Abraham Peterson

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Name Abraham Peterson
Actor William MacDonald
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Gail Peterson)
Location Mason City, Iowa
Episode(s) 12.04 American Nightmare


Abraham Peterson was the husband of Gail Peterson and father to Elijah and Magda Peterson. A former computer programmer, Abraham grew disillusioned and wanted to raise his family away from the distractions of consumerism, deciding with his wife, Gail, the family moves to the countryside where they would live off the grid.


12.04 American Nightmare

Sam and Dean meet with Abraham outside his home as new case workers from Child Protective Services, Abraham invites them into house and discusses their past case workers alongside his wife. When the Peterson's son Elijah enters and whispers something to Abraham, he asks Dean to help him replace a buggy wheel and explains to them why he changed his families lifestyle five years ago.

As Sam has a small confrontation with Gail, Abraham overhears it and asks Sam and Dean to leave. Later that night, as Abraham is feeding the horses, Elijah enters the barn worried about what his mother is doing to Magda, but Abraham assures her that his mother is doing God's work and that Magda is their family's cross to bear. Unbeknownst to them however, Sam was hiding in a horse stall and overheard their conversation, as he tries to make a call to Dean, Abraham appears behind him and knocks him unconscious, Abraham then drag Sam's body to the basement, leaving him with the chained up Magda.

Soon after Sam regains consciousness, Abraham retrieves him and Magda for dinner. Upstairs Abraham leads everyone in grace, but upon taking the first bite of stew, he soon begins choking and foaming at the mouth, having been poisoned by Gail.