15.07 Last Call (transcript)

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15.07 Last Call

Written by: Jeremy Adams

Directed by: Amyn Kaderali

Air Date: December 5, 2019


[clip from 15.06]

SAM: You ever feel like you're the punchline to some cosmic joke?


[clip from 15.03, in the graveyard, and then in the bunker]

DEAN: What the hell were you thinking?

CASTIEL: I think it's time for me to move on.

[clip from 15.06]

DEAN: Sam's been trying to call you.

CASTIEL: I know.

[clip from 14.20, and then 15.04, intercut scenes of Sam and Chuck experiencing pain in their matching wounds since 14.20]

SAM: When I shot Chuck, the bullet wasn't a bullet. It w... it was a piece of me. So, what if it created a-a link of some sort?

[clip from 15.06]

SAM: Eileen, we can bring you back.


[EXTERIOR, TEXHOMA, TEXAS, night, in an otherwise deserted parking lot of B's Sugar Bar. One woman supports her drunk and staggering friend as they walk to the only car in the lot.]

ANGELA: All right, we're almost there.

SALLY: You're so good to me, Angela.

ANGELA: Mm-hmm.

SALLY: What would I do without you? Hmm? What would I do without my best friend?!

ANGELA: Okay, Sally, okay, let's... let's just get you home.

SALLY: - Or...


SALLY: ... Ryan said there was an after party at his house.

ANGELA: No, no, no. No more after parties. No more drinking. No more guys.

SALLY [holding a hand up to her mouth]: Uh-oh.

ANGELA: Sally?

[Sally runs across the lot and is sick in the bushes, while Angela gets in the car to wait for her.}

ANGELA: Great. Purge your sins. Then we'll get you home.

[as Sally is sick, Angela struggles against someone inside her car, and is overpowered. When Sally turns back around a few moments later, Angela and the car are both gone]

SALLY: Angela? Angela?!

[INTERIOR, a dimly lit basement. Angela is tied to a chair, and an IV tube runs from her arm to a heavy door with a grated window, behind which something stirs]

ANGELA: Hello?

[Angela struggles to get free, and whatever is behind the door growls and paces as her blood drips into its cage. The monster grabs the bars and growls at her, and Angela screams]



[INTERIOR, Dean's room at the bunker, he sits in bed searching for something to hunt on his phone, scrolling through positive news stories with nothing out of the ordinary]

DEAN: Anything? Crop circles? Body without a heart? Anything? Come on, Internet.

[Dean stopps scrolling on a story headlined, "My Friend Was Raptured While I Was Drunk," below a photo of Angela, from the cold open]

DEAN: Oh, hello. Yeah.

[INTERIOR, the bunker's kitchen, Dean comes in to find Sam and Eileen cheerfully preparing a massive breakfast]

SAM: It's never enough food.

DEAN: Hey.

SAM: Ho-ho!


SAM: Look who's alive.

DEAN: Yeah, mostly.

SAM: You hungry? We have, uh, eggs, pancakes, bacon.

DEAN: That real bacon? 'Cause, you know, you...

[Dean looks at Eileen, and she gives him a knowing smile]

DEAN: Are you two hungover?

EILEEN: We might've gotten just a little carried away with the margaritas last night.

DEAN: Ho-ho! I knew I liked you.

EILEEN: Sit. Eat.

DEAN: No, no. Uh, nah, I can't.

SAM: W-W-Wait, wait. Wait. You're turning down bacon?

DEAN: Mm, yes, yeah, I'm actually... I'm gonna head out.

SAM: Okay, fine. Just give us a second to wrap this up, and we'll come with you.

DEAN: No, no, no. No. I'm... I'm... I'm good. You guys stay, eat. It smells terrific.

[Dean leaves the room, and Sam, concerned, follows him out into the hall]

SAM: Hey, Dean. Dean, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just hold on. Slow down.

DEAN: No, I'm good. I'm good.

SAM: You're good? W-What does that mean you're...

DEAN: It means I got to... I got to get out of here, okay? I just... I got to... I'm gonna take a drive, clear my head.

SAM: Alone?

DEAN: Yeah, you know, you and Eileen, you guys are having fun. I don't want to spoil that, you know?

SAM: Yeah, go, go. Clear your head. Eileen and I have stuff to do.

DEAN: Yeah, I'll bet you do. Yeah? Hmm?

SAM: It's not like that. I-I-I meant looking for Chuck and Lilith and...

DEAN: Sure. Got it. Um, okay, but if, uh, things go your way, just make sure you put the sock on the door so I know.

SAM: Call me if you need me.

DEAN: Always do.

[Sam returns to the kitchen]

EILEEN: Is he okay?

SAM: I think. It's funny. After everything with Chuck, uh, Dean was so... down I-I-I thought he wouldn't get back up again, but... but now, him leaving? That's progress. Right?

EILEEN: Yeah, it is.

[EXTERIOR, parking lot of the Texhoma County Sheriff's office]

DEAN: Excuse me, Sheriff.

SHERIFF DILLON: May I help you?

DEAN: Agent Dukes.

SHERIFF DILLON: Dukes? Like "put up your dukes"?

DEAN: Exactly.

SHERIFF DILLON: Sheriff Dillon.

DEAN: Good to meet ya. Listen, I'm looking into the disappearance of Angela Sullivan.

SHERIFF DILLON: Disappearance?

DEAN: Mm-hmm.

SHERIFF DILLON: Uh, I wouldn't go that far.

DEAN: No? Why not?

SHERIFF DILLON: Well, for one, Angela's car is gone. Cars don't usually disappear unless they're being driven somewhere.

DEAN: Okay, so you think what?

SHERIFF DILLON: That girl wasn't taken. She left on her own.

DEAN: You sure about that?

SHERIFF DILLON: Look, this is a small town. Angela's mom and dad passed a few years ago, but even before they did, she was talking about moving to L.A., trying to get on one of them competition shows, like the one with the "Knight Rider."

DEAN: Right.

SHERIFF DILLON: It happens. Kids usually last about a week before they return. I stayed there a whole month. Oh, they don't know what they missed. I could've been the next Denzel. Huh?

DEAN: All right. Uh, why would her friend report her missing?

SHERIFF DILLON: I don't know. For the attention. Sally's got issues.

DEAN: What kind of issues?

SHERIFF DILLON: The kind that keep her over at Swayze's Bar just about 24/7.

DEAN: Swayze. Sheriff, thank you for your time.


DEAN: Okay.

SHERIFF DILLON: Oh, Agent Dukes?

DEAN: Yeah?

SHERIFF DILLON: Hollywood ain't that far. You could catch Angela there. While you're at it, you could give show biz a shot for yourself. You've got the look.

DEAN: All right.

[Dean gives the sheriff an awkward smile and walks to the Impala, turning around to give the sheriff one last disbelieving glance]

[EXTERIOR: Dean pulls the Impala into the Swayze's Bar parking lot at night. Loud music can be heard from inside the bar. INTERIOR: Swayze's bar, a band performs on stage as Dean makes his way through the crowd]

♪ So you're tired and you're beat ♪
♪ And you worked all week ♪
♪ And you need a place you can let it go ♪
♪ Where the girls go wild and the boys play hard ♪
♪ And you need a little more than just the radio ♪
♪ Well, here's your open invitation ♪
♪ With just a couple regulations ♪
♪ Let me warn you, son, only come to have fun ♪
♪ We don't take kindly to serious ♪
♪ So before you come in here with some kind of attitude ♪
♪ You better read the house rules ♪

[Dean is approached by a woman, Lorna, carrying a basket]

LORNA: Hey, there.

DEAN: Nice place.

LORNA: Best beer and wings in the world.

DEAN: I'll be the judge of that.

LORNA: Sure you will, handsome. But first, hand it over.

[she holds out the basket, waiting for Dean to drop something inside]

DEAN: My gun?

LORNA: This is Texas, sweetheart. You can keep your gun. Cellphone. Ain't a party if everyone's on their phone.

DEAN: All right.

[he drops his phone in the basket atop a pile of other phones]

DEAN: Looking for someone.

LORNA: Oh, but I think you found her.

DEAN: Yeah. Sally Anderson. Have you seen her?

LORNA: Not yet, but it's "two for Tuesday." She'll show up.

DEAN: Thank you.

LORNA: Mnh-mnh. Thank you.

♪ So before you come in her with some kind of attitude ♪

DEAN: Ooh.

[as Lorna leaves, she slaps Dean's backside, and Dean turns around and notices the man singing on stage. He has a long moment of shocked recognition as he remembers his old friend]

♪ Boy, before you come walkin' in here ♪
♪ With any kind of attitude ♪
♪ You better read the house rules ♪
♪ You better read the house rules ♪

[the song ends, the audience claps as Lee high fives his drummer and then jumps off the stage, and Dean mutters to himself as he makes his way to Lee]

LEE: Huh? Right there.

DEAN: Lee Webb.

WOMAN: Hey, honey. Hi.

LEE: [hugging the woman in greeting] Oh, hey. You like that?

DEAN: Son of a bitch.

LEE: Dean frigging Winchester.

[Dean and Lee stare each other down for a few tense moments, before they both grin and clasp hands and Lee pulls him into an enthusiastic hug]

LEE: I'll be damned. Man, come in here.

DEAN: The hell are you doing here?

LEE: What am I d... I own this joint, man. What are you doing in here?

DEAN: Working a case.

LEE: You're still Hunting, huh?

DEAN: Well, yeah.

LEE: Dean Winchester. Unbelievable. Hey, uh, Lor... Lorna? Lorna! Lorna! Hey, can we get a co... couple of beers for me and my... and my boy here? [to Dean] You got time, right?

DEAN: Always.

LEE: All right.

DEAN: You own the place?

LEE: Come on, dude.

[Lee throws an arm around Dean's shoulders and laughs as he leads Dean to a table]

DEAN: You sound good.

[INTERIOR, the bunker library, Sam and Eileen pour over stacks of books in silence]

EILEEN: My brain is just, like, melting.

SAM: Yeah. Me, too.

EILEEN: I need a break, and so do you. Why don't we do something fun?

SAM: Yeah. Um... ideas?

EILEEN: I mean, a few.

[She gives him a coy smile, but it takes Sam a moment to figure out what Eileen is suggesting, but he eventually takes her hand, just as the front door to the bunker opens and closes and Cas enters]


SAM: Cas? Wh... What in the world, man? Where have you been? I-I've been calling you and texting...

CASTIEL: I know. I was... Well, it doesn't matter. I'm here now. I'm ready to help.


SAM: Yeah, uh, Cas, this is Eileen Leahy. Eileen, this is Cas.

[Cas gives her a confused and concerned once over]

CASTIEL: I thought you were...

EILEEN Dead? Yeah, I got better.

SAM: Uh, one-time thing.

CASTIEL: Well, where's Dean?

SAM: He went for a drive. He needed to clear his head. So we've been looking for signs of Chuck and Lilith.

CASTIEL: Lilith?

SAM: Yeah, uh, she's back.

CASTIEL: Have you found them?

EILEEN: Not yet.

CASTIEL: It's because you're looking in the wrong places.

SAM: What do you mean? Have you heard something on angel radio, or...

CASTIEL: No, no. It's been silent for months. But your wound... it's still not healed?

SAM: No.

CASTIEL: Good. I've been thinking about that gun, the, uh... the Equalizer? When you shot God, it fired a piece of your soul.

SAM: Okay.

CASTIEL: So there may be some of you inside Chuck.


[INTERIOR, Swayze's Bar, Dean and Lee sit at the bar, drinking]

LEE: Oh, tell me, brother...


LEE: ... how's the old man?

DEAN: He died. Yeah, 13 years ago. But, hey, he was doing what he loved the most... kicking ass and taking names.

LEE: Yeah. I'm sorry, man.

DEAN: I appreciate that.

LEE: I always liked that crusty son of a bitch.

DEAN: Yeah.

LEE: You remember that time he caught us wasted on a Hunt? Hm? He was so mad, I-I thought he was gonna have an aneurysm.

DEAN: Oh, man, but I tell you what. He always liked you. He always liked you. In fact, he said that he'd never seen anybody better in a fight, and that is high praise coming from my old man.

LEE: To John Winchester.

DEAN: Hey, thank you.

LEE: Yeah, yeah.

DEAN: Man, so I don't think I've seen you since Sammy was in college.

LEE: Right.

DEAN: I mean, hell, I-I thought you were...

LEE: Dead?

DEAN: Well, I mean, that's usually how this ends, isn't it?

LEE: Yeah.


LEE: You remember that cult thing we did in Arizona?

DEAN: Oh, yeah. I remember that.

LEE: Yeah. Well, I did one more case after that, right around here, and... I decided that wasn't the life for me anymore. I scrounged up what I could, and I bought this joint. Living the dream.

DEAN: Let me ask you something. You ever regret it, walking away?

LEE: Not once.

[INTERIOR, the bunker's infirmary]

SAM: Cas, are you sure about this?

CASTIEL: No, but I am sure I can't heal the wound. Maybe I can probe it.

SAM: Probe it?

CASTIEL: Study it, see if it can lead us to Chuck.

EILEEN: Is that dangerous?

CASTIEL: Probably.

SAM: All right. Let's do it.

EILEEN: Sam...

SAM: I'll be fine. I'm ready.

CASTIEL: This is gonna sting.

[Cas holds out a glowing hand and probes the wound on Sam's shoulder. They both struggle to endure it.]

CASTIEL: Sam, are you okay?

SAM: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just, uh...

[A bright light flashes, and sends Sam flying back against the wall as Cas reels. Sam falls back to the bed, unconscious. Cas and Eileen rush to his aid.]






[INTERIOR: the bunker library, Cas sits at a table paging through a book while his phone rings. Dean's voicemail recording picks up]

DEAN [his recorded voicemail greeting]: This is Dean's other-other-other-other phone. Leave a message.

CASTIEL: Dean, I need you to call me back. Sam is hurt, and I... [Cas pulls his phone away from his ear and holds it in front of his mouth] Where are you?

[INTERIOR: Swayze's Bar. Dean's phone indicates a new voicemail from Cas, but it's still in the cellphone basket, while Dean sits at a table with Lee and Lorna, still drinking and sharing stories]

DEAN: Okay. One, three bottles of Jaeger is nobody's friend, and "B," they were twins.

LEE: Oh, no, no, no, no.


LEE: Whoa, no, they were not twins. They were triplets, uh, and we split them up fair and square.

DEAN: That's right. Triplets. Yeah. Yep.

[they toast and each drink a shot]

LORNA: Mm. Mmm.


[Lorna makes flirty eyes at Dean, but he is surprised, and brushes it off]

[INTERIOR, Sergei's trailer. His phone rings, and he answers it. Alternating shots between Sergei and Castiel in the bunker library on the phone.]

SERGEI: Castiel.

CASTIEL: Sergei.

SERGEI: I am surprised to hear your voice. After last time, I didn't think we'd ever do business again.

CASTIEL: I, um... I nee... I need your help. Sam Winchester's hurt.

SERGEI: And you, an angel of the Lord, are unable to heal him?

CASTIEL: This wound is unusual. It's divine.

SERGEI: Interesting.

CASTIEL: I figure, after Jack, you owe me.

SERGEI: And I'd love to pay my debt, but, unfortunately, this weekend, I'm with my niece. She just got a rolling scholarship at USC, and I promised to take her shopping, so...

CASTIEL: Let me rephrase. If you don't help me tonight, I will find you and burn you alive.

SERGEI: My, how your negotiation skills have improved.

[Cas disconnects his side of the call]

SERGEI: Castiel?

[Cas thinks for a moment, and then calls someone else]

CASTIEL: Hello? No. I need a favor.

[INTERIOR, Swayze's Bar. Dean and Lee are now alone at the table, and talk has turned to hunting]

DEAN: Ghost sickness.

LEE: Ghost sickness?

DEAN: Ghost sickness. Man, it was no fun. Everything was scary. This cat jumped out at me, had me checking my pants. I'm not joking. It was awful, man. Whew!

LEE: You haven't even told me what case you're working on, man.

DEAN: Oh. Right. So, a girl went missing. 'Course, the sheriff thinks it's nothing, right?

LEE: Yeah, well, the sheriff in this town couldn't find his ass with a flashlight and a map.

DEAN [showing Lee the newspaper clipping with Angela's picture]: You recognize her?

LEE: Mm, no.

LORNA: That's Angela, Lee. She's in here all the time.

LEE: Wait. Is this the girl that doesn't drink that much?

LORNA: That's the one.

LEE: But her friend?

LORNA: Like a fish.

LEE: Is like a fish.

DEAN: Huh.

LEE: What are you doing, man?

DEAN: What?

LEE: You're chasing missing persons, huh? I thought you'd be on to something bigger by now, like the Loch Ness Monster... Bigfoot.

DEAN: Trust me, uh, bigger doesn't always equal better. Besides, who's gonna look out after the little guy? God certainly isn't.

LEE: Damn, brother, that's dark.

DEAN: Yeah, it's been a rough, uh... it's been a rough decade, Lee.

LEE: Yeah.

DEAN: But that's a conversation for a different time, 'cause this, this right here, this is all right.

LEE: Well, I'm glad you approve. This is nothing you can't have, man.

DEAN: Oh, come on. Who's gonna kill the bad guys?

LEE: Somebody else. Dean, how many lives you think you saved, huh? Hundreds? Thousands? You deserve a break, bro. Hell, you might even deserve two.

[Lee gets up from the table as the band tunes their instruments]

LEE: Remember that old song your dad used to play us before we'd go out on a Hunt?

DEAN: Yeah. Yeah, he'd pop it in the tape deck, say, "Listen up, boys. This is real music."

LEE: He wasn't wrong.

DEAN: Oh, no.

LEE: Oh, yeah. [to the band] "G.O.B.," boys. [to Dean] Let's go. [from up on stage, at the microphone] Come on, boy. You can't just sit around lip-synching "Eye of the Tiger" while no one's watching. Come on. Get up here.

[Dean shakes his head, finishes his drink, and makes his way to the stage]

LEE: Yeah! Come on! Whoo!


[Lee starts the song while Dean stands on stage getting his bearings]

♪ Just the good ol' boys ♪
♪ Never meanin' no harm ♪
♪ Beats all you ever saw ♪
♪ Been in trouble with the law ♪
♪ Since the day they was born ♪

[the band plays a few measures while Dean stares like a deer in the headlights, and finally sings the next verse, beautifully]

♪ Straightenin' the curves ♪
♪ Oh, flattenin' the hills ♪

LEE: Whoo!

♪ Someday the mountain might get 'em ♪
♪ But the law never will ♪

AUDIENCE: Wow! Come on!

DEAN AND LEE: ♪ Making their way ♪
♪ The only way they know how ♪
♪ Yeah, well, that's just a little bit more ♪
♪ Than the law will allow ♪

[Lee smacks Dean's behind]

DEAN: Ha! You son of a bitch.

♪ Making their way ♪
♪ The only way they know how ♪
♪ Yeah, well, that's just a little bit more ♪
♪ Than the law will allow ♪
♪ I'm a good ol' boy ♪
♪ You know my mama loves me ♪
♪ But she don't understand why
they keep showin' my hands ♪
♪ And not my face on TV ♪
♪ Making their way ♪
♪ The only way they know how ♪
♪ Well, that's just a little bit more ♪
♪ Than the law will allow ♪

DEAN: Whoo. Well, never got a standing ovation before.

LEE: Yeah, feels pretty good, don't it?

[Dean and Lee notice a disturbance breaking out on the other side of the bar. A woman is being harassed by a couple of men, and they go to her assistance... it's Angela's friend, Sally]

SALLY: Stop it! Hey! Hey! Leave me alone.

MAN: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

SALLY: Back the hell up.

DEAN: Hey.

SALLY: Stop, stop, stop!

MAN: Don't be like that.

SALLY: No, no. Stop!

DEAN: "Road House" rules?

LEE: "Road House" rules.

SALLY: Stop! Stop!

DEAN: Hey. Hey! I think you fellas have had enough. Time to leave.

MAN: Nah. I think we'll stay a while.

[Dean and Lee exchange a look, and then one of the men harassing Sally goes crashing through the front window of the bar, while the other goes flying out the front door, followed by Dean and Lee, who exchange a fist bump]

LEE: Still got it.

LORNA: Bunch of jerks.


LORNA: You all right, Sally?

DEAN: Sally? Sally Anderson?

SALLY: Yeah. Why?


[INTERIOR, the bunker war room. Castiel opens the door for Sergei]

SERGEI: Castiel.

CASTIEL: Sergei.

[Sergei looks around the place like it's Christmas morning]

SERGEI: Oh, the home of the fabled Men of Letters. So the stories are true. This place... what wonderful things you must have.

CASTIEL: Okay, that's enough. You're here for a reason.

SERGEI: Aren't we all?

[Cas leads Sergei to the infirmary, where Eileen is tending to a still-unconscious Sam]

EILEEN: Help him. Please.

SERGEI: 'Course, my dear.

[Sergei opens a satchel filled with bottles and magical trinkets, and gets out a large crystal. He waves it over Sam's shoulder, and the crystal glows brightly]



SERGEI: Small thing.

CASTIEL: What is it?

SERGEI: Sam is... dying.

[INTERIOR, Swayze's bar. Lee covers the shattered window with a sheet of plywood, while Dean talks to Sally at the bar with Lorna]

SALLY: She was a good girl, you know? She... she loved Jesus and...

LEE: And... and America, too.

DEAN: Sally, just... just tell me what happened.

SALLY: We left B's around closing. I was pretty hammered, but Angela, she was helping me to her car when I needed... you know, I got sick. And when I was done, she was gone. Angela was raptured, and I was left behind.

DEAN: And the car went missing, too, right?

SALLY: Yeah, it got raptured, too, I guess.

LEE: Y-You can't... you can't rapture a car.

SALLY: It was a good car.

LEE: Dean, can I talk to you for a second, man? Man, come on. Her story, dude. I mean...

DEAN: I know, I know. Look, she's not the most reliable witness, but... but best friends don't just up and leave without saying goodbye.

LEE: Unless they deserve it.

DEAN: Yeah, but something seems off here.

LEE: I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll lock the joint up. You and I can work the case just like old times.

DEAN: Great.

LEE: Yeah.

DEAN: All right, well, first things first, where do you, uh... where do you dump a car around here?

LEE: Um, the lake maybe.

LORNA: Or the wrecking yard. Look, I don't want to know. I'm just saying, if I had to get rid of something, Merle's is the place I'd do it.

LEE: I mean, that's... I think the lake.

DEAN: Look, I'll check the scrapyard, okay? You, you take the lake.

LEE: Okay. Oh.

[INTERIOR, the bunker library, Sergei pages through one of the books while Eileen and Cas interrogate him]

CASTIEL: What do you mean he's dying?

SERGEI: I imagine you were trying to ascertain the exact nature of the wound before this, yes?


SERGEI: Ah, well, there you go. Most wounds want to be healed, to be whole. But this, this wound is different. It goes down to his very soul. But also out into the world. From what I can tell, his soul, it's connected to something or someone somewhere. Except, as you probed deeper, you forced the soul to stretch from Sam's body to...

EILEEN: Where?

SERGEI: I don't know. But now it's like a rubber band. If it is stretched too far, too long, pop, it snaps, and Sam dies.

EILEEN: Can you fix it?

SERGEI: Of course I can.

[EXTERIOR, Merle's scrapyard. Dean walks among the rows and rows of junked cars looking for Angela's car. He spots her "Student Parking" permit sticker, and then looks in the trunk, where he finds Angela's body]

DEAN: Oh. Damn it.

[a gun cocks behind Dean, and he freezes]

LEE: Couldn't leave well enough alone, could ya?

[Lee knocks Dean out]


[INTERIOR, the bunker infirmary. Sergei dabs at Sam's wound with a small bit of wood]

SERGEI: There. Done.

CASTIEL: And nothing's happening.

SERGEI: Wait for it.

[Sam arches up off the bed and gasps in agony, as he directly experiences flashes of Chuck's memories]

EILEEN: Sam? Sam. Sam?

[Sam's visions include scenes of Chuck and Amara in 15.02, Sam shooting Chuck in 14.20]

AMARA [in Sam's vision]: You're not complete. You're not at full strength.

CASTIEL: What are you doing?

SERGEI: I made it worse.

[Sam's visions continue, of Chuck poking his wound in 15.02, and Sam feeling the pain of it]

CASTIEL: You said he could die.

SERGEI: Will die. And soon.

AMARA [in Sam's vision]: You can't leave this world, not without my help.


[Eileen desperately tries to wipe off whatever Sergei applied to Sam's wound]

SERGEI: That won't help. It's already done. Unless.


SERGEI: You give me what I want.

[Sam's visions continue, of Chuck typing out his narration from 5.22 Swan Song, and Chuck talking to Becky in 15.04]

CHUCK [In Sam's vision]: I used to be able to see Sam and Dean in my head. And now it's just gone. And now it's just gone. And now it's just gone.

[Eileen shoves Sergei up against a wall by his neck]

EILEEN: Fix him, or I kill you.

SERGEI: You kill me, he dies. Or you give me the Key to Death, and he lives.


SERGEI: You really have no idea about the treasures this place holds, do you? The Men of Letters, some time ago, procured a very important item... a black key, handle in the shape of a skeleton. It can open a door to Death's library. You will find it and give it to me, and...


SERGEI: Castiel, please. You can't win this.

CASTIEL: Yes, I can.

[Castiel holds up his phone, displaying a photo of a young blonde woman... Sergei's niece he told Cas about earlier]


CASTIEL: A friend, Bobby, he's been watching her. And one word from me, and, well, you know what happens. Fix Sam. Now. Now.

[in the infirmary, Serge holds his hands over Sam and chants the spell]

SERGEI: Alnoth, por Cantin Pre Tally Noth.

[Sam gasps and sits up]

EILEEN: Sam? Are you okay?

SAM: I think.

CASTIEL: What about your wound?

[Sam checks his shoulder]

SERGEI: It's still there, but he's back. So we good?

CASTIEL: For now.

SERGEI: Mm. I like this you, Castiel. It's very... Russian.

[INTERIOR, the basement Angela had been tied up in earlier. Now Dean is tied to the chair, and the IV line is hooked from his arm to the monster's door, when Dean comes to]

DEAN: Lee?

LEE: You awake, buddy?

DEAN: The hell are you doing, man?

LEE: You had to hit the junkyard, didn't you?

DEAN: Look, I don't know what's going on, okay? But this is not you.

LEE: Well, not the old me, anyway. I wasn't kidding about Arizona. What that thing did to that family, those kids, it stuck in my head. If evil like that exists in the world, then guys like you and me, we ain't ever gonna win. The best we can do is just have a little fun. The last Hunt I did, the one right around here, I found something.

[Lee knocks on the monster's door, and it jumps up to the window and growls at him]

LEE: It's called a marid. It's a freaky-looking little thing, isn't it? [Lee laughs, and Dean stares at him, incredulous] Ah. As long as you feed it, it gives you money, it gives you health, everything you dreamed of.

DEAN: And so, what, it just costs innocent lives?

LEE: Dean, you and I both know no one's innocent. After everything we've done, aren't... aren't we owed a little happiness, huh? Don't we deserve that much?

DEAN: Listen to yourself. "We're owed." "We deserve." Come on, man. You're not God. Hell, God's not even God.

LEE: Good or bad... the world doesn't care. No one cares, Dean.

DEAN: Well, I do.

LEE: Yeah. And that's what got you here. Now, takes a while to drain a man, but listen to me. Don't worry about it, all right? Don't worry because once you lose a couple of pints, you just fall asleep, and then it'll be over.

[Lee pats Dean on the shoulder]

DEAN: Lee.

LEE: This... this is not how I wanted this to go, Dean. When that blonde girl walked in here last night, I should've know, you know, Dean Winchester, the righter of wrongs, you were gonna keep digging, and you were gonna figure me out. And if it's got to be you or me, well, I got to pick me, man.

[Lee goes upstairs, leaving the marid to feast on Dean's blood]

DEAN: Lee. Lee!

[Dean looks around, and then struggles to free himself. He rocks his chair until it falls over and breaks, frees his arms, and disconnects the IV. The marid becomes angry that its meal was interrupted, and breaks through the hinges of its door]


[INTERIOR, Swayze's bar. Lee tidies up the place, calmly ignoring the marid's growling noises, until it shrieks and something thumps its way up the stairs behind a door marked "Private, we don't call 911," with a drawing of a gun. Lee draws his gun and points it at the door, which swings open. The marid's head comes rolling across the floor, before Dean strolls out.]

DEAN: Sorry about your friend.

[Lee aims and tries to shoot Dean, who dives down behind the bar as bottles shatter where he'd just been standing. Dean finds a shotgun behind the bar, and it's loaded]

DEAN: Oh, God bless Texas.

[Dean cocks the gun and fires blind over the bar. Lee dives for cover, and they alternate shots until they both run out of rounds. Dean finds an empty box of shells.]

DEAN: I'm out. And by my count, so are you.

[Lee checks his revolver and empties the spent casings onto the floor]

LEE: You're hardcore, brother.

DEAN: No. No, you don't get to pretend like we're still friends. I don't know you.

LEE: You don't, Dean? I am you. I'm just you that woke up and saw that the world was broken.

DEAN: Then you fix it. You don't walk away. You fight for it.

LEE: Right. What do you say we act like this never happened, hm? Y-You just walk out that door.

DEAN: I can't do that.

LEE: You really want to do this?

DEAN: No, I don't. But I kill monsters.

LEE: You want a shot at the title?

DEAN: Don't mind if I do.

[Dean and Lee throw down in a wild fight, breaking tables, throwing each other around, until Dean pins Lee to the wall and stabs him with the point of a broken cue stick]

LEE: Ohh. All right. I'll be damned. Why do you care so much, Dean?

DEAN: Because someone has to.

LEE: Well, then... I'm glad it was you. Wait, wait. [He pats Dean's chest] Okay, okay.

[Dean pulls out the cue stick, and Lee falls to the floor, dead]

[INTERIOR, the bunker war room. Dean comes in and finds Cas]

DEAN: Hey.


DEAN: I got your message. Sam, is he, uh...

CASTIEL: He's fine.

[they stand across the table from one another in awkward silence for a moment]

DEAN: Good. That's good.


[Cas looks down, and turns and walks away]

DEAN: Good.

[Dean follows after Cas]

[INTERIOR: the bunker's infirmary]

SAM: I feel like, uh... I feel like I was in his head.

DEAN: You were in Chuck's head?

SAM: I think so. A-And I-I think I-I saw his memories. Dean, Chuck is weak. I think we can beat him. I think we can beat God.