6.19 Mommy Dearest (Transcript)

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6.19 Mommy Dearest

Written by: Adam Glass

Directed by: John Showalter

Air Date: 29 April, 2011


From 6.07 Family Matters and 6.10 Caged Heat,

CROWLEY: Bring me creatures. Aim high on the food chain.

SAMUEL: (A bag is thrown over a djinn's head.) Whatever we bag, ends up there. (The building is shown.) That's where he tortures 'em, interrogates 'em, I don't really know. (The Alpha Shapeshifter, Meg and the Alpha Vampire are tortured.)

DEAN: We ain't your employees.

CROWLEY: 'Course you are.

(Sam hits Crowley over the head, knocking him to the ground.)

(Castiel holds a bag.)

CROWLEY: What's in the gift bag?

CASTIEL: You are. (He holds Crowley's skull.)

CROWLEY: Not possible.

CASTIEL: You didn't hide your bones as well as you should have.

(Cas sets the bones alight, Crowley goes up in flames.)

From 6.16 ...And Then There Were None,

(Dean burns possessed Bobby with a live wire.)

DEAN: Who is she, this Eve bitch?

(From 6.12 Like a Virgin, Eve rises from Purgatory.)

KHAN WORM possessing BOBBY: The mother of all of us. (Monsters from 5.11 Sam, Interrupted and 2.03 Bloodlust are shown.) And the end of all of you.

(Khan Worn falls out of Bobby's ear, dead.)

From 6.18 Frontierland,

BOBBY: The ashes of a phoenix can burn the mother. (The phoenix catches an iron nail. His hand is burnt.)

DEAN: (Reading from Colt's journal) 1861, Sunrise, Wyoming. Gun killed a phoenix today. (Samuel Colt kills two demons with the Colt.) Left a pile of smouldering ash. (The Sheriff's ashes are shown.)

SAM: Whose gun?

DEAN: Colt's.

(Cas sends Sam & Dean to 1861.)

DEAN: We hop back in time, we join up with Samuel Colt, we hunt the phoenix and then haul its ashes back home.

(Dean shoots the phoenix with the Colt, it goes up in flames and leaves a pile of ashes.)

(Sam holds the ashes in a bottle.)

BOBBY: Is that what I think it is?

DEAN: Ashes of a phoenix. You know what this means? We take the fight to her.



(Two young men, one is Ed, walk out of a place called 8th Street Sports Lounge.)

MAN #1: I'm serious, I'm serious. That was way overpriced, dude. Back where I'm from, okay, it was like $3 a beer.

ED: Okay, then I'm buying next time.

MAN #1: I'm not even lying. I'm not even joking at all.

(They see Eve. She is wearing a white dress. There is a bloodstain on the front of it, by her chest.)

ED: Hey. Heaven must be missing an angel.

(Eve touches Ed's face and walks away.)

ED: I think she likes me.

MAN #1: Okay, Fabio, let's – let's go. (He leads Ed away.)


(Eve enters a bar. You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate is playing. There are a lot of people. She looks around, locks the door and breaks off the handles. She walks through the bar. Two guys are sitting at a table nearby.)

GUY #1: Are you okay, miss?

EVE: I'm perfect.

GUY #1: (points at her dress) I mean is – is that blood?

EVE: (looks down) Yes. I suppose it is.

GUY #1: You sure you're alright?

(Eve says nothing. She walks up to him and kisses him. Veins disperse into his face. Eve walks away. His head hangs forward.)

GUY #2: Hey, what the hell?

EVE: I gave him a gift. (She touches a woman's face and the same vein-thing happens.)

GUY #2: C'mon, let's get out of here.

(Eve touches several more people's faces.)

(The guy from the table attacks his friend. The touched people also attack others. They bite their necks. People run to the door but can't get out. As everyone is attacking or being attacked, Eve smiles.)



(The bottle the ashes were in is empty. Dean is making shotgun shells with the ashes.)

(Sam & Bobby walk in.)

SAM: Hey. How you doing?

DEAN: Five shells. That's how I'm doing.

SAM: (sighs) Well, you know, it's a hell of a lot more than what we had last week.

DEAN: Maybe.

BOBBY: Meaning?

DEAN: Meaning I just had myself a little mishap a few minutes ago, and, uh, well, here, look. (Dean rubs ashes on his arm. Nothing happens.)

SAM: Whoa.


DEAN: I mean this stuff is supposed to burn the bejeezus out of Eve, doesn't even give me a sunburn.

BOBBY: Lore says it works.

DEAN: That's always reliable.

SAM: Well, you know what? Maybe it's like, uh – maybe it's like iron or silver. You know? Hurts them, not us.

DEAN: Maybe, but a fat lot of good it does us 'til we find the bitch.

BOBBY: I'm looking, but I'm thinking maybe it's time you made a call.

DEAN: Why has it always got to be me that makes the call, huh? It's not like Cas lives in my ass. The dude's busy. (Cas appears behind him. Dean turns around, surprised.) Cas, get out of my ass!

CAS: I was never in your – (Dean gives him a look.) Have you made any progress in locating Eve?

BOBBY: Well we were gonna ask you about that.

CAS: No, I've looked, but she's hidden from me. She's hidden from all angels.

DEAN: Awesome.

SAM: You know, what we really need is an inside man.

DEAN: What do you mean?

SAM: Something with claws and sympathy.

DEAN: Like a friendly monster? (Sam shrugs.) Those are in short supply these days, don't you think?

SAM: Sure, but we've met one or two, right?

DEAN: Maybe.

SAM: So we can find one.

(Some time goes by. Bobby paces with a book. Dean stands and thinks. Suddenly Cas appears, with Lenore.)

SAM: Lenore.

(Lenore tries to run away.)

SAM: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey, hey. Lenore, stop. Look, we're happy you're here.

[ (Flashback to 2.03 Bloodlust)
LENORE: (to Sam) My name's Lenore. I'm not gonna hurt you. (Her vampire fangs are shown) ]

DEAN: Been a long time. You remember us?

LENORE: I remember. Your hunter friend almost killed me.

SAM: Well if it makes you feel any better, uh, he turned into a vampire and I chopped his head off.

DEAN: Yeah. With razor wire. Wicked.

LENORE: Well, that's something. What's going on? Why am I here?

SAM: Well, um, that's Cas. (Sam points.) He's our friend. And we need to talk to you. About Eve.

LENORE: Eve? I have nothing to say about Eve.

DEAN: You sure about that?

LENORE: I'm trying to stay away from her, believe me.

SAM: Where's your nest?

LENORE: Gone. They couldn't fight it anymore. It's her voice, in our heads. What it does to us. So they left. Started killing again.

SAM: But not you.

LENORE: Don't look so impressed. I was hiding in a basement. Not exactly Club Med. You don't know how hard it is – not to give in. Everyone gives in.

DEAN: Alright, so this psychic two-way you've got going, does that mean you know where Mom's camped out?

LENORE: You've got to be kidding me. You want me to tell you where she is? You do know she could be listening to us right now. I might as well be a video camera. What are you thinking?

BOBBY: So we don't have the element of surprise, we're still going in.

LENORE: You're crazy. I can't help you.

SAM: Can't or won't? Look, it's clear as day. You still give a crap. You don't wanna kill. And don't want this whole planet dead.

LENORE: You actually believe you can stop her?

SAM: Just tell us where she is.

LENORE: Grants Pass, Oregon. And now she knows you're coming.

BOBBY: Well let's go see.

LENORE: Hold on. I didn't tell you this out of the goodness of my heart. I need something.

SAM: What?

LENORE: Kill me.

SAM: Lenore.

DEAN: Look, we'll lock down down 'til this whole thing's over, okay? Witness protection, you'll be safe.

LENORE: You don't get it, it's not about that. I'm dangerous. I hear her voice all the time.

SAM: You're not like the rest of them.

LENORE: I'm exactly like them. I fed. I couldn't help it. The girl couldn't have been more than 16, Sam. I'll do it again. I can't stop, not anymore. You have to. Please.

SAM: Lenore.

(Cas touches Lenore's head. Light shines out of her eyes and mouth, her face flames and she dies.)

CAS: We needed to move this along.


(Cas teleports himself, Sam, Dean and Bobby to a pavement in a town.)

Grants Pass, Oregon

(They look around. It's sunny and some children are riding their bicycles.)

DEAN: Well, I was expecting more Zombieland, less Pleasantville.

BOBBY: Just because it looks quiet, don't mean it is, especially if she's got a clue were coming.

DEAN: Yeah, well if she is here I'm glad we've got Smitey McSmiterton on our squad. Alright, where do we start?

BOBBY: I'm gonna need a computer.

(They walk off.)


(Sam & Dean are eating. Castiel is sitting next to Sam. Bobby is using an iPad.)

BOBBY: Alright. I finally got the police database, no thanks to this. (He gestures to the iPad.) I asked for a computer.

SAM: It is a computer.

BOBBY: No, a computer has buttons.

WAITRESS: Can I get you anything else?

DEAN: No, we're good thanks.

SAM: Anything?

BOBBY: Oh, nickel and dime stuff, nothing weird.(The news he's reading is about a meth lab.) Basically dead end. You think Vampira was lying?

CAS: I'll search the town. Give me a moment. (Nothing happens.)

DEAN: Cas, we can still see you.

CAS: Yeah, I'm still here.

DEAN: Okay, well you don't have to wait on us, you -

CAS: (clears his throat and strains)

DEAN: Well now it just looks like you're pooping.

CAS: Something's wrong.

DEAN: What, are you stuck?

CAS: I'm blocked. I'm powerless.

DEAN: You're joking?

CAS: Something in this town, is, uh, it's affecting me. I assume it's Eve.

DEAN: So wait, Mom's making you limp?

CAS: Figuratively, yes.

DEAN: How?

CAS: I don't know, but she is.

DEAN: Well, that's great, because without your power, you're basically just a baby in a trenchcoat. (Cas looks upset.)

SAM: I think you hurt his feelings.

BOBBY: (He's found a news story on the iPad.) I got something here, maybe. Had to go federal go to get it. Call went out from the local office to the CDC last night.

SAM: About what?

BOBBY: A Dr Silver called in an illness he couldn't identify. Patient's a 25 year old, African-American, name – Ed Bright. (He shows them Ed's driver's licence.)

DEAN: Well that's not much to go on.

BOBBY: Well its only lead, so -

DEAN: So beggars can't be choosers, right? I get it. Alright, let's finish up.


(A woman is locking up at a doctor's office. Dean & Cas walk up to her.)

DEAN: Excuse me. Hi, uh, i-is Dr Silver in today? (points to Cas) My friend is very sick.

CAS: I have a, uh, painful burning sensation.

WOMAN: Oh, well, he's out. Sorry.

DEAN: Do you happen to know here he is?

WOMAN: He hasn't called in. You might want to find yourself some ointment. (She walks off.)

DEAN: What kind of doctor calls the CDC and then goes AWOL the very nest day? Let's have a look, shall we?

(Dean picks the lock.)

CAS: Is this gonna take a long time?

(Dean notices something and stops.)

CAS: What is it?

(Dean bends down and touches a drop of liquid on the ground. It's blood. He shows Cas. He notices another door. It's to a shed and there's blood on the lock. He breaks it open and they find a body wrapped in plastic. Dean opens the plastic. It's Ed.)

DEAN: Ohh.

CAS: It's the patient Ed Bright.

DEAN: Well what kind of doctor calls the CDC and then stashes the gooey corpse in the shed?

CAS: I don't understand what's happening here.

DEAN: Well, I know one thing about the body. We need some kerosene.


(Bobby & Sam walk out. Bobby shows Sam a photo of a man – Dr Silver – and his wife and kids.)

BOBBY: Here, Dr Silver. Wife, two sons. (Sam takes the photo.) Uh oh.

(The Sheriff's pulled up.)

SHERIFF: Hi there.

SAM: Hi.

SHERIFF: Who're you?

(Bobby and Sam show their FBI badges.)

SHERIFF: (Noticing they're wearing normal clothes and not uniforms.) It Casual Friday, agents?

SAM: We're on a case a few miles out. We got a call to come here.

BOBBY: So how about you, what's your business?

SHERIFF: Oh, Dr Silver's a friend of mine. Heard he didn't show up for work today, so I though I'd stop by, see if he's sick.

BOBBY: Not sick. Missing.

SHERIFF: Missing? Says who?

BOBBY: Says me. Empty house, no bags packed, car's still in the driveway.

SHERIFF: How'd you get on this?

BOBBY: Oh, it's a long story. Tell you what, why don't you put out an APB, we'll compare notes down at the station. Sound good?

SHERIFF: Uh, yeah, yeah. Sure.

BOBBY: Obliged.

(The Sheriff leaves.)

SAM: Wow. Talk about talking out of your butt.

BOBBY: Yeah. Just hurry, you idjit.

(They drive off and meet up with Dean & Cas outside Ed's house.)

DEAN: Oh. So we've got a missing doctor and an oozy patient, huh?

SAM: Yeah. Plot thickens.

DEAN: Well let's go see what Ed's roommates have to say.

CAS: Does Ed Bright have a brother?

BOBBY: No, why?

CAS: Then that's not his twin. (Through the window they see someone who looks exactly like Ed.)

SAM: So what, shifter?

BOBBY: I don't know what we're looking at.

SAM: Alright, Dean and me are gonna go in. You two stay here and watch the door. If something comes out, shoot it.

DEAN: Yeah. Best guess – silver bullets.

CAS: I'm fairly unpractised with firearms.

DEAN: You know who whines? Babies.

(Sam & Dean walk towards the house. Dean breaks the door open and they burst in, guns ready. There are several dead Eds all over the lounge.)


DEAN: Okay, don't touch anything.

(One of the Eds starts moving.)

SAM: Hey, hey. Back here. Come here. (They approach him.) Hey, hey, hey. ('Ed' coughs) Talk to us. What is it?

DEAN: Hey, Ed. Ed, what's going on?

'ED': What? I'm not Ed. (he coughs and groans)

(Sam takes his driver's licence. The guy's name is Marshall Todd. It's the same guy Ed was with when Eve touched his face.)

MARSHALL: (groans) What's wrong with me?

SAM: Uh, nothing. You're ok. You're okay, alright? We're gonna get you help.

MARSHALL: Let me ask you something. Do I – do all of us- do we look like Ed?

DEAN: What? No, no. No, no, no, no, no, of course not. You, uh, you have a fever. You're hallucinating.

SAM: Marshall, Marshall. Hey, what happened here?

MARSHALL: Am I gonna die?

SAM: No, you're not gonna die, okay? Now you need to talk to us. It's important.

MARSHALL: (splutters) Ed was feeling bad so I took him to the doctor. (coughs) I think – now we're all sick.

DEAN: You think?

SAM: And before you got sick, before Ed got sick, did you do anything? Did you go anywhere? Hey, I need you to focus for me.

MARSHALL: I don't know. Some bar.

SAM: A bar? What bar?

MARSHALL: 8th Street, I guess.

SAM: 8th Street, um, did anything happen at the bar? Did you – did you see anything? Did you meet anyone?

(Marshall coughs)

SAM: Look, an ambulance is on the way, okay?


DEAN: A girl? Okay, and?

MARSHALL: A girl in white.

DEAN: Good, okay. What did the girl in white do? Marshall? Wh-wh-what did she do to Ed? Marshall?

(Marshall dies.)

(Sam & Dean walk out the house.)

DEAN: I don't get it. What, a bunch of regular Joes wake up shifters? What the hell?

BOBBY: Shifters usually run in families. This looks like an infection. Nobody touched nothing?

DEAN: Well I am bathing in Purell tonight.

SAM: So, he said they met a girl.

DEAN: It's got to be Eve.

CAS: But why would she do this?

BOBBY: Mommy monster – make more.

DEAN: No, no, no, no. Cas has got a good point. I mean if she's gonna make a shifter army, why make one that's sick, gooey and dying?

BOBBY: (shrugs) Add that to the pile of Crap That Don't Make Sense.

SAM: So should we hit the bar?


(Sam, Dean, Bobby & Cas enter the bar. There are dead bodies everywhere.)

BOBBY: Well, the Sheriff's a moot, but still. You'd think he'd notice this many missing folks.

(Dean goes up to one of the bodies. Using a cloth, he lifts its lip, revealing a set of vampire fangs.)

DEAN: We got a vamp over here. (Dean lifts the body's arm. A spike is protruding from its wrist.) Nope. Scratch that. We got a wraith. What the hell? What has teeth and a spike?

BOBBY: Never seen that in my life.

DEAN: Oh, great. So Eve's making hybrids now?

BOBBY: Looks like.

DEAN: Yeah, the question is why. I mean what does she want with the – what do you call these?

BOBBY: Well, congrats. You discovered it. You get to name it.

DEAN: Jefferson Starships. (Bobby and Sam look confused.) Huh, because they're horrible – and hard to kill.

SAM: Looks like the whole bar has been turned into these –

DEAN: – Jefferson Starships.

SAM: Fine. But why are all the... Starships dead?

BOBBY: I can't say, but looks like they all burned up.

DEAN: Burned up, like?

BOBBY: Like a high fever, like the flu.

DEAN: What the hell's going on here? Does every monster in this town have the motaba virus?

(The Sheriff and two cops enter the door, with guns.)

SHERIFF: Hands where I can see 'em!

(Dean, unnoticed, hides behind the bar.)

CAS: Now this is not what it looks like.

BOBBY: Look, we're the Feds.

SHERIFF: Yeah? Well Feds are not allowed to do this. Cuff 'em. Turn around.

(Sam, Bobby and Cas are cuffed and led out. Dean emerges from behind the bar.)


(Sam, Bobby & Cas are pushed in.)

SAM: Listen, if we can make a phone call, we can straighten this all out.

SHERIFF: Straighten out a massacre? I'd like to see you try.

(Sam sees the security footage – the Sheriff's eyes are glowing. He's a part-shapeshifter hybrid. Sam headbutts him.)

SAM: J-Jefferson Starships!

(Sam kicks one, Cas is pushed against the wall by one, and Dean cuts its head off. One tries to bite Sam. Cas kills the one trying to attack Bobby. Dean gets ready to kill the Sheriff who is attacking Sam. He throws him on the ground.)

SAM: Dean, wait!

(Sheriff is in the interrogation room, chained in silver. Bobby holds a knife. Cas stands at the door.)

BOBBY: Well, I'll say this, you're the healthiest looking specimen I've seen all day.

SHERIFF: I take my vitamins.

BOBBY: So you wanna tell us what's going on here? Hmm? (Sam & Dean watch from outside the window.) So you boys are, uh, Eve's cleaning crew, is that it? You, uh – you come around to clean up the bodies? Make sure the word doesn't get out, huh? Is that why you snatched up the doctor?

SHERIFF: (sighs) You're so wasting your time. You stupid head of cattle. (laughs)

(Sam & Dean hear something behind them.)

DEAN: More Starships. (Dean walks off to investigate.)

SAM: (to Cas) Stay here. (Sam goes after Dean. They follow blood on the wall which leads them to the cells. In one cell are two boys, tied up and gagged. Sam recognises them from the photo.)

SAM: You're Dr Silver's boys. (The older one nods.) Alright, don't worry. We're gonna get you out of here, okay? Uh, keys?

DEAN: Yeah. (He goes to find the keys.)

SAM: Look. We're not gonna hurt you. My name is Sam. That's my brother, Dean. (Dean brings the keys and opens the cell.) Those cops, they're not coming back – ever.

(They ungag the boys.)

SAM: What are your names?

(The older one answers.)

JOE: Joe. This is Ryan.

(Sam nods.)

DEAN: Hey Ryan, how you doing?

(Ryan seems shy and looks down.)

JOE: He won't talk, not since they came for us.

DEAN: Alright, listen Joe. We're gonna get you out of those handcuffs. Um, but you understand what's going on around here, don't you? (Joe nods.) So first we've gotta make sure you're you.

JOE: How you gonna do that?

DEAN: Well there's a few, uh, dozen tests. Okay, let's get started.

(Bobby cuts the Sheriff's face with the silver knife.)

SHERIFF: (groans, then laughs) You really think that's gonna make me talk?

BOBBY: Something will.

DEAN: Got a couple of hungry human boys here. C'mon guys. (He leads them away.)

SAM: So you two never heard 'em talk... about a mother, or someone named Eve?

JOE: (shakes his head) It was just me and Ryan in there.

DEAN: And your folks?

JOE: Cops said we were next. He said we were food.

DEAN: You have any other family?

JOE: An uncle, in Merritt.

DEAN: Merritt, what's that, like 15 miles outside of town? Okay. We'll get you there.

CAS: Dean, can I have a word?

(Dean gets up)

CAS: We need to find Eve now.

DEAN: Yeah. Go. Me and Sam just gotta make a milk run.

CAS: We need your help here.

DEAN: Hold your water. We'll be back in a few.

CAS: Dean, Dean. Millions of lives are at stakes here, not just two. Stay focused.

DEAN: Are you kidding?

CAS: There's a greater purpose here.

DEAN: You know what, I-I'm getting a little sick and tired of the greater purposes, okay? I think what I'd like to do now is save a couple of kids. If you don't mind. We'll catch up. Okay guys, let's go. C'mon. (Dean walks out. Joe, Ryan and Sam follow.)


JOE: (to Ryan) Hey, you should get some rest. (He wraps his arm around his brother.)

(Sam & Dean look knowingly at them in the rearview mirror. Dean smiles at the familiar scene of an older brother looking out for his younger brother.)

(Back at the station, Cas looks out the window.)

BOBBY: They won't take long.

CAS: You don't know that. They may find more wayward orphans along the way.

BOBBY: Oh, don't get cute.

CAS: Right. Pardon me for highlighting their crippling and dangerous empathetic response with "sarcasm". It was a bad idea – letting them go.

BOBBY: Come on. You don't let Sam and Dean Winchester do squat. They got what they gotta. You know that. Anyway, we want Eve, we need coordinates. So we can stand here bellyaching or we can go poke that pig 'til he squeals. Thoughts?

(Cas walks off.)

(In Merritt, the kids are reunited with their uncle. He hugs Ryan, then Joe. Sam and Dean leave.)

(At the station)

SHERIFF: You know, she can see you right now. And you're just making her mad.

BOBBY: Then tell the bitch to come get me.

CAS: I need five minutes alone with him.

BOBBY: What for? Cas, your batteries are dead.

CAS: Give me five minutes.

BOBBY: Alright, fine.

(Cas faces the Sheriff. Bobby sits outside the room. He has a drink. The Sheriff screams. Cas comes out of the room, wiping blood off his hands.)

CAS: Eve's at 25 Buckley Street. You can call Sam and Dean.



(The Sheriff has been decapitated.)

DEAN: Rigorous interrogation, huh?

BOBBY: Well, we got a location. Now we just gotta get close enough to take a shot.

DEAN: Alright. Well, let's all take one. (Dean takes the shells containing phoenix ash out of his pocket. Sam, Bobby, Cas and Dean each take one.) Load 'em up. Make 'em count.


(Sam, Dean, Bobby & Cas walk down the street. They find the address. It's the diner they were in earlier.)

DEAN: You gotta be kidding me. She's been in there the whole time?

SAM: Why'd she ever let us in? Or out?

DEAN: Well there's one way to find out.

BOBBY: What, just stroll in? We don't know who's human or who's her.

DEAN: Well there's one way to draw her out. Me and Sam will go in.

BOBBY: Dean.

DEAN: Look. If we don't get a shot off, you two better.

BOBBY: That's the plan?

DEAN: Yeah. Pretty much.

(Sam hands Bobby his bag. Dean takes his bag with. Sam & Dean walk to the diner. Bobby & Cas stay outside.)

BOBBY: (sighs) Well at least it ain't complicated.


(Sam and Dean enter the diner and sit down. There are several people inside.)

SAM: (clears his throat)

DEAN: Now what?

SAM: (Sam uses his phone's camera to see if anyone's eye's are glowing. Everyone's are. They're all Starships.) Crap. Crap, crap.

DEAN: Starships?

SAM: Yeah.

DEAN: Is there anybody in this diner that is not a flesh-eating monster?

SAM: Uh, me and you.

DEAN: Okay, well let's get the hell out of here.

SAM: Shall we?

EVE(as a WAITRESS): Two specials, right? (She puts the food in front of them.)

SAM: Uh, no, that's not for us. We were just headed out.

EVE: Now that would be rude, Sam.

SAM: Let me guess. Eve.

EVE: Pleasure.

DEAN: Why don't we step outside. Chat?

EVE: Why? This is private.

(The Starships close the blinds so that no one can see in through the windows. One takes Dean's bag and opens it. Eve removes one of the guns and smells it.)

EVE: Phoenix ash. I'm impressed. I bet you had to go a long way for that.

DEAN: You have no idea.

(Sam scoffs)

EVE: (to a Starship) Destroy these. Thank you. (He takes the guns.) (to Sam and Dean) Relax. I'm not here to fight.

DEAN: No? Just to rally every freak on the planet, bring in Khan Worms and-and half-assed spider-men, and dragons. Really, sister? Dragons?

EVE: So I dusted off some of the old classics. I needed help.

SAM: With what? (scoffs) Tearing apart the planet?

EVE: You misunderstand me. I never wanted that. Not at first. (Sam scoffs.) I liked our arrangement.

SAM: What arrangement?

EVE: The natural order. My children turned a few of you, you hunted a few of them. I was happy.

DEAN: Okay, so what changed?

EVE: My children, no thanks to you, started getting kidnapped and tortured. Even my first borns. I was pushed into this. After all, a mother defends her children.

DEAN: Really? You're gonna use the Mother of The Year defence? You?

EVE: It happens to be true. Know what? Maybe you'll believe it if I look a little more like this.

(Eve morphs into Sam and Dean's mother, Mary.)

DEAN: Oh, you bitch.

EVE: She died to protect you, didn't she? See. You understand a mother's love. I'm no different.

DEAN: Alright, you know what? This conversation's over. If you're gonna kill us, kill us.

EVE: You? No. It's Crowley I want dead.

DEAN: Well you're too late there – that little limey mook roasted months ago.

EVE: Crowley's alive.

SAM: That's impossible.

EVE: (scoffs) I see his face through the eyes of every child he strings up and skins. Any idea why he's hurting my babies?

DEAN: He wants Purgatory, right? Location, location, location.

EVE: (laughs) Is that what he told you? It's about the souls.

SAM: (scoffs) What about 'em?

EVE: Their power, you simple little monkey. Fuel. Each soul a beautiful little nuclear reactor. Put 'em together, you have the sun. Now think what the king of hell could do with that vast, untapped oil well. How powerful he'd be. Now Crowley wants to siphon off my supply, and torture my children to do it? Okay fine. I'll quite playing nice. I'll turn you all. Every soul, mine. Let's see how hot his hell burns when everyone comes to me. He asked for it.

DEAN: You know, last I checked, there were a few billion of us. That plan might take a while.

EVE: What exactly o you think I'm doing here? I'm building the perfect beast.

SAM: Wait a second, all those – all those things we've been finding.

EVE: Call it beta testing.

DEAN: Well, I think your formula might be a little off. They're imploding all over town.

EVE: Oh, there were a few unfortunate failures. But I eventually got it right. Quiet, smart, inconspicuous. It can spread through a whole town in under a day, oh and the best part – you've been with it the whole time.

DEAN: What?

EVE: Yes, you were the final test. I had to see if it could slip past hunters undetected, of course. (Eve smiles.) Little Ryan.


(The uncle walks through the house. He sees Joe lying on the floor. There is a pool of blood by his head.)


(He goes up to Joe and turns him over. Joe appears dead and has a bloody bite mark on his neck. The uncle turns around. Ryan is standing in front of him with blood around his mouth.)

UNCLE: Ryan?

(Behind him, Joe stands up. He was turned – not killed. Ryan and Joe attack their uncle, knocking him to the ground and killing him as blood spatters onto a nearby family photo.)



EVE: You look upset. If it makes you feel any better, Ryan was bound to work on you. Little wayward orphan, like yourselves. There's nothing you can do about it now. So let's talk.

SAM: (scoffs) Nothing to say.

EVE: Well, that's where you're wrong. I have an offer to propose. Crowley. As you know, not so easy to find. So, here's the deal. You find him, bring him to me – I let you live.

DEAN: Pass.

SAM: Dean.

DEAN: Sam, no. The answer is no.

EVE: You say that like you have another option.

DEAN: Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

EVE: You think?

(Starships bring Bobby and Cas in.)

EVE: Well, so much for your plan B. (to Cas) And you, wondering why so flaccid? I'm older than you, Castiel. I know what makes angels tick. Long as I'm around, consider yourself unplugged. (to Sam & Dean) Work for me. It's a good deal. Bonus, I won't kill your friends.

DEAN: Alright, look. The last few months we've been working for an evil dick. We're not about to sign up for an evil bitch. We don't work with demons. We don't work with monsters. And if that means you gotta kill us, then kill us!

EVE: Or, I turn you. And you do what I want anyway.

DEAN: Beat me with a wire hanger, answer's still no.

(Eve is behind Dean. She grabs his shoulders and has her head next to his. Sam gets up but is restrained by Starships. Sam struggles. Eve leers over Deans shoulder.)

EVE: Don't test me.

DEAN: Bite me.

(Eve bites Dean in the neck.)

SAM: No!

CAS: Dean!

(Eve staggers back, coughing.)

DEAN: Phoenix ash. One shell, one ounce of whisky. Down the hatch. Little musty on the afterburn. Call you later, Mom.

(A light shines from Eve's chest. She morphs from Mary back to her brunette form. She chokes. Dark liquid comes out of her mouth and nose. She falls to the ground and dies. The Starships start attacking. With Eve dead, Cas has his power back.)

CAS: Shut your eyes!

(Cas creates a blast of white light throughout the diner, killing all the monsters. It causes a car alarm to go off outside.)

BOBBY: We got to take you on more monster hunts.

SAM: (sighs) Hey Cas, um, Dean's bleeding pretty good.

DEAN: Yeah, I think she turned me into a Jefferson Starship. Could you clear that up too?

(Cas touches Dean's shoulder. Dean's wound is healed.)

DEAN: Alright, we're good. We got to go. Now.

CAS: Where?

DEAN: The kid. The little kid. He's one of 'em.

CAS: Unbelievable.

DEAN: Yeah, I know Cas, you told me, alright. Let's just go.

(Cas shakes his head in disbelief. Dean puts the empty shell on the table. Cas teleports all four of them to the uncle's house.)


(The uncle is dead on the floor.)

DEAN: So we kill the wicked witch and she still wins. I mean they could've turned half the town by now. (Cas is about to say something) Don't say it.

(Bobby is walking around, investigating. He finds a door and opens it. Ryan's dead body falls out. Joe's dead body is also there.)

BOBBY: Found 'em.

(Sam, Dean & Cas go to see.)

DEAN: Well, who ganked them?

(Sam bends down and touches a yellow powder – sulfur.)

SAM: Demons.


SAM: So what do you think?

DEAN: I think that demons don't give a crap about monster tweens unless they're told to.

SAM: So you think she was telling the truth?

CAS: The truth about what?

DEAN: She said that Crowley's still kicking.

CAS: But I burned his bones, how c—? Was she certain?

DEAN: Sounded pretty sure. According to her, Crowley's still waterboarding her kids, somewhere.

CAS: I don't understand.

DEAN: Well, he is a crafty son of a bitch.

CAS: I'm an angel. I'll look into it immediately. (Cas disappears.)

DEAN: Cas! Let us know what you find out!

(Bobby & Sam walk away. There's something they want to say. They stop.)

DEAN: What? What?

BOBBY: How did Crowley get away? I mean it's not like Cas to make mistakes like that. Unless –

DEAN: Unless what?

BOBBY: Unless he meant to.

DEAN: Bobby, this is Cas we're talking about. (to Sam) Do you believe this? (Sam doesn't answer.) Sam?

SAM: (sighs) Look it's probably nothing, it's just... You know what? You're right. It's – it's probably nothing.


(Miracles by Jefferson Starship plays. Cas walks around, looking at the bodies of Eve and the monsters.)

CROWLEY: Really, Cas? This is getting ridiculous. How many times am I gonna have to clean up your messes?

-- Silvershadow6