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Jensen takes a pic of Danneel, Felicia, Gen, Jim Michaels and Jared

In 2014 the tenth season of Supernatural commenced, and the fifth episode of Season 10 will be the 200th episode of Supernatural - aspecial achievement in television. There were many celebrations.

Official Celebrations

Tag from Commemorative Jackets that were sent to the crew by Warner Brothers

Supernatural Retrospective

The day before the premiere of Season 10, a "Very Special Supernatural Special" aired on the CW. With a narration by the voice of God aka Rob Benedict it featured interviews with Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark as well as Bob Singer, Jeremy Carver and creator Eric Kripke, and looked back over the highlights (and some lowlights!) of ten years of Supernatural.

Supernatural Party in Vancouver

Mark Sheppard, Jeremy Carver, CW President Mark Pedowitz, Jared, Jensen, Bob Singer, Misha, WB President Peter Roth, and Eric Kripke in front of the Impala cake!
Jared and Jensen at the 200th Episode Party

On 18th October 2014, a party was held at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver to celebrate the 200th episode milestone being reached by Supernatural. It was attended by cast, crew, writers and producers both past and present from both LA and Vancouver. There was an Impala cake complete with glowing headlights.

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Supernatural Party in LA

Osric Chau, Alaina Huffman, Genevieve Padalecki in a selfie with Felicia Day

On 3rd November 2014 a special advance screening of the 200th episode was held in LA with both VIP guests and fans who won a ticket through a competition.


Fan Celebrations and Gifts

Summer of SPN: 200th episode appreciation project

Postcard design

In the months leading up to Season 10, the website Winchester Bros organized a postcard campaign to both the set in Vancouver and the LA offices as "a celebration of 200 Episodes of Sam and Dean Winchester." In June, Fans sent a short message to the website, chose a fan-designed postcard image, and it was then produced and sent on to the writers. In July, fans sent in postcards for the cast as well as the crew in Vancouver. In August, WinchesterBros celebrated the fans with contests all month long and gave away Supernatural t-shirts, autographed items, and much more!

Vancouver Flyover

Flyover in Vancouver

Andie crowd fundraised to book a plane to flyover Vancouver during the filming of the 200th episode. The flyover took place on 25th August 2014, with the flight path covering the Supernatural studios and filming location. Additional funds of $2,000 were raised and donated to the American Cancer Society in Kim Manners name.

Shot glasses

Writer Robbie Thompson enjoys his shot glass!

At Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2014 a group of fans presented the following gifts

  • Two engraved bottles of Johnny Walker Blue for Jared and Jensen
  • Commemorative shot glasses and 4 bottles of Canadian Club so that the crew could toast the 200th ep in their new shot glasses
  • A set of shot glasses and a bottle of Johnny Walker Black to the writers in LA

They also donated $400 for charity: $100 to St. Jude’s Hospital and $300 to the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas.

SPN10 Gift baskets

Writer Jenny Klein and her gifts from the gift basket project

This campaign run via @SPN10gift received donations from 181 fans, 326 fans submitted letters for the books, over 500 fans were involved in selecting each gift and providing input via the @SPN10Gift community on Twitter, and more gave input and raised awareness and support for the project on Tumblr. Participation was encouraged from all fans, regardless of whether they donated monetarily. Additional funds went to Random Acts, backing Misha and Osric's E4K Kayaking expedition.

All four Season 10 regulars were given baskets, and number of employees per location were confirmed by Jim Michaels and CW head of PR Suzanne Gomez, ensuring that every Supernatural team member received a mug and a memento.

Gift Baskets for Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard with the following:

- 125 page professionally printed and bound book for each, full of messages from the fans congratulating and thanking each actor (cover photography by Stardust and Melancholy)

- Engraved antiqued silver belt buckles with the Season X logo (logo by Exorcising Emily)

- Engraved “Salt and Burn” Zippo lighters, with Season X and the actor’s name on the back (from Neven Ebrez)

- Engraved stainless steel travel mugs with the Season X logo and actor’s name: red for Jared, green for Jensen, blue for Misha, black for Mark

- Embroidered adjustable black chino baseball cap with the Season X logo (embroidered beanie for Jared)

- Plush toy of their characters (bunnies by StitchyButton)

- Antipossession cookies, gluten free cookies for Mark (from Lily’s Cookies)

- Tea or Coffee: San Antonio blend for Jared, Texas blend for Jensen, Yorkshire Gold for Mark, Milk Oolong for Misha

- Packaged in 18” baskets with custom ribbons reading “Thank you from the SPN Family” and “SUPERNATURAL SEASON TEN,” with gift tags featuring chibis of each actor with their characters (artwork by Kosherart)

Other gifts included:

- 360 black bistro-style mugs with the Season X logo to the Vancouver team

- 360 engraved metal key tags with the Season X logo to the Vancouver team

- 33 black and red bistro-style mugs with the Season X logo to the LA team

- 33 engraved “Season X” casing necklaces/mementos, 13 engraved with opposite-side personalization of the names for writers and key members of WB/CW (from Neven Ebrez)

- Silver belt buckle and embroidered chino cap to Jim Beaver

- Season X logo shirt to Clif Kosterman

- Silver belt buckle to Eric Kripke


200th episode lanyards

Lanyards created by Sandra Echeverri (@Sanpao19) and crowd funded will be sent to the cast and crew with postcard attached to each lanyard with the name of everyone who contributed.

LA Flyover

To congratulate Supernatural's staff in Los Angeles (writers, producers, publicity), Support Supernatural crowdfunded an aerial advertisement to fly for two hours around their offices on the day of Supernatural's 200th episode. The ad will say "Congratulations to Supernatural on 200 episodes!"


Cupcakes sent to the crew in Vancouver as filming for Season 10 began. Coordinated by @SpnSherry. Cakes by @ManCakesBakery
Cupcakes for the creatives in LA sent sent by fans as filming for Season 10 began
Ghostly cakes sent by Amanda to the crew in Vancouver