6.21 Let It Bleed (Transcript)

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6.21 Let It Bleed

Written by: Sera Gamble

Directed by: John Showalter

Air Date: 20 May, 2011


From 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning,

LISA: I know what I want, (Dean kisses her on the forehead) but I can't have it. Not how you live. I'm trying to get over you.

DEAN: Just 'cause you love someone doesn't mean you should stick around and screw up their life.

BEN: You know you're walking out on your family, right?

From 6.12 Like a Virgin,

DEAN: What do you know about dragons?

BOBBY: Dr Visyak, Medieval Studies, SFU.

(Dr Visyak opens her basement door to reveal the Sword of Bruncvik.)

DR VISYAK: (to Dean) Bobby Singer. Tell him something for me next time you see him. Actually just kick him in the jewels.

From 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King and 6.03 The Third Man,

(Castiel is on the ground, bloody. Raphael stands before him)

CASTIEL: Raphael.

RAPHAEL: Tomorrow you kneel, Castiel.

CASTIEL: Are you proposing that I start a civil war in Heaven?

CROWLEY: Ding, ding, ding.

CASTIEL: Balthazar.

BALTHAZAR: Of course I want to help you.

CASTIEL: I mean, the amount of power that it would take to mount a war...

CROWLEY: But what if I said I knew how to go nuclear? Purgatory.

DEAN: (to Castiel) You and Crowley, been going after Purgatory together?

CROWLEY: Just kill the Winchesters. (Sam & Dean fight two demons sent by Crowley)


CROWLEY: Then I'll do it myself.

(Castiel pushes Crowley against the wall)

CASTIEL: If you touch a hair on their heads, I will tear it all down. Our arrangement.

CASTIEL: Hello, Dean.

DEAN: You're like a brother to me. So if I'm asking you not to do something, you gotta trust me, man.

CASTIEL: Or what?

DEAN: Or I'll have to do what I have to do to stop you.

CASTIEL: I'm sorry, Dean.



(There is a thunderstorm.)

March 15, 1937
Providence, Rhode Island

(A man, H.P. Lovecraft, is typing on a typewriter. He drinks and continues typing. He types "THE END" then places the final paper on top of the others. His door creaks open, seemingly by itself. At the same time, there is a crack of thunder and the lights flicker. He looks up, afraid.)


(He opens his desk drawer and takes out a revolver. Gun pointed, he walks slowly towards the door and looks out into the passage.)


(Seeing nothing, he closes and locks the door. He pours himself another drink. As he drinks, the window behind him suddenly breaks as something enters through it. A figure stands in front of him. He backs away, the creature advances.)

LOVECRAFT: Please. We didn't know. I'm sorry.

(As the creature kills him, he screams and blood spatters onto the front page of his manuscript. It reads " 'HAUNTER OF THE DARK' By H.P. Lovecraft, March 15th, 1937."



(Dean sits with a book, not reading it. Sam sits at the table. He leafs through a book.)

SAM: Well, you know what, at least you tried.

DEAN: Yeah, fat lot of good it did. Why did he even come, right?

(Sam shrugs & sighs. Dean slams the book shut.)

DEAN: Well, Samuel's journals are pointless. I mean, I'm sorry, but uh, Jebediah Campbell has squat to tell me about how to stop Cas from cracking Purgatory.

(Bobby walks in, carrying a large envelope.)

BOBBY: Well actually, it's not about the journals we have, it's about the one we don't.

SAM: Meaning what?

BOBBY: Well, that's the bad news. Our pal Cas didn't stop in last night just to mend fences.

DEAN: What did he do?

BOBBY: Stole something.

DEAN: What?

BOBBY: The journal of one Moishe Campbell.

SAM: Moishe?

BOBBY: Of the New York Campbells.

SAM: Well, uh, so we gotta get it back, right?

BOBBY: (He holds up the envelope and hands it to Sam.) Or just read the copy I'd already made. Hi, glad to meet you. Bobby Singer. Paranoid bastard.

(Bobby is reading pages of the journal. Dean is carrying two mugs. Sam sits at a desk with another book. Outside, a train whistles.)

BOBBY: I think I zeroed in on something.

DEAN: What do you got?

(Bobby hands him the page. Dean walks towards Sam, reading from the journal.)

DEAN: "Went to talk to Howard Phillips about the events of March 10th."

(Dean hands Sam a mug and sits on the desk.)

BOBBY: That's March 10th, 1937.

DEAN: Alright. So who's this Phillips guy?

BOBBY: Phillips ain't his last name. It's Lovecraft.

SAM: Wait, H.P. Lovecraft? (Bobby nods.) Let me see that. (Dean gives him the paper.)

DEAN: Am I supposed to know who that is?

BOBBY: (surprised that Dean doesn't know) Horror writer. At the Mountains Of Madness, The Call of Cthulu?

DEAN: Yeah, it's - no, I'm - I was too busy having sex with women.

BOBBY: (rolls eyes) Well, anyhow. There's one notion that comes up over and over again in his stories. Namely opening doors to other dimensions and letting scary crap through.

DEAN: You don't say.

SAM: Wait, so you're saying you think Lovecraft knew something about Purgatory?

BOBBY: All I know is Moishe paid him a visit.


(Ben is lying on his bed reading Cthulu Tales and listening to Loudest Alarm by Scars On 45 on his iPod. Downstairs, Matt sits on the couch watching baseball. Lisa brings him a drink and sits down next to him.)

BASEBALL COMMENTATOR: And he's four for his last seven against with uh, two extra base hits... He dives back in...

(Matt groans and Lisa laughs. Suddenly a demon breaks the door down. Lisa gasps.)


(Upstairs, Ben hears and takes out his earphones. The demon grabs Lisa. She screams and struggles.)

MATT: Just let her go, okay? Just -


(A second demon comes up behind Matt and snaps his neck, killing him. Ben watches from the top of the stairs. Lisa sees him and the demons follow her gaze. Ben runs into his room, closes the door and puts a chair under the handle.)

LISA: No! (She screams)

(Ben grabs his phone and calls Dean, who is reading the copied journal. The scene goes back and forth between Lisa's house and Bobby's. Dean picks up his phone and answers.)

DEAN: Ben?

BEN: (frantic) There's men in the house.

DEAN: What?

BEN: They killed Matt. They got Mom. They're coming, I hear them.

DEAN: What are they?

BEN: I - I don't know.

DEAN: Did you see their eyes?

BEN: No.

DEAN: Teeth?

BEN: No.

DEAN: This is important Ben, I need to know.

BEN: Dean, I don't know.

DEAN: Okay, where are you now?

BEN: In my room.

DEAN: Can you get to your mom's closet? I left a shotgun in there.

BEN: No. Dean, what do I do?

DEAN: Okay, Ben, listen to me. Go to your window and jump.

BEN: What?!

DEAN: Any bones you break won't compare to what they're gonna do to you, Ben. You've got to jump.

BEN: Okay, I'm going.

(Ben pushes some things off his desk. He climbs up and opens the window.)

DEAN: I'm coming right now.

(The demons kick Ben's door open. He looks in horror.)

DEAN: I'm coming to get you and your mom, I promise. You with me, Ben? Ben? (There's no answer.) Ben?

(In Ben's room, Crowley picks up Ben's phone from the floor. Dean looks at his phone.)

CROWLEY: Hello, Dean.

(Hearing Crowley, Dean quickly puts his phone back to his ear.)

CROWLEY: Fancy a chat?


CROWLEY: God, how long's it been, Dean? Since my so-called demise, yes?

(Dean stands up.)

DEAN: Crowley, let 'em go now, or I swear...

CROWLEY: Right, right. You'll rip me a cornucopia of orifices. Let's get to the bit where I tell you how this goes. Your chocolate's been in my peanut butter for far too long.

DEAN: I am going to kill you.

CROWLEY: Oh Dean, ever the wit. I've got your uh, oh what are they? Ex lady friend and not-kid, and I'm keeping them until I'm satisfied that you've backed the hell off!

DEAN: I'm telling you, last chance to let 'em go easy.

CROWLEY: You're adorable when you get all threatening. Don't worry, I won't hurt them. Provided you and Jolly Green stand down. Got it? Splendid. Kisses. (Crowley hangs up.)

BOBBY: What's the story?

DEAN: He said Lisa and Ben keep breathing as long as we sit on our thumbs.

SAM: (sighs) You think Cas knows about this?

DEAN: We gotta assume he does.

SAM: So what are we gonna do?

DEAN: I'll tell you what we're not gonna do: sit here. I'm going after 'em.

SAM: I'm coming with.

DEAN: No, Sam. You and Bobby stay on the Lovecraft thing, okay? Cas is already way ahead of us.

SAM: You gotta be nuts if you think I'm gonna let you do this alone. Bobby can take care of the case.

BOBBY: (stands up) No, guys.

DEAN: Bobby, this is a big ball, okay? We can't drop it now.

BOBBY: Fine. But how are you two gonna find Lisa and Ben?


(Bobby drives off. Sam and Dean summon Balthazar. The lights go out and Balthazar appears, a drink in his hand.)

BALTHAZAR: I'm sorry boys, do I look like a man-servant to you? No? No? Then quit ringing for me, please.

DEAN: This is important, Balthazar.

BALTHAZAR: I was drinking '75 Dom out of a soprano's navel when you called. That was important.

SAM: Crowley's alive. (Sam nods.)

BALTHAZAR: Well you've been scooped. Cas already told me.

DEAN: Well did Cas tell you that he is Crowley's butt-buddy, you smug little dick?

BALTHAZAR: Excuse me?

SAM: Handshake deal. Go halfsies on all the souls of Purgatory. He fill you in on that?

BALTHAZAR: Well, yes, yes. Yes, of course he did. Yes. (Balthazar is clearly lying.)

SAM: Oh, yes, of course. I - I - we can read it all over your face.

DEAN: Look, Crowley and Cas took two people who are very important to me.

BALTHAZAR: And I care about this because?

DEAN: Because maybe there is a shred of decency underneath this - this snarky crap. (Balthazar sips his drink.) They're innocent people and I'm asking for your help.

BALTHAZAR: Hmmm. I see. Fair enough.

(Balthazar disappears.)

DEAN: Son of a bitch!

SAM: Look, Dean. Let's just call Cas. Maybe he doesn't know anything about this.

DEAN: We are not calling Cas.

SAM: Yeah, but Dean.

DEAN: We're not calling Cas!

SAM: So what then?


(Bobby is posing as a journalist. He meets with a young man, an H.P. Lovecraft enthusiast named Judah.)

JUDAH: You know, uh, horror - lowbrow. Put us in the ghetto, fine. But H.P. Lovecraft, this guy is literature. I mean he - he - he should be taught in schools. He's up there with Dickens and Dean R. Koontz, seriously.

BOBBY: Well that's, that's definitely the angle I'm taking with my piece.

JUDAH: Oh, okay. Okay. Sorry, you - please. (He gestures for Bobby to sit. They both do.)

BOBBY: So, I hear you have a large collection of Lovecraft's private letters.

JUDAH: Huh, yeah. World's largest.

BOBBY: Wow. You must be catnip to the ladies.

JUDAH: (chuckles) I'm in a long-term online relationship, so...

BOBBY: Well, um, I'd like to ask you about Lovecraft's last years. Specifically, anything that might've gone down around March 10th, 1937.

JUDAH: Are- ? Okay. Are - are you working on this with the other guy?

BOBBY: Other guy?

JUDAH: Yeah, uh, you know, trenchcoat, looks like Columbo, talks like Rain Man.

BOBBY: Right. We're... competitors.Rival magazines.

JUDAH: (laughs) Oh, okay. Okay, well um, I'll tell you what I told him. Howard had a dinner party on March 10th.

BOBBY: Party? How many friends at this party?

JUDAH: Well, six. If by "friends" you mean co-worshippers in a black magic cult. They were getting together that night to perform a ritual. Something big.

BOBBY: Define "big".

JUDAH: Not much. Just open a door into another dimension.

BOBBY: Why would they do that?

JUDAH: To see what's out there, you know. Maybe it's friendly.

BOBBY: It's never friendly. (Judah gives him a look.) I mean, I imagine. So, did it work? The spell.

JUDAH: Well, uh, there was no mention of Cthulu in the morning papers, so... Actually, I do happen to have several letters detailing the dinner. (He walks to his bookshelf and pulls out a file.) Worst thing that was reported was a hangover, so it's, uh - Got it - I've got them right here. Some - it's actually pretty interesting, um. (He opens the file, it's empty.) And, and they were... I'm sorry, they were right - they were right here.

BOBBY: (stands up) Well, it's not like an invisible guy could just pop in and steal 'em, right?

JUDAH: Right... right.

BOBBY: So, uh, I'll leave you to it. And, um, you call me if you find 'em, huh?

(Bobby leaves. Judah waves.)

JUDAH: Okay, hey. Thanks, thanks again for dropping by, huh?


(Bobby is on the phone with Sam. Bobby is walking down the street. Sam is outside at Singer Salvage Yard.)

BOBBY: Lovecraft tried to jimmy a damn dimensional door. Idjit.

SAM: So what happened?

BOBBY: Well, nothing much. Except, I dug, and every guest invited to the hoedown, dead or disappeared inside a year.

SAM: Wow, um, so where are you off to now?

BOBBY: Have a chat with one of the guests.

SAM: Wait, didn't you just say that everyone there died?

BOBBY: Yeah, everybody Lovecraft invited died. Seems the maid had a nine year old boy. He was there.

SAM: So, he'd be what, 83 years old now? Where is he?

BOBBY: Same place he's been ever since the big night. Locked in a mental ward.

SAM: (A fight can be heard inside the garage behind Sam) I see, um... Well, keep me posted, huh?

BOBBY: Okay, stay in touch. How's things going there? You got a lead on Lisa and Ben?

SAM: Well, um, we're making a few inquiries.

(Inside the garage, there are screams. Dean kills a demon with Ruby's knife. There are several other dead demons on the floor. )

SAM: Slow going.

BOBBY: How's Dean?

SAM: About how you'd expect.


(Dean looks at the bloody knife.)

DEAN: Next customer.

(He straps a demon into a chair over a devil's trap. Dean paces around him with the knife.)

DEMON: Look, I don't know anything.

DEAN: Yeah, we'll see.

(Dean walks away to take a sip of whisky. Sam walks in.)

SAM: Dean.

DEAN: Yeah? (Dean wipes the knife.)

SAM: Look, man. You - you're running on what, uh, whisky and - and coffee and whatever else you're taking.

DEAN: Yeah, and?

SAM: And we're grasping at straws here, man.

DEAN: Look, I kill enough of these demons, eventually one of 'em's gonna tell me where Crowley is. So we good?

SAM: Well look, you've been at it for a while, why don't you at least let me take over? You deserve a break.

DEAN: No thanks. (Dean walks forward.)

SAM: Dean. (Sam grabs Dean's arm.)

DEAN: Sam, back off. Lisa and Ben, wherever they are, that is a hundred percent on me. And if they are hurt... I'll yell if I need you.

(Sam walks out)


SAM: Castiel, it's Sam. Um, so look, I don't know if you're in on this whole Ben-Lisa thing, but if you have any heart whatsoever, bring 'em back to us, man. C'mon. Please. I'm begging you. I am begging you, do you understand? (Sam looks around. Nothing. He scoffs. As he walks away, Castiel is standing next to him, unseen.)


(Crowley is reading an anatomy book. Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Undisputed Truth plays. Castiel walks in.)

CROWLEY: Sweetie. You look tense.

CASTIEL: You took Ben and Lisa.

CROWLEY: Oh. That.

CASTIEL: I told you -

CROWLEY: Not to touch Sam and Dean. And I've respected that. I'm merely exploiting the obvious loophole. As long as I have the woman and boy, your fop-coiffed little heroes will be scouring the earth for them, therefore not you, and not me. Everybody wins.

CASTIEL: You should've talked to me first.

CROWLEY: I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission. (chuckles)

CASTIEL: Where are they, Crowley?

CROWLEY: (Makes a motion of zipping his lips and putting the key in his coat pocket.)

CASTIEL: You are not to harm them, do you understand me?

CROWLEY: You know what? You're all maxed out on putting humans out of bounds. I'll do with them as I please. Want to stop me? Go find freaking Purgatory!

(There is a high pitched sound and Castiel touches his temple.)

CROWLEY: Call on the bat-phone? Never call during business hours, do they?

CASTIEL: I'll be back.


BALTHAZAR: Cas, Cas, Cas. So good of you to come.

CASTIEL: Balthazar. Why'd you summon me here?

BALTHAZAR: Can I ask you a direct question?

CASTIEL: Of course.

BALTHAZAR: Are you in flagrante with the King of Hades?

CASTIEL: Of course not.

BALTHAZAR: (laughs) Always were such a terrible liar. So it's true. Alright then, why?

CASTIEL: It's a means to an end. Balthazar, you understand that.

BALTHAZAR: Oh, absolutely. But what's the end here exactly? You know, raid Purgatory, snatch up all the souls?

CASTIEL: Win the war.

BALTHAZAR: And I can only assume that you'd be the vessel, correct? Suck up all those souls into yourself? All that power?

CASTIEL: It's the only way.

BALTHAZAR: Or too much juice for you, in which case you explode, taking a substantial chunk of the planet along with you.

CASTIEL: That won't happen.

BALTHAZAR: Sure, sure. Of course. (scoffs) Just - just tell me that it's entirely risk-free.

CASTIEL: I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, but I need to know. Are you with me or not?

BALTHAZAR: (chuckles) Ah. You know, you may be certifiable, but fine. In for a penny, in for a pound.

CASTIEL: How'd you hear about this anyway?

BALTHAZAR: Oh, your howler monkeys of course. See they're just a touch worked up about that kidnapping business, you know?


(A patient spins a wheel. A patient touches another patient's ear. Bobby is talking to Westborough, the 83 year old man who was 9 nine years old at the time of H.P. Lovecraft's dinner party in 1937. Westborough was the maid's son.)

WESTBOROUGH: You sure you're not with that other reporter, in the coat? Liar, that one. Not who he says.

BOBBY: No sir. Uh, I'm not affiliated with his paper. I just have a couple of questions about a dinner party you were at in 1937.

WESTBOROUGH: Everyone's so fascinated. Wanna know about my night at the home of the great H.P. Lovecraft.

BOBBY: If you don't mind.

WESTBOROUGH: Well you know the story. They did their spell, and they all said it failed. (He looks around and leans in closer to Bobby.) Do you believe in monsters?


WESTBOROUGH: You know, you go saying that, they'll lock you in here, rest of your life.

BOBBY: Whatever you saw, you tell me and I'll buy it straight.

WESTBOROUGH: The spell worked. A door opened and something came through. B - but it was invisible, so no one knew, except me.

BOBBY: How did you know then?

WESTBOROUGH: Because it took my mother. It went into her. She wasn't the same. She even smelled different. And then, she disappeared. And surprise, surprise, one by one, they all start dying.

BOBBY: I'm sorry, about your mom.

WESTBOROUGH: You're the first person, ever said that. Hey, you wanna see a picture? Hmm?

(Bobby nods. Westborough, smiling, pulls a photo out of his shirt pocket and hands it to Bobby. The back of the photo says "Eleanor - 1935". Bobby looks at the photo.)

BOBBY: I'll be damned.


(Dean fills a syringe up with blood. He walks over to the demon that is bound in a chair over a devil's trap.)

DEAN: I promise you, pal. Start talking. (Dean walks over the devil's trap. Unknown to him, his shoe rubs away part of the devil's trap. The demon notices.) Or I swear, I will rip your skin off, strip by strip. And then I'm gonna kill you. (He leans in front of him.) And then I'm gonna do it to the next demon. You hear me?

DEMON: Yeah. (His eyes go black.) I hear you.

(Dean is surprised. The demon telekinetically throws Dean against a van. The demon breaks out of his bounds and walks towards Dean. He puts his hand around Dean's neck.)

DEMON: So you can stop talking, you miserable sack.

(Castiel appears behind the demon. He lays a hand on the demon's head and light comes out of the demon's face as he dies. Dean looks at Castiel in shock.)


(Dean catches his breath.)

DEAN: I didn't ask for your help.

CASTIEL: Well, regardless, you're welcome.

DEAN: Why are you here? (Dean walks past Castiel.)

CASTIEL: I had no idea Crowley would take Lisa and Ben.

DEAN: (picking up the broken strap) Yeah right.

CASTIEL: You don't believe me.

DEAN: I don't believe a word that's coming out of your mouth.

CASTIEL: I thought you said that we were like family. Well I think that too. Shouldn't trust run both ways?

DEAN: Cas, I just can't...

CASTIEL: Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call, and I am your friend. Still, despite your lack of faith in me, and now your threats, I just saved you, yet again. Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing.

DEAN: Trust your plan to pop Purgatory?

CASTIEL: I've earned that, Dean.

DEAN: (scoffs)

CASTIEL: I came to tell you that I will find Lisa and Ben, and I will bring them back. Stand behind me, the one time I ask.

DEAN: You're asking me to stand down?


DEAN: That's the same damn ransom note that Crowley handed me. You know that, right? Well no thanks. I'll find 'em myself. In fact, why don't you go back to Crowley and tell him that I said you can both kiss my ass.

(Dean walks away and presses his fist to his mouth, visibly upset. Castiel disappears.)


(Bobby gets out of his car. He walks to the door and knocks. There is some sort of protection symbol drawn on the door. A woman answers. It's Dr Visyak. Dr Eleanor Visyak.)

ELEANOR: (exhales sharply) Bobby?

BOBBY: Ellie. It's been a while.

ELEANOR: (exhales sharply) Come in.

(Bobby enters the cabin. Eleanor looks around, then closes the door. Bobby sits on the couch. Eleanor pours a drink.)

ELEANOR: So, how did you find me?

BOBBY: Well, we weren't together long, Ellie, but, uh, I know a thing or two about you. I know your safe houses. And let me tell you, this one ain't all that safe.

(Eleanor sits down next to Bobby and hands him a drink.)

ELEANOR: So, did you come here just to um, chat?

(Bobby takes a gulp of his drink.)

BOBBY: I know what you are, Ellie. (He pulls out the picture of young Westborough and his mom and hands it to her.) You're not exactly from Milwaukee, are you?

ELEANOR: Not exactly. (She puts the picture down.)

BOBBY: And, not that I'd have minded, but you kind of fibbed about your age too.

ELEANOR: (exhales sharply) Just slightly... 900 years.

BOBBY: So what's your game, then?


BOBBY: Yeah, why are you here? Eve came through and raised all kinds of hell quickly. You've been here how long, what's with the slow burn?

ELEANOR: Well, you know, we're not all alike.

BOBBY: Monsters?

ELEANOR: Okay, if it makes you feel better to call me that? Fine.

BOBBY: You're from freaking Purgatory. You never thought to mention that the whole time you slept with me?

ELEANOR: (scoffs) I am what I am, Bobby. And I happen to be a friend.

BOBBY: You wanna explain that to me?

ELEANOR: I didn't ask those idiots to crack the door. I just happened to be the thing that fell through. And let me tell you something, you are lucky it was me.

BOBBY: You're saying you're on our side?

ELEANOR: I'm on my side. I happen to like it here. I don't want to see this place turned into some bloody wasteland.

BOBBY: So you killed H.P. Lovecraft?

ELEANOR: Please. That guy couldn't even write "hello". (She stands up.) Look, I have spent 75 years trying to keep Purgatory closed. Why do you think I gave Dean the sword? (Bobby sighs.) To stop Eve. Hell, you guys were supposed to kill the damn dragons.

BOBBY: (stands up) Look, this all comes down to one angel. He wants Purgatory and he's looking for you.

ELEANOR: Well, thanks for the heads-up.

BOBBY: I know him, El. He's gonna figure it out. One way or another. Now, the only way I can stop him is to get ahead of him, so I need to know how you open the door.

ELEANOR: No. No, Bobby, it's too dangerous for anyone to know.

BOBBY: If I found you, he ain't far behind. At least let me take you somewhere, protect you.

ELEANOR: No. Thanks. I have a couple of other places lined up. Don't worry. Bobby, you're just a man. I'm better off protecting myself.


(Sam sighs. He walks though the kitchen and pours himself a drink. Balthazar appears.)

BALTHAZAR: Drinking your feelings, Sam? I thought that was your brother's bag.

SAM: Stressful times.

BALTHAZAR: Well, we need to talk.

SAM: Why?

BALTHAZAR: Because - I know I'm gonna live to regret this - but I'm officially on your team. You bastards.

DEAN: And we should believe you why?

BALTHAZAR: Would you believe I had a shred of decency?

SAM: No.

BALTHAZAR: Oh. That hurts. (Sam raises his eyebrows.) Okay, you're right. It's survival. You see, I asked Cas some questions and I disliked his answers. He seems awfully sure of himself for a man who wants to swallow a million nuclear reactors. I mean, these things can get a bit Chernobyl, you know? So, voilà. Consider me your double agent. Oh, and I took the liberty of searching for your friends. Uh, took a while. Crowley's a clever one.

DEAN: You found them?

BALTHAZAR: Well, the upside is yes, uh, the downside is no, I can't get them for you.

SAM: Why not?

BALTHAZAR: Because Crowley's angel-proofed the whole bloody building. I guess he doesn't trust Cas. Seems that marriage is going swimmingly.

DEAN: Okay, well get us as close as you can.

BALTHAZAR: Sure. But then you're on your own.


(Balthazar teleports himself, Sam and Dean to the outside of the building Lisa and Ben are being held in.)

BALTHAZAR: Alright, boys. This is where I get off. God be with you and what have you.

(Balthazar disappears.)

(A demon exits the building, he seems to be keeping watch. Dean stabs him in the chest with Ruby's knife. He groans as he dies. Dean pushes the body over the gate to Sam, who leaves the body on the ground. Sam and Dean enter the building. Sam is carrying a shotgun. Dean is carrying Ruby's knife and a duffel bag containing other weapons.)


DEAN: Alright, be careful.

(They split up. Dean walks down some stairs. Sam goes around a corner, shotgun aimed. He hears a noise, gasps and turns around. From above him, a demon jumps down and knocks him unconscious. Two demons carry Sam away, where they throw him in a room and lock the door.)

(Lisa and Ben are sitting on the ground, tied to a post in another room that has stairs at the entrance. A demon stands at the table in front of them. Two other demons enter the room, walk down the stairs and join demon #1. Punches are heard outside the door. Demon #1 goes to investigate and closes the door behind him. More punches and groaning. Demons #2 and #3 go to investigate. Demon #3 closes the door but is immediately thrown through it. The door breaks off and falls with the demon from the top of the stairs to the ground below. Ben turns away, shielding his face. Demon #2 is pushed against the wall by Dean, who is brandishing Ruby's knife. They move offscreen for a second and Dean stabs him. He falls against the wall and Dean kicks him. As he falls from the stairs to the ground below, he groans and breaks part of the banister. Dean pulls Ruby's knife from the demon and approaches Lisa and Ben.)

LISA: Oh, Dean. Thank God.

DEAN: Still gotta get you out of here. (He grunts as he cuts Lisa free. She gets up.) Okay. Okay. (He grunts and cuts Ben free and starts to lead him away.) Alright, Ben, c'mon, let's go. Let's go.

(Lisa grabs Ben and Ruby's knife. She holds the knife to Ben's neck.)

DEMON!LISA: Brat's not going anywhere. And neither am I. (Her eyes go black.)


DEMON!LISA: Crowley thought you might come, so he had me jump this hot little piece of ass for insurance. Can't go losing our leverage now, can we?

(Dean takes a step forward.)

DEMON!LISA: Ah. Another step. Free appendectomy. (to Ben) You know she's awake in here, your mom. I can hear her thinking.

DEAN: Don't listen to her, Ben.

DEMON!LISA: (to Dean) What? I was just gonna tell him that you're his real daddy. (Dean stares.) (Demon!Lisa laughs.) Just kidding. (to Ben) Who knows who your real dad is, kid? Your mom's a slut.

DEAN: You shut your mouth.

DEMON!LISA: Oh what, you're her white knight now? She wishes she never met you, Dean. You're the worst mistake she ever made. (to Ben) Second worst, after keeping you.

DEAN: It's not your mom, Ben. She's lying.

DEMON!LISA: Says the C-minus lay with 10 miles of daddy issues. Whatever gets you through the night, Tiny Tim.

(Dean takes a step forward.)

DEMON!LISA: Uh uh. Back off, cowboy. (to Ben) You know she's begging me to kill you. She says you hold her back. Never had a lick of fun since you were born.

(Dean has a flask of holy water in his hand. Demon!Lisa doesn't notice.)

DEAN: Ben, look at me. Look at me. You're gonna be just fine. (Ben nods.) (Dean throws the holy water at Demon!Lisa, she screams and lets go of Ben.) Go! (Ben runs past Dean. Demon!Lisa goes after Dean with the knife. He pushes her against the wall. She drops the knife. Dean kicks it backwards.) Ben, knife! (Demon!Lisa pushes Dean. Ben picks up the knife.)

DEMON!LISA: What's the matter, Dean? Hit me! Oh, you don't wanna hurt poor Lisa. (laughs)

(Dean begins a Latin exorcism)

DEAN: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,

DEMON!LISA: Shut your mouth. (She punches Dean in the face.)

DEAN: Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, (Demon!Lisa struggles to breathe) ergo draco maledicte,

(Demon!Lisa grabs Dean by the throat. She groans)

DEAN: Ecclesiam

DEMON!LISA: Stop it.

DEAN: Tuam

DEMON!LISA: I'm warning you.

DEAN: You can go to hell, you black-eyed bitch.

(Demon!Lisa grabs a straight razor from a table. She lets go of Dean and steps away. He catches his breath.)

DEMON!LISA: You sure about that? (She stabs herself in the stomach.)

BEN: Mom!

DEMON!LISA: (laughs) Exorcise me now. She's just a dead meatsuit. Now what was it you wanted to say?

DEAN: (pauses and looks at Ben) Securi tibi facias libertate (Demon!Lisa starts to bleed from the mouth) servire te rogamus, audi nos.

(Lisa screams as the demon is expelled from her body. She falls to the ground.)

BEN: Mom!

DEAN: Lisa!

(They run to her side.)

DEAN: Lisa. Here, put pressure on that, okay? (He gives her a cloth and puts her hand over the wound. She moans in pain.) I know, honey, I know. (He dials Sam.) That's it, it's okay.

SAM'S VOICE MESSAGE: This is Sam, leave a message. (Sam is still unconscious in the room.)

DEAN: Sam, where are you, dammit?! Alright, Ben, we gotta get her out of here, okay? Ben. Ben? (Ben is frozen with fear.) Ben. (Dean slaps him.) Hey! Listen to me, I need you to pull it together, okay? You gotta be strong. Your mom needs you right now. Go open that duffel bag, grab the salt gun. I gotta carry your mom out so if anything comes at us, you shoot it.

BEN: But -

DEAN: Go, now!

(Ben gets the gun. Dean picks Lisa up, she groans.)

DEAN: Okay. (to Ben) The knife. Get the knife. (They both make their way out the room.) Alright, Ben. Keep your elbow in, gun tight to your shoulder and watch for the kick. (A demon walks towards them.) Ben! (Ben shoots it.) Ben? Ben!

BEN: Dean -

DEAN: Come on, pull it together, do you want your mom to die? Let's go.

(They walk farther. There are two more shots - offscreen. They walk down the stairs and hear pounding on a door.)

SAM: (From inside the room) Dean!

DEAN: Sam?

SAM: I'm in here!

(Dean gently puts Lisa down and shoots the lock off the door. Sam comes out.)

DEAN: Come one, we gotta get to a hospital. Ben, give the gun to him. Sam, we need a ride. (Dean picks Lisa up. Ben gives Sam the gun. They leave the building.)


(Sam pulls up in a car he's stolen.)

DEAN: Go, go, go, go. (Ben and Dean - carrying Lisa - get in. Dean looks at Lisa's blood on his hand. Ben turns around, worried.)

DEAN: She's fine, Ben. She's fine. She's gonna be just fine. Almost there. (to Lisa.) Hey, hey. Stay with me. (to Sam) Sam, you gotta go faster, man! (to Lisa) You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be just fine.



(Lisa is lying unconscious in her hospital bed. He is hooked up to several breathing tubes and monitors. Dean and Ben sit on either side of the bed. Dean looks at Ben.)

DEAN: Ben, I'm sorry.

(Ben gets up and leaves.)

DEAN: Ben.

(Castiel appears.)

DEAN: What do you want?

CASTIEL: Dean, listen.

DEAN: What do you want me to say? She'll be dead by midnight.

CASTIEL: I'm sorry.

DEAN: I don't care. It's too little, too late.

CASTIEL: Okay. Well, regardless, I didn't come for you.

DEAN: Meaning?

CASTIEL: (he walks up to Lisa and places his hand on her forehead, healing her) She's fine now. She'll wake soon. Dean, I said I'm sorry and I meant it.

DEAN: Thank you. I wish this changed anything. (Dean is visibly upset.)

CASTIEL: I know. So do I. All else aside, I just wanted to fix what I could.

(Castiel starts to walk away.)

DEAN: There's one more thing you could do for me.

(Soon afterwards, Lisa wakes up. Ben is sitting on her hospital bed.)

BEN: Hey, Mom.

LISA: Hey. What - ?

BEN: You're in the hospital.

(Outside the room, Dean walks up to the door and watches.)

LISA: What happened?

BEN: We were in a car crash.

LISA: Are you okay?

BEN: Y - Yeah, I'm - I'm fine. You hit your head pretty bad, but you're okay now.

(Dean knocks and takes a step inside.)


(Lisa raises her eyebrows, not recognising him.)

BEN: Who're you?

DEAN: I, I'm Dean. Uh, I'm the guy who hit you.


DEAN: I just, uh, I lost control for a minute, and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm real happy you two are both okay. And uh, I'm just - I'm glad your life can get back to normal now.

LISA: (smiles) We're okay, so - so that's what's important, right?

DEAN: Yeah. Anyway, uh, I'll leave you two alone. (to Ben) You take care of your mom.

(He walks away, fighting back tears.)


(Dean walks down the stairs and across the street to the Impala. Sam is standing on the other side of the car.)

SAM: Well?

DEAN: Well nothing. (He gets in the car.)

(Sam clears his throat and gets in the car as well.)

SAM: (sighs) Dean, you know, you've pulled some shady crap before, but this - (he shakes his head) - has got to be the worst. (he scoffs) Whitewashing their memories? Take it from somebody who knows -

DEAN: If you ever mention Lisa and Ben to me again, I will break your nose.

SAM: Dean.

DEAN: I'm not kidding.

(Sam is about to protest, but Dean looks at him and he sees the tears in Dean's eyes, so he nods. Sam closes his door and they drive off.)


(Dr Visyak leaves the cabin. She walks to her car, presses the remote and reaches for the door handle. Castiel appears behind her. She sees his reflection in the window and turns around to face him. He puts his hand on her shoulder and teleports them both away.)

- Silvershadow6