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Powers and Abilities
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)
1.02 Teach Your Children Well
1.03 You're Lost Little Girl
1.05 Legend of a Mind

The Akrida are a malevolent force, a monster not of this world. For centuries they tried to invade, the Men of Letters stopped them every time. But, they're gone now.

Ada Monroe, 1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)


The Akrida are creatures from another world, that wish to wipe out humans, demons and all manner of monsters and take over the planet. The Akrida have attempted to crossover in the past, but were always stopped by the Men of Letters. With the Men of Letters having died out due to the 1958 massacre, the Akrida have been able to find their way to Earth.[1]


Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced speed – Having six legs allows the Akrida to move incredibly quickly.
  • Mind control – By injecting stingers into their victims' heads, the Akrida can control their minds. However, this eventually proves to be fatal to those being controled.
  • Possession – The Akrida are able to possess a human host similar to a demon.


  • Anti-Possession Symbol – A special symbol can be tattooed onto a person's body, that will protect them from being possessed by an Akrida.
  • Ostium – Initially believed to be the only known object capable of killing the Akrida, the Ostium in reality only acts as a means to transport the Akrida back to their home universe.
  • Rigid hierarchy – All the Akrida share a connection with their queen, similar to an ant colony. If the Akrida are cut off from their queen, they will become incapable of surviving on their own.


1.01 Pilot (The Winchesters)

Samuel Campbell has found out that the Akrida, an ancient enemy have returned. In the past they were dealt with by the Men of Letters, but with them having been gone for 15 years, the Akrida have found a way to Earth. With the help of Ada Monroe, Samuel tracks down that there may be a device -- the Monster Box -- that can stop them. Samuel also finds evidence that a Men of Letters based in Savannah had evidence of how the Akrida had entered the Earth before. If they find that point, then the Monster Box can stop them. He phones his daughter Mary, and gives her the address of the long deserted Men of Letters Clubhouse in Lawrence. He tells her to look for a schematic which will guide them in using the Box.

Samuel goes to New Orleans, and in a crypt he opens a tomb using a blood sigil. However he is interrupted by a loup-garou and tries to escape, and is pursued by an Akrida. Above ground in the cemetery he trips, which allowed for the Akrida to descend on him from the dark.

1.02 Teach Your Children Well

After the death of La Tunda, the a cloaked figure absorbs part of her essence into a vial and leaves, followed by a number of Akrida.

1.03 You're Lost Little Girl

Ada and Carlos manage to capture the partner of the demon that had possessed Ada. The demon reveals that he and his partner had gone AWOL from Hell and, believing the Akrida to be too numerous to stop even with the Monster Box, made a deal with them to get the Akrida the box in exchange for the Akrida sparing them when they wipe everything out. The demon reveals that the Akrida leader has taken a human host, much like a demon, but all he knows is that the leader is in some woman.

Later, it's revealed that the Akrida leader is possessing a DJ known as Rockin' Roxy. After John Winchester leaves the fire in which he is burning the Bori Baba's remains, an Akrida comes out of the shadows and steals Bori Baba's bag and brings it to its leader. The leader is able to extract some of the monster's essence from the bag the same as it had from La Tunda's remains.

1.04 Masters of War

Mars Neto reveals that there's a war coming with the Akrida and that he has been searching for the perfect soldiers to fight in it. As both a hunter and a former Marine, Mars believes that John Winchester is the perfect person to fight in the war.

1.05 Legend of a Mind

The Monster Club investigates a series of strange deaths that they believe are the work of a djinn. The group locates Ada Monroe's half-djinn son Tony who reveals that the Akrida are actually responsible, having injected stingers into people's minds in order to control them through a toxin. Tony is able to identify Derek Fisher as the Akrida's next target, but when the group tries to save him, they are attacked by an Akrida who ends up injecting its stingers into Mary Campbell's head instead. In order to save Mary, John Winchester dreamwalks into Mary's nightmares with Tony's help. After confronting her most traumatic memory with John's help, Mary is able to find and destroy the stingers.

At the same time, Carlos investigates the people that the Akrida had targeted and discovers that they were all connected to a project involving the building of a radio tower which would amplify the Akrida's ability to send out a signal to draw in rare monsters such as La Tunda and Bori Baba. Tony reveals that when he was in the victims' minds, he heard the Akrida talk about collecting essence from the remains of rare monsters, meaning that by killing the rare monsters, the Monster Club has essentially been doing the Akrida's dirty work. However, Tony doesn't know what they're planning on doing with the essence. Investigating further, the Monster Club realizes that the Akrida leader is actually Rockin' Roxy. As the hunters listen to her broadcast, another Akrida in a human vessel approaches Roxy and reveals that Mary didn't succumb to their control. The other Akrida worries that the hunters will be a problem, but Roxy reassures him that they'll get the hunters the way they want eventually.

1.09 Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Kyle Reed is revealed to be under Akrida mind control and he is manipulating Betty Donelon to investigate John, Mary and their friends.