15.16 Drag Me Away (From You) (transcript)

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15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)

Written by: Meghan Fitzmartin

Directed by: Amyn Kaderali

Air Date: October 22, 2020


[clip from 15,14]

MRS. BUTTERS: It's an interdimensional geoscope.

DEAN: I looked in it earlier. I didn't see anything.

MRS. BUTTERS: Oh, that's not good.


[A montage of clips from multiple eps]

DEAN: All my life, I've been nothing but a hamster in a wheel. Stuck in a story. And you know whose fault that is? Chuck's.

SAM: Chuck is deleting worlds. Jack... he's...

DEAN: a mess.

SAM: Yeah.

JACK: I have a job, a mission! I'm supposed to kill God. Do you really think I can do this?

SAM: Jack, you're the only one who can.

SAM: I don't know. Feels like Jack is hiding something.

JACK: I've been lying to you. Billie's spells have been turning me into some kind of bomb, and when I go off and kill Chuck and Amara, I'll die, too.

CAS: Going to look for another way.

DEAN: What the hell are you talking about?

CAS: There's something you and Sam need to know.


[EXTERIOR, a car pulls into the parking lot of the Rooster's Sunrise Motel, and a man gets out. With trepidation, he goes inside.]

♪ If I didn't care ♪
♪ More than words can say ♪
♪ If I didn't care ♪
♪ Would I feel this way? ♪
♪ If this isn't love ♪
♪ And what makes ♪

MOTEL CLERK: Mister... "Travis Johnson"?

TRAVIS: That's me.

MOTEL CLERK: It's after 10:00. We don't usually allow late check-ins.

TRAVIS: Yeah. Uh... sorry.

CLERK: And, um, you had a special request? Room 214?

TRAVIS: Yeah. Doctor's orders.

CLERK: You been here before?

TRAVIS: Long time ago.

CLERK: Mm. Welcome back.

[Travis takes the key, and slowly makes his way through the halls to room 214, his hand shaking as he unlocks the door]

TRAVIS (under his breath): You can do this.

♪ Begin and end ♪
♪ That this is love ♪

[he sits on the edge of the bed with a bottle of whiskey, and receives a text from someone named CAITLIN that reads "Travis, I'm worried. Why would you go back to that place?" and puts his phone away without responding]

TRAVIS: Just one night. And then it's over. It wasn't real. It was never... real.

[he holds the charm hanging around his neck and closes his eyes. A child comes out of the closet behind him, frightening him into falling off the bed and cowering in fear, while the child slowly advances on him, picking up a piece of Travis' smashed whiskey bottle]

CHILD: Do you remember me?

TRAVIS: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

CHILD: I remember you.

TRAVIS: You're not real. You were never real.


[We hear Travis scream and a tearing noise from out in the hallway]



[EXTERIOR, the Impala's headlight as Sam and Dean drive at night. We join them in the car]

DEAN: How much longer?

SAM: Uh... seven hours.

DEAN: Ugh.

SAM: Yep.

DEAN: Can't believe we're going back here.

SAM: Travis was a friend.

DEAN: Yeah, I know. I'm not saying what happened isn't sad. You know, I mean, the guy slit his throat with a whiskey bottle, but... He's an old friend, you know? Old, old. Like haven't seen him in 25 years. We've missed funerals for much closer friends... Hunters.

SAM: Well, this is different. I-I mean, it's not like we have much else to do. Chuck is off world. Jack's in the bunker, waiting for Billie's orders. And... And Cas just... bailed, I guess. He didn't say anything to you about why he left?

DEAN: Not really.

SAM: And you guys didn't get into a fight or something?

DEAN: It's just Cas being Cas.

SAM: Right.

[Dean receives a text from Cas that reads "Did you tell Sam yet?" but hides this fact from Sam. He has not told him yet.]

SAM: Seriously, Dean? You know how many people die every year texting and driving?

DEAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I know. Look. [Dean puts his phone away] Okay? Done. You're right. My bad.

[it's daylight when they finally arrive at the Rooster's Sunrise Motel]

DEAN: It looks smaller.

SAM: Yeah, well, we're bigger. Weird being back here.

DEAN: Yeah, it's not exactly on the top of my bucket list.

[Flashback to young Sam and Dean being dropped off at the same motel in January 1993]

YOUNG DEAN: Dad should've let me go with him. I mean, you don't need me. I was babysitting you when I was your age.

YOUNG SAM: I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

YOUNG DEAN: Whatever. Uh, wanna practice shooting?

YOUNG SAM: I just want to go to the room.

YOUNG DEAN: Naw, let's... let's hit a vending machine or something. What's that?

[Sam is clearly hiding something under his jacket]

YOUNG SAM: Nothing.

YOUNG DEAN: Let me see.

YOUNG SAM: Dude, stop!

YOUNG DEAN: Ahh. Victory. [he discovers it's a 1991 American College Guide book] These better be haunted colleges. Where'd you even get this?

YOUNG SAM: The bookshelf at the last motel.

YOUNG DEAN: I thought your imaginary friend told you it was bad to steal. Why would you want... Wait. You think you're gonna go to college?

YOUNG SAM: Yeah. Why not?

YOUNG DEAN: "Why not?" Why?

YOUNG SAM: 'Cause that's what normal people do.

YOUNG DEAN: Right. Because we are normal. Whatever. We barely go to school. So if you think places like that'll even think about letting a dumbass like you in... Come on. This, Sammy? This is our life.

[Sam looks at the book forlornly, tosses it on the bed and then unpacks the knife and gun from his bag and sets them beside it]

[In the hallway, Dean finds the vending machines and performs a trick that dispenses a candy bar without paying for it]


YOUNG CAITLIN: Freeze! You're under arrest.


YOUNG CAITLIN: Relax. I won't rat on you... if you teach me that trick. This is my little brother, Travis.

[young Travis looks exactly like the child from the cold open, who killed adult Travis]

YOUNG DEAN: Hey, kid. I'm Dean.



YOUNG DEAN: Oh. These old models, they're easy. One, two... three.

[Dean pushes a series of buttons and bangs on the side of the machine, then hands the candy to Caitlin]


YOUNG DEAN: So, uh, you staying here?

YOUNG CAITLIN: Our mom works here... cleaning crew. We saw your car when you checked in. Who's your dad... Knight Rider?

YOUNG DEAN: What? No. My dad drives an Impala, which is badass. KITT's a crappy...

YOUNG CAITLIN: Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Yeah. I know.

[fade to adult Caitlin, cradling a mug of coffee in a restaurant as an echo of that old conversation replays]

Yeah. I know.

[Dean and Sam enter the restaurant]

DEAN: Caitlin?


DEAN: Hey.

CAITLIN: Hey. Sam. Thanks for coming.

SAM: Yeah. Sorry, um... you know, about your brother.


SAM: How you holding up?

CAITLIN: Crying a lot. Blaming myself a lot. Long story. Travis, he... After you left, he had a pretty rocky life. Drugs, couldn't hold down a job. I encouraged him to get help for years. Finally, he took my advice. Started therapy. It was great at first. It... It really seemed to be helping, and then...

SAM: Then...?

CAITLIN: His doctor started prying. About that winter... what happened here. Travis said he needed to face his fears. His doc called it "immersion therapy." To heal. He checked in to room 214.

SAM: 214? Is that where he...?

DEAN: Well, look, whatever you need us for, we're here, okay? Help with the funeral...

CAITLIN: The funeral was last week.

DEAN: What?

SAM: I'm sorry. I thought you said...

CAITLIN: I know. I'm sorry. I needed to be sure that you would come.

DEAN: Come for what?

SAM: Caitlin... Why do you want us here?

CAITLIN: I think she's back. You remember that winter, how it started. She came for Travis first.

[In flashback, we see young Travis attempting Dean's vending machine trick]

YOUNG TRAVIS: One, two... three.

[it doesn't seem to work, but as he walks away the candy drops. He runs back to get it, and a hand wearing a large ring reaches from the machine and grabs his hand. All the candy begins to fall, and Travis fights to free himself]

YOUNG TRAVIS: Caitlin! Help! Caitlin, help! Help me!

[he sees the reflection of an old woman in the glass, inside the machine, and finally wrenches his hand free from her grip just as Dean and Caitlin come running to his aid]


YOUNG DEAN: You okay, kid?

YOUNG CAITLIN: Travis? What happened?

[He just looks at the now perfectly normal vending machine in horror, leaving Caitlin and Dean baffled]



[INTERIOR, present day, Room 214]

DEAN: Well, the coroner's report is open and shut. Travis's fingerprints were all over the broken glass.

CAITLIN: I know how this seems... How I seem. But my brother, he wouldn't have killed himself.

SAM: Well, I know they cleaned the place out already, but I looked everywhere. No symbols, no hex bags, nothing that's... our kinda thing.

DEAN: Caitlin, I know it's hard, okay? But you said it yourself... that this "immersion" therapy was making things worse. Maybe coming here... sent him over the edge.

[FLASHBACK, room 214 in 1993]

YOUNG TRAVIS: I'm crazy. You think I'm crazy!

YOUNG CAITLIN: No! It's just... I didn't see anything.


YOUNG DEAN (into the phone): Okay. Thanks. [he hangs up] Bobby says Dad's two days out of range, at least. Left a message.

YOUNG CAITLIN: Wait. You called your dad? Why?

YOUNG DEAN: Because y... You say you saw a monster, right? I believe you.


YOUNG DEAN: Monsters are real. Me, my dad... we hunt them. It's, uh, kind of the family business.

YOUNG CAITLIN: That's... Are you for real?

YOUNG SAM: Yeah. He is.

YOUNG DEAN: Can you tell us, um... anything else weird going on? In this hotel, in town? Other people seeing things?

[Caitlin takes them to a fence at a local playground where several MISSING posters adorned with flowers and mementos are hung on the chain link]

YOUNG CAITLIN: This first one was a couple months ago. Town looked for days. They never found him. Second one was just a few weeks later. And then a third... just last week.

[IN THE PRESENT, still inside room 214]

DEAN: I'm sorry, Caitlin, but that thing, it's not here.

CAITLIN: You've changed. Back then, you believed him, even before I did.

DEAN: Well, this is different.

SAM: Uh, Dean, we don't know what happened.

DEAN: The thing preys on kids... only kids. Are there any missing or dead kids in town?


DEAN: Right. I know it's hard. But that has to be what happened, because that other thing, I killed it. I'm sorry.

[INTERIOR, a utility room at the motel in 1993. The kids enter with a stack of newspapers, and Dean locks the door]

YOUNG DEAN: It's secure. Grab a paper.

YOUNG SAM: Yeah. I got that.

YOUNG CAITLIN: What are we looking for?

YOUNG DEAN: Anything that might help.

YOUNG CAITLIN: Okay. Like this? "9-year-old Britta went missing from the gas station"?

YOUNG SAM: Main and Genesee... we... we stopped there on our way into town. And then, Travis was attacked here, at the motel.

YOUNG DEAN: Any other locations?

YOUNG SAM: Um, Retsof Road and Main.

YOUNG CAITLIN: Castagna Lane and Genesee.

YOUNG DEAN: Sam, anything close to all those places?

YOUNG SAM: Not really. The Wadsworth Cannery?

YOUNG CAITLIN: That place? It's abandoned.

[Dean chuckles to himself and immediately heads for the door]

YOUNG SAM: Where are you going? We don't even know what this thing is yet.

YOUNG DEAN: Got a gun. Got a knife. I'm good.

YOUNG SAM: Dad wouldn't like this.

YOUNG DEAN: Dad's not here. And he'd want me taking charge.

YOUNG SAM: Well, then I'm coming.

YOUNG DEAN: No. S-Stay here. Be normal.

YOUNG CAITLIN: Then I'm coming.

YOUNG DEAN: Yeah. Again, no. This ain't the friggin' Goonies. None of you has been on a hunt before. Just... stay. I got this.

[At the cannery, Dean begins breaking in]

YOUNG CAITLIN: Hey! [she surprised Dean and he turns on her with his gun already drawn] Whoa.

YOUNG DEAN: What the hell are you doing here? I told you to s...

YOUNG CAITLIN: Yeah, well, my mom says I never listen, so... Look, I get it... you're a very experienced monster hunter. But I'm not leaving. Come on. Don't you want a partner? [she watches Dean pick the lock] Not very good at that, are you? [just as Dean gets it open]

YOUNG DEAN: Just stay behind me.

[They descend a staircase in the abandoned factory, while meanwhile back at the motel, Sam and Travis play Boggle]

YOUNG SAM: Don't worry. They'll... They'll be back soon. Whatever it is, my brother will kill it. Come on. L-Let's Boggle.

[at the cannery]

YOUNG CAITLIN: This place is, um... really gross.

YOUNG DEAN: You asked for it. I mean, hunting usually means going to gross places.

YOUNG CAITLIN: Are you... Are you sweating?


YOUNG CAITLIN: Um, you seem tense. Scared, even.

YOUNG DEAN: What? No. [Dean sees something in the darkness and goes to investigate] Stay here.

YOUNG CAITLIN: Dean? Dean, what is it? What did you see?

[it appears to be a nest filled with things taken from the missing children. meanwhile back at the motel, the boggle board reads "KILL YOU DEAD." At the cannery, Dean approaches the nest. Sam finds the words "KILL, YOU, NOW" among the letters. Dean finds a key to the Rooster's Sunrise Motel, room 107, and then uncovers something that horrifies him. He puts on a brave face and returns to Caitlin, showing her the key]

YOUNG DEAN: Nothing. She's not here. Come on.


[at the motel, Travis has found the words "Dead, death, kill, you, now." The Boggle board begins to shake]

YOUNG TRAVIS: What's happening?

[Sam and Travis back away from the table. The game stops shaking for a second, and the lights go out as the dice explode into the air]

YOUNG SAM: Travis!

[the old woman from inside the vending machine grabs Travis from behind, just as Dean and Caitlin return]


[Sam pulls Travis from her grasp, and Dean enters with his knife]

YOUNG DEAN: Sam, get back!

[Dean slices off the old woman's fingers, and then stabs her. we see her severed fingers evaporate from the floor beneath the bed, but her ring remains. The woman disappears, and the lights come back on as Caitlin runs to comfort her brother. None of them even notice the ring]

YOUNG CAITLIN: Travis, Travis!

[In present day, Dean walks past the vending machines and thinks he hears a noise]

DEAN: Sam?

[when he turns back, the lights flicker and Dean's confronted by a ghostly-looking version of his young self]

YOUNG DEAN: Hey, Dean. I've been waiting for you. You know what you have to do.

[a knife appears in Dean's hand, and he realizes what this creature is]

DEAN: You... You're...

YOUNG DEAN/MONSTER: You failed. Say hi to Travis.

[the monster forces Dean to his knees, and Dean holds the knife to his own heart. Sam finds him there and breaks the spell, as Dean realizes with a shock what had happened. The knife has vanished]

SAM: Dean? Dean? What are you doing?

DEAN: She's right. Caitlin's right.


[INTERIOR, present day, a bar]

DEAN: Caitlin, I'm sorry. I just... I didn't want to believe you.

CAITLIN: I didn't have any proof. It was just... a feeling.

SAM: Dean thought he killed it. I mean, we all thought he killed it.

DEAN: Yeah, well, I didn't, and now Travis is...

SAM: Yeah. Right. Okay. Well... second chance. So, if we want to stop her for good this time, we need to figure out first what she is. What do we know?

CAITLIN: She's scary. I-I mean, she plays with people. Back then, she could've just grabbed Travis, but he said she drew it out. Lured him, made a sick, freaky game of it.

DEAN: She can look like other people, other things. Just now, she looked like me when I was a kid.

SAM: All right. I'll hit the lore. You okay?


SAM: Yeah. Uh, uh, books. About monsters.

DEAN: Uh, there's one more thing. Um... She keeps some kind of a nest.

SAM: A nest?

DEAN: Yeah. When I was a kid, I saw it. A bunch of bodies. Dead kids.

[Flashback to the cannery, and we see what Dean was hiding from Caitlin. The bodies of the missing children]

YOUNG CAITLIN: What is it? What did you see?

[in the present]

CAITLIN: That's... what you were hiding from me.

DEAN: They were all about the same age we were back then. I guess she keeps them there and... feeds.

SAM: Dean, why didn't you ever tell me this?

DEAN: Because I'd never seen anything like that before. So after I killed it... or thought that I killed it... I phoned in the... the bodies, let the authorities take care of it, and shoved it down the old memory hole. I had nightmares about that for the longest time. I'm sorry. I should've told you.

SAM: No, man, it's okay. I mean, you were just a kid. You know, we were both just kids. And, hell, we used to keep a lot of secrets from each other.

DEAN: Mm. Okay. Well, you guys hit the books. I'm gonna go get us some grub.

SAM: Yeah.

[INTERIOR, Daisy D's Diner, Dean sits at the counter ordering for the three of them]

DEAN: Yeah, let me do, uh, two burger meals, uh, one veggie-burger meal, and... 'cause I know my brother's gonna ask... do you have arugula salad or kale?

SANDY: We've got iceberg lettuce, with ranch.

DEAN: Good for you. Yeah. I'll do all that to-go, please.

[the waitress, Sandy, leaves to fill the order, and Billie appears beside Dean]

BILLIE: Hello, Dean.

DEAN: What the hell are you doing here?

BILLIE: I could ask you the same thing. Working a case? Now? I just came from one of Chuck's worlds. Watched a whole planet burn alive... reduced to a cinder.

DEAN: Yeah, well, not to make light of the, uh, Death Star-level galactic genocide, but what else is new?

BILLIE: That was the last one. The last world but this world. He'll be back. Soon. Could be today, could be tomorrow, but when he comes, there won't be a moment to waste. You've got Amara on the hook. I visited Jack in your bunker, gave him his final orders. The last step of his transformation.

DEAN: Yeah. Filling him up with your cosmic TNT so he can die. How'd you talk the kid into that one?

BILLIE: I told him the truth. Jack killed your mother, and all he wants is your forgiveness. And I surmise that the only way he can get that is ending God and freeing you from the... What did you call it? Hamster wheel. Was I wrong?

[In their motel room, Sam works on his laptop while Caitlin looks at her phone]

CAITLIN: So... this is your life now?

SAM: Pretty much.

CAITLIN: I'm sorry. Don't you ever want to be... I don't know... normal?

SAM: Well, we help people, you know? Save them. I'm just sorry we couldn't... save Travis.

[in the Restaurant]

BILLIE: This is the last time you'll see me again. Until the end.

DEAN: What are you talking about? You just said that everything's about to go down.

BILLIE: Exactly. And according to Chuck's book, I'm not in this part of the story.

DEAN: Oh, well, that's friggin' great.

BILLIE: So... this is on you, Dean.

DEAN: Yeah, well... one Messenger of God's Destruction right here.

BILLIE: And you need to tell me now. Do we have a problem?

DEAN: No. No, I want Chuck dead. I need him dead. I don't have to like every part of the plan.

BILLIE: And your brother?

DEAN: He'll get there.

BILLIE: He doesn't know. I don't care why you've been hiding this from your brother. But I don't like loose ends, Dean. I don't like disorder. So clean this up. I need to know that you've got your house in order.

[in the motel room, Sam finds something on his laptop]

SAM: Hmm. Think I got something. Check this out.


SAM: Look at this. Uh, Baba Yaga. A witch who feeds on children's fear using hallucinations. So, according to this, she wears this ring. It's technically her heart, and it's the source of her power.

CAITLIN (indicating one of the illustrations): Click on that. That's Travis's ring.

SAM: What?

CAITLIN: My mom gave it to him. That winter, she pulled it out of a vacuum. It's unclaimed property. The stone inside used to be all busted up, but he thought it looked cool. Put it on a silver chain, wore it on his neck. It was his lucky charm. He got it fixed a few weeks before...

[Caitlin looks around, horrified, and while Sam is putting the pieces together, she silently slips out of the room]

SAM: So what if stabbing her isn't what stopped her? I mean, Dean cut her fingers off. You know, the ring got separated, lost. So what if... Wait. The stone. You said it used to be brok... en? Caitlin? Caitlin?!

[Sam realizes she's gone. She's outside looking through Travis' belongings in her trunk, but the ring is gone from its chain. She shuts the trunk and is confronted by the monster wearing Travis' adult face, holding the ring]

TRAVIS/BABA YAGA: Hey, sis. Are you looking... for this?

CAITLIN: No! No! Aah!


[Dean returns to the motel with their dinner and finds Sam alone and beginning to panic]

SAM: Hey. Where have you been?!

DEAN: Wow. Somebody's hungry. Where's Caitlin?

SAM: Gone! I've been looking for her. I-I-I found her car in the parking lot. I've been calling her. She hasn't been answering her phone. I think the Baba Yaga grabbed her.

DEAN: The Baba Yaga?

SAM: Yes, the Baba Yaga. We ID'd the monster. An ancient witch, immortal. Kind of. I don't think we ever really killed her. We just damaged the source of her power... um, this ring.

DEAN: Okay. So, we track her down, junk her Precious, and game over?

SAM: I think so, yeah.

DEAN: All right. What are we looking for?

SAM: Her nest. Last time, kids were taken all over town, near the cannery. This time, all the attacks have happened here.

DEAN: All right. It's gotta be close. Let's split up and check it out.

[Sam heads toward the front desk, where he sees smoke emanating from under a door to the motel office. He draws a knife and opens the door, to find the front desk clerk taking a bong hit]

CLERK: Dude! What the hell?

SAM: Sorry.

[Dean walks past the vending machines, toward room 214. He hears a television on in one room, a couple being intimate behind another.]


[Dean rolls his eyes and continues down the hall. The door to room 214 creaks open as he approaches and he draws his gun.]

DEAN: I've seen this movie before.

[He enters, and the door slams shut behind him. Only now it appears he's inside the abandoned cannery. He follows the same route he and Caitlin did as children, and he discovers a similar nest. Only this time, one of the bodies on the pile is young!Sam]

DEAN: Sam.

BABA YAGA as Travis: Hey, Dean.

DEAN: I know what you are now.

[Dean fires his gun at the Baba Yaga, but it does nothing.]

BABA YAGA: That won't work.

DEAN: Aren't I a little old for you, huh? I thought you liked kids.

BABA YAGA: I do. But all those hungry years... I'm starving.

[Baba Yaga attacks, choking Dean as he struggles to fight her off. Sam enters Room 214 to find Caitlin unconscious on one of the beds, and the Baba Yaga in her true form attacking Dean on the floor]

SAM: Dean!

[Sam attacks, stabbing Baba Yaga, but she flings him away. Dean manages to pull the ring off her finger before shoving her off him. He smashes the ring with the butt of his gun and she disappears in a green flash of flames]


[Interior, the motel lobby as they prepare to leave]

CAITLIN: Thank you. What you did for me. What you did for Travis. Hey. That thing. Were you scared?

DEAN: Always am.

CAITLIN: You have changed. The old you never would have admitted that.

DEAN: Well, I'm not sure that's a good thing.

CAITLIN: I think so. What do they say about getting older? You tell the truth more because you know that lies... they don't make anything better. Take care, Dean.

[they embrace, and we flash back to their original parting in 1993]

YOUNG CAITLIN: Thank you. I'm glad you were here.

YOUNG DEAN: If anything ever happens that's... you know... call this number, okay?

YOUNG CAITLIN: I hope I never have to. Bye, Dean. Bye, Sam.

YOUNG SAM: Bye. Those... other kids. Did you ever find them when you were looking for the monster?

YOUNG DEAN: Nah. They're probably gone.

YOUNG SAM: What are we gonna tell Dad?

YOUNG DEAN: That I handled it. With a little help. Sam, uh, about the college thing... I don't know. But... we do make a good team. Right?

YOUNG SAM: Yeah. We do.

[In the Impala, now, driving home. Sam makes a phone call]

DEAN: Who you calling?

SAM: I'm just trying Cas again.

DEAN: Hang it up.

SAM: What?

DEAN: Hang up the phone.

SAM: What's going on?

DEAN: I got an update. While you and Caitlin were researching... Billie paid me a visit.

SAM: What?

DEAN: It's go time. Chuck's done with all the other worlds, and he'll be here any day, and when he does, we gotta act fast. And there's something else.

SAM: Something else?

DEAN: Jack's gonna die. Apparently, it was always part of Billie's plan. Jack's known this whole time. And he's ready to sacrifice himself. So in order to kill God and Amara, Jack has to die.

SAM: Wait. So... Billie just told you this while you were grabbing burgers?

DEAN: No. Cas did, before we left. Before we even got the call about Travis.

SAM: So you've been sitting on this. What the hell, Dean? I thought we were past stuff like this.

DEAN: I know. Sam...

SAM: I can't believe you! You know that? I mean, how can you keep me in the dark about something so huge?!

DEAN: 'Cause I know you couldn't handle it! You didn't trust Billie's plan, and then, when we found out about Amara, you... you... you started second-guessing. You raise these... these "ethical questions."

SAM: I shouldn't? Jack's gonna kill himself, and I should just shut up about it?

DEAN: Yes!

SAM: No!

DEAN: This is how we end Chuck, okay?! This is the only way we'll ever be free! So I'm sorry, Sam! You don't get a choice! We don't get a choice!

SAM: Oh, "we."

DEAN: Look, man...

SAM: Stop! All right?! Just stop! Please!

DEAN: I'm sorry I didn't t...

SAM: Don't. Don't. Don't. Just... Just drive. Just drive.