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Name Abraxas
Actor N/A
Occupation Demon


For an unknown reason, in 2009, Abraxas visited Nick's house while he was out drinking. Abraxas was spotted by Nick's wife Sarah, who called the police to report a prowler, causing beat cop Frank Kellogg to respond to the scene. After introducing himself, Abraxas possessed Frank and used his body to brutally beat Sarah and her infant son Teddy to death with a hammer. Abraxas then vacated Frank's body, leaving him covered in blood and with no memory of actually committing the murders. Nick subsequently became Lucifer's vessel while his family's murders remained unsolved for nine years.


14.07 Unhuman Nature

After tracking down Frank Kellogg, Nick learns about Frank's encounter with Abraxas. Recalling that Lucifer knew that name and based off of Frank's description of what happened, Nick realizes that Abraxas was a demon who possessed Frank to kill his family.

Abraxas in Lore

Abraxas was considered a pagan god by the Catholic church before being branded as a demon in the Dictionnaire Infernal in 1818. Second-century heretics known as Basilidians believed Abraxas to be the supreme deity who created the angels, of which the God of Abraham was one.