Airplane Demon

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Airplane Demon.jpgGeorge-Phelps-Demon.jpg
Name Unknown
Actor Paul Jarrett
Daryl Shuttleworth
Christopher Rosamond
Dates  ???? – 2005 (exorcised by Sam and Dean Winchester)
Location Hell
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 1.04 Phantom Traveler


This unnamed demon has an affinity for causing disasters, specifically through crashing airplanes. It appeared to have knowledge about what happened to Jessica implying that it served, or at least had some connection to, Azazel.


1.04 Phantom Traveler

The demon takes advantage of George Phelps' shot nerves by possessing him in the bathroom before he boards United Britannia Airlines Flight 2485. Midway through the flight, the demon rips a door open to make the plane crash. However, there are several survivors of the crash. The demon immediately sets out to finish them off; it possesses the flight staff of the plane a survivor boards and attempts to kill the survivor in a second crash. It succeeds in killing the co-pilot of United Britannia Airlines Flight 2485, Chuck Lambert, one of the survivors, by preying on his PTSD from the previous crash to possess him and force him to crash the plane he is piloting.

Next, the demon goes after flight attendant Amanda Walker, another survivor, who had been flight attendant on Flight 2485. To accomplish this, it possesses the co-pilot of United Britannia Airlines Flight 424. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean, who have been called in by Jerry Panowski to investigate, realize the demon's plan and determine that it is possessing the co-pilot. They enlist Amanda's help by having her lure the demon out so that they can subdue and exorcise it. While they are successful in forcing the demon out of the co-pilot's body, it escapes into the air duct and forces the plane into a dive. Sam is eventually able to complete the exorcism, sending the demon back to Hell and stopping the plane from crashing.

Chuck Lambert is possessed by the airplane demon.
The co-pilot of United Britannia Airlines Flight 424 was possessed.

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

The demon does not appear, but it is stated that without Sam and Dean to stop it in 1.04 Phantom Traveler, the demon was able to bring about the disastrous crash of United Britannia Flight 424, killing not only the demon's intended target of Amanda Walker but also 107 other innocent people. After Dean realizes this, he ends the djinn-induced dream this occurred in so that the lives that he and Sam saved in reality will not have been lost.


  • This demon is the first to appear on-screen. As such, it is different from later portrayals of demons in the series, including the appearance of its demon smoke and its susceptibility to hearing "Christo."