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Article from from The by Kate Lanahan on August 15, 2005

AUGUST 2005: First mention of Jared and Jensen off screen together in a bar brawl. There are a number of versions of the story. It is not clear the extent of Jared and Jensen's injuries but it was reported that Jared had a broken hand during the filming of 1.03 Dead in the Water.

When "Supernatural" premieres on The WB on September 13, be sure to pay close attention to the fight sequences. The stars of the occult-themed thriller, "Smallville's" Jensen Ackles and "Gilmore Girls'" Jared Padalecki, have been trained quite well. According to Page Six, the actors, who play brothers on the show, were attacked by a group of drunken thugs one night after filming in Vancouver. The pack of unruly goons "mistook Jared and Jensen for two guys who had hassled them earlier in the evening," according to the show's co-executive producer Peter Johnson. But instead of running off, Jared and Jensen took on the group, using the martial arts training they received for "Supernatural". "They picked the wrong pair," said Johnson, who says the gang of drunks needed an ambulance after their fight with the actors. Padalecki and Ackles, however, suffered only minor injuries.

The brawl was later mentioned in a Zap2It article September 10:

The two actors carried their sibling relationship off the show's Vancouver set recently when Ackles inadvertently led Padalecki into a real-life bar brawl that left the latter with a broken hand.

"When we walked into the place, there had just been a fight inside the bar, but we didn't know that yet," Padalecki explains. "When we started hearing them talking about the fight, we decided it was best to leave, but when we went back to the front, the guys there thought we were some of the guys they had been fighting with so they basically continued the fight again."

"It was life imitating art," Ackles jokes. "I've just got to play the role of older brother and show this young whippersnapper how they do things in Vancouver."

AUGUST 2006: ASccording to an interview with Bob Singer in IF magazine, "He broke his wrist over hiatus and didn’t take care of it as well as he might and then on the vampire episode when they attack him in the motel room and the guy hits him over the head and he falls, he fell on it and that was that." It was on 14 August 2006 during the filming of 2.03 Bloodlust, in the scene where he was attacked by vampires, he when he landed awkwardly on his hand, r-injuring it. He did not have it x-rayed until a couple of days later, when they had already started filming the next episode - 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things - so he couldn't wear a cast until the following episode. They wrote in the line for Sam, "I think she broke my hand" after his fight with Angela Mason to explain Sam wearing a cast on his right arm in the episodes from 2.05 Simon Said until 2.11 Playthings. He had surgery on it during the filming of 2.06 No Exit.

Kripke talked about the injury in a TVGuide interview: How are you coping with Jared Padalecki's injury and working that into the story?
Kripke: Ah, Jared. We're making it work. Luckily, he gets in fights every episode so it is easy for him to break his hand. It turns out the zombie breaks his hand. I'm glad he's OK, and I'm glad it all worked out, but I do have to say there is a part of me that wished he broke his hand a little earlier because it would have made so much more sense to come out of the car crash with the broken arm. He survived getting T-boned by a semi going full speed, but a zombie broke his hand? We do what we always do — we made a joke out of it and we had Dean give a funny reaction. Not once does it get in the way of the story.

OCTOBER 2012: Some tequila-inspired hotel room wrestling during Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2012 between Jared, Jensen and Misha. Jensen ended up with carpet burn on his forehead and chin that were visible during 8.09 Citizen Fang. In the episode, Dean gets hit on the head and so fake blood is used to cover the wound. It was still visible during Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2012. Jared and Misha had cracked ribs, and Misha's elbow "popped" (hyperextended) and was expected to take six to eight weeks to heal.

MAY 2014: Sam's arm is seen in a sling because Jared injured his shoulder and had to have surgery. It was still healing when filming for the season commenced. The injury occurred while wrestling with Osric Chau at Jus In Bello Italy 2014. Watch video of Osric relating how it happened. The explanation given in the show is that Sam was injured by a demon while he and Cas were searching for clues to Dean's disappearance.

LATE 2014: During the filming of 10.14 The Executioner's Song, when Sam catches Dean as he staggers after the fight with Cain, the knife Jensen was holding stabbed Jared in the thigh. Source

OCTOBER 2016: Jensen talks about the incident.

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