All Hell Breaks Loose 2 Sydney/Melbourne 2010

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Hub Productions are presenting two one day Supernatural Cons to take place on Saturday the 8th May in Sydney and Sunday the 9th May in Melbourne.

Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Samantha Ferris Rob Benedict and Julie McNiven are confirmed guests.

For information the Convention Calendar. For highlights of past Conventions, check the Supernatural Scrapbook.

Con meet-ups



  • Pre-Con breakfast for Misha's Minions at threshermans in Faraday Street from 7.30am. Details here.
  • Post-Con everyone is welcome for a drink at the University Hotel, Lygon Street near the corner of Grattan (next to the 7/11). Walking distance from the venue, and near plenty of nommy food.


Sydney 8.00am – 9.00am – Breakfast function
8.30am - Doors Open
9.00am - Welcome
9.30am - Professional photo session begins
11.00am - Q&A Samatha Ferris
12.00pm - Lunch Break
12.30pm - Q&A with Julie McNiven and Rob Benedict
1.30pm - Auction
2.00pm – Q&A with Misha Collins
3.00pm – Q&A with Jim Beaver
4.00pm – Autograph session begins
6.30pm – Event close

9am – 10am – Breakfast function
9.15am - Doors Open
9.45am - Welcome
10.20am - Professional photo session begins
12.00pm - Q&A Samantha Ferris
1pm - Lunch Break
1.45pm - Q&A with Julie McNiven and Rob Benedict
2.45pm - Auction
3pm – Q&A with Misha Collins
4pm – Q&A with Jim Beaver
5pm – Autograph session begins
7.30pm – Event close

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Beware that reports may contain spoilers for unaired episodes.

Twitters to watch

The twitter hashtag for this Con is #ahbl2. You can also follow #ahbl2 related tweets on Tweet Chat.

Tweets with the #ahbl2 tag are archived here to make for easier reading.

In addition to @JusinbelloCon, guests with twitters are: Jim Beaver on @jumblejim, Misha Collins on @mishacollins and Rob Benedict on @robbenedict





Fan vids and audio of panels removed at the demand of Hub Productions

Vids used to intro actors: