2.14 No Such Thing As Fair Play

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Title No Such Thing As Fair Play
Episode # Season 2, Episode 14
First aired April 15, 2022
Directed by Jensen Ackles
Written by Katherine Alyse
On IMDB No Such Thing As Fair Play
Outline A day at the Annual Ranger Community Fair sees confrontations between Cassie and her old boss, Geri and Abby and Stella and Colton. Also Kansas plays!
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At the Side Step, Walker tries to get his kids to look at potential places to stay. Geri tells Walker that she visited Gail, her birth mother. Walker asks her along to the Annual Ranger Community Fair. AT the Fair, James and Cassie run into Trey. Cassie gets paranoid when she sees the two exchanging meaningful looks - which is obviously about her being Mickey's replacement. They are interrupted by Captain Fenton Cole

Cassie's old boss from Dallas - who is with Rita, the widow of Cassie's ex-partner, Miles. Cassie is suspicious of their relationship as Miles has only disappeared six months ago and, to Cassie's mind, prematurely declared dead by Fenton.

Walker and Geri enter a blind-folded obstacle race against another couple, with Geri directing Cordell through the course. They win after the other pair fail to communicate well. Cassie finds them and asks walker to help get some information from Fenton.

Todd tries to convince Stella to enjoy the day. They meet up with Colton and play a side show game, but Stella gets angry when Colton fumbles an apology about his family taking back the Walker ranch.

Walker approaches Captain Fenton, who has only good things to say about her. Cassie confronts Rita, and Fenton intervenes. They explain that the quick declaration of death was to help Rita out financially, and that there is also additional evidence Cassie is unaware of - a witness saw Miles get shot and they found a van and Cassie's stolen gun both with traces of Mile's blood. Fenton says he will release all the files to Cassie for her to validate.

Abby decides to try and clear the air with Geri, saying the information that Gale's child had not died but been given away had not been hers to share, but also making snide comments about Gale. She runs into Colton who is upset about his interaction with Stella. She advises him to tell her that he understands her point of view of what happened, something she obviously wishes Abby would do with her.

At the Kansas concert, Geri gets a text from Gale, which Cordell is dismissive of, and she storms out in the middle of "Carry On". She uses their safe word - the word they agreed to use when either felt they had lost their way in the relationship. Geri feels Abby, and Cordell, don't understand what's going on for her and says she needs some time apart.

As the Walker's leave the Fair, Colton catches up with Stella, and gives her a locket of her mother's he found at the Walker ranch and acknowledges how much she has lost. He also finally tells her how he feels about her. They share a moment, and Stella leaves.

Cassie is working on getting drunk after the confirmation that her partner is dead, and wanders into a fortune tellers tent. Tray finds her there and confides that he was close to Walker's previous partner, and seeing Cassie was a reminder that she had really left. Cassie plays with some tarot cards and draws three - for the past, strength for the present and death for the future. A card for her she claims.

Meanwhile Captain Fenton drives into the night and stops at a trailer and walks towards it carry some supplies. "We need to talk" he yells, as a man appears at the door of the trailer.



  • Midnight Sun by Sur
  • Enough by Clint Manning
  • All My Living Time by Radio Company
  • Automatic Attraction by Palm Palm
  • Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas (Live)
  • Life Sentence by Zachary Knowles
  • Admiral of Upside Down by Dhani Harrison


Stella: Sorry. It's weird to think about our next house when we just moved out of our "ancestral family home."
Geri: Yeah, well, I for one could see how it would be hard to find out that the husband you grieved for, what, 20-something years...actually gave your baby away. I mean, I'd probably focus on the good news, too.
James: Hey. My man. Didn't know you'd be here today.

Trey: Come on, now, I'm not gonna miss out on an opportunity for deep-fried cookies.

Cassie: Like you eat fair food.
Abby: I'm sick about how all this has affected you. And I wish I could explain the moment he told me, but... I-I was shocked, really. And it wasn't who I knew him to be. 12 years had passed. And he told me, the baby-- you-- were healthy and well-cared for. I-I know this may sound callous, but it seemed like Davidson family business. Not mine. When I found out it was you, it plays differently.

Geri: Yeah. Can I ask you a question? Yes. If it hadn't been me, do you think it would have ever crossed your mind that some kid out there didn't know their whole story?

Abby: No. Gale was so vicious at the time. I-I didn't think she could handle that sort of information.
Walker: Okay, so, best-case scenario, I go in there and I convince Fenton to declassify the file.

Cassie: Mm-hmm.
Walker: Worst-case scenario, he figures out what I'm trying to do and...
Cassie: Gets you on desk duty for the rest of your career.
Walker: Yeah.

Cassie: Or not.

Trivia & References

There were a number of Supernatural reference in the episode. According to Jensen: " "Katherine Alyse, who wrote the episode, knows 'Supernatural' very well and essentially wrote a lot of Easter eggs. I was either like, 'Oh, I can absolutely do that' or, 'I can level that up.' We definitely tried to pepper in the Easter eggs when we could."
In the midst of unpacking at a new house, Bonham, Abby and Liam get ready for the Fair. They find an old Green Cooler to pack their food in, but change their minds after opening it and finding it smells. This was the actual cooler from Supernatural, which Jensen had taken when the show finished. The beer they find in the cooler is Larklair Tejas Dark Ale Premium Beer which also appeared in Supernatural in 1.17 Hell House, when Sam coats a bottle of it in glue so it sticks to Dean's hand.
A musical Easter egg was the inclusion of Radio Company's “All My Livin’ Time” from their album "Vol. 2" which is playing when Cassie and Cordell are talking at the fair.
The (giant) sock monkey that Cordi and Geri win could be a shout out to the GISH challenges which has long featured sock monkeys and sock monkey hats.
Pranks played behind the scenes during the episode included changing the name on Jensen's chair to different characters he had played and Jensen arranged for one of the assistant directors to jump out in a bear suit in one of Jared's scenes (Padalecki is notoriously scared of real bears.)
There was a subtle "Dean Winchester" reference when a plate of bacon is put down in front of Cordell.
Jensen did sneak into the background of a few of the shots as well. The final shot of a shadowy figure in the doorway of the trailer was Jensen.
"That's my M. Night Shyamalan," Ackles says, joking that he knew fans would recognize his bow legs. "I said to our DP, 'Is there light between my knees? Okay we're good, we can shoot.' They were like, 'No one's going to recognize that is you,' and I'm like, 'The right ones will.'"
Jensen was asked to play the role of Fenton Cole but considered it too large a role to take on as well as directing, especially on a show he had not worked on before. Jensen then offered the role to Josh Hopkins, with whom Jensen had worked on the movie Rust before it was abandoned following the accidental fatal shooting of the DP Halyna Hutchins.
"He and I worked together on Rust and after the incident, he had just recently moved to Austin during COVID, and he was like, 'Hey man what are you going to do?' I was like, 'I think I'm gonna drive home. I could use a nice 10-hour day in a car.' And he was like, 'You want some company?' So we spent 10, 11 hours in the car after that incident and really bonded."
The Finale for Supernatural had a different ending planned. One that featured Kansas.. As Andrew Dabb wrote in Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member's Souvenir:
"Dean was always going to end up in Heaven, and we were always going to see Sam's life in fast-forward, but those final moments were supposed to take place somewhere else. When Bob Singer and I sat down to talk about season 15, and our inevitable end, we came up with something that felt like a fitting version of Sam and Dean's Heaven: all the people the boys had met along the way (or, at least, those we could convince to fly to Vancouver) crowded into a re-built Roadhouse, as the band Kansas played our (official unofficial) theme song: 'Carry on Wayward Son.'"

The shuttering of production in March 2020 due to covid - just as episode 18 was about to be filmed, but a stop to that idea. According to Jensen "they were literally at the airport and some of them were getting on a plane to come to Vancouver when they got called and told, 'Sorry, COVID, we're shutting down.'"

When production resumed in 2020, drastic changes were required due to infection control rules

Jensen talks about how the Kansas appearance in Walker came about:

"They were like, 'We're writing that script right now, but we just found out Kansas is actually going to be in Austin playing one night and it happens to be three days before you start working.' So I was in prep and basically, they broke the main unit early on the previous episode so that they could do a full company move over to the Moody Theater in downtown Austin and we could set up and shoot, essentially, a rock concert. So I shot that while in prep, and then a couple days later we started rolling on principle photography for me."
The auditorium where Kansas was playing was called “The Novak Memorial Auditorium", a possible shoutout to Castiel's vessel Jimmy Novak.
Jensen was originally slated to directed episode 7 of Walker, however this was moved to allow Jensen time to recover from the tragedy that occurred during the filming of the movie Rust.

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