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"It really is a family and you guys, I just can’t thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart, for making an outsider feel as welcome and as humble to be apart of something this great every single day. It really… There just aren’t words. I try to call home back to my folks in Texas and tell ‘em about certain things that uh, like anecdotes that I learned through the day... But it really is, it’s just, it’s unexplainable what you guys mean to me, and to us. And I can’t thank you enough. And to the guys down south too you know the leaders that lead this show behind the curtain. You know, Peter and Don and Eric and Bob, McG - yeah, the guys at Wonderland. Thank you. To the late and absolutely great Kim Manners. So you know, here’s too 100 more."

– Jensen Ackles, speech at 100 Episode Celebration party.

Banners celebrating the 100th episode, the recent People's Choice Awards win and a tribute to Kim Manners with his trademark Kick it in the ass!

Episode 18 of Season 5 - 5.18 Point of No Return - was the 100th episode of Supernatural. It started filming the first week in February 2010 and aired on April 15, 2010.

On Saturday January 30th, the cast and crew of Supernatural celebrated the 100th episode of the series, which was about to begin filming, with a party in Vancouver. The event was held at District 319.

The band was "The Impalas" was made up of:

  • Harp/Vocals: Bob Singer
  • Guitar/Vocals: Jim Michaels
  • Vocals: Jensen Ackles
  • Guitar/Vocals: Chris Glyn Jones (Boom Op/Sound)
  • Keys/Vocals: Dave Weber (On Set Construction)
  • Guitar/Vocals: Tracy Dunlop (Set Dresser)
  • Drums: Cam Beck (Rigging Grip)
  • Bass/Vocals: Jeff Budnick (Transportation/Picture Cars)
  • Percussion/Vocals: Dave Riopel (Dolly Grip)


The Impalas - Bob Singer, Jensen, Jeff Budnick



jensen and the Impalas


Commemorative pin

Twitter updates

From Clif Kosterman on @bodyguardJandJ

  • The Party was awesome. The Impalas rocked the house
  • Our Impalas are JA vocals, Dave construction, Bobbie Singer, Jeff picture cars, Mike set dec, Chris sound, Jim Michaels and Dave rigging.
100th episode crew tshirt

From @catalinawalsh (journalist)

  • Supernatural 100th Episode - The press is positioned. Waiting for arrivals. Nice red lights.
  • Jim Beaver is wearing a suit! So are the boys and angel.
  • Genevieve couldn't make it. She's at her bridal shower!
  • Also absent, Eric Kripke. Personal reasons. But I'll be interviewing him soon in LA.
  • Last to arrive from the creative team was Sera Gamble, but she made it right on time for group shot
  • Serving tonight, sushi. Mmmm
  • Coming up on video - Thank you messages to the fans!
  • Season 6? - Nothing is confirmed but the production team is ready and the network is happy...