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This page comprises information about recurring characters in Supernatural: The Anime Series. For information about characters that appear in only one episode of Supernatural the Animation, please see the individual episode pages.

Name Dean Winchester
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hiroki Touchi (Young Dean: Atsushi Abe)
Voice Actor (English) Andrew Farrar (Jensen Ackles in episodes 21 and 22)(Young Dean: Michael Yarmush)
Occupation Hunter
Episodes All except:
Character Sketch for Dean

Name Sam Winchester
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuuya Uchida (Young Sam: Makoto Tsumura)
Voice Actor (English) Jared Padalecki (Young Sam: Holly Gauthier-Frankel)
Occupation Hunter
Episodes All except:
Character Sketch for Sam

Name Impala
Plate #
Occupation Transport, home
Episodes All except:
The Impala disguised under a coat of white paint.

Name John Winchester
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hashi Takaya
Voice Actor (English) Alain Goulem
Occupation Hunter
Episodes Home, Savage Blood (flashback), Till Death Do Us Part

Character Sketch for Jess

Name Jessica Moore
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mie Sonozaki
Voice Actor (English) Angela Galluppo
Occupation Student
Episodes Till Death Do Us Part, Temptation of the Demon

Name Bobby Singer
Voice Actor (Japanese) Takashi Taniguchi
Voice Actor (English) Harry Stanjofski
Occupation Hunter
Episodes Temptation of the Demon, Everlasting Love