3.05 Bedtime Stories (transcript)

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3.05 Bedtime Stories

Written by: Cathryn Humphris

Directed by: Mike Rohl

Air Date: 1 Nov 2007


Look, Dad's gone now, and we have to carry out his legacy. Huntin' down as many evil sons of bitches as we possibly can.

Back in 1835 Samuel Colt made a gun for a Hunter.
This gun can kill anything.
Only four bullets left.
(montage of bullets being shot: vampire ... missing demon ... killing demon ... YED)
Without 'em this gun is useless.

scenes from 3.04 Sin City

BOBBY Only thing it's good for now is figuring out what makes it tick.

RUBY Cute piece. Won't stop a demon.

BOBBY How the hell would you know?

RUBY Call it an educated guess.
Ouch! Do you want me to help you out with that gun, or not?

scenes from 3.04 Sin City

DEMON That deal you made to save Sam? A year left.

DEAN Been kind of liberating, actually.

DEMON You're not scared?

DEAN Of course not.

scene from 2.22

YED How certain are you that what you brought back is 100% pure Sam?

scenes from 3.04 Sin City

DEAN You think something's wrong with my brother?

BOBBY Demons lie. I'm sure Sam is okay.

DEAN (looking wholly unconvinced) Yeah, me too.




A cloud covered moon pans to a billboard advertising the building of new homes. "ONCE UPON A TIME .... " in big letters, with a subtitle: "All homes were built this well" Below are descriptions of "3 & 4 bedroom luxury homes, 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes, etc. Available this Spring"


Three heavy-set men are having a conversation in the distance.

(in the distance, faintly)

"Yeah, me too."

"Come on guys, let's get it together. You're on brick."

"Yeah, I know, but I —"

"You're the brick guy and I'm the wood guy. That's the way it's always been."

"All I asked I just wanted someone to pick the color of bricks!"

"Okay, then you know what, it's gotta be you."

"(inaudible) not my responsibility!"

Close up on the three guys amidst construction equipment and supplies.

A growling sound is heard.

KYLE Hey, what was that?

EMMETT I don't know, a dog maybe?

KYLE That's a hell of a dog.

JACK Okay, we got a crew coming in the morning. Look at this wood, huh?! Look at it, it's crap! Where'd you order it from?

EMMETT Same place as always.

KYLE Shoulda used the cinder block, like I wanted.

JACK You know what? Here we go again. You are not in charge.

KYLE Hey, you're a bunch of girls. Look, it comes down to this, okay? One gust of wind and the whole place is gonna blow over!

EMMETT Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

More sounds are audible.

KYLE Did you hear that?

JACK Hear what?

KYLE'S BROTHERS walk off to a wood podium. KYLE hangs back and moves in the direction of the noise. KYLE peers around a digger. There's nothing there. KYLE shakes his head, literally snorting like a pig.

EMMETT Kyle, c'mon let's go.

JACK 'Kay man I'll go warm up the truck.

KYLE closes on EMMETT. They watch as JACK is suddenly dragged behind a stack of piping. EMMETT screams and pulls over a floodlight. We hear growling as the light falls. Blood sprays up on the driver’s door of the truck. KYLE runs.


KYLE hunkers down and hides behind a stack of concrete blocks.

Something jumps out and attacks EMMETT. Blood sprays across plans at the podium.

KYLE continues to hide. No sounds. KYLE moves around the concrete blocks and sees EMMETT lying on the ground, a blood pool from his mouth. He’s dead.

KYLE hears the growling begin again, and footsteps, and turns his head; something attacks KYLE. KYLE screams.






Crickets chirping.

A bullfrog sits on the highway. It croaks.

Dean’s Impala races along. It hits a puddle spraying water as the frog hops out of the way, just in time.


SAM (angry) I don't understand, Dean. Why not?

DEAN Because I said so.

SAM We got the Colt now!

DEAN (Warningly) Sam...

SAM We can summon the Crossroads Demon,…

They shout over each other’s words, getting louder each time.

DEAN We're not summoning anything.

SAM ...pull the gun on her, and force her to let you out of the deal!

DEAN We don't even know if that'll work!

SAM Well then we'll just shoot her! If she dies then the deal goes away!

DEAN We don't know if that'll work either, Sam! All you're pitching me right now is a bunch of "ifs" and "maybes" and that's not good enough, because if we screw with this deal, you die!

SAM And if we don't screw with it, you die!

DEAN Sam, enough! I am not going to have this conversation.

SAM Why, because you said so?


SAM Well you're not Dad!

SAM and DEAN silently stare at each other.

DEAN (fiercely) No, but I am the oldest. (raising his voice:) And I'm doing what's best. And you're going to let this go, you understand me?

SAM and DEAN stare at each other angrily. SAM turns away and looks out the window. He looks angry but isn't saying anything.

DEAN (calmer) Tell me about the psychotic killer. C'mon, Sam, tell me about the psychotic killer.

SAM grabs a paper from his lap and reads monotonously.

SAM Psychotic killer… rips victims apart with brute-like ferocity.

DEAN Okay, any mention of his razor sharp teeth or his four-inch claws? Animal eyes?

SAM No. But the lunar cycle's right. Look, if it is a werewolf we don't have long, moon's full this Friday and that's the last time it changes for a month.

DEAN Two days, no sweat.


Impala drives along highway.


DEAN holds a fake badge with his photo. DEAN and SAM close their badges and return them to their suit pockets. KYLE lies in a hospital bed with bandages and scrapes.

DEAN I'm Detective Plant, this is Detective Page, we're with the County Sheriff's Department.

KYLE Yeah, uh, I've been expecting you.

DEAN You have?

KYLE All morning. You are the sketch artists, right?

SAM (turning towards DEAN) ...uh.

DEAN Absolutely.

SAM (Quietly) Yeah.

DEAN Yeah. That is exactly who my partner is. The things he can do with a pen.... (Laughs)

SAM glares at DEAN.

DEAN But listen before we get started on that, I wanted to ask you, uh, how'd you get away?

KYLE I– I have no idea. I was hiding, and he found me. He was coming right for me and then he just ... stopped. Staring at me with this blank look. And after that he just took off running.

SAM 'Kay. (sighs) Um, I'm going to need as much physical detail as you can remember.

SAM pulls a small notebook and pen from his pocket and starts sketching.

KYLE Uh yeah. Uh, he's about six feet tall...

SAM Six feet...

KYLE Dark hair ...

DEAN peeks at SAM’s sketch.

SAM Uhm, what, what about his eyes, what color eyes did he have?

KYLE Maybe….blue?

SAM Blue?

KYLE It was dark.

DEAN Did they seem...

DEAN clears his throat.

DEAN Uh, animal-ish?

KYLE Excuse me?

SAM What about his teeth? You notice anything ... strange about 'em?

KYLE (Shakes head) No, they were just teeth.

SAM Teeth, okay.

DEAN How about his fingernails?

KYLE OK look he- he's just a- a normal guy, with normal eyes a-a-a-and teeth and fingernails!

SAM Look sir, it's okay if-

KYLE No. No. Those were my brothers. This guy, he- he killed my brothers. How would you feel?

SAM (Pause) Can't imagine anything worse.

DEAN glances at SAM, nods minutely.

DEAN (Pause) I know this isn't easy but if you could remember any more details... .

KYLE Th-there was one more thing he had a- a tattoo on his arm of a cartoon character. Umm... it's, uh, it's the guy who's chasing the Roadrunner—

DEAN Wile E. Coyote!

KYLE Yeah, that's it.


KYLE Dr. Garrison.

DR. GARRISON How you holding up?

KYLE Okay, considering.

DEAN You're Kyle's Doctor?


DEAN holds up his badge.

DEAN Can I just ask you a few questions?

DR GARRISON (Nods) Sure.

DEAN and DR. GARRISON leave the room leaving SAM with KYLE. KYLE points at SAM’s notebook.

KYLE Don't I get to see it?

SAM Uhh (laughs nervously) yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uhm, yeah, it's a, you know… work in progress.

SAM hands his notebook over to KYLE. On it is a badly drawn stick figure of a man, like a child's drawing.

KYLE Hm. It— it's really... huh.


A bullfrog sits at the forefront. SAM and DEAN walk, while DEAN looks at SAM’s drawing.

DEAN (Laughs) Boy, this is a piece of, uh, art. Really.

SAM snatches back the notebook from DEAN.

SAM Yeah, like you could've done any better. So what did the Doc have to say about Kyle's brothers?

DEAN Not much, they were D.O.A. at the scene. He did give me the lowdown on the coroner's report.

SAM Lemme guess, their hearts were missing.

DEAN Nope.

DEAN sighs.

DEAN But chunks of their kidneys, lungs and intestines.

SAM That's just gross.

DEAN Yeah, also definitely not werewolf behavior.

SAM So, what? Demon? Attacker could've been possessed.

DEAN Why would a Demon stop halfway through an attack?

SAM I think that, uh.. Could've... Yeah, I got nothing.

DEAN Me neither.


JULIE and KEN are hike through the woods. KEN searches his backpack.

KEN Man I am starving. Hey, where are all the Power Bars?

JULIE You ate them all. And we're lost.

KEN We're not lost! The path is… right here.

KEN and JULIE walk on. At a break in the trees they suddenly spy a quaint house. Smoke rises from the chimney.

KEN Look, there.

JULIE Oh, civilization.

KEN (curtly) Yeah.

JULIE Thank God!

JULIE and KEN walk toward the house along a wide path. The front door opens and a cheerful OLD LADY steps out with a cane.

OLD LADY Are you two doing okay?

KEN Hi! Actually, we're, uh—


OLD LADY Oh it happens. The trail gets twisty and my house is the only one left up here. Um, I could point you in the right direction, but I'm afraid it'll take a while to get back.

KEN spots a pie cooling at the open window. He stares at it avidly.

OLD LADY You're really deep into the woods.

JULIE Nice work, Ken.

OLD LADY Would you like to come in and rest a bit?

KEN Um, yeah.

JULIE Thanks, but we should head back.

KEN Oh come on honey, she offered. (Quietly) She's a harmless old lady. What could happen? (Winks)

KEN goes inside. JULIE looks unconvinced but the OLD LADY smiles sweetly and JULIE follows.


KEN, JULIE and the OLD LADY sit at the kitchen table. KEN eats pie.

OLD LADY (to KEN) You sure you don't want more?

KEN No, thank you it's, uh, uhm…

KEN'S stomach growls. He looks uncomfortable.

KEN I'm full.

JULIE We should go.

KEN Mm-hm.

JULIE We really can't thank you enough.

KEN gets up from the table, grabs the chair and falls to the floor in pain, gasping.


KEN Ju- Julie!

JULIE stands up, then doubles over in pain as well.

JULIE Ah! Ah-Ah! What's going on?!

KEN Julie!

The OLD LADY blurs in JULIE’s vision.

JULIE Did you... drug us?

The OLD LADY gets up from the table and takes a large carving knife from the drainer. She begins checking its sharpness with her thumb, smiling. JULIE and KEN whimper in the background.

KEN Julie, run!

The OLD LADY walks over to the pair. Ken is propped against a padded chair.

JULIE Stop. Please, you have to stop.

OLD LADY (to KEN) Don't worry. Everything's fine. You just hold still now dear.

The OLD LADY slashes at Ken with the knife. JULIE gets splattered with blood and screams. The OLD LADY laughs, changes grip on the knife and leisurely stabs KEN repeatedly. JULIE continues screaming.


A little girl with long black hair in a white dress, red sash and red headband appears outside the window, watching. Observing. The OLD LADY continues to stab KEN.





Hospital activity around a nurses' station. SAM and DEAN, in suits, approach the station. Two Sheriff's deputies exit a patient's room. SAM and DEAN hastily alter course and focus on a set of flowers on the counter.

The deputies pass by. SAM and DEAN turn and continue down the corridor to the room where the deputies exited.


JULIE Please, please.

DR. GARRISON Shh. Hey, we need to observe you while the drugs still might be in your system.

JULIE (pleading tearfully) I have to go. I have things to do, arrangements I need to make!

DR. GARRISON It can wait. Now you need to rest. Stay. I'll be back in a few minutes.

DR. GARRISON walks toward SAM and DEAN, who are standing in the doorway.

DR. GARRISON (sighs) Detectives.

DEAN Dr. Garrison.

DR. GARRISON What the hell is going on here? My whole town is going insane.

SAM We'll let you know as soon as we do.

DR. GARRISON leaves. SAM and DEAN move into the room.

DEAN Miss Watson? Hi. We just need to ask you a few questions.

DEAN and SAM produce their badges.

JULIE Do we have to go over this again? Now?

SAM We'll try to be brief. Miss Watson, can you tell us how you got away?

JULIE nods.

JULIE I didn't eat as much as Ken did, so I wasn't as out of it. And, when the old woman was... carving up Ken, I shoved her, and she fell. Cracked her head on the stove. (pause) She's dead, right? I- I killed her?

DEAN D'you have any idea why she'd do this to you?

JULIE No! One minute she was a sweet old lady and the next she was, like, a monster.

SAM Can you remember anything else?

JULIE Um, yeah. (sniffs) Did you find a little girl there, by any chance?

SAM A ... little girl? At the house?

JULIE I thought I saw her outside the window. She, she just disappeared. Just vanished, into thin air.

SAM and DEAN look at each other.

JULIE It m-must've been the drugs.

DEAN This disappearing girl — what, what'd what did she look like?

JULIE Does it matter?

SAM Yes. Every detail matters.

JULIE (Sighs) She had this dark, dark hair and really pale skin. She was around eight. She was a beautiful child. It was... odd to see her in the middle of something so horrible.


The Impala is parked outside.

DEAN (voice-over) Well, there's no sulfur anywhere. How about the EMF?


SAM Yeah, it's going nuts. When I went over here by the window .... There's definitely a spirit here.

DEAN Who stood outside the crime scene and watched.

SAM Looks like.

DEAN What the hell do you make of that?

SAM Actually I do have a theory. Uh, sort of.

DEAN Hit me.

SAM Well, thinkin’ about fairy tales.

DEAN Oh that's — that's nice. You think about fairy tales often?

SAM No, Dean, I'm talking about the murders. A guy and a girl? Hiking through the woods, an old lady tries to eat 'em? That's Hansel and Gretel.
And then we got three brothers, arguing over how to build houses, attacked by the Big Bad Wolf.

DEAN Three Little Pigs.

SAM Yeah.

DEAN Actually those guys were a little chubby. Well, wait, I thought those things ended with, uh, everybody living happily ever after?

SAM No, no. Not the originals. See the Grimm Brothers' stuff was kinda the folklore of its day, full of sex, violence, cannibalism. Now, it got sanitized over the years, turned into Disney flicks and bedtime stories.

DEAN So you think the murders are uh, what? A re-enactment? That's a little crazy.

SAM Crazy as what? Every day of our lives?

How's the creepy ghost girl involved?

SAM Uhm ... Well, she must've been here for a reason. I'm willing to bet you top dollar she was at the construction site too.

DEAN We gotta do research now, don't we?

SAM shrugs. DEAN closes his eyes.


DEAN exits, not looking happy.


DEAN Checked every record they had. Found the usual amount of violent childhood deaths for a town this size.

SAM and DEAN walk across the road toward a park.


Wanna know how many how many were little girls with black hair and pale skin?


They enter the park.

Zero! You wanna know how many how many little girls with black hair and pale skin that have gone missing? Right again. Zip. zilch, nada.
Tell me you've got something good 'cause I've totally wasted the last six hours.

Well you ever hear of Lillian Bailey? She was a British medium from the 1930s.

DEAN She got a thing for fairy tales?

SAM Nah, trances. See she'd go into these unconscious states where, uhm, get this, her thoughts and actions were completely controlled by spirits.

DEAN A ghost puppet master.

SAM Yeah.

DEAN Think that's what this kid is doing? Sending wolfboy and grandma into trances, making them go kill-crazy?

SAM Could be. You know, kinda like uh, uh, spirit hypnosis or somethin'.

DEAN Trances I get, but fairy tale trances? That's bizarre even for us.

SAM and DEAN stop walking. They look down. A bullfrog sits in their path, croaking.

SAM Yeah, you're right. That's completely normal.

The bullfrog croaks again and again.

DEAN All right, maybe it is fairy tales. Totally messed-up fairy tales. I tell you one thing, there's no way I'm kissing a damn frog.

SAM Hey. Check that out.

SAM points to a house opposite. A pumpkin sits on the porch.

DEAN Yeah? It's close to Halloween.

SAM You remember Cinderella? With the pumpkin that turns into a coach, and the mice that become horses?

DEAN (looks at SAM) Dude, could you be more gay?

SAM looks at DEAN, nonplussed; his jaw works speechlessly for a moment.

DEAN Don't answer that.


DEAN picks the lock and SAM opens the door; they both enter.

DEAN Well who knows, maybe you'll find your fairy godmother?

SAM looks annoyed and DEAN smirks.

They split up and begin to search the house. They hear a noise and both draw their guns. DEAN closes the front door. They continue to search.

At another noise, DEAN motions for SAM to head toward it. DEAN follows.

FEMALE VOICE Help I'm in here!


SAM Hey! Hey.

A teenage GIRL is handcuffed to the oven.

SAM It's okay. We're here, we're here. We got you.

SAM opens his lock pick kit.

GIRL You have to help me. She's a lunatic.

DEAN What happened?

GIRL My step mom, she just freaked out, screamed at me, beat me. Chained me up.

SAM Where is she now?

GIRL I don't know.

DEAN looks through the kitchen door and spots the little dark-haired girl peeking out.


SAM looks up and sees her as well.

The little girl turns away. DEAN follows her. He walks through the house to the entryway and sees the little girl standing in the living room. She walks out of sight.


DEAN enters the living room, looks around, but the girl is gone. DEAN pauses, then turns around. The little girl has reappeared.

DEAN Who are you?

The little girl is silent. She flickers and vanishes. DEAN, surprised, looks down at a red apple on the rug. He picks up the apple, frustrated.




DEAN sits on the hood of the Impala, playing with the apple. SAM approaches.

SAM Paramedics picked up Cinderella.

DEAN That's good.

SAM Yeah.

DEAN tosses the apple to SAM.

DEAN So... Little girl, shiny red apple. I'm guessing that means something to you, fairy tale boy?

SAM I think it's Snow White.

DEAN Snow White? Ah I saw that movie. Or the porn version anyway, 'cause there was this wicked Stepmother? Woo, she was wicked. (Grins)

SAM There is a wicked Stepmother. And she tries to kill Snow White with a poison apple.

DEAN But the apple doesn't actually kill the girl, right?

SAM No. Puts her into a deep sleep, so deep it's almost like she's dead.

SAM tosses the apple back to DEAN. They both get into the Impala.


NURSE No, sorry. We don't have any comatose little girls.

SAM You sure?

NURSE Totally. It's mostly old guys. And, well... Callie. She's been around since before I started here.

DEAN Callie?

NURSE Yeah, it's so sad. And poor Dr. Garrison, he just ... won't give up on her.

SAM Is Callie one of his patients?

NURSE No. His daughter.


DR. GARRISON sits at CALLIE's bedside, glasses perched on his nose, reading to her from The Complete Works and Tales of The Brothers Grimm. CALLIE is a young adult woman, with long, straight dark hair, lying completely motionlessly on the bed with monitoring equipment.

DR. GARRISON Ah, here we are. "'Just press the latch,' called out the Grandmother. 'I'm too weak to get up.'"


A GRANDMOTHER holds two full grocery bags in her arms, crossing the lot and heading toward her car.

DR. GARRISON (voice over) "The Wolf pressed the latch, and the door opened. He stepped inside, went straight to the Grandmother, and ate her up."

The GRANDMOTHER opens the door with her remote key when a tall, dark MAN appears, catching a falling bag.

GRANDMOTHER Oh! Thank you so much.

The MAN puts the bag on the back seat and smiles at the GRANDMOTHER. The GRANDMOTHER puts the other bag on the seat. The MAN shoves her in the van and attacks her, hitting and punching wildly. His Wile E. Coyote tattoo flashes on his arm.

The little girl in white watches from a distance. After another blow, the MAN moves into the driver's seat and drives out of the parking lot as the little girl observes.


SAM and DEAN arrive at Callie Garrison's room. They stop outside the doorway. They watch as DR. GARRISON reads to Callie.


DR. GARRISON "...and the Huntsman stepped inside, and in the bed lay the Wolf. So the Huntsman took a pair of scissors and cut open the Wolf's belly."

SAM and DEAN glance at each other. DR. GARRISON notices them. He puts down the book, gets up and walks to SAM and DEAN.

DR. GARRISON (Clears throat) Detectives. Can I help you?

DEAN We just... heard that Callie is your daughter.

SAM And we wanted to say how very sorry we are.

DR. GARRISON (Nods) Well, uh. Thank you. If you'll excuse me.


DEAN Oh, heading this way? We'll walk with you. How long's Callie been like that?

SAM We don't mean to intrude. We can't possibly understand how hard it must be for you seeing her like this.

DR. GARRISON It's not easy. She's uh, been here since she was eight years old.

SAM That's when she was poisoned?

DR. GARRISON Yeah. Swallowed, uh, bleach. Never figured out how she got her hands on the bottle. My wife found her, uh, brought her to the ER here and I was on call.

DEAN You're wife was uh, was that Callie's stepmother?

DR. GARRISON stops walking and looks at DEAN.

DR. GARRISON Actually, yes. How'd you know that?

DEAN (Shrugs) Lucky guess.

DR. GARRISON Well, Julie was the only mother that uh, Callie ever knew. My wife passed away last year and, uh ... it's just my daughter and me now. (pause) She's all I've got left. (Pause) Uhm, excuse me. I've gotta get back to work.

DEAN Yeah.

DR. GARRISON walks away. SAM and DEAN share another look.

SAM and DEAN are walking down the hall in the hospital.

DEAN Well you're right. It's Snow White in spades.

SAM Yep. Step-mom poisons the girl, puts her into a deep sleep. What's the motive you think?

DEAN Could be like Mischa Barton. (off SAM's look of confusion) "Sixth Sense" not the O.C.

SAM (even more confused) What?

DEAN Hey, you know fairy tales, I know movies. She played the pasty ghost. You know the, uh, remember the mom had that thing you know, where you keep the kid sick so you get all the attention?

SAM Oh yeah yeah yeah, uh, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Huh, could be.

DEAN So say all these years, Callie's been suffering silently because nobody knows the truth about what mommy dearest did?

INT. HOSPITAL RECEPTION - DAY They walk into the reception area of the hospital.

SAM And after all this time her spirit just gets angrier and angrier, until it finally just starts lashing out.

DEAN Right. Meanwhile she has to listen to Dad tell her these deranged stories about a rabid wolf or a cannibalistic old lady. It's enough to drive anybody nuts.

SAM OK, but how are we gonna stop her, I mean Callie's stuck here, her father's keeping her body alive.

DEAN It does make it a bit hard to burn the bones.

SAM You think?

EMT 1 Coming in!

The emergency doors open and SAM and DEAN watch as EMTs bring in the GRANDMOTHER on a stretcher.

DOCTOR OK, what's her status?

EMT 2 Seventy-two year old female, sustained multiple lacerations and puncture wounds. BP is eighty over forty and falling. Sinus tachycardia.


DOCTOR Is that a bite?

EMT 2 Looks like she was mauled by a mad dog or, maybe a wolf?


SAM and DEAN are watching outside the ER.

DEAN What was the last story Dr. Garrison was reading Callie?

SAM Little Red Riding Hood.


A cover is thrown over the GRANDMOTHER. Sam and DEAN look on. Grimly.


SAM Excuse me.

SAM and DEAN show their badges to EMT 2.

SAM Was she the only victim?

EMT 2 She was found by the side of the road, barely alive. Alone.

DEAN We need to find her next of kin.

EMT 2 (looks through the paperwork) She has a granddaughter.

DEAN Do you have an address?

EMT 2 hands a sheet of paper to DEAN.

DEAN Thank you.

SAM Thanks.


DEAN Hey, you find a way to stop Callie, all right?

SAM What about you?

DEAN I'm gonna go stop the Big Bad Wolf. (Pause) Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.

DEAN walks way. SAM stares after him.


A LITTLE GIRL walks out of the school and onto the sidewalk. She is dressed in a red hoodie. She smiles when she spots a mini-van she recognizes. The LITTLE GIRL crosses the road and gets into the passenger seat.

LITTLE GIRL Hey, Grandma.

The MAN who attacked the LITTLE GIRL'S GRANDMOTHER turns in the driver's seat and growls at the LITTLE GIRL, locking the doors as he does so. The LITTLE GIRL gasps and tries to get out. The MAN starts up the car and drives off down the street.




SAM is searching the corridors, looking for DR. GARRISON, when he sees him ahead.

SAM Dr. Garrison! I need to speak with you.

DR GARRISON Detective. What can I do for you?

SAM Well, uhm ... it's about Callie.

DR. GARRISON My daughter? What about her?

SAM You know maybe, maybe could we sit down for a minute?

DR. GARRISON (Annoyed) No. What about her?

SAM 'Kay. Well um. (Pause) All right, Doctor, this isn't gonna be easy. What happened to Callie was not an accident.

DR. GARRISON Excuse me?

SAM I'm sorry, but it's true.

DR. GARRISON You have no idea what happened to my daughter.

DR. GARRISON turns and walks away. SAM follows.

SAM There are things you don't know, Doctor, about your wife.


SAM Doctor, your wife poisoned Callie.

DR. GARRISON stop and turns back to SAM.

DR GARRISON (Pause) Why would you say something so horrible to me?

SAM Because I need your help.

DR. GARRISON You stay away from me, and from my daughter, you understand?

SAM Doctor, this isn't... Please, uh—

DR. GARRISON walks into CALLIE's room, shutting the door in SAM'S face. SAM sighs, opens the door, enters and closes it behind him.


DR. GARRISON I'm calling Security.

DR. GARRISON reaches for the internal phone. SAM clamps his hand over it to stop him.

SAM No, listen. I don't have time to do this gently. If you don't listen to me more people are going to get hurt, because Callie is going to hurt them.

DR. GARRISON What the hell are you talking about?!

SAM You're gonna think I'm crazy, but just understand me. Your daughter Callie is still here. She's a spirit.

DR. GARRISON looks over at Callie sadly. He sits at the end of her bed, turning back to SAM.

DR. GARRISON So you've seen her too.

SAM looks surprised.


DEAN breaks down the door and moves through the house, gun drawn. He crosses the doorway again and pushes the door closed.


DEAN sees the LITTLE GIRL in the red hoodie crying in the living room; her face is smeared with blood. He moves to her and crouches down.

DEAN You okay?

LITTLE GIRL Yeah—Aaaaahhh!

The LITTLE GIRL screams. The MAN appears and attacks DEAN, knocking the gun out of his hand.

DEAN punches the MAN. The MAN throws DEAN across the room against a dining table. DEAN moves toward the MAN, but the MAN throws DEAN over the table and into a china cabinet, smashing the glass. DEAN falls to the floor.


DR. GARRISON I sensed her .... Callie. Her presence, her scent. I even saw her standing at the foot of my bed but I never... (pause) believed it, I thought I was dreaming, I—

SAM It wasn't a dream. She looks like she did when she was eight. White dress. Red ribbon in her hair. She's been trying to talk to you.

DR. GARRISON (Sighs) You're not a cop are you?


DR. GARRISON Then who are you?

SAM Someone who knows a little bit about this kind of thing.

DR. GARRISON But what you said about my wife poisoning Callie, that's—

SAM Sir. Callie told us.


SAM Not in so many words, but in her own way. She told us.

DR. GARRISON (Shakes head) My wife loved Callie. So how is – how is that possible?

SAM I don't know. But it is.

DR. GARRISON No. No I – I don't believe you.

SAM Look, Callie is killing people. She's angry. She's desperate, because nobody will listen to her. So you have to listen to her. Please, listen to your daughter.


DEAN and the MAN continue to fight. Callie's spirit looks on, smiling slightly. DEAN grabs a pair of scissors from a nearby knitting basket and swings at the MAN. DEAN punches the MAN. He hits a bookshelf and collapses.

Callie's spirit is suddenly distracted by DR GARRISON'S voice.

DR. GARRISON Callie? Callie, it's Daddy.

Callie's spirit flickers and disappears from the room.


DR. GARRISON It's me, Daddy. Is it true? Mommy did that to you? I–I know I wasn't listening before, but I'm listening now. Daddy's here. Please honey, is – is there anyway that you can tell me?

SAM Doctor...

DR. GARRISON looks up at SAM, who nods toward DR. GARRISON’s side. Callie's spirit stands beside the bed, looking sad and forlorn.

DR. GARRISON Is it true?

Callie's spirit nods.


The MAN pushes into DEAN and throws him to the floor. They struggle for the scissors.


DR. GARRISON (In tears) Oh – I'm so sorry, baby. But listen to me. You gotta stop what you're doing, okay? You're hurting people. I know everything now. I know the truth. It's time for you to let go. It's time for me to let you go.

DR. GARRISON turns back to Callie's body in the hospital bed. He caresses her face and kisses her forehead tenderly. Callie's monitors BUZZ and flatline.

SAM looks down, saddened.


The MAN struggles on top of DEAN. Dean pushes him off and rolls on top of the MAN. DEAN punches the MAN. He raises the scissors overhead to plunge them down into the man's chest.

MAN Whoa! Stop, stop! Whoa stop! Whoa! Where am I? What's going on?!

DEAN lowers the scissors, exhausted.


DR. GARRISON weeps and strokes his daughter’s hair. He turns, but her spirit is gone.




SAM and DEAN stand with DR. GARRISON in front of the nurses station.

DR. GARRISON And the girl's okay?

DEAN nods.

DR. GARRISON (sighing) So. It's really over.

SAM Yeah. All thanks to you.

DR. GARRISON Callie was the most important thing in my life. But I should've let her go a long time ago.

DEAN See ya ‘round, Doc.

DR. GARRISON (sighs shakily) I sure hope not.

DR. GARRISON pats dean on the shoulder and walks away. SAM and DEAN watch him go.

DEAN You know what he said? Some good advice.

SAM Is that what you want me to do Dean? Just let you go?

DEAN doesn't answer, but raises his eyes and looks at SAM for a long moment, then turns to leave. SAM watches him walk down the corridor alone.


Clear sky and a full moon.


DEAN turns over in his sleep. SAM'S bed is messy and empty. SAM picks up a backpack from the bed. He heads for the door, looks back at DEAN briefly before he silently departs.


SAM crouches at the center of a crossroads holding open box. Exhaling, he adds a photo ID to the contents, closes the box, and buries it with his hands.

SAM dusts off his hands and stands, surveys the four routes of the crossroads. As he turns his back, a woman in a black dress, with red eyes, appears.

CROSSROADS DEMON Well. Little Sammy Winchester. I'm touched. I mean... your brother's been to see me twice, but you? I never had the pleasure.

SAM glares at her.

CROSSROADS DEMON What can I do for you, Sam?

SAM draws the Colt and points it at the CROSSROADS DEMON.

SAM (smiling tightly) You can beg for your life.

CROSSROADS DEMON We were having such a nice conversation. Then you had to go and ruin the mood.

SAM If I were you, I'd drop the wisecracks and start acting scared.

CROSSROADS DEMON (still smiling) It's not my style. (pauses) That's not the original Colt. Where did you get that?

SAM doesn't answer.

CROSSROADS DEMON Ruby. Had to be. She is such a pain in my ass. She'll get what's coming to her... (pause) you can count on it.

SAM That's enough. I came here to make you an offer.

CROSSROADS DEMON (Incredulous) You're gonna make ME an offer? That's adorable.

SAM You can let Dean out of his deal right now. He lives, I live. You live. Everyone goes home happy. Or...

Sam cocks the Colt.

SAM You stop breathing. Permanently.

CROSSROADS DEMON Oh. (Laughs) All this tough talk. I have to tell you, it's not very convincing. I mean, come on Sam. Do you even want to break the deal?

SAM What do you think?

CROSSROADS DEMON I don't know. Aren't you tired of cleaning up Dean's messes? Of dealing with that broken psyche of his? Aren't you tired of being bossed around like a snot-nosed little brother? You're stronger than Dean. You're better than him.

SAM Watch your mouth.

CROSSROADS DEMON Admit it. You're here, going through the motions. But truth is … you'll be a tiny bit relieved when he's gone.

SAM Shut up.

CROSSROADS DEMON No more desperate, sloppy, needy Dean. You can finally ... be free.

SAM I said shut up!

CROSSROADS DEMON Huh. Doth protest too much if you ask me.

SAM All right, I've had enough of your crap. You let Dean out of his deal right now.

CROSSROADS DEMON Sorry sweetheart, but your brother's an adult. He made that deal of his own free will, fair and square. It's iron clad.

SAM Every deal can be broken.


SAM Fine. Then I'll kill you. If you're gone, so's the deal.

CROSSROADS DEMON (Laughs) Guess again.

SAM What?

CROSSROADS DEMON Sam, I'm just a saleswoman. I got a boss like everybody. He holds the contract, not me. He wants Dean's soul, bad. And believe me. He's not going to let it go.

SAM You're bluffing.

CROSSROADS DEMON Am I? Shoot me, if it'll get you off. But the deal still holds, and when Dean's time is up, he's getting dragged into the pit.

SAM Then who's your boss? Who holds the contract?

CROSSROADS DEMON He's not as cuddly as me, I can tell you that.

SAM Who is it?

CROSSROADS DEMON I can't tell you. I'm sorry Sam. But there's no way outta this one. Not this time.

SAM looks upset, and worried. Then he sighs and shoots the CROSSROADS DEMON right between the eyes. She goes down with a groan. SAM watches, jaw tightening with anxiety.