11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley (Transcript)

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11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

Written by: Robbie Thompson

Directed by: Robert Singer

Air Date: May 4, 2016


DEAN: Supernatural By Carver Edlund

SAM: What's Carver Edlund's real name?

DEAN: Chuck Shurley. Who gave you the rights to our life's story?!

CASTIEL: One day, these books— they'll be known as The Winchester Gospels.

DEAN: Wanna know what she is Crowley? How about God's sister.

CROWLEY: He has relatives?

DEAN: So, what? She shows up and everybody goes 28 Days Later? This is Metatron?

CASTIEL: The Scribe of God. We have your grace. You're mortal now.

METATRON: The indignities!

AMARA: I'm looking for God.

DEAN: He didn't feel the need to show up for the Apocalypse.

JOSHUA: He just doesn't think it's his problem.

DEAN: Why would he give a crap now?

SAM: I don't know, Maybe because she's His sister.

AMARA: All your chosen are suffering!

DEAN: Don't count on God. Count on us.

AMARA: Maybe now. He'll hear me.


(A dog is seen in an alley watching rumbling in a dumpster. METATRON is seen getting up from the dumpster with a sandwich he found. He quickly opens the wrapper and looks inside the sandwich.)

METATRON: Oh! Pastrami... maybe.

(The dog reaches up wanting to have some of the sandwich and starts to whine as METATRON motions to take a bite. He stops and looks at the dog with guilt. He takes some of the "pastrami" and gives it to the dog. The dog starts to eat it and METATRON seems happy that the dog is eating. He throws the bread away and starts to look for more food in the dumpster. He quickly becomes agitated.)

METATRON: (Grunts repeatedly) I GIVE UP!

(METATRON suddenly appears in a bar with the dog who is now resting on the counter.)

♫ I-I love the colorful clothes she wears ♫

♫ And she's already working on my brain ♫

METATRON: (Looks at the dog.) Yeah, Toto. I got a feeling we aren't on Earth anymore, either. (METATRON turns around and notices someone sitting behind him and walks to him.)

♫ But I think of something I just can't explain. ♫

♫ And I'm picking up ♫

♫I'm picking up good vibrations ♫


♫ She's giving me excitations ♫

♫ I'm picking up good vibrations ♫

♫ Good vibrations ♫

(METATRON notices that it is CHUCK SHURLEY A.K.A. CARVER EDLUND. Chuck waves at him. METATRON stares at him with a surprised look.)

♫ She's giving me excitations ♫

♫ Excitations ♫

METATRON: Carver Edlund?

(Chuck takes out his glasses and puts them on.)

METATRON: What the hell is going on here? What is this place?

CHUCK: It's a bar. Actually—

METATRON: It's not just a bar, genius. This is one of the Big Man's constructs. I'd know His work anywhere. We were besties, you know.

CHUCK: Well, I wouldn't exactly say—

METATRON: This is some kind of punishment, isn't it? For my sins. A limbo where I get to spend eternity in a crappy bar with a hack writer.

CHUCK: (Offended.) Dude—

METATRON: Sorry, Chuckles. Not just any hack writer – a Prophet of The Lord. Give me a break. (Walks away.)

♫ And I wonder what she's picking up from me ♫

METATRON: Tell me, at least, the beer is real in here. (METATRON picks up a cup and fills it up with beer.)

♫ And I'm picking up ♫

♫ I'm picking up good vibrations ♫

CHUCK: You really think I'm a hack?

METATRON: (Walks back to CHUCK.) I have trudged through your complete oeuvre. – published and unpublished. Of the metric ton of books I've read in my lifetime, Supernatural didn't even crack the top ten... thousand. Respectfully.

CHUCK: You didn't like any of it?

METATRON: Mnh-mnh.

CHUCK: Not even Home?


CHUCK: Or All Hell Breaks Loose?

METATRON: Ugh! Way too much melodrama. And then you put yourself in the story? God!

CHUCK: Okay. That's fair. Mildly constructive. Still, It doesn't justify you... burning one of my books though. (Chuckles.)

METATRON: What are you talking about?

CHUCK: Tall Tales. You were monologuing to Castiel and you threw one in the fire.

(Flashback to METATRON talking to CASTIEL holding the book Tall Tales by Carver Edlund and throwing it in the fire in Meta Fiction.)

(CHUCK shrugs)

METATRON: How do you know about that?

CHUCK: Oh! I'm sorry. I always forget. People can't see me unless I want them to see me. (Takes out a pair of sunglasses.) Here visual aid. Put these on. It will help.

(CHUCK hands them to METATRON, but METATRON is still confused.)

CHUCK: Go on, just do it. It's a whole thing.

(METATRON takes the sunglasses and puts them on.)

(CHUCK points upward and down as if he flipped a switch. He suddenly glows and METATRON stares at him with shock and amazement.)

♫ King of Kings ♫

♫ And Lord of Lords ♫

METATRON: (Whispers.) You.

♫ And He shall reign. ♫

METATRON: (Whispers.) God.




METATRON: God. You've come back. (METATRON gasps and kneels before CHUCK and makes the sign of the cross.) I can't believe you've come back! I-I didn't mean what I'd said about Supernatural! It's underrated— due for a reboot! And this bar, it's not crappy at all! It looks just like the one in Cheers! Everybody knows my name! And the lights are very forgiving!

(CHUCK stops glowing and helps METATRON up.)

CHUCK: Okay, yeah, please. All the kneeling and stuff, it's always made me deeply, deeply uncomfortable. Just don't use the G-word okay? Just-Just call me Chuck.

(METATRON stares at CHUCK in silence.)


CHUCK: Chuck.

METATRON: (Takes off the sunglasses.) I think I need a stiffer drink. (Walks away uncomfortably.)

(CHUCK sighs.)


(Dean is seen ironing a white shirt and sprinkles beer on it and takes a sip from the bottle. SAM walks in looking at a news article on his tablet.)

SAM: Oh, perfect. We're gonna need our suits.

DEAN: Tell me you got something on Amara.

SAM: Uh, it's a long shot, but the clock's ticking, right? Whatever Amara's doing to Lucifer.

DEAN: Yeah. Beating on Cass in the meantime.

(SAM hands his tablet to DEAN to show him the article.)

SAM: Yeah. Uh, Hope Springs, Idaho. A guy named Wes Cooper killed himself after killing a co-worker. According to the reports, though, nobody knows why. Apparently he was a perfectly happy guy, and then... snap.

DEAN: So, what? Possession?

SAM: Or he was soulless.

DEAN: It ain't much, but given what we got, I'll take it. (Hands the tablet back to SAM.)

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: (Gives SAM his shirt.) There you go. (Walks away.)

SAM: Thanks. (SAM looks quizzical and sniffs his shirt.) Dude, quit ironing my shirts with beer!!


(CHUCK pours whiskey in a cup and gives it to METATRON. METATRON drinks it.)

METATRON: (Sighs.) So, what you been up to?

CHUCK: Oh, I've been super busy. Yeah, I traveled.

METATRON: Mmm-hmm.

CHUCK: I started a blog. Mostly just pictures of cats.


CHUCK: They're so cute.

(CHUCK and METATRON chuckle.)

CHUCK: And uh, Oh, I signed up for Snapchat. A-And I started a new series of books. Yeah. Revolution. (CHUCK swipes his hand with a dramatic flourish and stares up contemplating on the books.) But, I don't think it's going anywhere.

METATRON: Revolution?

CHUCK: Yeah.

METATRON: Supernatural?

(CHUCK nods.)

METATRON: Maybe titles aren't your thing.

CHUCK: You're not wrong.

METATRON: (Covers his face with his hands and turns to CHUCK.) Why did you put on the Chuck suit in the first place? How did that make any sense to you?

CHUCK: I like front row seats. You know, I figured I'd hide out in plain sight. You know, plus, you know, acting is fun.

METATRON: (Shrugs in agreement. Takes his whiskey and walks towards CHUCK.) Well... it's an Oscar-worthy performance. But... how did nobody know? I mean, wh-what about that amulet thingy? Y-You told me about it, some... silly charm that burned brightly in the presence of you?

CHUCK: You mean this? (CHUCK takes out DEAN'S AMULET.)

METATRON: (Points at the amulet) Yes! Dean had it! And your fav— Castiel. They were around you. How did it never—

CHUCK: I turned it off. See?

(CHUCK moves his finger up and the amulet shines brightly. METATRON shields his eyes from the amulet's bright light.)

♫ When I'm not home.♫

CHUCK: I should really put this away. (CHUCK puts the amulet in his pocket. CHUCK chuckles.) You'll never guess where this thing has been this entire time.

METATRON: Look, I don't care about that ugly, old thing or why you were slumming it with the plebes. Let's brass some tacks already, okay?

(CHUCK crosses his arms and awaits METATRON'S questions.)

♫ Oh, when you're home and you know you're all alone ♫

METATRON: You see and hear all. You know what an absolute piece of garbage I've been the last couple of years.

(CHUCK closes his eyes and sighs, implying that he knows all about METATRON'S actions.)

♫ If your mamma wanna visit us ♫

METATRON: Did you bring me here to destroy me?

♫ Tell her I get home bout the break a day ♫

CHUCK: You know what humanity's greatest creation has been?

♫ So, tell her to please stay away ♫

CHUCK: Music. That and nacho cheese. Even I couldn't have dreamt up that deliciousness. But music... is magic. A lot of remarkable music was created in this space. B.G.'s Canteen. Now, it's not as well known as The Bitter End or The Gaslight, but some amazing musicians got their start on this stage. I'm hoping that you and I can tap into some of that old magic and finish what I started a few months ago.

(CHUCK points at the table, METATRON turns around and notices a manuscript. GOD. AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.. METATRON picks it up, looks surprised, and looks at CHUCK.)

♫ You might feel a little sick, baby ♫

♫ And you know you're home all alone ♫

METATRON: You wrote your autobiography.

CHUCK: Ish. I mean, there are chapters, it's kind of a loose structure, uh, but, I don't know, something's missing. I'm—I'm stuck.

METATRON: (METATRON puts the manuscript back on the table.) You want to get the old band back together. Lennon and McCartney ride again.

CHUCK: Well, I'm kind of Lennon and McCartney, so... but every writer needs a good editor. I did some of my best work with you, Metatron.

METATRON: Does this mean I get to be an angel again?

CHUCK: (Laughs and pats METATRON's shoulder) Yeah, right. (Stops laughing) No, no, that's never—never happening.

METATRON: That's probably a good call.

CHUCK: I think so.

METATRON: Well... (METATRON picks up the manuscript.) ...let's do this.


MAC: Appreciate the FBI taking an interest in this case. We don't really see things like this around here.

JAN: Hey, you mind if I knock off, Sheriff?

MAC: Let me guess— Art's back? Newlyweds.

(DEAN chuckles)

MAC: You can go home after you show Agent Greer the M.E. files.

JAN: Thank you, sir.

SAM: Thanks. (SAM walks away to get the files from JAN)

DEAN: What do you have on Wes Cooper?

MAC: I talked to his friends, family. Nobody can make heads or tails on why he did this. We have a witness who overheard Wes before he took his own life. He was saying things that sounded out of character.

DEAN: Yeah? How so?

MAC: Wes said that his life was meaningless, nobody loved him. It was like every negative thought he had ever had came spilling out. The thing is...

JAN: I knew Wes' wife. We sang in choir together. She loved Wes till the day she died. I don't know why he'd say anything like that. And then there's this.

SAM: (SAM notices that Wes' veins were black in the autopsy photos.) Hold on a second. I've actually seen something like that before. (SAM picks up one of the photos on Wes' arm.) Deputy, tell me, have you noticed any strange phenomena around town? Uh, sulfur smells or power outages? Maybe an unexplained fog?

JAN: No, sir. It's always sunny in Hope Springs. At least, it used to be.


(CHUCK pets TOTO and turns around to see METATRON who is seen wearing glasses and editing the manuscript with a red marker. CHUCK looks over to METATRON to see his progress. METATRON notices CHUCK who looks impatient.)

METATRON: Are you in a hurry or something?

CHUCK: I'm on a bit of a deadline. (CHUCK comes over and sits across from METATRON.) Just give me some broad strokes, first impressions. Come on, hit me.

METATRON: (Scoffs.) It's good. Real good.

CHUCK: (Worried.) Oh, man. You hate it.

METATRON: What? No. I love it. Love it.

CHUCK: Last time I saw that look on an editor's face, I just handed in Bugs. All right, come on. Safe place.

METATRON: (METATRON puts the manuscript down and looks at CHUCK.) Details are what make a story great. This is lacking in some details. Like all of them.

CHUCK: (CHUCK takes the half of the manuscript that METATRON edited.) In the beginning, there was me. Boom – detail. And what a grabber. I mean, I'm hooked, and I was there.

METATRON: I'm hooked too, and yet... details. You weren't alone in the beginning. Your sister was with you.

(CHUCK leans back and crosses his arms.)

CHUCK: (Sternly.) Who cares about her?

METATRON: Um... me. For starters. I assume you're aware that she's... out and about.

(CHUCK gets angrier with each word METATRON says.)

METATRON: Tanned, rested, and ready. I mean, that's why you're back right?

CHUCK: (His eyes filled with anger.) This isn't her story. It's mine.


(JAN is driving home from the station. She pulls over in front of her house. ART is waiting outside. JEN gets out of her car.)

JAN: Hey.

ART: I thought you were coming home early.

JAN: I'm sorry. Paperwork.

ART: (Looks over JAN'S shoulder.) That follow you in from town?

(JAN looks behind her and notices a dense, white fog coming from behind her.)

JAN: Honey, you want to head inside while I call this in?

ART: (Confused.) It's just fog.

JAN: Hey, you know I'm the law, right?

ART: (Smiles.) See you inside deputy. Don't forget your cuffs.

(JAN smiles. ART walks back into the house. JAN turns on the radio on her uniform.)

JAN: Hey, dispatch, this is 3-William-56. You got your ears on?

DISPATCHER: Aren't you done for today, deputy?

JAN: I am. Listen, I know this might sound odd, but there is a heavy fog headed my way. We expecting any weather like that?

DISPATCHER: No, it's supposed to be clear skies all night.

(JAN turns around to see the fog which has reached her. JAN starts coughing and gasping for air. She falls down and continues to gasp for air and the veins in her arm start to turn black and starts to spread quickly. She looks up and appears to be under a trance.)



(CHUCK is seen playing pool by himself and METATRON seems to have finished editing the manuscript. METATRON takes off his glasses, walks over to the counter with a cup, and fills it up with whiskey. CHUCK walks over to METATRON. TOTO is seen lying on the counter.)

CHUCK: That bad?

METATRON: I'll tell you. There's some great bones there. I'm thinking what's missing – maybe less about detail and more about balance.

CHUCK: How do you mean?

METATRON: You're giving the wrong stuff too much real estate. Like that chapter about being Chuck.

CHUCK: Mm-hmm. And what about it?

METATRON: Once you've explained the Vonnegut performance art... that should be it. Noone cares about the rest.

CHUCK: (Walks across the room.) I did some great stuff as Chuck. I mean, I-I told you about my blog.

METATRON: Oh. Oh, right, yeah.

CHUCK: Right.

METATRON: Your uh – your cat-pic blog.

CHUCK: Right. They're super cute.


CHUCK: So, there's that. And, uh, I traveled a lot, you know?


CHUCK: And, uh, I dated. Yeah, I had some girlfriends.


CHUCK: Had a few boyfriends.

METATRON: Oh. (Chuckles.)

CHUCK: (Walks to the stage.) Oh! And I learned how to play guitar.

(CHUCK picks up a guitar and strums a few notes.)

METATRON: Hmm. Yeah. That, you know, makes you seem like a really grounded, likable person.

CHUCK: (Stops playing the guitar.) Yeah, what's wrong with that?

METATRON: You are neither grounded nor a person!

CHUCK: So, you're saying I'm likable.

METATRON: No, no. I am saying the chapter Chuckles is devouring pounds of pages at the expense of... juicier stuff. Stuff that people might actually want to read.

CHUCK: Like what?

METATRON: Well, like, uh... (METATRON turns around and picks up the manuscript.) ...like the archangels. I mean, you have got maybe two paragraphs on them in here.

(CHUCK starts to strum more notes on the guitar.)

METATRON: And that's it! Don't you think they deserve a few extra words. Especially your favorite, – Lucifer.

CHUCK: (CHUCK stops playing the guitar again.) He wasn't my favorite.

METATRON: Oh. He helped you defeat Amara. You trusted him with the Mark. And when you asked him to bow to mankind —

CHUCK: He refused.

METATRON: He rebelled! And in doing so, kinda wrecked Christmas.

CHUCK: Okay, all that's in there, except the – the bit about Christmas.

METATRON: If you say that Amara is off limits, fine. But you know every great hero is defined by his or her villain.

CHUCK: (Sadly.) Lucifer was not a villain. He – He – He's...H-He wasn't a villain.

METATRON: (METATRON looks at the manuscript.) Okay. Real talk. Th-This is still a safe place, right?

CHUCK: Safest place ever created.

METATRON: Okay. There are two types of memoir. One is honest... The other, not so much. Truth and fairy tale. Now, do you want to write Life by Keith Richards? Or do you want to write Wouldn't It Be Nice by Brian Wilson?

CHUCK: I want to tell the truth.

METATRON: Then you've got some work to do. There are no revelations in this book! And that's weird, given who you are. There's no new information, no soul-bearing.

CHUCK: That's because I don't have a soul.

METATRON: Right! But you invented them. You invented souls. Souls! Try shining a light on that. How did that make you feel?

CHUCK: Nauseous.

METATRON: (Annoyed.) Oh. (Groans) You know what?! No. That is not G-O-D talking. That's Chuck talking. And I get it – when you were on Earth, you had to go full method. Well, it's time for you to get back into character.

CHUCK: This is me.

METATRON: Really? This – (METATRON holds up the manuscript and flips the pages.) This pile of self-doubt and nebbishness flooded the Earth?

(CHUCK crosses his arms)

METATRON: Followed up Sodum with a blockbuster Gomorrah? Created as much as he punished? No! Unh-unh! The guy I worked for – total badass! And yes, he could be a dick. Now, that guy... had some stories to tell. And he has a lot to answer for.

CHUCK: (Contemplating.) Okay, so... (Clears throat.) ...what do I do?

METATRON: Hold up a mirror and show us who you are. Warts and all. Write for an audience of one... you.

CHUCK: Dance like no one else is watching.

METATRON: Yeah. I'm gonna help you either way. But you've got to pick a lane.

(METATRON hands CHUCK his manuscript.)

METATRON: Richards or Wilson, Chuck?

(CHUCK walks by METATRON and thinks about what he is gonna do. CHUCK looks at his manuscript, he sighs, and he throws the manuscript into the air.)

CHUCK: Richards – All the way.


(A black van from the coroner's office in Howard County is seen and two men are rolling a cart with a dead body covered by a black tarp into the van. MAC is seen by his police van watching the forensic team take the body into the van with a worried look on his face. SAM and DEAN are driving up to the crime scene in the Impala. DEAN turns off the Impala and he and SAM exit the Impala to find out what happened. They walk over to MAC.)

MAC: Sorry I woke you boys.

SAM: No, no, it's all right. Just, uh, why don't you tell us what happened here?

MAC: Harris didn't show up for work this morning. We called, tried her CB, nothing. So, I swung by here. I found Art on the kitchen floor, Harris' shotgun right next to him. She... It looks like Deputy Harris shot her husband point-blank in the face. Then left the scene.

SAM: Did you notice anything off about Deputy Harris' behavior the last couple days?

MAC: No. Nothing at all.

SAM: When was the last time anyone heard from her?

MAC: Called in for the last time yesterday. Said something about... seeing some fog rolling in. I don't know why she cared about the damn weather.

DEAN: Would you get into contact with your dispatch officer? Tell her to let us know if she gets any more reports like that again.

MAC: You serious?

DEAN: Yeah, just to be safe.

SAM: And do you have any idea where Harris might be now?

MAC: No. But we can track her vehicle from our office.


(A printer is seen printing fresh, new pages and METATRON, who is wearing his glasses, takes one of the pages and looks proud of himself and CHUCK. CHUCK is typing on his computer pouring his thoughts in every page. METATRON turns off the printer and looks hungrily at the pages.)

♫ Ooh, the storm is threatnin' ♫

♫ My very life today ♫

♫ Oh If I don't get me some shelter ♫

METATRON: (Laughs.) Oh! (Chuckles.) Oh, this! This is what I was talking about. (METATRON looks at the pages.) Chapter Ten – Why I Never Answer Prayers, and You Should Be Glad I Don't and Chapter Eleven – The Truth About Divine Intervention and Why I Avoid It At All Costs.

CHUCK: Better, right?

METATRON: It's gold! Kind of angry with a side of bitter, but, hey, it's real. Now... (METATRON takes off his glasses.) ...not to overstep my bounds, but since you're on a roll, there's one thing I've always wondered. Maybe it will make a good chapter, maybe even a whole book.

CHUCK: Shoot.


♫ My very street today ♫

CHUCK: Can you be more specific? I kind of get that question a lot about pretty much everything.

METATRON: Why did you create life?

♫ Or I think I'm gonna fade away ♫

♫ War, children ♫

CHUCK: I was lonely.

♫ It's just a shot away ♫

METATRON: Your sister wasn't company enough?

♫ It's just a shot away ♫

(Music fades)

CHUCK: I am being. She's nothingness. It's not exactly the makings of a fun two-hander, you know?

METATRON: Yeah. But you didn't stop at one archangel or a handful of angels. You created worlds.

CHUCK: I was stupid. Naive. I thought if I could show my sister that there was something more than just us, something better than us, then maybe she'd change. Maybe she'd stop... being... her. But... every time I'd build a new world... she'd destroy it.

METATRON: So you and your archangels... locked her away? And you got down to unfettered Creation.

CHUCK: (Leans forward.) Tried to, anyway. But...


(CHUCK and METATRON appear next to a foggy lake with mountains across from it.)

CHUCK: ...this was as close as I got to something as good as or better than me or my sister.

METATRON: The National Park System?

CHUCK: Nature. I mean, look at what nature created on its own. What's more, nature's smart enough to know that sometimes, there's no fixing things. Sometimes, you just have to wipe the slate clean.

METATRON: Wipe the slate clean. Sure. Natural selection. Good times. Of course, in your case, that means flood the Earth, but build and stock a boat. Start over fresh on the B-side. If Amara wipes the slate, the slate's destroyed. Everything's destroyed. All your great work... lost forever.

CHUCK: We should take a stroll, then. Enjoy it all one last time... before it's all gone.

(CHUCK walks away. METATRON starts to look shocked and worried and walks after CHUCK.)


(SAM and DEAN walk to MAC'S desk. MAC is struggling to find JAN.)

MAC: I can't make heads or tails. Harris is... was our computer person. (Continues typing.)

SAM: Can I give it a shot? (Walks up to the computer and starts typing.)

OFFICER: (Hangs up the phone.) Sheriff? Matt and Emmy just called in. They said they saw some fog rolling in by Jasper Hills.

DEAN: Did they say where it was headed?

OFFICER: West. Towards town.

DEAN: Okay, call them back, tell them to get inside, shut their windows and doors and seal it up, and stay the hell away from that fog. Then get the word out to everybody in town. They need to do the same damn thing.

MAC: Hold on. What are you talking about?

DEAN: My partner and I have seen this before, okay? Wes, Deputy Harris were infected by something in this fog. Now, I know it sounds crazy —

MAC: No, it sounds like we should call the CDC.

DEAN: There's no time for that.

SAM: Found Deputy Harris. (SAM points at the computer which now bears the GPS location of Harris' police van.)

MAC: (Looking at the computer.) She's on Main Street, heading right this way.

DEAN: All right, we'll handle Harris. (DEAN and SAM head outside.) Just please, get the word out, tell everybody they need to stay inside, seal up their windows, their doors, – everything. Do it.

(JAN is seen inside her police van. Pedestrians on the side walk start to stare at it since the van is parked in the middle of the street. SAM and DEAN are seen walking towards the van as JAN starts to exit her van.)

DEAN: (Pats SAM.) Hey, get them out of here.

SAM: (Walks up to the pedestrians and shows them his FBI badge.) Agent Greer, FBI. I need you to get inside immediately. Go. (SAM escorts the pedestrians to the police station.)

(JAN is seen holding a pistol and the black veins seem to have spread throughout her body. DEAN awaits her exit with his gun.)

JAN: (Blankly.) I tried to kill myself. But she won't let me. She has a message – for you, Dean Winchester.

DEAN: Amara? Is she here?

JAN: No. But her words have been echoing in my head ever since I took a breath of that fog.

DEAN: Did she tell you to kill your husband?

JAN: And I watched myself do it.

SAM: Okay, listen to me, this is an infection. Put the gun down, let us help you —

JAN: It's not an infection. She says, it's a mirror. She's showing us all the truth.

DEAN: Darkness.

JAN: The light was just a lie. (Raises her gun and aims at DEAN.)

(JAN is shot at in the chest two times, she leans back on the mirror of her car, and falls onto the ground. SAM and DEAN turn around to see that MAC was the one that shot JAN. DEAN leans down to check on JAN.)

JAN: (Whispers blankly.) It will all be over soon. He's not gonna save them. It's all going away... forever. But not you, Dean.

(DEAN stares at JAN as she dies. SAM looks down the street and notices something.)

SAM: Dean. Dean! (Points down the street.)

(DEAN turns around and notices a fog rolling up from the street. SAM and DEAN look at the fog in horror.)



(CHUCK and METATRON are walking along the lake.)

CHUCK: Nature? Divine. Human nature – toxic.

METATRON: They do like blowing stuff up.

CHUCK: Yeah. And the worst part – they do it in my name. And then they come crying to me, asking me to forgive, to fix things. Never taking any responsibility.

METATRON: What about your responsibility?

CHUCK: I took responsibility... by leaving. At a certain point, training wheels got to come off. No one likes a helicopter parent.

METATRON: What about Amara? She's your sister.

CHUCK: I took responsibility for her, too. Locked her away – barely, I might add. And who let her out?

METATRON: Sam and Dean Winchester. But they're trying to fix that.

CHUCK: You know I love those guys, but the world would still be spinning with Demon Dean in it. But Sam couldn't have that, though, could he? And so how is Amara being out on me?

METATRON: It's not. But I-you helped the Winchesters before.

CHUCK: Helped them? I've saved them! I've rebuilt Castiel more times than I can remember! Look where that got me.

METATRON: (Angrily.) So, you're just gonna let Amara win?

CHUCK: Eh... It's her time to shine.

METATRON: Then, why the hell are we working on your stupid memoir?!

(CHUCK looks offended and furious as thunder rumbles.)

CHUCK: You think it's stupid?

METATRON: No, I think it's stupid to write a book nobody is gonna be around to read!

CHUCK: You told me to write for an audience of one – Me. And I —


CHUCK: – think we're finally getting somewhere.

METATRON: You started writing the second she came back, didn't you?

(CHUCK puts his hands in his pockets.)

METATRON: No wonder you're on a deadline! Now I understand why you're masquerading in that sad, little meat suit! For the same reason you created this nostalgic bar to write your masterpiece in – you're hiding!

CHUCK: Okay. First of all, this gift... (Points at his face.) ...is super cute. Secondly, I'm not hiding. I just like the ambiance in here.

METATRON: (Points at CHUCK.) You said... the safest place ever created. Created by you... to keep you safe from Amara! She can't touch you in here, can she?!

CHUCK: You're upset. I-I understand. And it's good to let it out. (Starts to walk away.) But, uh, let's focus on, uh, finishing my book. (Claps his hands and starts to work on more pages for his book.)

METATRON: You know, I was a crappy, terrible god. My work was pretty much a lame, half-assed rewrite of your greatest hits. But at least I was never a coward!

(CHUCK looks furious at what METATRON had said. He stands up, looks at METATRON, and METATRON in flung out the doors. TOTO gets up and watches what happened. METATRON gets on his feet holding his shoulder. He starts to groan and looks at an angry CHUCK and starts to chuckle. METATRON points at CHUCK and walks back inside.)

METATRON: There he is. That's the guy I know, the guy I love. I remember the first time I saw you. All the angels were terrified, but I wasn't. The feeling of your light was... was just beyond measure. And then the unthinkable. You picked me to help you with your tablets.

CHUCK: (Angrily.) You were just the closest angel to the door when I walked into the room. (Walks towards METATRON.) There's nothing special about you, Metatron. Not then... not now. Now... I've been called many things – absentee father, wrathful monster. But, coward... (Shakes his head.) I am not hiding. I am just done watching my experiments' failures.

METATRON: You mean your failures, Chuck?

(CHUCK'S eye twitches.)

CHUCK: You want to watch? Be my guest.

(CHUCK motions his hand to three televisions which suddenly appeared and start to show the news updates on the events that AMARA is causing.)

NEWSREPORTER: Reports are that there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but as we know a dense fog did roll in. And many citizens also are feeling some sort of impact from this fog. Which leads us to believe that there is some sort of...

CHUCK: (Looks at METATRON.) If you ask me, they're all reruns. (Walks away.)

NEWSREPORTER. ...have been overwhelmed as the National Guard has been brought in.

(METATRON looks shocked and devastated.)


(SAM runs up to a red car and pound at their window and opens the door.)

SAM: Hey, you got to go. Get!

(The people in the car exit the car and SAM moves to the backseat to get a BABY GIRL. SAM starts undoing her carseat.)

SAM: Hey, sweetheart. Okay, we're gonna get you out of here. We're gonna get you safe, okay? (SAM notices the fog getting closer.) Don't worry, okay? Give me your hands. (The BABY GIRL reaches up.) Oh. Thank you so much. Okay. Okay.

CAR PASSENGER: Thank you. (Reaches for the BABY GIRL.)

CAR DRIVER: What the hell's going on?

SAM: Just get out of here, okay? (SAM hands the CAR PASSENGER the BABY GIRL.)

CAR DRIVER: What's this fog doing?

SAM: Just get inside now! Go, go!

(The CAR PASSENGER and the CAR DRIVER run to the police station with the BABY GIRL. SAM turns around and sees two people enveloped by the fog. DEAN arrives and tries to get SAM away from the fog.)

DEAN: Come on, Sam, Sam. Let them go.

(DEAN and SAM run away from the fog. The two people enveloped by the fog starts couching. The fog starts to envelop the entire street as SAM and DEAN get to the police station. SAM and DEAN look around and MAC is trying to use the radio.)

MAC: Agent Ehart? Radio's dead.

DEAN: You have any duct tape?

(SAM looks outside as the fog has enveloped the entire town. He notices two people trying to run from the fog, but one of them falls to the ground.)

DEAN: Sam? Sam?!

(SAM turns around and DEAN throws him a roll of duct tape. DEAN, SAM, and MAC start to seal all the cracks in the windows, doors, and vents. The other people stare in horror. MAC checks in on everyone as SAM and DEAN continue to seal the windows. DEAN finishes sealing a vent with duct tape and he and SAM notice that there is no signal on their cell phones.)

DEAN: Sheriff, let's see if we can't fix that radio of yours. (DEAN walks away to check on the radio.)

(The fog starts to push through the duct tape in the vent. A piece of duct tape is pushed off and the fog starts to roll inside. DEAN and MAC try to find a way to get the radio to work while SAM continues to look out the window.)

SAM: Dean?

(DEAN notices SAM and walks over to him with a roll of duct tape. They both hear a lot of noise.)

SAM: You hear that?

(DEAN and SAM walk over to the front doors and hear shouting coming from outside. SAM locks the door. Two people infected by the fog walk up to the door and try to break in. DEAN and SAM run into another room and close the doors as they hear the glass break from the front doors. SAM and DEAN notice the fog coming from the vent DEAN sealed.)

SAM: Dean. (SAM runs over and tries to seal the vent again.)

(DEAN knocks off a metal leg from the metal table next to him and uses it to prevent the door from opening from the outside. SAM starts to cough and the BABY GIRL starts to cry. DEAN notices the fog enveloping SAM and MAC walks into the room. They notice the black veins which are appearing on SAM'S hands.)

DEAN: Sam!


(DEAN rushes towards SAM. MAC is talking to the people.)

MAC: Folks, we need to stay together, okay?

DEAN: Sam!

SAM: (Grunts.) No, no! Get back! Don't! (Gasps.)

MAC: My god, he's infected.

DEAN: Everybody, get inside!

MAC: Everybody!

(MAC leads the people towards the other room. SAM is still coughing and the BABY GIRL is still crying.)

MAC: Come on. Let's move. Come on.

(The two people are trying to break through the door. MAC looks at DEAN)

MAC: Come on! Let's go! Get in here!

DEAN: No! I'm not leaving my brother!


(CHUCK is still typing on his computer. METATRON is sitting across the table thinking about everything.)

CHUCK: You know, you really are a terrific editor, Metatron.

METATRON: (Chuckles.) Well, I was a terrible writer. A worse god. It's good I've got something going for me.

CHUCK: (Takes off his glasses and stops typing.) Yeah, you know, I have to say, I didn't see the whole evil-turn thing coming.


CHUCK: (Chuckling.) Why did you try to be me?

METATRON: That was just a sad, pathetic cry for attention.

CHUCK: (Chuckling.) Who's attention were you trying to get?


(CHUCK appears to be surprised.)

METATRON: You are light... and beauty. Creation.

(CHUCK leans back)

METATRON: Wrath. Damnation and Salvation. (Starts crying.) And I don't care if I was just the angel nearest the door. (Voice breaking.) You picked me. Your light shined on me – Me! Oh, and the warmth. But then you left me. You left all of us.

(CHUCK starts to look guilty.)

METATRON: It wasn't just the saps who were praying to you. The angels prayed, too. And so did I – every day.

CHUCK: I know.

METATRON: You want to sell the best-selling autobiography of all time? You explain to me – Tell me why you abandoned me. Us.

CHUCK: Because you disappointed me. You all disappointed me.

METATRON: (Stands up and looks at CHUCK with wet eyes.) No, look. I know I'm a disappointment, but you're wrong about humanity. They are your greatest creation because they're better than you are.

(CHUCK starts to look more guilty as he looks at METATRON.)

METATRON: Yeah, sure, they're weak and they cheat and steal and... destroy and disappoint. But they also give and create and they sing and dance and love. And above all, they never give up! But, you do!

(CHUCK looks devastated. METATRON continues to look at CHUCK with a tear rolling down his cheek. CHUCK puts on his glasses, clears his throat, and starts typing with determination in his eyes. METATRON looks heart-broken.)


(A brick is thrown through a window next to SAM. More fog starts coming in through the window. DEAN is sealing the door that the people are hiding in. SAM picks up a board in order to use it to block the window. SAM trips and starts to cough even more. DEAN turns around and notices SAM and goes to check on him before he can finish sealing the door.)

DEAN: Sam! Hey! Listen to me!

SAM: We're not gonna make it.

DEAN: No, no, no. There's no quitting here.

SAM: (Blankly) We're never gonna make it.

DEAN: Sam, listen to me. That's not you talking. It's the fog.

SAM: You were gonna choose Amara over me. Over everything.

DEAN: Sam, no!

SAM: (Normally) Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that, Dean. I can't fight this. You got to go. You have to get out before you're infected.

(The fog starts to move towards the room with all the people. It slips through the crack that DEAN forgot to seal.)

SAM: Go before I hurt you!

DEAN: No, I'm not leaving you – ever!

(SAM continues grunting. DEAN inhales deeply and notices that the fog is not affecting him. He turns around and notices that the fog reached the people in the other room. DEAN becomes furious and screams at the sky.)


(The screaming and the banging stops suddenly.)

DEAN: No. No. No. No. No. No. No! (Looks at SAM.) Hey, hey look at me. Look at me. I'm right here. I'm right here. Okay, it's okay. It's all right. I'm right here. I'm right here. (DEAN looks around the room.)



(CHUCK takes out the last page from the printer. He places it on his new manuscript, smiles at his accomplishment, and bumps his shoulder. TOTO watches him while lying on the counter. METATRON, who looks more depressed, is drinking more whiskey. CHUCK clears his throat.)

CHUCK: (Stands up and stretches.) Oh! Yeah. Ahh. (Looks at METATRON.) You know, I lied before.

(CHUCK starts to walk over to the stage. METATRON annoyingly looks over his shoulder.)

CHUCK: I didn't really learn to play guitar. (Takes his coat off and lets it fall to the ground.) I just kind of... gave myself the ability. I did the same when I "learned" French. Man, (Claps his hands.) this whole honesty thing – It's really freeing.

(CHUCK picks up his guitar and sits down on the stool on the stage.)

CHUCK: Come on. Take a look at the new pages. You know you want to.

METATRON: (Sadly.) I think I'll pass.

(CHUCK strums a few notes.)

CHUCK: (Speaks through the microphone in a high pitched voice.) I think you're really gonna like them.

(Feedback from the microphone.)

CHUCK: (Clears his throat.) You're right. It-It's a little high. (Strums more notes.) All right. Suit yourself.

♫ If I had wings like Noah's dove, ♫

♫ I'd fly up the river to the one I love. ♫

(METATRON gets up and walks over to CHUCK'S workspace and looks at the manuscript.)

♫ Fare thee well, O Honey, fare thee well. ♫


(The song continues in the background. DEAN notices that something is glowing in SAM'S jacket pocket. He takes it out and SAM notices that the item glowing in his pocket is DEAN'S AMULET. DEAN and SAM stare at it and each other. SAM looks at his hands and the black veins cave cleared up.)

♫ I knew a man, who was long and tall, ♫

(MAC and the rest of the people exit the other room unaffected by the fog. The fog seems to have cleared up in the police station. SAM and DEAN stand up and look at the amulet again.)

♫ He moved his body like a cannonball. ♫

♫ Oh, Fare thee well, O, Honey, fare thee well. ♫


(METATRON is looking through the pages of CHUCK'S new manuscript with interest while CHUCK still sings.)


(SAM and DEAN walk outside the police station and they notice that the fog has cleared up. They both look at the amulet, which is still glowing. They walk down the steps.)

♫ 'Member one night, in the drizzlin' rain, ♫

♫ And around my heart I felt an achin' pain. ♫


♫ Fare thee well, O Honey, fare thee well. ♫

(METATRON looks at CHUCK after going through the manuscript with a surprised and touched look.)

♫ One of these days, and it won't be long, ♫

♫ You'll call my name and I'll be gone. ♫


♫ Fare thee well, O Honey, fare thee well. ♫

(DEAN and SAM notices that JAN is alive and the black veins are gone. JAN notices that ART is alive and he goes over to help JAN up. They embrace.)

♫ Fare thee well. ♫

(SAM and DEAN walk down the street and they notice someone helping one of the victims get up.)

CHUCK: You okay?

PEDESTRIAN: Thanks. (She runs over to her mom.) Mom! (She hugs her mom.)

(He turns around and they see that it is CHUCK. They look at the amulet, which is glowing in his presence. They realize that CHUCK is GOD. SAM and DEAN stare at CHUCK in shock and awe.)

CHUCK: (Walks over to SAM and DEAN.) We should probably talk.