Baba Yaga

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Name Baba Yaga
Actor N/A
Dates  ???? − 2020 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Wadsworth, Ohio
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)


Baba Yaga was behind a rash of child abductions in 1993 in Wadsworth, Ohio when she came face to face with a young Sam and Dean Winchester.


Baba Yaga typically appears as an old crone, but through hallucinations is capable of appearing as other people. Baba Yaga typically targets children, after toying with them before killing, she takes their bodies to her nest where she stores them to feed on when she is hungry.

Powers and abilities

Baba Yaga's broken ring.
  • Invisibility − Invisible but can manifest at will.
  • Electromagnetic interference − Baba Yaga's presence can be signaled by lights flickering.
  • Enhanced speed − Can move at an incredible speed.
  • Enhanced strength − Baba Yaga shows super strength, throwing Sam across a room and easily overpowering Dean in a fight.
  • Immortality − Centuries old and is stated by Sam to be immortal, "kind of."
  • Invulnerability − Invulnerable to most harm, merely flinching from a gunshot and only being angered by Sam stabbing her in the back.
  • Mental manipulation − Her primary power is to manipulate the minds of others, using hallucinations to torment her victims. At one point, she almost appears to put Dean into a trance.
  • Regeneration − In 2020, she has the fingers that Dean cut off in 1993.
  • Shapeshifting − Baba Yaga is able to shift into any form she wants, including mimicking ghosts.
  • Telekinesis − Can manipulate objects with her mind.


  • Her ring − The source of Baba Yaga's power is her one and only weakness. When Dean cut it off in 1993 and it became damaged, she dissolved into dust and became dormant for over 20 years until the ring was repaired by Travis Johnson. When Dean removed her ring from her finger, Baba Yaga became noticeably weaker as Dean was able to kick her across a room when before she was too strong for him to overpower. After Dean smashed the ring, Baba Yaga was killed.


15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)



Baba Yaga in Lore

Baba Yaga is a supernatural figure from Eastern Europe. She is usually depicted as an old woman who lives in a hut that moves around on chicken legs, steered by Baba Yaga with a broom. While she does occasionally eat children, she is also known to help people she encounters.


  • Baba Yaga's death is almost identical to that of a ghost on Supernatural who has had their link to the living world destroyed. The only difference is that Baba Yaga is consumed by green fire rather than the normal orange fire.
  • Baba Yaga is the fourth monster defeated years before that the Winchesters have had to come back to finish for good. The first was the shtriga in 1.18 Something Wicked, the second was the demon in 7.15 Repo Man (though it's revealed that the serial killer is Jeffrey who lured the Winchesters back to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to use Dean's blood to successfully summon the demon back), and the third was the Soul Eater in 11.16 Safe House.