15.01 Back and to the Future (transcript)

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15.01 Back and to the Future

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Directed by: John Showalter

Air Date: October 10, 2019


[scenes from 14.20, in the graveyard, Dean preparing to shoot Jack, Jack kneeling]
Dean: Me and Sam... we've killed just about everything there is. And Jack... he's just another monster.


[scenes from 14.01, Michael!Dean showing his true form, walking down the road, experimenting on monsters, from 14.04 Dean ducking a flying chainsaw, from 14.10 Michael!Dean handcuffed in the bunker]
Sam: Dean's gone. We have no idea if he's even still alive.

[scenes from 14.02, Dean appearing in the doorway and slumping over, no longer possessed by Michael]
Dean: Sammy, it's me.

[scenes from 14.02, Michael!Dean punching a mirror, from 14.10, locking Michael in the fridge in Rocky's Bar inside Dean's mind, and then 14.09 Michael!Dean snapping Kaia's spear]
Dean: I can feel him in my head. Michael gets out, that's it for this world.

♪Think in terms of bridges burned♪

[scene from 14.04, the possessed Panthro toy, from 14.03 Kaia beheading Michael's werewolves]

[scene from 14.06, Jack coughing blood]
Cas: Jack is lost without his grace.

[from 14.06, Jack collapsing]
Dean: Jack?

[scenes from 14.07, Cas attempting to heal Jack, voiceover from 14.08 of Cas explaining the spell to resurrect Jack, scene from 14.10 of Jack using his soul power to kill the monsters invading the bunker]
Cas: We need to use magic that will draw on your soul.

[scene from 14.14 of Jack drawing Michael out of Rowena]
Jack: I am a Winchester!

[scene from 14.15, in Jack's room]
Jack: You want to know how much of my soul I had to burn off to kill Michael.

Cas: Yes.

[scene from 14.10, Billie confronting Dean in his room about her books]
Billie: Dean.

[scenes of the Ma'lak box, underwater, and Dean trapped inside from 14.12]
Dean: There's only one way that this ends right.

♪They will rise and fall again♪

[14.12, Sam hugging Dean]
Sam: After all these years, you just throw in the towel?

Dean: Let's go home.

♪Everything must have an end♪

[scenes from 14.13, John appears in the bunker]
Dean: I do believe in us.

Dean: Dad?

[14.13, Dean, Sam, and John in the bunker kitchen]
Dean: None of this would've happened without you.

John: I am so proud of you boys.

[scene from 14.01 of Nick on his bed in the bunker, Lucifer rising in the Empty in 14.07]
Dean: Nick. He's trying to resurrect Lucifer.

[scene from 14.17, Jack killing Nick, running outside and accidentally killing Mary, attempting to resurrect her, and failing]
Nick: Aah!

♪Take it calmly and serene♪

Mary: Jack! Listen to me!

Jack: Leave me alone!

[scene from 14.18 of Mary's funeral pyre, from 14.14 of Jack's outstretched wings after restoring his grace. Voiceover from 14.19]

♪It's the famous final scene♪

Sam: Jack can't be killed.

[scene from 14.19, Dean shutting Jack in the Ma'lak box]
Dean: No, but he can be contained.

♪It's been coming on so long♪

[scene from 14.19–14.20 of Jack escaping the box with glowing red eyes, 14.20 Chuck back in the bunker talking with TFW]
Chuck: This is bad.

[scene from 14.20 of Jack yelling and flinging Sam, Dean, and Cas in anger]
Jack: You lied!

[Chuck in the bunker, creating the Equalizer gun]
Sam: Can you stop him?

Chuck: You can. With the Equalizer!

[Dean picks up the Equalizer, in the graveyard in 14.20]
Sam: He's been playing us.

Chuck: Fine. [he snaps his fingers and Jack dies]

[Sam shoots Chuck with the Equalizer and suffers the same wound, Chuck snaps again and it goes dark and graves begin erupting]
Chuck: That's the way you want it?

Sam: Aah!

♪It's been a long time since you smiled♪

[zombies circle around TFW cutting off their chance of escape]
Chuck: Story's over. Welcome to the End.

[Cas kneels over Jack's body]

♪Seems like oh, so long ago♪


[in the graveyard, the scene picks up where 14.20 left off, and the music continues uninterrupted from The Road So Far montage. TFW battle a zombie horde, as we zoom out from Jack's burned out eyes and the fighting rages on]

♪And now the stage has all been set♪
♪And the nights are growing cold♪
♪Soon the winter will be here♪
♪And there's no one warm to hold♪
♪Now the lines have all been read♪

Cas: Sam! Dean!

♪And you knew them all by heart♪
♪Now you move toward the door♪

[Cas picks up Jack's body and runs, leading the way out of the zombie fight. Sam and Dean follow, dodging monsters and graves]

♪Here it comes the hardest part♪ ♪Try the handle of the road♪

Sam [spotting potential refuge]: Dean, this way!

♪Feeling different, feeling strange♪
♪This can never be arranged♪
♪From the famous final scene♪

[they close in on a building with a heavy wood and iron door, and the camera zooms in to...]



[interior, stone mausoleum in the graveyard, Sam and Dean barricade the door against the zombies as Cas carries Jack and lays him down on the floor. Outsize the zombies converge on the building, while inside TFW takes stock, examining the two rooms they're now trapped in. Dean looks down at Jack's body]

Dean: He didn't deserve this.

Sam: Cas, is he here? C-C-Can you... Can you... ?

Cas: I don't think so.

Dean: So, what? Chuck throws friggin' zombies at us now?!

Sam: I don't know if they're zombies, Dean. I think... I think whenever the souls came up from Hell that they... they just...

Deana: They what? Just jumped into the nearest body?

Sam: I guess, yes.

[the undead rattle the doors and the barricade looks precarious]

Dean: Is that thing gonna hold?

Sam: The doors are banded iron, so it... I hope.

Dean: Chuck... He said, "Welcome to the End." What... What does that mean? Cas? Come on, man! Ideas! Can you smite our way out of here?

Cas: No. You saw them. I would be overwhelmed, Dean. I... I don't know. They... They're ghosts, technically. Maybe... Maybe we can burn their bones?

Sam: Burn their bones? Cas, their bodies could be anywhere.

Dean: Great. So we go outside, we get ripped apart. We stay in here, w-what, starve to death?!

Cas: Well, I wouldn't starve.

Dean: Well, good for you. Good. Son of a bitch. Chuck. Man, I knew it. I knew he would do something like this. He's always so squirrelly, you know, with the... with the... the robe and the beard and... the smile that's, like, half-nice, half "I'm gonna rip your throat out." [mocking] "Oh, let me play you a song." Ugh!

[in the background, Sam goes to examine a part of the wall, kneeling down on the floor and pressing his ear to the stone]

Dean: What do you got? Sam.

Sam: You guys, I think hear water. There must be a-a drainage pipe or something.

Dean: Maybe a sewer line.

Sam: Yeah. Come on. Come on.

Dean: Yeah.

[Sam and Dean pry away the stone with the iron rods they'd been carrying as weapons, but behind the stone is a brick wall. They begin smashing it with their rods while Cas stands in the background watching them]

Dean: Cas, a little help here.

[one of the zombies crashes through the broken brick wall, and Cas lifts the stone slab and crushes it. The ghost possessing it flies away]

Dean: Well, so much for the pipes. What the hell are we gonna do now?

[They all turn around to find Jack standing, waving at them]

Not!Jack: Hello.

Sam: Jack? You're alive.

Cas: That's not Jack. That's a demon.

Sam: What?

Not!Jack: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Dean: How in the hell?

Not!Jack: Look, I just got here, and, uh, I needed a body, so...

Sam: So you're a demon.

Not!Jack: Yeah. Look. I-I'd do the whole eyes thing, but, uh, yeah, no eyes.

[Not!Jack wanders to a pile of rubbish left in a corner of the mausoleum and finds a pair of sunglasses and puts them on]

Dean: You... What the hell are you doing?

Not!Jack: Blending.

Cas: Get out of him.

Not!Jack: Uh, look, uh, I know it's weird. Okay? Uh, where do I start? Like at the first day of school. Uh, hi. Uh, my name is Belphegor. And, I'm, uh, here from...

[Cas grabs Belphegor and slams him against a post, holding his angel blade to his throat, growing angrier]

Belphegor: Ooh. Whoa.

Cas: I said get out of him.

Belphegor: Whoa. Whoa. Hey.

Cas: I'm not gonna ask again.

Belphegor: No. I can help. Okay? I can help.

Dean: Cas. Let him speak.

Cas: He's an abomination!

Belphegor: You're an abomination with that stupid, dumb trench coat.

[Dean pulls Cas off Belphegor]

Dean: Cas, Cas. Hey. Hey. We need the help.

Cas: He is defiling Jack's corpse!

Dean: But if he can help... Jack's gone, alright? So let's listen to what the demon has to say. If we don't like what he says, then we stab him.

Sam: Cas. Dean's right. Alright. So, we are...

Belphegor: The Winchesters. Uh, I know. I read the papers.

Dean: You have newspapers in Hell?

Belphegor: Yeah, the Wi-Fi sucks. Anyway, I'm guessing this whole, uh, Hellmouth thing is kind of, uh, you?

Cas: No. It was God.

Belphegor: Yeah. Sure. [he laughs, but TFW remains stoic] Oh, you're serious.

Sam: It's a long story. It... It...

Belphegor: Okay, okay. Look. I-I'm not some crossroad demon. I'm not even one of those black-eyed goons who crawled his way up here to eat, you know, virgins and puppies and, uh, virgin puppies. Look. Downstairs, I punch a clock. A soul comes in, I torment it. I-It's what I do.

Dean: What's your point?

Belphegor: The point is, I like my job. I like Hell the way it is... or... or was. So, all those bad guys? You want them back where they came from, right? Well, me too. Okay? We're... We're twinsies, guys.

Cas: Oh, we are not twinsies.

Sam: Can you fix this?

Belphegor: Um, no, but I can get you out of here.

Dean: How?

Belphegor: Ohh. Little spell. You know, nothing major. Alright. Uh... [he bends over and scoops up some dirt] Just need some graveyard dirt... and some, uh, angel blood.

Sam: Cas.

[Cas is surprised by this and very reluctantly cuts his hand and bleeds on the dirt. Belphegor dramatically claps his hands together and all the zombie noises at the door go silent]

Belphegor: Huh? You're welcome.

[they unbar the door and go outside, where all the previous zombies are now lying scattered around the ground]

Belphegor: Hey, it worked. High five.

Cas: The spirits have been destroyed.

Belphegor: No, I just, uh, blasted them out of those bodies. Yeah.

Dean: So where are the ghosts, then?

[interior, a teenage girl's bedroom, where two girls are playing dress up and listening to music]

♪ I need a boy made by Nicholas Sparks, hey ♪

Girl 1: So... how's this?

♪ Gimme, gimme all my dreams ♪

Rachel: Ooh!

Girl 1: Oh, my God. [she holds up her phone for Rachel to use the selfie camera as a make up mirror]

Rachel: Alright.

Girl 1: Oh, my God. That color looks so good on you.

Rachel: I know, right?

[the cell phone screen glitches and a bloody eye appears on screen for a moment, and then a ghostly hand appears in the mirror on the dresser]

♪ I need a boy with really soft hair ♪ ♪ ... run my hands through it and doesn't care ♪

Girl 1: I'm trying these next.

Rachel: Oh, okay. Oh, that's so cute. So, your mom just bought you this stuff?

Girl 1: Yeah. Since the divorce, she feels super guilty.

Rachel: Awesome. Divorce is awesome.

Girl 1: I know, right?

Rachel: Hm.

Girl 1: Rachel, you should try this.

[Rachel looks in the mirror, and her reflection changes, her eyes bleeding like victims of Bloody Mary. Her reflection flickers and becomes bloody Mary for a moment]

Girl 1: Rachel.

[Rachel screams, her face now bloody]


[Bloody Mary appears in the room, and the other girl screams]


[night, in the Impala, racing away from the cemetery, Sam researching on his tablet]

Belphegor: I mean, come on. I look good.

Dean: Anything?

Sam: No, not yet. I mean, the news, they didn't... It just... I'm not seeing anything about a-a worldwide zombie apocalypse.

Dean: So... Ghostpocalypse. Maybe it's just happening here.

Belphegor: Yeah. For now. I mean, the souls gotta go somewhere, right?

Sam: Yeah, how many are we talking about, by the way? Souls?

Belphegor: In Hell?

Sam: Yes.

Belphegor: Two, three billion.

[a horn honks, and they all share a worried look]

Dean: Alright. Let's just stick to the plan, alright? We head back to the bunker, figure out how to close the rift.

Belphegor: Yeah. If you can.

Dean: Well, you got a better idea?

Belphegor: I do not. But if you wanted to buy some time, you could always contain the ghosts.

Sam: Contain them how?

Belphegor: Magic.

Cas: And you just happen to know the right spell?

Belphegor: Lucky you.

Dean: What do you mean by "contain"?

Belphegor: Imagine a salt circle a mile wide. No ghosts get in, no ghosts get out.

Sam: Yeah. Great. Okay.

Cas: No. That town... Harlan, Kansas... is less than a mile from the cemetery.

Dean: Then we get everybody out.

Cas: How?

Dean: We lie.

[A car is abandoned on the road ahead, lights on, doors open, radio playing]

Sam: You see that? Pull over.

[Sam and Dean get out, guns drawn, and approach the car. It's empty but for some blood spatter]

♪ I'm in love with you ♪
♪ And I'm crazy 'bout the things you do ♪
♪ You're more to me than any pot of gold ♪
♪ You make me feel so good deep in my soul ♪
♪ It's too good to be true ♪
♪ That I'm in love with you ♪
♪ It's too good to be true ♪
♪ A sweet-hearted girl like you ♪
♪ And if you ever depart from me ♪
♪ I'd live on in misery ♪

Dean: There's no body.

♪ I can't believe that you're for real ♪

Dean: This look familiar to you?

Sam: Yeah. Looks like a woman in white.

Dean: Exactly.

[Sam has a series of flashbacks to 1.01, the original Woman in White case]

Sam: Dean, this could be our woman in white.

Dean: Dude. We sent her to Hell years ago.

Sam: Yeah, but she could be back.

♪ I can't believe that you're for real ♪

Dean: Well, if she's back, then they're all back. Every last one that we ever killed.

♪ The way you make my heart feel ♪
♪ And if you ever depart from me ♪
♪ See here, I'd live alone in misery ♪

Sam: Let's go.

♪ Whoa, ooh ♪

[At a nearby house, a party has been destroyed, food and decorations smashed, and blood smears everywhere. A terrified woman carries a little girl through the kitchen looking for a place to hide, while creepy laughter follows them from another room.]

Mother: Go in the garage. Okay... Okay. Okay.

Gacy Clown: I'm coming for you!

Mother: Okay. Stay here, baby. Okay? Stay here? You'll be okay? Stay here.

[she puts the girl down and tries the garage door button, but it won't open. She pulls the cord to manually open the door, but it breaks]

Gacy: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

[she looks out a window in the garage door and sees a man walking his dog. She pounds on the glass and yells for help]

Mother: Ahh... Help! Please help us! Please! Please, please, help us! Help! Help!

Gacy: Come play with me!

[the man doesn't hear her and walks past]

Mother: Please help. Please...

[She goes back to the girl while the clown laughs maniacally. They look for somewhere to hide, and then the clown appears in the garage]

Mother: Okay. Uh, it's okay. We're gonna be okay. Come on. Let's go this way.

Gacy: I know where you are!

[he prowls around the garage, holding a bloody knife, and frosts over the windows of a car]

[exterior, daytime, a busy town street. Sam gets out of the Impala wearing an FBI jacket and walks up to the sheriff, who's on the phone]

Sheriff: You don't have to move the dang tree. Just move the sign. All the problems gone.

Sam: Excuse me. FBI.

Sheriff: How can I help you?

[In the Impala, Dean, Cas, and Belphegor wait for him]

Dean: We can handle the evac, so why don't you grab Crowley Jr. here whatever he needs for his spell?

Cas: No.

Dean: What?

Cas: Dean, I can't. I-I... I can't even look at him. Um... I...

[Cas gets out of the car and joins Sam, talking to the Sheriff]

Sheriff: Well, I-I... Benzene?

Sam: The pipeline outside town. It sprung a leak.

Sheriff: W-What pipeline?

Sam: Sheriff, listen. The longer we stand here talking about it, the more people are gonna get sick. Now, the EPA is on its way, but we need to clear these people out ASAP.

Sheriff: Well, I suppose we could move folks up to the high school.

Cas: Where is that?

Sheriff: About five miles up 281.

Cas: Well, that's far enough.

Sam: Great. Get these people on the move. We'll go house-to-house. Come on.

[In the Impala, Dean puts the Equalizer gun into the glove box]

Belphegor: Uh, what's that?

Dean: Don't worry about it.

Belphegor: Okay. Cool. So, people are, like, crazy good-looking now, eh?

Dean: What?

Belphegor: I mean, the last time I was on Earth, I mean, I was human. Ah, it was a while ago. I mean, but, you know, we were all worshipping this giant rock that looked like a huge penis, and... Anyway, folks back then, you know? Had a lot of humps. I mean, a lot. Look at 'em now. I mean, look at you. I mean, you're, uh, you know, gorgeous.

Dean: What? Okay. When are you gonna get out of that body?

Belphegor: Eh, when I find another one. I mean, I would've jumped at the cemetery, but all those meat suits were a little too, uh, you know, wormy. Difficult to blend, if you will. Yeah. So, uh... who was... he, anyway?

Dean: He was our kid. Kinda.

Belphegor: Oh. Sorry.

Dean: Alright. So, what do you need for this spell?

Belphegor: You know, nothing much. Big bag of salt.

Dean: Easy.

Belphegor: And a... And a human heart.

[In a nearby neighborhood, Sam and Cas search, splitting up to look through separate houses]

Sam: Alright. I go left. You go right. See anybody, get 'em out. See a ghost, hit it with the rock salt.

Sam: Hello?

Cas: Hello?! Hello?

[Upstairs, Cas finds the two girls killed by Bloody Mary, and sees a flash of what happened to them, as he leaves the house Mary follows him in a mirror]

[Sam arrives in the garage, where the mother and daughter have hidden on a high shelf]

Sam: Hello? Anybody in here?

Mother: Here! Here. Up here.

Sam [coaxing the little girl down, he puts his gun down]: Okay. Come here. Just... Okay. Hey, it's okay. It's okay. I'm safe, okay? Come on. I gotcha. I gotcha. Come here. I gotcha. Here we go. Just, uh... There's your mom. Alright?

Mother: Oh, God. Thank God. Dead. They're all dead.

Sam: I know. I know. Shh. Just... I'm gonna get you out of here, alright? [to the little girl] Hey. You're gonna be okay, alright? Everything's gonna be fine.

[the mother screams as the clown appears behind Sam, but his gun is still on the shelf. Gacy slashes Sam with his knife]


[interior, garage, Sam's on the ground, wounded, and Gacy approaches slowly, singing off-key]

Gacy: ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

[Cas comes in behind him and shoots the clown with rock salt]

Cas: Sam.

[Exterior, town sidewalk, the Sheriff is clearing people out.]

Sheriff: Just head to the gym! I'll be right behind you! Move those people! Travis, I told you, you gotta get out of the chapel.

Dean [on the phone with Rowena as he walks away from the sheriff with a bag of salt]: Yeah. God. No. No. Rowena, we need your help, so move your ass. What? No, I'm not... Move your exquisite ass, please. Alright? Great.
[Dean returns to the Impala and hangs up with Rowena]
Dean: Here's your salt. Is there a problem?

Belphegor: What? Oh. No. I-I mean, uh... – I'm a fan.

Dean: Excuse me?

Belphegor: Yeah, I-I didn't want to say it in front of the other guys, but when you were in Hell, with Alastair, I, uh... I got a chance to watch you work. And, I mean, the things you did to those people, I mean, it wasn't torture. It was, um... It was art.

Dean: Yeah, but that was a long time ago.

Belphegor: Depends how you look at it.

Dean: So, with all this going on, what's it like down there?

Belphegor: In Hell?

Dean: Yeah.

Belphegor: You ever seen an ant hill when it's, like, set on fire? Okay, well, there we were, minding our own business, you know, flaying people for eternity, like you do, right? And then every door in Hell just sprang open all at once. You know? Souls got out. Sky cracked. And, uh, boom, ta-da, you know?

Dean: Wait. Every door? Even the Cage?

Belphegor: Yeah, even the Cage.

Dean: And Michael?

Belphegor: Well, last I heard, he was just sittin' there. Yeah, but if he got out, I mean... Ugh. I mean... he wouldn't hold a grudge, right?

[interior, the garage, Cas kneels beside Sam and heals him]

Cas: Stay still.

Mother: H-How?

Castiel: I'm an angel.

Mother: And the clown was...

Sam: A ghost.

Mother: And you're...?

Sam: Just a guy.

[Sam gets up, and his shoulder wound twinges]

Cas: Sam?

Sam: Yeah, I'm good. Just... Like, when I shot God...

Mother: I'm sorry. When you shot God?

Cas: It's a long story.

Sam: It's nothing. It's fine. It's just...

Cas: Sam. Let me see.

[Cas attempts to heal the Equalizer wound, and Sam sees flashes of himself with black eyes, hurting Dean]

Dean: Sammy, please.

[Cas staggers and Sam is shaken as he comes out of the vision]

Sam: Did you fix it?

Cas: No. I can't. There's... There's an energy in that wound that's... I never felt that before.

Sam: Well, like I said, it's fine.

Cas: Sam.

[Sam's phone buzzes, and the Sheriff is calling]

Sam: Sheriff?

Sam: Hey, uh, Agent. I'm, uh... I'm doing a final sweep, but looks like I got everybody.

Sam: Okay. Great. Just head to the school. I'll meet you there.

Sheriff: Copy that.

Sam [ushering everyone out of the garage]: Alright. We got to go. We got to go. Come on. Come on. It's okay. Come on. It's okay.

[exterior, town, the sheriff spots someone rounding a corner and follows]

Sheriff: Ma'am? Ma'am? You okay?

[he finds Constance Welch]

[exterior of the house, Sam, Cas, the woman and her daughter cautiously walk away, as Gacy watches from a window]

[exterior, town, Dean and Belphegor walk down the road]

Belphegor: So... about that heart.

Dean: Working on it. I'm thinking maybe we hit the morgue.

Belphegor: Hmm. Fresh, it'd be... it would be better.

[they hear a scream and run to find the sheriff lying bloody where Constance has killed him. Dean kneels down, upset.]

Belphegor: Hmm. Hm. Cool.


[exterior, neighborhood, Sam, Cas, and their charges walk down the empty street]

[exterior, alley, Dean and Belphegor beside the sheriff's body]

Dean: Son of a bitch.

Belphegor: Yeah. Yeah. Poor guy.

[he reaches into the sheriff's chest and pulls out his heart.]

Dean: Whoa!

Belphegor: Ahh. Well, got a heart.

[exterior, neighborhood. The little girl has stopped to look into a pond]

Mother: Baby, what... what are you doing? We got to go.

[Gacy appears in the middle of the road, and she screams, getting Sam and Cas's attention]

[alley, Dean breathes out a cloud of frozen air while Belphegor stands there holding the heart]

Dean: We need to move. Now.

Constance: I remember you. You took me home. [she attacks Dean, flinging him into a dumpster]

[neighborhood, Sam and Cas move toward Gacy]

Cas: It's just one ghost. [to the mother and girl] It's okay. Stay back.

[two more ghosts appear]

Cas: Just three.

[alley, Constance turns her attention to Belphegor]

Belphegor: Oh, hey. Look, okay? I barely even... I barely even know this guy, okay?

[neighborhood, Sam and Cas shoot the ghosts with rock salt, when one appears directly between them, Sam shoots it, but also shoots Cas]

Cas: You shot me.

[alley, Constance closes on Belphegor as he tries to stay clear of her, holding out a hand but not stopping her]

Belphegor: Hey, hey. Bad ghost. Bad. No. [Constance slashes his hand]

[neighborhood. Sam is on the ground as Gacy punches him in the face. Cas shoots another ghost going toward the mother and daughter, then is pinned from behind by another ghost]

[alley, Dean sneaks up behind Constance]

Dean: Hey, Casper. [he hits her with a metal rod and she disappears]

Dean: Spell. Now. Let's get the salt.

[neighborhood, Bloody Mary appears in the pond and jumps out to attack the mother and daughter, grabbing the mother's leg. She moves her daughter away, but is trapped]

Mother: Come on. Come...

[alley: dean pours a large bag of salt into a mound, and Belphegor places the heart on top]

Dean: We good?

Belphegor: We're good.

[intercut scene between alley and neighborhood where the fight looks hopeless as Belphegor works the spell]

Belphegor: Animi... infernorum... spiritus abyssi surrecti... defigo... vos intra confinia.

Mother: Come on.

[Cas gets free and begins shooting ghosts. He shoots Gacy, and Sam is free to shoot Bloody Mary]

Sam: Hey. It's okay.

Belphegor: Vinciamni!
[he slams his hand on the ground and a circle of red energy rushes out from the heart, through town, past Sam and Cas, forming an invisible wall at the edge]

Sam: You alright? Okay.

Mother: Okay.

Cas: Is that... ?

Sam: The spell. Alright. Let's go. Let's go.

[The ghosts reappear]

Cas: Sam!

Sam: Go. Get them across the line, Cas.
[he turns back to hold off all four ghosts alone]

Cas: Sam...

Sam: Go!

Cas: Come on.

Sam [to the ghosts, raising his gun]: Bring it. [his gun is empty, so he drops it an runs to catch up with Cas]

Cas: Sam!

Sam [to the little girl as he scoops her up] I got you. I got you. Come here. I got you.

[they run down the road, past the edge of the spell, where the ghosts are trapped. Gacy screams. Sam calmly sneers at him]

Sam: Shut up. Come on. Let's go.


[Dean, Sam, Cas, Belphegor, and the mother and daughter pull up to the school/emergency shelter]

Mother: So, what now?

Sam: Okay. You two go inside. We'll take care of the town.

Dean: And maybe don't tell anybody about the whole ghost thing.

Cas: Or the angel thing.

Sam: Yeah, that... that might freak them out.

Belphegor: Uh, "might"?

Girl [to Sam]: Thank you.

[Sam gets out to escort them into the shelter, leaving Dean and Cas by the car]

Sam: I got 'em. Here. Watch your step. Okay.

Dean [to Cas]: You okay?

Cas: Yes, but...

Dean: Good.

[Dean turns and walks away]

Belphegor: Wow! Awkward. Wanna talk about it or... ? [Cas walks away] Is that a no? That's a no.

[Dean meets Sam at the trunk of the Impala]

Dean: How are the locals?

Sam: They're asking a lot of questions about the evacuation. And, by the way, when this "gas leak" thing gets out, we have one, maybe two days before the real FBI shows up.

Dean: Yeah, no, I figured.

Sam: So what do we do now?

Dean: Right now we get you fixed up.

Sam: We what?

Dean: Chuck got shot and you got shot, right?

Sam: I'm fine.

Dean: No, no, no. Come on. We've been going nonstop. Let me see it. [Dean examines Sam's shoulder] There's no exit wound.

Sam: I know.

Dean: How bad does it hurt?

Sam: A little, not much.

Dean: Okay. Hey, do you remember when we were little? What I would do to distract you whenever I'd rip off a Band-Aid or something like that?

Sam: Yeah. You'd tell some stupid joke.

Dean: Yeah. Knock, knock. Come on. Knock, knock.

Sam: Who's... [Dean cleans the wound with alcohol before Sam finishes]

Dean: Still got it.

Sam: Yeah. So, when Chuck... God... said "This is the End," I guess this is what he meant.

Dean: Yeah, well. Screw him. He's been playing us this entire time. Alright.

[Dean offers Sam a bandage]

Sam: No.

Dean: Just when we thought we had a choice. You know, whenever we thought we had free will. We were just rats in a maze. Sure, we could go left. Sure, we could go right. But we were still in the damn maze. Just makes you think, if all of it... you know, everything that we've done... What did it even mean?

Sam: It meant a lot. We still saved people.

Dean: Yeah, but what for? You know? Just so he could throw another End of the World at us and then sit back and chug popcorn?

Sam: Maybe. Yeah, maybe. But... now he's gone.

Dean: You think?

Sam: That's what he does. He gets bored and... and... and... and pulls the ripcord. I mean, that's what he did with Apocalypse World and... and probably with all of them. He moves on, starts another story. But you know what? Good. 'Cause if he bailed, it's just us. For the first time. It's just us.

Dean: And about three billion ghosts.

Sam: Yeah, well, what's one more Apocalypse, right? But, seriously, if we win... When we win this, God's gone. Hm. There's no one to screw with us. There's no more maze. It's just us. And we're free.

Dean: So you and me versus every soul in Hell? I like those odds.

Sam: Yeah, me too.

Dean: Well, you know what that means. We got work to do.

[Dean shuts the trunk, and the scene shifts to him shutting the trunk at the end of 1.01]