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Name Adam Milligan
Actor Jake Abel
Dates September 29, 1990 – 2009 (eaten by a ghoul)
2010 (resurrected by Zachariah)
2010 – 2020 (raptured by God)
Location Earth
Occupation Student of the University of Wisconsin (formerly)
Episode(s) 4.19 Jump the Shark (Ghoul)
5.18 Point of No Return
5.22 Swan Song (as Michael's vessel)
15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven
15.19 Inherit the Earth (as Michael's vessel)

Since when do we get what we deserve? Good luck.

– Adam Milligan, 15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven


Photo of Adam with John.

Adam Milligan is the son of John Winchester and Kate Milligan, and half-brother to Sam and Dean. On January 9, 1990, Adam's mother met John Winchester in Windom, Minnesota where he came into the hospital where she worked as a nurse, when he was injured during a ghoul hunt.[1] Adam was born on September 29, 1990. He didn't have any contact with John until he was twelve. After the initial meeting, he had sporadic contact with John who taught him pool and poker, took him to ball games on his birthday, bought him his first beer when he was 15 and taught him to drive in the Impala.[2] By 2009, he was a biology major studying pre-med at the University of Wisconsin.[1] Both Adam and his mother were killed by ghouls seeking revenge for the death of their father. These ghouls were killed by Dean and Adam's remains were cremated in the forest.

Before his resurrection, while still in Heaven occupying his own personal realm there, a group of angels speaking on behalf of Michael and Zachariah, approached him and promised him that they'll revive his mother if he serves as Michael's vessel on Earth against Lucifer.[2] Later, Michael claims his body and uses it as an alternate vessel instead of Dean, due Dean's steadfast reluctance to become Michael's vessel.[3] When Michael tries to stop Sam from throwing himself and Lucifer into Lucifer's Cage, he ends up imprisoned as well.[4] When Dean tries to make a deal with Death to free Sam's soul and Adam, Death says he will only save one of them. Dean chooses Sam, leaving Adam trapped in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael.[5]

After God throws open all of the doors in Hell as He prepares to end the world, including the door to Lucifer's Cage,[6] Michael and Adam are eventually able to escape. Having reached an understanding during their time in the Cage, Michael shares control with Adam who remains as his vessel. Though angry with his brothers for getting him trapped, Adam recognizes their good intentions and aids Sam, Dean and Castiel in convincing Michael to turn on God before departing once again with the archangel.[7]

When God erases everyone from existence, Adam is killed along with the rest of humanity, though Michael continues to use Adam's body as his vessel until God kills Michael, destroying Adam's body in the process. Both the archangel and the Winchesters are saddened by Adam's demise. However, Jack reverses God's erasure of the world, bringing Adam back once again although without Michael in his body for the first time in years since the archangel was killed by God.[8]


Adam's dead body is discovered by Dean.

4.19 Jump the Shark

Adam and his mother were killed by ghouls in revenge for the killing of their parent by John Winchester in 1990. One of the ghouls takes on Adam's form and memories in order to lure John to the town, only to find out that he has died. The ghoul then decides to kill Sam and Dean in John's place. While Dean is initially skeptical and assumes Adam is a supernatural creature, he and Sam come to believe that Adam is human and their brother. Dean is envious of the time John spent with Adam, but when he recognizes that John tried to shield Adam from hunting, he clashes with Sam who is keen to train Adam as a hunter. Dean finds the bodies of Adam and his mother in a crypt, and after killing the ghouls, insists that he is given a hunter's send off in the form of a funeral pyre similar to that given to John by his sons.

5.18 Point of No Return

Whilst enjoying eternity in his own private Heaven (making out on his Prom night) Adam is approached by angels who offer him the opportunity to help the archangel Michael defeat Lucifer by becoming Michael's vessel. Adam accepts and is resurrected under Zachariah's supervision. He awakes beneath the ground where his funeral pyre was held and crawls to the surface to find Castiel waiting for him, the angels originally meant to greet him lying dead nearby. Castiel teleports Adam to Bobby Singer's house, much to the amazement of Sam and Dean. When he regains consciousness, Adam informs the Winchesters of his deal with the angels and his intention to say "yes" to Michael. However, Castiel engraves Enochian runes on his ribs to keep the angels from locating him. Though they are confused as to how Adam can qualify as a vessel for Michael, Castiel deduces that because Adam is of the Winchester bloodline he is eligible to contain Michael's essence, despite the prophecy that foretells Dean as the true candidate. However, Dean doesn't want him to share that fate and slips away.

Sam leaves Adam in Bobby's care while he searches for Dean. When they talk, Adam reveals to Sam that he remembers when he was eaten alive by the ghouls that killed him and his mom. Meanwhile, Adam dreams of the park his mother used to take him to when he was little and is greeted by Zachariah, who convinces Adam that the Winchesters are not to be trusted and that if he cooperates with the angels he will get to see his mother again. Adam gives Zachariah his location and the angels promptly snatch him out from under Bobby's nose. They take him to the Green Room where they had imprisoned Dean[9] and Zachariah reveals that he has been lying to Adam all along. Adam's sole purpose is to lure Dean into a position where he would have to say yes to Michael, which proves successful when the Winchesters arrive to rescue their brother. Zachariah tortures Adam and Sam until Dean agrees to becoming the vessel, but this is a ruse as Dean provokes Zachariah into letting his guard down and uses the chance to stab the him with an angel blade killing him instantly. Dean and Sam escape the room just as Michael descends but the door slams shut behind them, trapping Adam in the room with Michael's true form. Dean smashes the door open to find the room gone along with Adam and Michael.

The archangel Michael in Adam's body.

5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

Castiel tells Dean, Sam and Bobby that Michael is currently using Adam as his vessel.

5.22 Swan Song

Michael appears in Stull Cemetery to confront Lucifer, using Adam as his vessel. Dean tries to apologize to Adam, though Michael tells Dean that Adam is "not home right now." Michael attempts to stop Sam from locking Lucifer back in the Cage and denying them their battle which results in both Sam and Adam being locked in Hell alongside Lucifer and Michael.

6.11 Appointment in Samarra

Dean tries to make a deal with Death to retrieve both Sam's and Adam's souls from Lucifer's Cage, but Death says that Dean can only pick one. Dean picks Sam, inevitably leaving Adam trapped in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael, where he remained.

10.05 Fan Fiction

In the final scene of Supernatural: The Musical!, Kristen now dressed as Adam, joins the actors playing Sam, Dean, John, Mary and Bobby in delivering a rendition of "Carry On Wayward Son", with the producer Maeve Scott needing to clarify who the actor is meant to be for Sam and Dean, telling them he is still trapped in Hell with Lucifer. Sam and Dean's reaction suggests that they had forgotten about Adam until this point.

15.01 Back and to the Future

Belphegor reveals to Dean that God threw open every door in Hell, including the door to Lucifer's Cage. Dean realizes that this means that Michael -- and by extension Adam though he's not mentioned -- could potentially escape from the Cage. However, Belphegor tells Dean that the last he heard, Michael was still just sitting there inside the Cage.

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

Having escaped from Hell, Adam enjoys food such as a burger and pizza for the first time in ten years at a diner while conversing with Michael who manifests to Adam as a duplicate of Adam himself. The two discuss their complicated families and their unsure place in the world before they are interrupted by the arrival of Lilith, causing Michael to retake control from Adam and obliterate the demon. As a result of Lilith's interruption, Adam never gets to eat the piece of cake he ordered beforehand since Lilith tasted its frosting.

Adam tries to convince Michael to trust the Winchesters.

While held captive by the Winchesters, Michael surprises them by returning control to Adam who explains that while trapped together in the Cage for all of those years, he and Michael reached an understanding with each other. The three try to impress upon Adam the gravity of the situation and their regret for what happened to him, only to have Michael abruptly take control back. After refusing to listen anymore, Michael petulantly gives control back to Adam who informs them of Michael not listening. Believing his brothers, Adam tries to convince Michael that they are telling the truth, noting that while he is still angry at them for getting him trapped, Sam and Dean always try to be on the right side of things, including trying to rescue Adam from becoming Michael's vessel. Adam eventually gets the archangel to admit that he feels that if he doubts, it will be betraying everything that he is.

After Michael provides the spell to trap God and opens a portal to Purgatory for them, Dean requests to speak to Adam again. Michael returns control to Adam and Dean apologizes to his brother for what happened to him, stating that Adam is a good man and didn't deserve it. Noting that they all don't get what they deserve, Adam wishes Dean and Castiel luck before departing.

15.19 Inherit the Earth

After Chuck destroys the rest of the human race to punish Sam and Dean for going against his plans, Dean and Sam find Michael in a church, and Michael reveals that Adam died with the rest of humanity. Both the archangel and the Winchesters express grief for the loss of Adam. Michael continues to use Adam's body as his vessel until God kills Michael for his previous betrayal, obliterating Adam's body in the process.


  • Adam's birthday; September 29, coincides with the traditional date of the Feast of Saint Michael, or Michaelmas.
  • Adam was twelve years old when he and John Winchester first made contact. Mathematically, this would be the same year Sam Winchester left home for Stanford.
  • Adam was studying pre-med at the University of Wisconsin before his death in 4.19 Jump the Shark. Back when human dissection was illegal, body snatching became a popular means of obtaining corpses. The corpses would be sold off so med students could learn anatomy and human dissection, and a lot of the time it was the students themselves stealing the bodies from their graves. The fact that the Adam we meet is a body snatching ghoul in the guise of a pre-med student seems to be a small nod to this weird piece of history.
  • Adam is mentioned in the production draft for 11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?, where Sam and Lucifer reveal that Adam's soul was warped beyond recognition the last time Sam saw him.

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