Andrea Kormos

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Name Andrea Kormos
Actor Athena Karkanis
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Prentiss Island, Washington
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 8.05 Blood Brother


Sometime in the 1960s, Andrea, a Greek heiress, was sailing her yacht when it was attacked by Benny Lafitte. However, Benny and Andrea fell in love, even though she knew he was a vampire. He left his nest for her, and they moved to Louisiana, where Benny eschewed drinking blood from people. Eventually, Benny's Maker, Quentin, and Sorento tracked them down. While his Maker tore out Andrea's throat, saying he will "bleed her dry," the others beheaded Benny. The Maker changed his mind and turned Andrea into a vampire. She remained part of his nest and his vampirate operation.


8.05 Blood Brother

When Dean and Benny find where Benny's maker has based his operation, Benny finds Andrea is now a vampire, and is overpowered and captured.

While captured, Benny learns from Andrea that instead of killing her like Benny believed, his maker turned her into a vampire and she now serves him, apparently faithfully. Andrea is so high up that she only reports to the maker and she slaps him when he makes fun of her for it. However, when she orders Sorento to leave, she kisses him and reveals she still loves him. Andrea tells Benny that neither she nor any of the other vampires can kill the Maker and free themselves from his influence, but Benny's return is proof that he is not all powerful and she gives him the key to his handcuffs and a knife with which to kill their Maker.

Benny is brought before the maker who claims regret that he had to kill Benny and explains that he turned Andrea as a form of revenge against Benny. Benny reveals that Andrea is not loyal, showing his free hands, and easily overpowers and decapitates Sorento with his own weapon and then kills the Maker with Andrea's knife.

Returning downstairs, Benny is shocked to find that Andrea wants to continue on the vampirate operation and hunting humans. Benny realizes that the woman he loved died a long time ago and Andrea moves to attack him, but Dean, having killed all of the other vampires single-handedly, kills Andrea.