his angel blade, slices Metatron’s throat open, and takes his grace in a little glass jar. CASTIEL heals METATRON's throat and Sam shoots Metatron in the leg.)


CASTIEL: We have your Grace, Metatron. You're mortal now. So you will answer our questions, or Sam will, um . . . What's the phrase? Blow your fricking brains out. It's called leverage, Metatron.

SAM: "Learn it, live it, love it." How do we get rid of the Mark?

METATRON: I-I don't know. (SAM aims the gun at METATRON's head.) I don't know! No, I-it's old magic . . . God-level magic! Or Lucifer level, but you can't ask him, exactly, can you?

CASTIEL: What about the tablets?

METATRON: No, Th-there's . . . there's nothing in them about the Mark.

SAM: So when you said "The river ends at the source," that was-

METATRON: I was just making up crap, trying to buy time till I could screw you over.

SAM: No.

METATRON: What?! It worked before.

CASTIEL: He's telling the truth.

SAM: What?

CASTIEL: Shoot him.

(SAM aims the gun at METATRON's head.)

METATRON: No, no! No! Your Grace! I wasn't lying about that. There's still some left. I'll take you to it.

SAM: It's your call, Cas.

Int. Rowena’s room in Hell. Crowley enters.

ROWENA: Is it done?

CROWLEY: We're done. Get your things and get out.

ROWENA: You aren't serious.

CROWLEY: Deadly.

ROWENA: But I'm your mother.

CROWLEY: You may have brought me into this world, but you were never my mother.

ROWENA: So you're choosing the Winchesters.

CROWLEY: I'm choosing me. I put up with your lies, your sad little schemes because . . . no. Because maybe you were right. Maybe I did lose my edge. But that ends now. Tell me, Rowena, if I were not the King of Hell, would you have ever bothered to pretend to care about me?

ROWENA: You . . . you can't.

CROWLEY: I can. I'm bloody Crowley! I'm the King of Hell. I do what I want, when I want. And I don't take orders from you.

ROWENA: Everything you have, I will watch it burn!

CROWLEY: I'll give you five minutes. After that, pray I don't see you again.

Int. Bunker library. Dean sits at the table eating a bowl of cereal.

SAM: Hey.

DEAN Hey. How was the movie?

SAM: French. What about you? What did you do last night?

DEAN: Played some pool. It was kind of boring.

SAM: All right. I'm gonna clean up.

DEAN: Yeah.

Int. Sam’s bedroom in the bunker. He pulls out a piece of folded paper. He remember Castiel giving it to him as they hustled Metatron into Castiel’s car.

CASTIEL: Sam. Bobby asked me to give you this.

Sam unfolds the paper. It’s a letter from Bobby. Sam sits on his bed and reads.

BOBBY’S VOICE: “Sam . . . So . . . this is weird, huh? Look, I just wanted to say that Cas told me what you're doing for Dean. And I'm not asking you to stop, but maybe going behind his back ain't the best idea. Your brother, he can be stubborn. But I think he'd understand. And I know it's the life . . . doing a little bad so you can do a lot of good. But sometimes the bad's real bad and the good . . . it can come at one hell of a price. I ain't there on the ground, and whatever you do, I know you'll make the right choice. You're a good man, Sam Winchester . . . one of the best. And I'm damn proud of you, son. I was content up here. But getting the call from you, it's the happiest I've been in forever, no matter what it costs. (Int. scene in Bobby’s heaven, where he’s looking at a picture of him and Sam and Dean, when the door opens and a troop of angels come in and stand behind him.) So stay safe, keep fighting, and kick it in the ass. Bobby.

The scene closes on Sam’s face as he thinks about Bobby’s letter, tears streaking his face.