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Name Baldur
Actor Adam Croasdell
Dates  ???? – 2010 (killed by Lucifer)
Location Valhalla
Occupation Norse god
Episode(s) 5.19 Hammer of the Gods


Baldur is one of the gods that meets to try to work out a way to stop the Judeo-Christian Apocalypse. Along with Kali, he appears to be one of the most powerful of the gods present. It is also implied that he is in some sort of relationship with Kali. Baldur is killed by Lucifer after trying to stop him.


Baldur appeared as a young man with black hair and dressed in a formal suit.

Powers and abilities

  • Super strength – Baldur could easily overpower humans, and felt he was strong enough to confront Lucifer.
  • Teleportation – Baldur could teleport himself and others anywhere he wished.


  • ArchangelsLucifer was able to block his powers and impale him, killing the god.


5.19 Hammer of the Gods

Baldur, along with Kali, hosts a meeting with other gods at the Elysian Fields Hotel about the upcoming Apocalypse. When Lucifer arrives, he tries to attack him but is killed after Lucifer punches him through the chest.

Baldur in Lore

Baldur (also Balder, Baldr) is a god in Norse mythology associated with light, beauty, love, innocence, forgiveness and happiness.

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