15.02 Raising Hell (transcript)

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15.02 Raising Hell

Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner

Directed by: Robert Singer

Air Date: October 17, 2019


[clip from 14.20]

CHUCK: This isn't how the story is supposed to end.

DEAN: This isn't just a story. It's our lives! So God or no God, you go to Hell.

CHUCK: Fine! [snaps his fingers and Jack dies]


SAM: Hey, Chuck! [he shoots Chuck in the shoulder with the Equalizer, and collapses as he receives the same wound] Aah!

CHUCK: Story's over. Welcome to The End.

[clips from 14.20 and 15.01 in the graveyard as souls rise from Hell and possess bodies]

DEAN: What the hell is happening?!

CASTIEL: Souls from Hell.

[clip of the crypt from 15.01]

CASTIEL: That's not Jack. That's a demon.

DEAN: How in the hell?

BELPHEGOR: Uh, hi. Uh, my name is Belphegor.

CASTIEL: I said get out of him.

BELPHEGOR: No. I can help. If you wanted to buy some time, you could always contain the ghosts.

[clip from 15.01 of Belphegor's spell containing the ghosts]

SAM: Contain them how?

BELPHEGOR: Imagine a salt circle a mile wide. No ghosts get in, no ghosts get out.

SAM: Let's go.

[from 15.01, Sam and Cas flee outside the boundary of the spell, and the ghosts are trapped inside]


[EXTERIOR, NIGHT, at the barricade set up around the ghost containment spell perimeter, a woman with a scarf wrapped around her face sneaks into the quarantine area. She drops her keys, bends to pick them up, and is met by a man she recognizes]

NAN: Ugh.

[the man, Rob, startles her, but she's relieved to see a familiar face]

NAN: Oh. Rob. You didn't evacuate. And you seem to be breathing fine. You ask me, this whole "benzine leak" sounds phony. Everyone's been camped out at the high school for two days. I just snuck back to get Debbie's allergy meds. All this going on, and you know what she's worried out? That they'll cancel the school spelling bee. She studied her butt off for it. Do you, uh... Do you... Do you think they'll cancel the spelling bee? Rob? Rob?

[Rob says nothing, just walks up to her and stabs her multiple times. He'd been possessed by a ghost who then leaves his body and materializes as Rob's body collapses to the ground beside the woman]

GHOST: Disembowel. D-i-s-e-m-b-o-w-e-l. Disembowel.



[INTERIOR, the school cafeteria that's been set up as an evacuation center for the townspeople]

CASTIEL: I just don't know how much longer we can control them. I don't think they're buying the benzine story. I think... One man told me his wife, she's gone missing and...

SAM: Wait, wait. What? Who?

CASTIEL: He said her name was Nan.

SAM: Alright, we'll find her. [to another hunter on the scene] Will you tell the Hunters in the zone to keep an eye out?

HUNTER: Got it.

SAM: Thank you. [to Cas] Give me a minute.

[Sam walks up to front of the room and addresses everyone in the evacuation center]

SAM: C-Can I have your attention? 'Scuse me! Um, can I have... Excuse me! Can I have your attention, please? Great. First off, we expect to have you back in your homes shortly. Uh, EPA techs will be here tomorrow to determine the source of the elevated benzine levels and how to properly respond. In the meantime, it is essential you stay out of the quarantine zone until it's safe. Thanks. Okay. Any questions?

[nearly everyone present raises their hands. Sam and Cas look equally at a loss]

[EXTERIOR, at the quarantine perimeter, Dean patrols with Belphegor, and his EMF meter is going off like mad]

DEAN: Too much EMF. You can still see 'em, right?

BELPHEGOR: Yeah, there were some over there, but they spotted us and left. Not their favorite.

DEAN: So you were a dick to 'em in Hell, huh?

BELPHEGOR: No. I did my job. It's Hell. It's not a day spa.

DEAN: Can't believe I've teamed up with a demon again. Think I'd know better by now.

BELPHEGOR: Teaming up with a Hunter. I could say the same.

DEAN: Why are you helping?

BELPHEGOR: I told you, I like Hell the way it was. I'm a good soldier. Escape attempt, 11:00.

[Dean fires a salt round at the ghost, the same one from the cold open who enjoyed spelling and murder]

BELPHEGOR: Yeah. Eh, nice shot.

DEAN: Well, he hit the warding. At least that's still holding.

[another ghost bounces of the warding with red sparks]

BELPHEGOR: Mm. For now. I mean, the spell is... it's not gonna last forever, and these aren't your normal ghosty-ghosts, you know. They're more dangerous.

DEAN: Dangerous how?

BELPHEGOR: Well, I mean, that guy you just shot, it's Francis Tumblety.

DEAN: Who?

BELPHEGOR: Uh, "Jack the Ripper".

DEAN: Cool.

[INTERIOR, the evac center, daytime now]

DAVE: I did ask 'em again, Andy, and it is the same old runaround. "Doing everything they can".

ANDY: Right.

SHERRI: I just... What can we do?

DAVE: I don't know. There's somethin' goin' on in this town, okay? And it ain't the "benzine". Nan went out. She never came back. We're gonna get in there, and we're gonna find her.

ANDY: They got guys patrolling the town... guys with guns.

DAVE: There's not enough of 'em. The area's too big. Hey, we'll find a way.

[INTERIOR, a house inside the quarantine area, where the ghosts are holding a meeting similar to Sam's at the evac center]

TUMBLETY: Order. I will have order. Shut. Up!


TUMBLETY: I-I know you're all wondering why we were spit out of Hell and what's going on. Well, I have answers. It appears we were liberated by cataclysm at the hands of... Ready? ... God, Himself. Yes. I overheard it from the louts who hold us captive... Hunters.

WOMAN: How do you know they're Hunters?

TUMBLETY: I was just shot with rock salt. Wild guess. Further, the Hunters are being abetted by demons. I personally had an encounter with none other than Belphegor.

WOMAN: What do you suggest... "Doctor?"

TUMBLETY: Reach out to all the cowards who are hiding in the shadows and tell them to stand with us. Our strength is in numbers. We will find a way out of here.

MAN: But the warding...

TUMBLETY: Warding is a door. Doors have locks. Locks have keys, or they can be forced. But until we find a way, we make it as ugly as possible for those who stand guard.

[EXTERIOR, perimeter barricade patrol of two armed hunters passes by, the man with the missing wife (DAVE) and the woman from the evac center (SHERRI) emerge from a hedge and attempt to sneak past the barricade]

HUNTER: Yeah, I just want to make sure we're clear over there.

[the hunters leave, and they slip past the fence. They hear shouting, and then a gunshot from the hunters in the distance, but they continue on]


[DAVE and SHERRI come face to face with two ghosts who close in on them]

[INTERIOR, the operations office of the evac center, SAM adds information to their bulletin board]

CASTIEL: I just think we need to tell the family something. I mean, we found his wife's body.

SAM: Cas, we will. When we can.

CASTIEL: When we can?

SAM: Cas, we have people outside that door who are barely keeping it together. We start talking murder...

ROWENA: Knock knock! Am I interrupting something juicy?

SAM: No. Rowena, thanks for coming.

ROWENA: Samuel. Castiel. What? A town full of ghosts! Messy even by Winchester standards.

SAM: We're hoping you can help.

ROWENA: Can you boys do nothing on your own? Very well. What do you want?

SAM: Remember a couple years ago when we were trying to get rid of Amara?

ROWENA: God's sister, aye. Sticky business, that.

SAM: Hmm.

CASTIEL: You made a crystalline device... a bomb.

ROWENA: You want to blow up the ghosts?

SAM: No. No. No, no. But the "bomb" was powered by souls. Souls that were sucked into it.

ROWENA: Ah... and ghosts are nothing but souls. I hope you're not thinking...

SAM: Trap them in a crystal...

ROWENA: Samuel, no! That was so difficult. It took everything I had.

SAM: Yeah. Rowena...

JULES: Sam. We got a situation.

[EXTERIOR, inside the quarantine zone, Dean and Belphegor find Dave and Sherri from the evac center, standing there, silent]

SAM: Hey, what's going on?

DEAN: Guy's wife disappeared. I guess he came back in here looking for her.

SAM: Alright. Hey, uh, guys.What's happening? Uh, we're gonna have to ask you to leave this area and head back to the school.

[black ectoplasm oozes from the possessed people's eyes]

DEAN: Sam, they're possessed.

[Sam and Dean raise their guns, when Tumblety appears between the ghosts]

TUMBLETY: Clear the way. We're leaving. Open the warding. Now.

DEAN: Obviously that's not gonna happen.

TUMBLETY: We're not in the mood to argue. [he gestures at the possessed man, who begins to writhe in pain] His insides are being torn apart by the spirit possessing him. So sad.

[Sam and Dean advance on him anyway and raise their guns again. The woman now begins to hunch over in agony]

TUMBLETY: That's far enough. Stop. The warding. Now!

[someone else with a strange gun appears from the side and fires metallic confetti at the two possessed people. The ghosts are banished, and Tumblety flees. It's Ketch.]

KETCH: Hello, lads.


[INTERIOR, the hunter office at the evac center, Dean hands out beers to everyone]

SAM: Okay. Ketch, how are you here?

KETCH: Oh, I-I just happened to be in the area when you sent out word looking for help with your little... situation.



DEAN: Right, well. That's... Lucky us. [he points at Ketch's strange gun] What is that?

KETCH: Uh, it fires iron flakes, expelling ghosts without harm to the possessed victim, courtesy of the British Men of Letters. I lifted it along with a few other... toys when I left.

ROWENA: [to Dean] Dear? I'd prefer a wee shot of Scotch... if you have it handy.

KETCH: Ah, a witch with fine taste. Rowena, I do hope there's no hard feelings still after our initial introduction. My people were holding you prisoner and...

ROWENA: But you let me escape, and I haven't forgotten.


DEAN: Rowena's working on a little gadget that vacuums up souls.

KETCH: Oh. Fascinating.

ROWENA: It's what I do.

SAM: Yeah, problem is... ghosts keep coming and the warding we put up is only gonna last so long, so... all hands on deck.

KETCH: Right.

BELPHEGOR: Streets are quiet. Which just means they're planning their next move.

KETCH: Jack?

BELPHEGOR: Um, no. I get that a lot.

KETCH: So, Jack is...

SAM: Dead. Jack is dead.

DEAN: Killed by God. I guess kid got under His skin.

BELPHEGOR: And now I'm under Jack's. Yeah, literally. Belphegor's the name.

KETCH: You're Belphegor? And you're assisting Sam and Dean with this whole ghost business? This is awkward.

DEAN: What?

KETCH: Well, truth be told, in my current employment as a freelance contractor, I was asked to, um, assassinate the demon Belphegor.

SAM: You're not here to help?

KETCH: Well, I certainly am now. I was told that Belphegor was a monstrous threat to humanity. Apparently not correct, yes, hmm?

SAM: Who told you that?

KETCH: An attractive female demon named...


KETCH: She doesn't like you.

SAM: Point is... Don't kill him, alright? We need him.

DEAN: For now.

[INTERIOR, hotel suite in Reno. AMARA lies on a table wrapped in a sheet, getting a massage]

AMARA: Hmm. Nice touch, Kimiko. Feel free to go deeper. [Kimiko's hands are replaced by Chuck's who presses harder on Amara's temples] Oh, oh, maybe not that deep. [Amara opens her eyes and sees Chuck, and jumps away] Whoa! You!

CHUCK: Hi, sis.

AMARA: Did you smite my masseuse? [Chuck shrugs] Oh, my... We agreed to give each other space.

CHUCK: I know. I'm totally on board with that. Truly, I am. I just felt like, you know, checking in. We are family. You're the darkness. I'm the light. So, how about the "Game of Thrones" ending? Pretty great, right?

AMARA: Small talk? Really? Why are you here?

[INTERIOR, the evac center, where Andy confronts Cas about his missing friends]

ANDY: First Nan went missing. Now Dave and Sheri.

CASTIEL: We are looking for them everywhere.

ANDY: You said you'd keep us safe.

[Cas has no better answers for him. He pauses, closes his eyes for a moment, and then walks away]

[INTERIOR, a back hallway at the evac center]

DEAN: This is quite the list of ingredients. Hope you got an Amazon account.

ROWENA: Prime. The trap requires a tricky bit of spellery. I need what I need. Even then, no guarantee.

DEAN: Well, you're the mad scientist.

ROWENA: So, uh, tell me about Arthur Ketch.

DEAN: Seems like you've met.

ROWENA: That was more of a torturer-torturee relationship. Fun, but I didn't really get to know him.

DEAN: Rowena, we have ourselves a crisis on our hands, okay? Find yourself another boy toy. You don't want to get involved with Ketch.

ROWENA: Don't I?

[Dean goes into the office, and then Cas arrives]

DEAN: Hey.

CASTIEL: Yeah, hey. Dean, I recognize that I... dropped the puck.

DEAN: Ball. It's, uh... It's "dropped the ball".

CASTIEL: Ball, right. I didn't tell you about Jack, and then after what happened with your mother...

DEAN: Don't.

CASTIEL: You're angry.

DEAN: Yes, I am angry. At everything. All of it.

CASTIEL: All of it?

DEAN: This mess... all the messes. It turns out that we're just hamsters running in a wheel our whole lives. What do we have to show for it, huh? Tell me you don't feel conned. God's been lying to you, Cas, forever. You bought into the biggest scam in history.

CASTIEL: You don't think I'm angry? After what Chuck did? After what he took from me? He killed Jack. But that doesn't mean it was all a lie.

DEAN: Really?

CASTIEL: Chuck is all-knowing. He knew the truth, he... he just kept it to himself.

DEAN: Well, now that his cover's blown, everything that we've done is for what? Nothing?

CASTIEL: Even if we didn't know that all of the challenges that we face were born of Chuck's machinations, how would we describe it all? We'd call it "life". Because that's precisely what life is. It's an obstacle course, and maybe Chuck designed the obstacles, but we ran our own race. We made our own moves. And mostly, we did well with that.

DEAN: Did we? I'll tell you what we do know. Nothing about our lives is real. Everything that we've lost, everything that we are is because of Chuck. So maybe you can stick your head back in the sand, maybe you can pretend that we actually had a choice. I can't.

CASTIEL: Dean. You asked, "What about all of this is real?" We are.

[EXTERIOR, night, inside the quarantine zone, DEAN hands KETCH a chain necklace]

DEAN: Oh, here. Almost forgot. You're gonna wanna wear this.

KETCH: Um... not really... me.

DEAN: Neither is possession. It's iron. Put it on.

KETCH: Mm-hmm. So, based on what you're telling me, the enemy is actually... God?

DEAN: Yeah, go figure. You guys didn't come up with a cool weapon for Him, did you?

KETCH: No. God was always more... theoretical... more rumor than fact.

DEAN: Hmm.

KETCH: So, um... Tell me about the witch.

DEAN: Aw, come on. What is it with you two?

[Dean's phone beeps and he checks his messages]

KETCH: What?

DEAN: Trouble. Two Hunters haven't checked in.

[INTERIOR, Harlan Meat Packing Company, an apparently abandoned packing plant. Dean and Ketch explore with flashlights, when a door slams somewhere in the building]

DEAN: That's not good. Ben? Frankie?

[Ketch and Dean are attacked by a ghost with a hatchet. She moves to hack on Ketch, when a creepy voice from a shadowy figure behind a plastic curtain stops her]

KEVIN: Stop it! Stop! Get out. Now!

[The ghost leaves. The figure emerges from behind the plastic curtain. It's Kevin]

DEAN: Kevin?


[INTERIOR, Harlan Meat Packing Co.]

DEAN: I don't believe it.

KEVIN: Yeah, I was gonna meet up with you guys sooner, but I... kinda just got here. [to Ketch] Kevin Tran. Former prophet...

KETCH: Arthur Ketch, uh... former assassin. Mostly.

DEAN: What are you... What are you even doin' here? You're supposed to be in Heaven.

KEVIN: Yeah, not so much.

DEAN: Chuck said he was sending you to Heaven.

KEVIN: Yeah, what he said, not what he did.

KETCH: Wait, he lied? For what? Kicks?

DEAN: Turns out, God's a dick. Look, it doesn't matter. We are going to get you to Heaven, okay? Right after we shove all these ghosts back down.

KETCH: At least the town is warded.

KEVIN: Yeah, but it's fading. I can feel it.

KETCH: So, the others feel it, as well?

KEVIN: Uh, not sure. But if they do, you've got a lot of problems.

DEAN: What, your... your... your pals know that you, me, and Sam have history? I mean, you did just yell at 'em and saved my ass.

KEVIN: I yell at 'em all the time. They take it. Since God himself cast me down, I've got kind of a bad-boy rep.

DEAN: Oh. That means you can mingle.

[INTERIOR, Amara's hotel room, Chuck is sprawled on the sofa flipping channels on the tv while Amara does yoga]

[TV VOICES, as Chuck changes channels, and then turns it off: (a nature documentary of elephants) It's way older than five... (a cooking show) Vegetables and herbs are finely chopped, added to a sexy pastiche of fragrant tripe. (an auto race) Passing now is Kirk. Now it...]

CHUCK: I called room service like an hour ago. How long's a burger take?

[Amara ignores him and continues her yoga]

CHUCK: You know... That, uh... little retreat of ours, it taught me how priceless our relationship is. And, you know, since I'm on an extended break from my omniscient benevolence, why not use the time to deepen what we have? So, you know, why not drop by another dimension? Check it out. Maybe start a new species? Huh? You know? A family project. Sound good?

AMARA: I'm... fine. I am running a hot streak in craps. I like Reno. Everyone here is so not... you.

[she slowly turns around, studying Chuck curiously]

CHUCK What? Do I have a booger?

AMARA: Interesting. What... is it?

CHUCK: I don't know.

AMARA: You need me.

CHUCK: Of course I need you, Amara. You're my big sis.

AMARA: You've never needed me. What... is going on? Oh. Oh, there it is... Hm. Your shoulder.


AMARA: Something happened. You're not complete. You're not at full strength. And you're afraid.

[EXTERIOR, the quarantine zone, Sam and Dean patrol]

SAM: Okay, look, it's great to have Kevin around... even Ghost Kevin... but do you think it's safe having him do what he's doing?

DEAN: No. No. I mean, none of this is safe for any of us, but if he can give us some information, you know...

[Sam and Dean stop walking and turn around, and find Belphegor behind them]

DEAN: Would you stop sneaking up on us?

SAM: Hey, we just heard from a reliable source that the warding is fading.

BELPHEGOR: Yeah. Sure, sure. Like... Like I said it would. I guess I just assumed you two pros woulda wrapped it up by now. What can I say? Goofy optimist.

DEAN: Okay, meanwhile, we're gonna need you to charge her back up.

BELPHEGOR: Oh... Yeah, if only. Sorry, guys. It was a one-time thing.

SAM: Well, Kevin says the ghosts may sense its weakness.

BELPHEGOR: Oh, "Kevin says"? Kevin Tran? Whiny Kevin Tran? Ugh. Typical millennial.

DEAN: Kevin's not even supposed to be in Hell, okay, so when this is all over, we're gonna send him up in Heaven where he belongs.

BELPHEGOR: Yeah, yeah, not gonna happen. Souls cast down to Hell? That's the end of it. Heaven can't take 'em.

SAM: That's not true. Our dad made it to Heaven after he was in Hell.

DEAN: And Bobby Singer.

BELPHEGOR: So God made an exception. Didn't he used to like you two? Just saying. Without the big guy... them's the rules.

[INTERIOR, Amara's hotel room, Chuck examines the wound in his shoulder in the mirror. He pokes at it and flinches, at the same moment Sam flinches as his matching wound twinges]

DEAN: Still with the shoulder?

SAM: I'm okay. It's getting better.

[Dean does not appear to believe that]

[INTERIOR, the ghost meeting house inside the quarantine zone]

MAN: I felt it.

TUMBLETY: Yes, yes, I felt it, too. The warding that surrounds us is indeed beginning to falter.

MAN: So, we just hang loose for a while, then when it fails, we just stroll outta here.

TUMBLETY: No, I say we seize the moment. Use our collective strength. We find the most vulnerable point in the warding, mass our power, and break through now. Then back to all the fun that sent us to Hell in the first place.

WOMAN: We can't be the only ones noticing the wall's got issues. The Hunters will be workin' overtime to send us back.

[Kevin appears in the ghost meeting]

TUMBLETY: What have we here? Well, look who Hell just coughed up. Kevin Tran.

KEVIN: Yeah, so what? Answer the lady. What do we do about the Hunters?

TUMBLETY: Well, you tell me, Kevin. Aren't you privy to their plans?

KEVIN: Who, me? Are you kidding?

TUMBLETY: In Hell, I was never as impressed by you as my more gullible colleagues. I've heard demons say that in life, you were quite closely connected to the Hunters. To the Winchesters, in particular. Oh, you know how the Hellspawn are. All they talk about is Sam and Dean, Sam and Dean...

KEVIN: Okay. I've had enough of this.

[Kevin turns to leave, and is blocked by a large ghost]

MAN: Mnh.

[INTERIOR: Harlan High Athletic Department office Rowena is using as a magical lab]

ROWENA: I do like a left-brained man. Logic, cause and effect, calculations... very butch. It does, however, lack the more nuanced perspective of... the right brain.

KETCH: The, um... voodoo, booga-booga perspective.

ROWENA: One might welcome the coupling of both.


ROWENA: The dominating, analytical enforcer... you... and the pulsating, throbbing firebrand... me.


KETCH: Well, in the, um... spirit of... coupling... ... may I suggest a shortcut to your alchemy, one we used at the, um, British Men of Letters?


[she rolls her chair back from the desk, and Ketch cuts some wire, plugs it in, and shocks the spell ingredients]

KETCH: Right. Mm.


KETCH: I think you'll find you can skip the next two steps. The power of science.

ROWENA: But... if we were to marry the power of science with the power of magic, you might find we had a situation that was highly explosive.

[Rowena's phone rings, and she answers it]

ROWENA: Yes, Dean, what? Aye, it's almost there. But you can't rush these things. Fine, fine.

KETCH, leaving her to finish the spell: Right.

[EXTERIOR, the quarantine zone, Rowena hurries along carrying a carpetbag with her completed spell stone]

TUMBLETY: Rowena. Delicious to see you again.

ROWENA: Francis Tumblety! You're an unfaithful dog.

TUMBLETY: Oh? And you're Mary Poppins? You know I always thought of you as special. I gutted my other dates.

ROWENA: I told you centuries back, our liaison was finito, so let me pass.

TUMBLETY: What's in the bag, Red? Oh, don't tell me. You're working with the Hunters now? How sad. But perhaps there's a silver lining. You can deliver a message. Tell the Winchesters we have their boy, and we want to talk. 5879 Maple. We'll be waiting.

[Ketch appears with his confetti gun and distracts Tumblety]

KETCH: You there! Charm School. [to Rowena] Run.

[Ketch shoots Tumblety, but he materializes behind Ketch and clocks him over the head as Rowena runs away]


[EXTERIOR, the quarantine zone]

ROWENA: I got here as quick as I could. Mr. Ketch and I were attacked by ghosts. He may still be fightin' them.

SAM: Are you okay?

ROWENA: He... Francis said they have your boy.

DEAN: Kevin?

[Rowena nods]

DEAN: Did you bring the soul catcher?

SAM: Is that what you're calling it?

DEAN: I like soul catcher.

ROWENA: Whatever. There's been such a fuss, there's no telling if it works.

DEAN: Well, if it doesn't, nice knowin' all of you.

[INTERIOR, the ghost meeting house, Sam and Dean enter, demonstrating they're unarmed]

TUMBLETY: The Messrs. Winchester. I hope this encounter's more productive than the last one.

SAM: You said you wanna talk.

TUMBLETY: Indeed. The terms are quite simple. You shut down the warding. I won't devour Kevin whole.

DEAN: Well, here's our offer. You go to Hell.

TUMBLETY: Not what it's cracked up to be.

[Tumblety sticks his hand into Kevin's chest, siphoning off part of his soul]

TUMBLETY: Well, boys, what's it gonna be?

[Rowena and Cas come in the back door, surprising the ghosts with her spell, sucking them into the stone]

ROWENA: Capare!

[Tumblety and several of the other ghosts flee]

KEVIN: Thanks. I think my badass days in Hell may be over.

DEAN: Yeah, looks like. Nice work, Rowena.

ROWENA: Oh, it's not as powerful as the first one. A few ghosts at a time, I'm afraid. A lot of them got away.

SAM: So what now?

KEVIN: They have a backup plan... They know that the warding's been fading. They think if they mass all the ghosts at its weakest point, they'll be able to bust out.

DEAN: Well, where's its weakest point?

[EXTERIOR, the weakest point of the warding, where many ghosts are assaulting it, visible only as red flashes]

BELPHEGOR: So... not good.

DEAN: You can see 'em. How many of 'em are there?

BELPHEGOR: 100 at least. More keep coming.

[there's a rustling in the nearby bushes. Sam and Dean raise their guns, but it's Ketch]

KETCH: Easy. It's just me.

[Dean starts randomly firing salt rounds at the ghosts]

BELPHEGOR: Yeah, that's not gonna work. There... There's too many of them.

DEAN [to Rowena]: How 'bout it?

[she walks forward with the soul catcher]

ROWENA: Capare!

[souls begin to flow into the stone]

BELPHEGOR: It's working.

ROWENA: Capare!

[Ketch strikes Rowena, and picks up the stone]

DEAN: Ketch?

[he turns around, ectoplasm streaming from his eyes]

DEAN: Son of a bitch.

[Dean tries to shoot Ketch, but he's out of salt rounds]

KETCH: Oh, Dean. Did you run out? Wouldn't matter anyway. [to Rowena] And thank you. Thank you so very much.

ROWENA: Francis...

KETCH/TUMBLETY: The thing about souls is... they're almost pure power, so even with the few trapped inside your little gizmo here, I am in possession of a massively powerful weapon, one which I will happily use to blow open that warding.

[Dean shoots Ketch/Tumblety in the shoulder with iron bullets, catches the soul catcher as Ketch falls, and passes it to Rowena]

ROWENA: Capare! Capare!

[The remaining ghosts are captured]


[EXTERIOR, the road, now the ghosts are gone. An ambulance has arrived for Ketch]

CASTIEL: I tried to heal him, but it didn't work. I don't know why.

SAM: You're probably just tired, Cas. We all are.

DEAN: They're gonna get you fixed up. Sorry about the whole iron bullets. There just didn't seem to be another way.

KETCH: Oh, admit it. You've killed me once. You've been itching to do it again.

DEAN: Well, there's that. Take care, man.

[the ambulance drives away]

DEAN: Hey.

SAM: Kevin said he wants to leave.

DEAN: "Leave"? No. No, no, no. We... We gotta get you into Heaven.

KEVIN: How? Belphegor says... I've been in Hell. Heaven can't let me in.

SAM: Kevin, being a ghost with nothing to hold you... anywhere... that would be a terrible way to exist.

DEAN: That's true.

KEVIN: Look, I got two options... Hell or Earth. In one, I get tortured for eternity. In the other, I might go crazy. Guess I'll take door number two. I won't go back to Hell. Maybe... I know Belphegor can't power up the warding... but maybe he can make just a bit of it dip? You know, for a minute. E-Enough to let me out.

SAM: I'm sorry, Kevin. I wish there was some way to make this right.

KEVIN: Me, too, but there isn't. And sometimes, you just gotta accept that. Besides, I'm better off than I was and... I mean, there's a whole world out there.

BELPHEGOR: Would you come on, already?

DEAN: Take care, Kev.

KEVIN: I love you guys.

[Belphegor opens a hole in the warding, and Kevin waves goodbye and disappears]

[INTERIOR: Amara's hotel room, she's all dressed up and wearing sunglasses]

CHUCK: Going somewhere?


CHUCK: Great. Where we headed?

AMARA: Alone. I'm going alone.

CHUCK: Amara, we've been all through this. We belong together.

AMARA: Yes. Yes, yin, yang, balance of nature. I am willing to coexist with you, brother, in the universe. Just not, you know, anywhere near you.

CHUCK: Hey, don't test me. I front the group. You sing backup.

AMARA: Oh, really? Because you're "God"?

CHUCK: Amara, just...

[Chuck reaches out to grab her]

AMARA: Don't. Even on your best day, you couldn't force my hand. And this is not your best day. In fact, I don't think you can do much of anything. Ah, a few parlor tricks, perhaps, but you can't leave this world, not without my help. And me? I'm done, Chuck. I've changed. I've adapted. I've... I've become the better me. And you? You are still the same... petulant, narcissistic. So... I'm leaving you here. Once, long ago, you sealed me away. Now, in a way... I'm doing the same to you. You're trapped, diminished, abandoned. So I guess you got what you've always wanted. You're on your own.

[EXTERIOR, outside the quarantine area, Rowena and Cas watch as more souls escape the rift]

DEAN: What's going on?

BELPHEGOR: They just keep coming. Soon, they're gonna overrun us. Again. Once my spell comes crashing down...

ROWENA: My little toy isn't strong enough to handle all this. We have to find another way. Before it's too late.

SAM: Alright, then that's what we'll do.

DEAN: How?