8.18 Freaks and Geeks

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Title Freaks and Geeks
Episode # Season 8, Episode 18
First aired March 27, 2013
Directed by John F. Showalter
Written by Adam Glass
On IMDB Freaks and Geeks
Outline Sam and Dean find a group of teens being raised as hunters.
Monster Human
Location(s) Conway Springs, Kansas
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Krissy Chambers and Aidan pretend to be a couple that are making out at a local make-out spot in Conway Springs, Kansas as bait to lure in a vampire. As planned, a vampire attacks them and Aidan decapitates it from behind and confirms that it was the one that killed his family. Unknown to them, they are caught on a nearby security camera and the cops start looking for them.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean have arrived in Conway Springs, Kansas to investigate what appear to be vampire killings. Dean asks Sam whether he wants to sit out the hunt, concerned about the state of his health. Sam says he's okay and asks Dean how he is after being beaten by Castiel. Dean, in typical fashion, makes a joke of it. At the local police station, Sam and Dean see CCTV footage from the previous night's incident involving the vampire, and the Winchesters are told that the police are now looking for the killers (whom the cop believes are part of a cult) However, Dean gets them to call off the search by stating it is because it has now become an FBI-level case but, in reality, it's because he recognizes Krissy on the security tape.

Krissy checks into a motel, bribing the clerk to accept her fake ID and meets with Aidan and Josephine about Jimmy Day, the vampire Victor Rogers has told them killed Josephine's family. Aidan flirts with her, but Krissy rejects his advances, claiming to have a boyfriend in Canada that she talks to on Skype. Using ATM footage, they have tracked Jimmy to that motel and Krissy watches through cameras as Aidan and Josephine travel to Jimmy's motel room. When two men break in, Krissy holds them at gunpoint and is shocked to see that it is Sam and Dean and that they tracked her down. Seeing that Aidan and Josephine are in trouble, Krissy, Sam and Dean rush to their aid and when Jimmy runs, Krissy takes him down with a dart loaded with dead man's blood. Jimmy claims to be innocent and not know what's going on and Krissy stops Dean from killing him. When Josephine accuses Jimmy of killing her family, Jimmy protests his innocence and Josephine kills him. While Aidan and Josephine bag up Jimmy's remains, Krissy talks to Dean and reveals what happened that drove her back into the life, earning his sympathy. He tries to get her to go to her aunt that lives in Cincinnati, but she refuses and leads him and Sam to Victor.

At Victor's house, Krissy introduces Sam and Dean to Victor who they already know from a rugaru hunt in the past. Victor and the kids live in a comfortable, well-appointed home. Victor explains that he is trying to give the kids a balanced life; they go to school, and train to be excellent hunters.

The next morning, after the kids have gone to school, Victor asks Sam if he wants kids, to which Sam replies he doesn't know. Victor tells Sam how his own family was killed, and says he wants Krissy, Aidan and Josephine to have a life that balances hunting with normal living.

Dean goes to interview the woman from the previous night, Connie, who tells him that it was a man in a hoodie driving a blue van who took her, not Jimmy who was a local war hero.

Victor pulls the kids out of school and shows them a picture of a vampire which he says is the vampire that killed Krissy's father as she is wearing his necklace. Krissy, Aidan and Josephine take off to hunt the vampire.

Arriving at the abandoned Conway Springs Lodge, the trio find Dean with the vampire and hold guns on him, insisting on killing her. However, Dean reveals that she is an innocent, newly-turned victim and something else is going on and, after easily disarming Aidan, gets them to listen. Krissy still wants to kill her as she is now a vampire, but Dean tells her that as she has never fed, if they can get the blood of the vampire that turned her, they can cure her and Krissy agrees to tie her up until they sort everything out.

Sam spots a blue van outside the house, and he and Victor go to investigate. When they get to the van, Victor knocks Sam unconscious.

Returning to Victor's house, the group finds Sam tied up, Victor with Seth, who is a vampire. They had planned to kill Sam and make it look like a vampire kill, in order to further motivate the kids to hunt. Sam and Dean reveal what they have figured out: Victor has had the vampire kill their families to drive them into hunting so he could train the next generation of hunters and having them get "revenge" by killing people who have just been turned and he has framed. When Krissy asks who the real killer is, the vampire informs her that he killed her father and enjoyed it.

Victor tries to convince the group to keep going with him, but they refuse and he has the vampire take Aidan as a hostage so he can escape. Krissy shoots the vampire in the eye and chest with darts filled with dead man's blood, immobilizing him. She then pulls a gun on Victor, threatening to kill him. She fires four times; once each for her father, Josephine, Aidan and herself, but the bullets are all blanks. Krissy lets him live, deciding that having Victor live a lonely life with no family left will be revenge enough, but Victor kills himself immediately instead.

Later, as Aidan and Josephine give the vampire cure to the shaken, newly-turned young woman, Krissy says goodbye to Sam and Dean. Sam returns her father's necklace to her and after he leaves them alone, Dean offers once again to drive her to her aunt. However, Krissy decides to stay with Aidan and Josephine as they have made a life and family of their own. They won't go looking for monsters, but if any creatures do come to town, they will hunt them. While they are all still minors at the moment, Josephine will soon be eighteen, so there will be an adult around. Accepting this, Dean agrees and tells her that he will have Garth check in on them from time to time to make sure they are okay. He also suggests that Krissy has a crush on Aidan, which she denies, saying he's like a brother to her. When Dean goes to give her a fist bump before leaving, Krissy kisses him on the cheek instead. Aidan then comes up and says goodbye to Dean. Dean beckons him over and warns Aidan that if he hurts Krissy, "she'll kill him".

As they are about to leave, Dean notes that closing the gates to Hell is maybe the only thing that will stop Krissy, Aidan, and Josephine from inevitably living and dying as hunters. It would be their only chance to live a normal life. To himself, Sam notes that the trio may not be the only ones for whom this is true.




  • "I'll Surely Die" by The Rubens
plays during the opening scene


Dean: Hey, Krissy.

Krissy: What are you two doing here?
Dean: Saving your bacon, that's what.
Krissy: Does it look like my bacon needs saving? Wait. How'd you find me? I paid cash everywhere.

Dean: Only two hotels within a 20-mile radius, and we paid cash, too -- just more.
Dean: All right. So, you're gonna have to catch me up. What --did your dad, uh --he couldn't quit the life, could he?

Krissy: No, he did. For a while, it was amazing. We had dinner every night at a table. We watched TV, went on walks. Even went to the mall.
Dean: And then?

Krissy: And then...The past came a-knockin'. I woke up one morning and found him dead.... his throat ripped out.
Dean: Hunting isn't all about killing and revenge. I thought we had this chat last time. Do you have any, uh -- do you have any family that's still out there?
Sam: Yeah, but why take them?

Victor: Because the next generation of hunters has to be better.
Sam: Better than what?
Victor: Better than us. Oh, come on, guys. I know your friends. I mean, Martin was insane. And somebody obviously dropped Garth on his head when he was a baby. And I know you two loved that Bobby guy, but he was a barely functional alcoholic.

Dean: Watch it.
Dean: Yeah, I never trust a guy who wears a sweater. You want me to head back there?
Dean: Vampires don't beg for their lives. They attack. Look, last time I'm gonna ask you nicely. Take the damn guns off me, or somebody's gonna get hurt.
Dean: Like I said, hunting isn't always about killing.
Krissy: Look, I hate how we were put together, but...I can't deny that it feels right. And why should I let Victor ruin that, too?
Krissy: You're all right for an old guy.

Dean: I'm really not that old.

Krissy: You keep telling yourself that.
Dean: They're hunters now. You don't just walk away from that. There's only one way out of that,and you and I both know it ain't pretty.

Sam: Maybe they'll be different.
Dean: Or maybe if we shut that hell hole once and for and all, those three can have a real life.

Sam: Maybe they won't be the only ones.

Trivia & References

The episode is named after a 1999/2000 TV comedy Freaks and Geeks, about a group of outsiders at a high school in Chippewa, Michigan.
Dean: Listen, if you want to take a knee on this one if you're not feeling up to it...
To "take a knee" is a term from American football meaning to sit out of an activity or event.
Dean: Okay. I'll tell you what. Why don't I go get some, uh, herbal tea.

Sam: Okay.
Dean: And you can find some Cowboy Junkies on the dial.
Sam: Eat me, Dean.
Dean: And you know what? We'll just talk it out.

Cowboy Junkies are a Canadian alternative country/folk rock band.
Dean: Sheriff, why do you think we're here? You just crossed streams with a federal investigation.
To 'cross the streams' is a phrase from the Ghostbusters movie franchise. It refers to when two or more Proton Streams cross paths. According to Urban Dictionary, however, the phrase can have a naughtier meaning. Misha seemed to be referencing this Urban Dictionary meaning whilst livestreaming with Jensen in February 2016.
Sam: So, what was that all about, G-man?
A G-man is a slang term for an FBI agent. It is short for government man.
Dean: What, sneaking out in the middle of the night to go hunt monsters with the Apple Dumpling gang?
The Apple Dumpling Gang was the name of a Disney movie, based on a book by the same name, about a gambler in the California goldrush who ends up with a group of orphans.
Dean: What? Get caught on Candid Camera? Let's just go find her before she gets into any more trouble.
"Candid Camera" is an American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series created and produced by Allen Funt, which initially began on radio as Candid Microphone June 28, 1947.
Dean: Where's the blue van?

Krissy: What blue van?
Dean: The blue van he was Usain Bolt-ing it to?

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter who holds multiple world records in sprinting. His name has become synonymous with speed.
Krissy: Don’t be such a dweeb, okay. We’re not the X-Men. Victor's helping us get revenge.
The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes in the Marvel Universe. They were created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.
Dean: It's just not what I expected.

Krissy: And what was that?
Dean: A little more Lord of the Flies, less Huxtables.

"Lord of the Flies" is a novel by William Golding, about a group of children stranded on a deserted island, who revert to a primitive, violent state. The Huxtables were the middles class family of the 1980s sitcom The Cosby Show.
Victor: So these kids are the cream of the crop. They are the Beatles. They are the dream team. And once they get their revenge... they'll be better hunters than any of us ever dreamed of.
The Beatles were an English rock band, active from 1960 to 1970, and are recognized as one of the greatest and most influential rock bands of all time.
Dean: I want to talk to that girl who was tied up at the hotel. Something didn't smell right about that. Why don't you stay here and look after the Brady Bunch?
The Brady Bunch was the eponymous family in the 1970s TV series about a blended family of three boys and three girls.


This episode was originally called 'Apple Dumpling Gang'.source
Krissy is named after creator Adam Glass' cousin. Aidan and Josephine are named after his children. Adam tweeted:
"They love the show and are now part of its mythos."
Adrian Hough who plays Victor Rogers, previously portrayed Dr. Hydeker in 1.18 Something Wicked.
The cure for vampirism was last seen in 6.05 Live Free or Twihard where it was used to cure Dean himself.

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