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Name Ardat
Actor Sharon Taylor
Dates  ???? – 2019 (killed by Belphegor)
Location Hell
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 15.03 The Rupture


Ardat was a demon who had an intense hatred for Belphegor. This came from the fact that she knew Belphegor wanted to rule Hell and she wanted to stop him from gaining power.


15.02 Raising Hell

When Ketch arrived in Harlan, Kansas, to lend aid to the Winchesters, he was surprised to find Belphegor helping the Winchesters. He explains he was hired by Ardat to kill Belphegor, whom she described as a monstrous threat to humanity.

15.03 The Rupture

Ardat, possessing a doctor, kills a nurse as Arthur Ketch tries to leave the hospital, then angrily confronts the mercenary for failing to kill Belphegor. Arthur tries to attack Ardat with an angel blade, but is overpowered by the demon, who recognizes that Arthur is protecting his friends and won't give them up for anything. Ardat rips out and crushes Arthur's heart and then uses his cell phone to trick Dean Winchester into revealing what they are up to.

After Belphegor and Castiel get Lilith's Crook in Hell, Ardat attacks them. Struggling with Castiel, Ardat explains that she has watched Belphegor for centuries, just waiting for a chance to seize power in Hell for himself. As Ardat is distracted with Castiel, Belphegor stabs her in the back with an angel blade, killing her. Belphegor admits that Ardat was telling the truth, and he is killed by Castiel when he tries to use the crook to gain power.

After saving the world, Dean receives word of Arthur's death and that it was probably a demon. Dean shares this news with Sam, though neither know that it was Ardat who was responsible.

Ardat in Lore

Ardat Lili is a Sumerian storm spirit and vampiric succubus. Ardat is closely tied to Lilith, as either a handmaiden to Lilith or a closely-related spirit.