Alice Cassity

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Alice Cassity.png
Name Alice Cassity
Actor Alisen Down
Location Shoshone, Idaho
Occupation Farm owner
Episode(s) 8.14 Trial and Error


Alice is a member of the wealthy Cassity family which discovered oil in their lands. She was the wife of Carl Granville, who had made a deal with Crowley for her love in exchange for his soul. She took over the farm after each family member went their separate ways.


8.14 Trial and Error

After the death of her husband, Alice is greeted by her family who have gathered to give their respects. At the dinner table, Alice discovers that her little sister had sex with her deceased husband before she met Carl. They then reminiscent about the last time they all had a meal together which leads Sam to discover that Crowley is involved.

After the death of Margot, Sam and Dean restrain the family to the lounge room. The boys then go on to say that one of them has sold their soul to the demon named Crowley and that one of them is being hunted down by a hellhound. The family starts to bicker to who would sell their soul to a demon which causes Alice to say that Margot always talked about how the family would be happy if they were rich.

Scared and confused, Alice makes a run for it to her car, which causes Sam to chase after her. She is then taken back into the house after hearing growls from a hellhound.

It is assumed that she was released after Sam killed Crowley's hellhound.