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Name Asher
Actor Unknown
Location Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Episode(s) 1.18 Something Wicked

Michael: You said you're a big brother?

Dean: Yeah.
Michael: You'd take care of your little brother? You'd do anything for him?
Dean: Yeah, I would.

Michael: Me too. I'll help.

Michael and Dean, 1.18 Something Wicked


Asher and Michael

Asher's mother Joanna runs a motel in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. His older brother, Michael helps her with the guest check-ins and taking care of Asher. The monster wreaking havoc on the town is a shtriga, an Albanian witch that feeds on the life essence from children. The shtriga attacks younger siblings, one of them being Asher. He gets sick and is taken to the hospital. Once Sam and Dean know what it is, they ask Michael to pose as bait so they can kill it. Dean convinces him by telling him how much he loves Sam.

After the shtriga is killed, Asher and the other children recover.