6.05 Live Free or Twihard (Transcript)

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6.05 Live Free or Twihard

Written by: Brett Matthews

Directed by: Rod Hardy

Air Date: October 22, 2010



(Camera moves through The Black Rose, a Goth bar hangout. Music plays loudly. A pretty young brunette dressed in a flannel shirt [KRISTIN] is carded by the bartender; she shows him an ID belonging to a middle-aged Asian woman. He scoffs a little, but prepares a drink anyway. While his back is turned, KRISTIN looks around the bar anxiously, clearly waiting for someone. The bartender hands her a drink, and she surveys the scene again, checking her red rhinestone-studded phone. She downs the drink and walks into the crowd, looking all around. She bumps into someone and drops her phone -- only to have it caught and handed to her [a la Bella and Edward and the cafeteria apple] by a good-looking young man, clad in black [ROBERT], who smiles at her. She smiles back, enchanted.)

KRISTIN. (Leaning in to be heard over the music.) You came.

ROBERT. I told you I would. (Pause.) Shall we sit?

CUT TO ROBERT and KRISTIN sitting at a table in the bar.

KRISTIN. (Laughing incredulously.) I can't tell you that! It's too embarrassing.

ROBERT. Come on. Nothing you could ever say would... I mean -- those poems you posted? They revealed who you really are. I know you, Kristin.

KRISTIN. (Looking down shyly.) Thanks. I actually, um...wrote one today. You want to...?

ROBERT. Of course I do.

(She reaches into her purse for the poem, only to get a paper cut on her right middle finger.)

KRISTIN. Ow! Dammit.

(ROBERT sees the blood and watches transfixed as she sticks her finger in her mouth. He forces himself to look away.)

KRISTIN. Paper cut. I am the clumsiest person EVER...

(ROBERT becomes more and more uneasy and turns his entire body to the side. He grabs the side of the booth and his knuckles turn white.)

ROBERT. (Almost a growl.) I have to go.

(He bolts from the table.)


(But he's already gone.)

CUT TO the full moon moving through the sky.


(KRISTIN is seated in a booth, writing [she's a leftie!]. ROBERT appears and stands in front of her, looking broody and intense.)

KRISTIN. (Pause.) Hi.

ROBERT. (With a slightly creepy smile.) Hi. (After a pause, while KRISTIN's bosom starts heaving.) I shouldn't be here.

KRISTIN. So why are you?

(He slides in next to her.)

ROBERT. I can't stop thinking about you.

(The intensity between them grows.)

KRISTIN. Then...don't.

ROBERT. We can't do this. We can't be together.

KRISTIN. There has to be a way...

ROBERT. No! You think you know me...but you don't. (He leans in closer.) I've done bad things. You should run. NOW.

KRISTIN. I can make my own decisions. I'm seventeen.

(She leans in to kiss him, but he turns his head away.)

ROBERT. I have to show you something.

KRISTIN. Okay...

(ROBERT quickly looks around to check if anyone is watching. Satisfied, he lifts his lip with his hand to reveal sharp fangs. KRISTIN gasps.)

KRISTIN. I knew it.

ROBERT. Are you scared?

KRISTIN. (Quickly.) No.

ROBERT. You should be.

KRISTIN. I'm just scared I'm dreaming, and I'll wake up in math class. (She reaches up with her fingers and fondles her neck.) Is it gonna hurt?

ROBERT. I could NEVER hurt you. Come with me.


ROBERT. Let me show you my world.



KRISTIN. Edgy. So...your place...is there gonna be...velvet?

ROBERT. (Sounding annoyed, the romantic tone gone.) Yeah. Sure.

KRISTIN. (As they stop.) This is it? But...it smells like pee...

(A metal-grated door suddenly opens; a barrel-chested male vampire with a mountain of frizzy brown hair [BORIS] now stands before her. KRISTIN jumps.)

BORIS. (He ogles her, chuckling.) Nice work, Robby.

KRISTIN. (Backing away.) Robert? What's happening?!

(ROBERT spreads out his trench coat, blocking her escape.)

ROBERT. This is what you wanted...isn't it?

(His full set of fangs has descended. KRISTIN, terrified, backs into BORIS, who makes a biting motion towards her. She screams.)




(DEAN stands next to the Impala, talking to LISA on the phone. [The scene jumps between his location and LISA's house.])

DEAN. Hey -- so, uh, I'm actually not far. I'm about a night's drive.

LISA. Yeah? (Hopefully.) So, ya think...?

DEAN. Well, there's some stuff I gotta do here first.

LISA. Of course.

DEAN. But I was thinkin' that, uh, I'll wrap up here, and, y'know, make sure I'm not followed...I'll have to take side streets, and I'd have to come at night --

LISA. (Happily interrupting.) Will you just shut up and get your ass home? I can't wait to see you. This phone thing's getting old.

DEAN. (Smiling.) Yeah.

LISA. Well, call us when you're close. (Pause.) And be careful.

DEAN. Course. (He hangs up as SAM approaches.) Hey.

SAM. What're you so stoked about?

DEAN. What? Nothin'. Whattya got?

SAM. (Hands over a pile of Missing Person fliers, which DEAN leafs through.) Six girls in seven days, which is more disappearances than this city has seen in over a year -- all about the same age.

DEAN. And cute. (SAM scoffs.) Hey, ice cream comes in lots of flavors, Sam.

SAM. Right. Sure. Well, half a dozen girls, late teens, a shower away from greatness. Sounds like a profile. I mean, what else they got in common?

DEAN. Well...six directions to go here. Pick a number.

SAM. Seven. Another call just came in today.

(They get into the Impala.)


The Impala driving down the road.


SAM and DEAN are speaking to KRISTIN's FATHER.

KRISTIN's FATHER. Kristin's a good kid. A little naive, sure... You try to be a good parent. Girls are hard.

SAM. Right. Well, we'd just like to find your daughter.

KRISTIN's FATHER. (Pauses.) Last door on the left.

DEAN. (Glancing upstairs.) Thanks.

(SAM and DEAN climb the stairs. SAM gives a quick glance back to the father.)

DEAN. (Quietly.) Whaddya think he was talking about?

SAM. (Quietly.) Drugs?

(DEAN shrugs. They enter KRISTIN's room and DEAN flips on the light. The walls are painted red and covered with vampire posters. Vampire and gothic accessories are everywhere -- there are even vampire pillows on the bed.)

DEAN. Oh, it is SO much worse.

(One "Twilight"-esque poster reads "My Summer Blood".)

SAM. (Snorts.) Vampires?

DEAN. Ah, these aren't vampires, man, these... (SAM shuts the door and they catch sight of a full-sized cut-out of a teen heart-throb "vampire".) ...These are douche bags.

SAM. Yeah.

(They glance around the room.)


SAM. Hm. (He goes to the bed and starts flipping back the covers. He looks under a pillow and finds a red laptop computer.) Aha. All right. (He moves over to her desk.) Let's see what we can see. All right.

(He turns on the laptop; it makes a screaming noise and a picture of an intense-looking fake vampire pops up. They both flinch.)

SAM. Th-that's just...uncomfortable.

DEAN. What's HE so bummed out about?

(SAM starts pressing keys; a password prompt pops up. DEAN looks down and sees a paperback book on the desk, entitled "My Summer Blood". The cover illustration is a teenaged girl in a white nightgown, asleep on a bed, while a pale-skinned, handsome male vampire stands next to the open, moonlight-soaked window, staring down at her.)

DEAN. Look at this. He's WATCHING her sleep. How is that not rape-y?

SAM. I gotta concentrate here, Dean.

(DEAN starts flipping through the pages. SAM tries the password "DRACULA". The laptop makes the screaming noise again.)

DEAN. (Reading from the book.) "He could hear the blood rushing inside her, almost taste it. He tried desperately to control himself..." (SAM tries another password, and the laptop screams at him.) "...Romero knew their love was impossible -- " Romero? Really?

SAM. Dean. Shut up.

DEAN. This is a national bestseller. How is that POSSIBLE? (DEAN picks up one of the vampire pillows. SAM tries yet another password and fails.) Hey, try, uh -- (Thinks.) -- "Lautner".

SAM. (Types it in.) Wait -- he's a werewolf. How do you even know who that is?

DEAN. Are you kidding me? That kid's everywhere. It's a freakin' nightmare.

(The laptop rejects this password as well. SAM starts to get frustrated; DEAN mouths "Wow" as he chucks the pillow back onto the bed.)

SAM. Hey, how many T's are there in "Pattins-" (The laptop accepts the password.) That's it. We're in! Ha! (He starts looking through a Facebook-style page.) All right.

DEAN. (Approaching the desk again.) Well?

SAM. Well, her inbox is full, from some guy claiming to be a vampire.

DEAN. A REAL vampire?

SAM. Well, uh... "I can only meet you at night...I don't trust myself with you...the call of your blood is too strong..." Vampires fishing for victims?

DEAN. Probably just a human mouth-breather, right?

SAM. On the other hand -- talk about easy prey.

DEAN. For actual vamps.

SAM. Yeah. I mean, these chicks are just throwing themselves at you. All you gotta do is...I dunno. Write bad poetry.

DEAN. Huh!

SAM. Wow. This guy wanted to meet her at a place called The Black Rose.

DEAN. (Rolling his eyes.) Gimme a break...

SAM. Just reporting the news.

DEAN. It's probably just your standard-issue perv, right?

(SAM closes the laptop.)



(A white van rolls down the alley. A black SUV suddenly pulls in front of it, blocking the way. Several vampires in black coats jump out. One pulls the DRIVER out of the white van while the others quickly unload the cargo -- white styrofoam coolers.)

DRIVER. Stop! Lemme go!

(The other vampires continue to unload the van while the DRIVER starts screaming off-camera. Within seconds, the vampires steal everything in the van, jump back into the black SUV, and drive away -- leaving the DRIVER's broken body behind. The camera pans past the side of the blood-spattered van, which reads "MAKE A DIFFERENCE, GIVE LIFE -- BLOOD DONATION COUNTS"; another part says "PLEASE GIVE BLOOD".)



(SAM is next to the Impala, talking to SAMUEL on his cell [the scene jumps between their locations]. DEAN approaches and loads gear into the car.)

SAM. Okay. So now, you're SURE it's vampires? A hundred percent?

SAMUEL. Definitely. We got a pattern now. Kids go missing, blood bank van gets jumped. This is the fourth town. Clincher is, this last hit? Driver was found, throat ripped out.

SAM. Okay. They grab kids, that's food, right? But if they already got a bunch of walking, talking juice bars...why bother with the blood mobile? It doesn't add up.

SAMUEL. Find the nest. Figure it out.

(SAM sighs and hangs up.)



(SAM and DEAN sit at a table in The Black Rose.)

DEAN. Well, you wanted Emo chicks, I think we hit Ground Zero. (A waitress in a rubber suit gives them their drinks.) Thank you. You think she wears all that rubber to the beach? (SAM starts canvassing the bar.) When was the last time we had a beer together, anyway?

SAM. (Nods.) There. (They study a teenaged boy in a black coat and a dog collar chatting up a pretty teenaged girl.) Whaddya think? He's hittin' on her hard enough. Real?

DEAN. I dunno. It's hard to tell. (He continues to look around and spies two other young men talking with girls.) Hey, we got multiple choice.

SAM. Great. Three of them and two of us.

(They watch as one of the men kisses another guy.)

DEAN. (After taking a moment to process.) Okay. Make that two of them.

(SAM sees the teenaged boy with the dog collar move to escort his new friend outside.)

SAM. One's on the move.

(The other man they have their eye on leaves the room as well.)

DEAN. All right. You go with Efron, I got Bieber.

(They part ways. SAM follows the older of the two guys down into the lower level of the bar, and finally into the basement. Something seems...off. The vampire he was following is hiding behind the door, and springs at him, fangs out. In one swift motion, SAM decapitates him with his machete. The body falls. SAM isn't rattled a bit.)


(The teenaged boy and girl run into the alley, giggling.)

BOY. Are you sure, baby? Are you ready to join me in eternity?

(He presses her up against a door and starts kissing her neck.)


(He's about to take a bite when DEAN grabs him from behind and throws him back.)

BOY. Hey!

DEAN. (To the GIRL.) Go -- get outta here!

BOY. Wait, what... (He's babbling a bit. DEAN slams him against the dumpster on the other side of the alley.) What the hell are you doing?!

DEAN. Open your mouth!! (The BOY obeys, revealing fangs -- just two, on his canine teeth. DEAN is disgusted.) Take those out. Take 'em out! (The BOY pulls off the fake fangs.) Oh, for the love of... What're you, twelve? (He takes a closer look.) Are you wearing GLITTER??

BOY. I only do it to get laid, man!

DEAN. (Suddenly interested.) Does it work? (The BOY shrugs and nods slightly.) I'll be damned. All right, mmmbop your way outta here. Go, go! (The BOY runs off.) And use a condom!

(DEAN starts to walk away.)

VOICE. You're pretty...

(DEAN turns and finds himself face-to-face with BORIS.)

DEAN. I'm sorry?

BORIS. I said...you're pretty.

DEAN. Yeah, sorry again, pal. I don't play for your team.

(BORIS grabs DEAN and launches him through the air. DEAN lands on the dumpster, hard, and rolls off into a pile of garbage bags. He takes a few moments to recover, his vision blurry. As BORIS lazily approaches him, DEAN, dazed, grabs hold of a large pipe and takes a swing at BORIS, who ducks the attack easily. He soon has DEAN pinned against the dumpster and begins punching him into submission. SAM walks into the alley, quickly surveys the situation, and runs a few steps. But he suddenly stops and just watches, as if fascinated. BORIS by now has DEAN completely at his mercy. He pins DEAN with his right arm, just below his throat; BORIS then brings his left wrist up to his fangs and bites. DEAN is helpless, unable to move; BORIS smears his blood over DEAN's mouth. DEAN makes a guttural noise in protest, but can't defend himself. A corner of SAM's mouth twitches upward into a little smirk. After he's sure that DEAN has swallowed some of BORIS' blood, SAM pulls his machete out of his coat.)

SAM. (In typical dramatic Winchester fashion.) NO!!

(SAM rushes BORIS, who releases DEAN; the latter collapses onto the ground. SAM and BORIS stop and size one another up for a second. SAM makes a few slashes with the machete, which BORIS deftly evades. He laughs and makes a "bye-bye" wave before running away and climbing up the wall and escaping. DEAN lies on the ground next to the dumpster, panting, blood all over his mouth.)

DEAN. (Weakly.) Sammy...

(SAM does his best to look shocked and concerned.)



(SAM shuts the curtains; DEAN holds his hand to his head. The regular noises of the city -- cars, horns, sirens -- are now amplified in his head.)

DEAN. Oh my God, what is that SOUND?

SAM. What sound, Dean?

(DEAN pushes over the lamp and it crashes to the floor. The siren and honking of a passing fire truck gets louder. He hears the muffled sounds of the TV in the neighboring room. He pounds on the wall.)

DEAN. Hey, c'mon, keep it down, dammit! (He turns and winces at the lit bulbs of the lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling. It's reminiscent of how the world looked to a newly-vamped Gordon Walker in 3.07 Fresh Blood.) Please, PLEASE shut that off...geez...

(SAM turns the light off. Every noise is deafening, from his footsteps to the click of the light switch. Now SAM's steady heartbeat reaches DEAN's ears.)

SAM. Dean...you should sit down...

DEAN. YOU sit down. (He sits on the edge of one of the beds and cradles his head in his hand. A passing freight train pounds into his ears.) Of all the ways to die, I never thought I'd be going out like this.

SAM. Dean, nobody is "going out".

(DEAN hears a loud, mechanical ticking sound. He looks over to the nightstand and watches as the alarm clock flips over to 11:11 pm. He gets up.)

DEAN. It's THAT...

SAM. What?

(DEAN roughly rips the clock's cord out of the wall, which causing sparks to shoot out. He faces SAM.)

DEAN. Samuel is gonna kill me when he gets here.

SAM. No, Dean, he's not!

DEAN. Yes he is, cuz I'm gonna ask him to because you won't do it.

SAM. Okay, just hold on a second...

DEAN. For what, huh? Look at me!

SAM. We can figure this out!

DEAN. How?! (SAM has no answer. DEAN is now picking up on how calm SAM's heartbeat is. Suspiciously.) Why aren't you freaked out?

SAM. Of course I am!

DEAN. Really? Cuz I can hear your heartbeat, and it's pretty damned steady.

SAM. That's cuz I'm...I'm TRYING to remain calm. Dean, look -- Samuel will know what to do.

DEAN. C'mon, man, I'm a monster, okay? This is NOT a problem that you spit-ball. We gotta deal with this before I hurt somebody.

(An uncomfortable pause. DEAN holds his head again and groans.)

SAM. How's it feel?

DEAN. NOW? Now you wanna talk about my feelings?

SAM. No, I mean...physically.

DEAN. How do you THINK it feels? Not good!

(He crosses towards the bathroom.)

SAM. Where you goin'?

DEAN. Bathroom, okay? News flash, Mr. Wizard: vampires pee!

(DEAN storms into the bathroom and slams the door. He splashes some water on his face, then looks at his reflection. He lifts his lip with his finger to reveal that his fangs have already grown in. He hangs his head and closes his eyes in absolute despair. After a moment, he turns the water on again. In the main room, SAM is about to get a glass of water when he hears strange noises coming from the bathroom. He knocks on the bathroom door.)

SAM. Dean.

(He opens to door to find that DEAN has escaped through the bathroom window; the blinds hang askew.)



(DEAN stands in LISA's bedroom, watching her sleep -- mimicking he scene he mocked on the cover of KRISTIN's book. A barking dog wakes her; LISA sees DEAN and sits up, startled.)

LISA. Dean.

DEAN. Hey.

(She turns on her nightstand lamp, and it blinds him. He looks away. He can hear her heart beating.)

LISA. Hey. I wasn't expecting you for a couple of days.

DEAN. Yeah, yeah... I wanted to see you.

(He sits on the bed.)

LISA. What's up? Are you okay?

DEAN. Listen...

LISA. (Starting to catch on that something's wrong.) What's going on?

DEAN. It doesn't matter. But I need you to know...you AND Ben...just, uh... Thanks. Okay? For everything.

(LISA slides out from under the covers and moves closer to him, her heartbeat quickening a little.)

LISA. Dean, you're scaring me.

(DEAN can smell her blood now...never mind the fact that she's not wearing all that much. He clenches his jaw and tries to ignore it. He rises and takes a few steps.)

DEAN. Oh, God, I'm Pattinson...

LISA. What?

DEAN. Nothing. I...I gotta go...

LISA. No, you can't just show up here like this and --

DEAN. Believe me, I wish it was different.

LISA. Just stop, and explain to me what's going on out there.

DEAN. (Pauses. Miserably.) Lisa, I can't bring this crap home to you.

LISA. You're talking about your work?

DEAN. I'm talking about my LIFE. It's ugly...and it's violent...and I'm gonna die -- SOON.

LISA. (Very upset now. She steps in closer.) Just tell me. Just tell me what the hell is going on...

(She grabs his arms. DEAN stares at her, listens to her heart, and can't stand it any longer. He grabs her shoulders and presses her against the wall, not gently. Her heart rate skyrockets. DEAN's eyes narrow as he moves in close to LISA; her bosom starts heaving. [Wouldn't yours...?] His mouth starts to stray slowly towards her throat, but he pulls himself away and faces the other direction. His new fangs descend.)

LISA. Dean?

DEAN. I gotta go...

(DEAN flees into the hallway, covering his mouth with his hand. BEN emerges from his room, rubbing his eyes.)

BEN. (Confused.) Dean...?

DEAN. Ben, just stay there.

BEN. I thought I heard you --

DEAN. I said stay back!!

(DEAN pushes BEN away and into the wall before tearing out of the house. LISA quickly pulls BEN to safety.)



(SAM and SAMUEL enter the room. SAMUEL carries a large duffel bag.)

SAMUEL. Can't keep track of your brother now?

SAM. Well, I didn't think he'd just --

SAMUEL. He's not himself, Sam. He's a monster and he's hungry. You gotta be prepared to do the right thing.

DEAN. I told you he'd kill me when he showed up.

(SAM and SAMUEL look over to see DEAN hunched against a cabinet, in the dark. They quickly draw their machetes.)

SAMUEL. Did you feed?

DEAN. I went to say goodbye to Lisa...which, for the record, was a lousy idea.

SAMUEL. (Sternly.) Dean, answer the question.

DEAN. You can relax, I didn't "drink" anyone.

SAMUEL. Thank God.

DEAN. But I came close. (He slowly removes his jacket.) All right. Do it.

SAMUEL. Okay...if you insist...or I can just turn you back.

DEAN. What?

SAM. What?!

(SAMUEL gives SAM a little bit of an odd look, but turns his attention back to DEAN.)

SAMUEL. I didn't drive all this way to kill you, Dean -- I'm here to SAVE you.


(The three men sit at the table. SAMUEL opens his journal and slides it to DEAN.)

SAMUEL. That's my grandfather's journal. Cure's an old Campbell recipe, kind of like the soup. No one's tried it since God knows. What I hear...this stuff is a bad trip.

DEAN. Awesome.

SAMUEL. Hey -- the cure is good. But a lot of this is on YOU. You drink, you're done. It won't work. I'm talking one drop of human blood --

DEAN. I got it.

SAMUEL. Do you? Because you WILL feed. It's a matter of time.

(DEAN slams the journal shut.)

DEAN. What else do we need?

SAMUEL. Some stuff we got, some we gotta get. Trickiest thing on the list: blood of the fang that turned ya.

SAM. That guy was HUGE.

SAMUEL. There's nothing in the recipe about "easy".

DEAN. (Rises.) I can get it.

SAMUEL. You're gonna walk right into the nest?

DEAN. Well, I'm one of them, aren't I? So all I gotta do is get in there, get the guy alone, and...shoot him with so much dead man's blood that he'll think he's rushing a fraternity.

SAM. I should come with you.

DEAN. No. Dude, you REEK. You're like a walking hamburger. I gotta do this solo.

SAM. Yeah, except -- we haven't been able to find him yet.

DEAN. (Putting on his jacket.) No problem. I can smell him. Two miles east of town. You guys get the other crap and meet me there.

(DEAN heads towards the door. SAM and SAMUEL rise.)

SAMUEL. Dean. (Holds out a large syringe filled with blood.) It's dead man's blood. Now, there's enough there to drop a linebacker, and then some. (DEAN slowly reaches for the syringe, smelling the blood inside.) Good luck, son.

(DEAN takes the syringe and leaves. SAM starts gathering supplies, and SAMUEL eyes him warily.)

SAMUEL. What the hell's wrong with you, Sam?

SAM. (Stops. Innocently.) Whaddya mean?

SAMUEL. You knew about the cure!

SAM. What? No, I didn't.

SAMUEL. But we talked about it MONTHS ago.

SAM. Not me. Must've been Christian or something.

SAMUEL. Huh. That's strange, cuz if you HAD known, it'd be almost like you LET him get turned. Get a man on the inside? Help us find that alpha vamp we've been looking for?

(There's an uncomfortable pause.)

SAM. Are you serious? You think I'd do something like that, risk my own brother? (Another pause.) What's wrong with YOU? (SAMUEL's stare almost bores holes into him.) Look, I'm just relieved we can fix him.

(SAM finishes gathering their supplies and walks out of the room.)



(The vampires' black SUV is parked in front of a warehouse. Two vamps exit the building through a metal-grate door. As it starts to swing shut, we see that DEAN has attached a rope to it, allowing him to keep the door open. He avoids the vamps and sneaks into the building.)


(DEAN starts to sneak through the hallway of the run-down warehouse, when his way is suddenly blocked by ROBERT.)


DEAN. (Trying to be cool.) Hey. I'm...

ROBERT. The guy Boris turned outside the bar, right? Said to look out for you.

DEAN. Yeah.

ROBERT. Well. (Smiles.) Glad you made it, man! (He raises his fist for a knuckle-bump; after a second, DEAN complies.) Follow me.

(ROBERT leads DEAN through the hallways.)

ROBERT. So you must be starving.

DEAN. Uh...

(ROBERT walks up to a fridge full of blood bags. He slides the door open and selects a bag. DEAN is unhappy with this new temptation.)

ROBERT. Here ya go.

DEAN. (After a pause.) I'm okay. (ROBERT looks at him oddly. DEAN smiles.) I killed SO many people on the way over here, so...

ROBERT. Yeah, uh, about that... Company line is we, we don't just kill people anymore... But you gotta tell me what that's like.

DEAN. Yeah. Yeah, first chance I get, I'll...I'll show you myself.

ROBERT. Sweet.

(ROBERT rips the stopper off the bag and takes a swig. DEAN looks like he's a man who hasn't had water in days, and is being forced to watch someone down a frosty bottle of Evian. He eyes the blood bags once more, but forces himself away. He follows ROBERT down a flight of stairs, through a crowd of more vampires.)

ROBERT. Don't worry about them. They're jealous. The recruiters get to bang all the chicks. That's YOU now, bro.

DEAN. Recruiters?

ROBERT. Yeah. Big man'll explain.

(DEAN now finds himself in what looks like the main room of an old bank. Seated at a desk, in front of a laptop, is a newly-turned KRISTIN. BORIS leans over her, a hand on her back.)

BORIS. (Raises a finger.) Be with you in a minute. (Dictating to KRISTIN; she types into the computer.) "Your skin is the black velvet of the night." (Chuckles.) Nice. Stupid bitch'll eat that up, she'll be DYING to meet.

(He leans in closer and takes a long sniff of KRISTIN's hair, and she recoils. DEAN looks and sees several newly-turned female vamps locked in cages, sucking down blood from bags.)

BORIS. Go get yourself some blood, sweetheart. Then march that little ass right back here, okay? (KRISTIN rises. She quickly locks eyes with DEAN before exiting the room.) Thank goodness. Thought the hunter chopped your pretty head.

DEAN. Naw. I got away. Sorry, what's a "hunter"?

BORIS. You'll see if he finds us. You'll see him inside out. (Laughs.) You eaten?

DEAN. Yeah.

BORIS. Good. You'll need your strength.

DEAN. For?

BORIS. Robert didn't tell you? (Snorts, a little miffed. He gets up in DEAN's face.) How old do I look?

DEAN. (Pause.) Thirty-three?

BORIS. You're off...by about...six centuries? And these are the best days in the last six hundred years to be a vampire. (Laughs; he starts to pace around DEAN.) "Dracula"? Anne Rice? PLEASE. These stupid little brats are so horny they've reinvented us as Prince Charming with a Volvo. They... (He reaches through the bars of one of the cages and grabs a vamp girl by the hair.) ...Want a promise ring with fangs, so I give it to 'em. (The vamp girl snarls.) You -- you go out and you get them, and you bring 'em home to ME.

(He releases the vamp girl; she falls back with a cry.)

DEAN. So what's with the cages?

BORIS. Oh, that's just, y'know...till they're compliant. Eventually these girls will go out, and they'll fetch me boys like YOU, and around and around we go...

DEAN. Gotta say, I'm impressed. This whole system, it's...it's all you?

BORIS. (Laughs.) No, no, no, no....I just...implement, y'know? Make sure you all fall in line. (Points to the ceiling. With reverence.) It's HIS...our father's...

(There's a huge Frank Lloyd Wright-looking stained glass decoration on the ceiling.)

DEAN. Your father's?

BORIS. Aren't you the curious one?

DEAN. Oh, you don't know the half of it.

BORIS. (Leaning in closer, seriously violating some personal space issues.) In due time. You...you want the private tour, don't you?

DEAN. (Probably trying not to vomit.) Thought you'd never ask.

(BORIS steps away and makes a beckoning motion with his finger. He turns his back on DEAN and starts to walk the other way. With game-face on, DEAN reaches into his pocket, withdraws the syringe of dead man's blood, and uncaps it. He raises it, ready to plunge -- but one drop leaks out and hits the floor. BORIS hears it and quickly turns. DEAN tries to stab BORIS with the needle; BORIS grabs DEAN's arm, moves behind him, and twists his arm behind his back. With his free hand, BORIS grabs DEAN in a chokehold.)

BORIS. You playing games with me, boy?

(He squeezes DEAN's arm until DEAN is forced to drop the syringe. BORIS begins laughing in triumph. But suddenly, BORIS' eyes are drawn upwards. He begins to hear whispers. He releases DEAN , and after a moment, falls flat on his back, eyes still wide open. DEAN looks on, highly confused, then hears the caged vampire girls dropping limply to the floor. After another moment, though, his eyes start to roll backwards a little, and he collapses as well. A quick series of visions flashes through his mind...)

(A man sitting on a bench in the night. A little girl in a frilly dress and a flower in her hair. A graveyard filled with white wooden crosses. A cell dividing. An African-American man -- the alpha vamp -- reaching out, with long, sharp fingernails. A large, ivy-covered house. The girl again. The alpha vamp on the bench. Blood cells rushing through a vein. The graveyard, dissolving into a classroom with rows upon rows of empty desks. The little girl. The alpha vamp by a pond. The dividing cell. A computer animation of the circulatory system, dissolving into a roadmap, where the highways pump like veins. A red circle is drawn around Aurora, Illinois. The alpha vamp by the pond.)

(DEAN is still on the floor. His eyes are closed, but they dart back and forth under his eyelids, as if he was dreaming. The vision continues...)

(The alpha vamp by the pond. The graveyard, then back to the alpha vamp, then the graveyard. The ivy-covered house, where the little girl is having a tea party on the lawn -- at night. She feeds her dolls blood.)

(DEAN is still out.)

(The graveyard. A pulsating cell. Blood in the vein. The cell divides. Another shot of the cell dividing. The little girl is standing under a tree. Suddenly a twin flickers in beside her. She smiles, revealing a mouth full of fangs. The twin does the same. The doll with blood on her face. The alpha vamp on the bench, only now the twin girls are sitting on the ground next to the bench. The dividing cell. A weather vane with a bird. The alpha vamp at the pond. The twin girls play with their dolls next to the pond; they look up at the alpha vamp. He bends over and strokes one of the twins' faces with his pointed fingernail. It leaves a trail of blood on her cheek. He smiles fondly. Blood cells in the vein. The bloody doll. The graveyard. The alpha vamp and the twins; he straightens up and points. The front hallway of the house; the door opens, and the twins walk through, hand in hand. A doll's hand. One twin. The house. The alpha vamp reaching. A cell dividing. The graveyard. One twin. The alpha vamp on the bench.)

(DEAN blinks his eyes and comes out of the vision. He rolls over onto his back. He stares up at the stained glass ceiling, which is blurry. He looks around and suddenly realizes that BORIS is up and releasing the vampire girls from their cages. DEAN rises and starts running. One of the vamp guards rushes down the stairs and attacks him, but is quickly brought down after DEAN injects him with the dead man's blood.)

BORIS. (To the rest of the vamps.) GO GET HIM!!!

(DEAN hightails it up the stairs; he's attacked by another vamp guard when he reaches the top. DEAN makes quick work of him and tosses him down the stairs and into the crowd of advancing vamps. Next he encounters ROBERT, who doesn't stand a chance -- he's quickly beheaded by DEAN's machete. The crowd of vamp girls swarms, and DEAN starts swinging. Blood spatters on the door.)



(SAM and SAMUEL drive up in SAMUEL's van, parking in front of the Impala.)

SAMUEL. This must be the place.

SAM. Shh...

(Something lands on the roof of the van. A vampire suddenly peeks out on the driver's side, smashes the window, and reaches towards SAMUEL.)



(DEAN returns to the upper level to the main room. Another vampire guard climbs the railing and attacks; DEAN slices into his stomach, then hacks away at another before decapitating both of them. A third guard starts advancing.)



(SAMUEL exits the van; SAM is already out and has taken care of the vampire. The corpse slides down the windshield and leaves a bloody streak in its wake.)

SAMUEL. So much for "undercover".

SAM. Let's go.



(DEAN takes advantage of his vamp abilities and leaps straight over the railing, landing deftly on the ground below. The nest is quiet -- he's killed everyone...almost everyone. His eyes dart back and forth, looking for his sire. BORIS waits in the shadows, around a corner. He's not quite so merry anymore. DEAN surveys the mess he's created.)

BORIS. You've stopped NOTHING, you know that? (He steps out into the open.) This is much bigger than you and me.

(DEAN readies the machete. BORIS lifts his hand and makes a beckoning motion. Up above, SAM and SAMUEL creep through the carnage, machetes out. Headless vampire bodies are strewn everywhere.)

SAMUEL. (Grimly.) Looks like your brother has some Campbell in him after all.

(They arrive in the main room to behold DEAN sitting downstairs.)

SAM. Dean, you okay?

DEAN. Yeah, I'm good.

(The camera moves downward to show that he's using BORIS' head as a footrest.)



(SAMUEL squirts a syringe of BORIS' blood into a jar that holds the cure potion. DEAN is panting, holding his stomach, hearing heartbeats.)

SAMUEL. If this works, you know it's not gonna be a kiddy ride, you know that.

DEAN. That's great. Light her up.

SAM. (Trying not to sound eager, but failing a bit.) So what'd you see in there?

DEAN. What?

SAM. In the nest -- what'd you see?

DEAN. Sam, I can't hear you -- your blood is so frickin' loud, okay? Just -- just back off. (SAMUEL pours the potion into a coffee mug.) All right, gimme the damn cure. (SAMUEL hands the mug to DEAN, who takes a whiff and recoils. With a grim smile, he lifts the mug.) L'chaim...

(DEAN chugs the potion messily, then tries to keep it down. Nothing happens. He spits a little bit out.)

DEAN. I don't think it --

(Suddenly he spins around as he retches and projectile vomits what appears to be blood into the waste basket. SAM and his grandfather watch, concerned.)

SAM. Is it working?

SAMUEL. (Drawing his machete.) Either that or he's dying.

(DEAN finishes vomiting and struggles to take a breath. He raises his head, clutches his stomach, and moans in agony. His fangs have descended, and his eyes are bloodshot. He starts to get flashes of the evening, playing out in reverse...)

(DEAN using BORIS' head as a footstool. BORIS beckoning him as he readies the machete.)

(DEAN's face contorts in pain as the flashes continue...)

(DEAN injecting the guard with dead man's blood. BORIS invading DEAN's personal space. BORIS sniffing KRISTIN's hair. BEN getting pushed into the wall.)

(DEAN collapses on the ground, his body twitching...)

(DEAN narrowing his eyes and watching LISA awaken. DEAN breaking the lamp in the motel room.)

(DEAN continues to twitch, and he struggles to breathe...)

(The bulbs in the ceiling lamp blinding him. SAM and DEAN in the alley after he was turned, blood on DEAN's mouth. SAM fighting BORIS. BORIS smearing blood over DEAN's lips. SAM watching the attack. BORIS roughing DEAN up against the dumpster. Finally...SAM's mouth ticking upward into a smirk as he watched DEAN get turned.)

(DEAN's eyes flies open -- they're clear. The world is silent again. He tries to process what he's just seen. He blinks a few times, and struggles to sit up. SAM and SAMUEL rush over to help him. SAM pats him on the chest, but DEAN eyes him strangely. He realizes his brother threw him under the bus.)



(SAM and SAMUEL pack up their supplies. DEAN enters from the bathroom.)

SAM. Hi. So, what'd you see?

DEAN. What?

SAM. In the nest. What'd you see?

DEAN. (Pause.) Uhm...well, I'm still trying to work through it, but, uh...I'm pretty sure they're not figuring anything out on their own. They're getting their orders from the top...where to go next, everything.

SAMUEL. Top, as in...?

DEAN. Their alpha. At least, that's what I think it is. They've got some sort of psychic thing happening. He sends 'em, uh...I don't know -- messages?

SAM. Saying what?

DEAN. Honestly? Recruitment drive. (SAM and SAMUEL register this.) Their alpha's building an army.

SAMUEL. Well, THAT's comforting.

DEAN. That's not the worst.

SAM. Then what IS?

DEAN. We don't scare them anymore.

(The three men finish packing.)



(DEAN is standing next to the Impala's open trunk, calling LISA.)

LISA's VOICE MAIL. You've reached Lisa. Leave me a message. Thanks.

DEAN. Hey, Lis...uh...

AUTOMATED VOICE. To continue recording, press 1. To erase --

(DEAN ends the call. He slams the trunk shut to find SAM standing in front of him.)

SAM. How'd it go with Lisa?

DEAN. It didn't.

SAM. (Trying to fake an "Aw, shucks" expression.) I'm sorry.

DEAN. Yeah. At least, uh...YOU got my back. (Loaded question.) No matter what happens, I can always count on you, right, Sammy?

SAM. (Slight pause.) Yeah. Of course, Dean.

(DEAN doesn't believe a word. They do a patented synchronized car-enter, then drive away.)