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Announced on May 13, 2022, Jensen will appear as a regular in the third season of the ABC drama "Big Sky". Jensen will play Beau Arlen, described as “a confident and charming good ol’ boy from Texas", who will act as temporary Sheriff while Sheriff Tubb recuperates from being shot. Jensen first appeared in the Season 2 finale which aired on Thursday May 19. Big Sky is based on the Highway series of books by C.J. Box and created for TV by David E Kelley who has created many successful TV shows including Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and Big Little Lies. Set in Montana, the series follows Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), an ex-cop struggling with staying sober, who occasionally works for the private detective agency run by her ex-husband Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillipe) and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury). The first season follows the disappearances of young women in the area, while in the second season the main focus is a cartel running drugs and guns in the area.

Recurring Characters

  • Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury): Cassie trained as a cop but left after she graduated due to the force's treatment of Black people. She runs a private investigator agency called Dewell and Hoyt with Cody Hoyt, also an ex-cop, with whom she has had a brief fling. She has a son called Kai (currently staying with relatives). Her father is murdered by serial kidnapper and murderer Ronald Pergman, who she will eventually kill. Currently hooked up with US Marshall Mark Lindor.
  • Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnck): Another ex-cop, Jenny occasionally works for Dewell and Hoyt and estranged wife of Cody Hoyt, and friend of Cassie. She has a teenage son called Justin, who's now off at college. After Cody is murdered, Jenny joins Cassie at the agency, but later decides to return to police work. She also hooks up with an old boyfriend Travis, who is working undercover with a drug cartel, and when he is under arrest, lets him go to search for his missing lover.
  • Denise Brisbane (Dedee Pfeiffer): Denise is the business manager at Dewell & Hoyt Private Investigations, often helping with research on cases.
  • Tonya Walsh Jamie-Lyn Sigler: Local waitress who ended up involved with the drug cartel. You know how some chacrters have a redemption arc? Well Tonya has kinda had the opposite. Now a realtor, she has bought the diner where she used to work.
  • Donno Ryan O'Nan: Muscle for Ren Bhullar and the cartel, he now runs the diner for Tonya and likes baking and violence.

Season 1 and 2 characters

  • Jerrie Kennedy (Jessie James Keitel): One of the kidnap and potential trafficking victims of Ronald Pergman, she now works at Dewell and Hoyt. Had a few sparks with Mark Lindor, but is okay that he hooked up with Cassie. Absent for part of Season 2 as she went home to reconcile with her dying mother. She is now in a relationship with Mark and they have left town and are tracking the cartel.
  • Mark Lindor (Omar Metwally): Silver fox and US Marshall who was working the Ronald Pergman case. He started a relationship with Cassie. According to her, she broke up with Lindor, and he's now in a relationship with Jerrie. They have left town and are tracking the cartel.
  • Ronald Pergman(Brian Geraghty): Weird psycho whose drive to kidnap women is harnessed by a sex trafficking ring, run locally by a corrupt cop who Cassie will kill. Twin brother Wolf holds Ronald and his girlfriend captive for a while. Ron is eventually killed by Cassie, his girlfriend is still on the run from the trafficking ring, headed we think by someone called John Milton. Wolf is murdered by the trafficking ring.
  • Sherriff Wagy: SPN alumn Sebastian Roche played a local corrupt Sheriff, arrested at the end of Season 1.

Season 3

  • Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) The new sheriff in town, taking over the role after Sheriff Tubbs was shot by the father of a boy who died of a drug overdose. He has moved from Texas to Montana to be closer to his daughter Emily, who has relocated there with her mother Carla, and her new husband. Nicknamed "Beau Legs" by fandom!
  • Avery (Henry Ian Cusack): Step-father to Beau's daughter Emily.
  • Sunny (Reba McIntyre) and Buck Barnes (Rex Linn): Owners of "Sunny Day Excursions" glamping business.

In-depth on Beau Arlen

The Story So Far

Season 1

Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt run a private detective agency together in Helena, Montana. Cody's estranged wife, ex-cop Jenny Hoyt, occasionally does work for them. As the season starts Jenny finds out that Cassie and Hoyt have been fucking. Although the women fight - like bar brawl fight - Jenny really blames Cody for telling Cassie the marriage was over. Then Cody and Jenny fuck. So we get the picture that Jenny and Cassie are friends, and Cody is a bit of a dick. That night Jenny and Cody's teenaged son Justin calls to say that his girlfriend Danielle and younger sister Grace have gone missing, kicking off the main story for the first season.

Cody heads out to the area where the girls were last seen to investigate where state trooper Rick Legarski tells him that several other young women have disappeared. Cody speculates that a long haul trucker may be involved. At this point Rick shoots him, because a long haul trucker called Ronald Pergman is indeed involved, and is working for Rick who is involved in trafficking kidnapped girls. When Cody seemingly vanishes, Cassie and Cody team up to find him, as well as the missing girls.

Ronald is holding Danielle and Grace captive in a shipping container, along with a trans woman called Jerrie. Together they try various ways to manipulate and overpower Ronald, and each escape has you on the edge of your seat with the tension! In the process the three women form a close bond. Eventually Rick turns up to move them.

Jenny and Cassie become increasingly suspicious of Rick, and eventually track his SUV to the property where the girls are being held. When they turn up with Sheriff Tubband find Rick there, he accuses them of stalking. Jenny takes the blame and is arrested. When Rick moves the women to a truck stop, Cassie tracks them down. Following a confrontation with Rick, she shoots him and saves the women! They also eventually find Cody's body which Rick buried in his truck. Unfortunately, Ronald escapes.

Three months later Jenny has joined Cassie at the agency, where Jerrie is working as the receptionist. They continue to try and hunt down Ronald and we occasionally get glimpses of what he is up to. A Deputy U.S. Marshal Mark Lindor arrives in town, who is also searching for Ronald. Jenny gets a call from a guy - Blake Kleinsasser - she used to date. He's in jail is for assault and it looks like he's been framed by the rest of his powerful and very dysfunctional family. Turns out they roofied Blake and Rosie the woman he is accused of assaulting. Plus have done other very dodgy things in the past, allowing the dumping of toxic waste on their land and killing people. They've been paying off the local cops, which Jenny starts to suspect. When a woman working at the police station visits Jenny to talk to her, a truck crashes into the motel room nearly killing them.

Meanwhile, Ronald is living with a woman called Scarlet and her daughter Phoebe. However, her sister starts to suspect Ronald's true identity and he kills her. Eventually, Marshall Mark with help from Jerrie catches and arrests Ronald but no before he can tell Scarlet to make a call, and find a hard drive he has hidden. Scarlet seems remarkably ok with him being a murdering psycho.

The Season finale sees Jenny and Cassie confronting both the terrible Kleinsasser clan and the corrupt cops, and the bodies getting arrested. While transporting Ronald, they are intercepted by masked gunman who rescue Ronald. While protecting Cassie, Jenny is shot!

Season 2

The Season picks up with Cassie and Jerrie still trying to find Ronald. Jenny tells Sheriff Tubbs she wants to be a cop again and he hands her a badge, underlining the poor hiring practices of law enforcement. Drugs and money have been stolen from local drug syndicate and when the drivers of the truck are shot by (more) corrupt cops (#defundthepolice) and the truck crashes, four teens take off with the drugs and money (one of whom is a babysitter for Cassie's son Kai). Havoc ensures as the teens fight amongst themselves, and the Vancouver cartel run by the Bhullar family who are expanding into the area try to find out who robbed them. The Vancouver bit is an in-joke as Season 1 of the show filmed in Vancouver, before moving to shoot in New Mexico in Season 2. Cartel members kidnap a local waitress Tonya whose boyfriend was involved in the initial theft. Tonya will end up working for the cartel, because frankly minimum wage as a waitress sucks.

Jenny is investigating the crash when she hooks up with Travis, an old boyfriend who is working undercover with the Vancouver cartel. (His undercover name btw is Stone. LOL subtle.)So everyone has got stakes in this now! Oh and don't worry about Cassie not getting any action - she and Marshall Mark gotta thing going on! MArk and Jerrie nearly hooked up but Jerri goes to visit her sick mother aka filming Queer as Folk.

Jenny and Tubbs find out about the teens involvement as do the cartel and they must try and protect them. Meanwhile, totally believably Ronald and Scarlet have been taken prisoner by Rick Legarski's twin brother Wolf who wants to reform Ronald, with the help of some negative reinforcement therapy aka an electroshock collar and his mean wife Agatha. Jerri had tracked down Wolf, and so Mark pays him a visit. He is suspicious of Wolf but finds no evidence of Ronald and Scarlet. Ronald escapes and rescues Phoebe and then goes to the Dewell & Hoyt office after hours, where he runs into Cassie’s father Joseph fixing the radiator and murders him. When he returns to Phoebe, Wolf knocks him out and takes them both back to his place.

Sheriff Tubb and Jenny investigate the murder, suspecting the cartel is involved. One of the teens, Max and her mother Rachel are kidnapped by Bob - a freelancer working for the drug gang whose decided he needs a side hustle in kidnapping. Jenny convinces Rachel's boyfriend T-Lock to work with her and wear a wire to help rescue Max and Rachel. He goes off script, off course, but Jenny and Travis manages to find him but not before he's been shot by Bad Bob, who escapes. Strangely Travis doesn't really try to stop him, and snags the ransom money himself.

Surveillance footage from outside their office identifies the RV Ronald was driving so Cassie and Mark drive to Wolf's place. They find Wolf alive, but his wife is dead - killed he says by Ronald who has escaped with Scarlet and Phoebe. Wolf cuts a deal with Mark in exchange for telling him where Ronald is - via the tracking device he implanted in him! He also reveal's that it was the trafficking syndicate his brother worked for that delivered Ronald to him. Scarlet finds a doctor to treat the injured Ronald. Mark and Cassie - with Wolf in tow - track them to the house. The Doctor injures Scarlet, Ronald kills the Doctor and then shoots Wolf, Mark and injuries Cassie before she kills him. Scarlet and Phoebe escape. As Wolf is being transported in an ambulance, one of the EMT's says "“John Milton sends his regards" and Kills him. That's John Milton of the trafficking organisation and not the 17th century poet.

The cops have tracked down where Max and Rachel were held captive, but there is a booby trap and a bomb is set off, killing 2 cops with Jenny and her partner barely escaping. More in-fighting amongst the drug gang leads to more dead bodies. Meanwhile Jenny meets with Travis' boss who tells her that Travis has been doing the old lone wolf act because Verr Bhullar, head of the Vancouver cartel killed his partner and also Verr's mistress was Travis informant and she has disappeared. SO. IT'S. PERSONAL. Meanwhile, Bob has ratted out Travis as a cop to the Bhullars. Travis denies it and to prove his not, stabs Bob in the throat. For some reason Travis thinks its a good idea to call Jenny and get her to meet him in the woods to bury Bob. Who he says he just found dead. He could've just bought her flowers. Tempting as it is, Jenny refuses the offer.

A local teen Jenny knows overdoses from drugs manufactured by the Bhullars. When she finds the drug lab, she is assaulted by one of the gang and kills him. Shaken she calls Cassie, who comes over and spends the night. No not like that, although fandom please write more of this fic!. She and Sherriff Tubs return to the lab the next day but its been cleaned out. Cassie and Amrk hook up good and hard. Cassie checks in with Jerrie, who's fine that she and Mark are together. Love the female friendships in this show!

Cassie, Mark and Jerrie search for Richard, the father of the dead teen, who has gone missing. He turns up at Sherriff's Tubbs place while he's feeding his cat, demanding to know where the Bhullar's live. A struggle ensures and Tubb's gets shot. It's kind of the cat's fault.

Richard takes Verr Bhullar and his son Jag captive, taking them to the spot where his son died. Verr puts all the blame for the drug trade on his son, who Richard shoots while Verr just walks away. Cassie and Jenny arrive at the scene, and manage to talk Richard out of killing himself. At th ehospital, Jenny runs into Ren visiting Jag, and Ren calls Travis by name, indicating she knows his true identity as a cop. Travis drops in, again, to Jenny's palce to say goodbye.

Remember Ronald's girlfriend Scarlet and her daughter Phoebe? Well Scarlet calls Cassie, telling she knows all about the trafficking organization and then threatens to kill her. A man called Humbert from the trafficking group is trailing Scarlet and Phoebe, but Scarlet gets the jump on him and kills him. Scarlet then leaves Phoebe at Cassie's place, asking her to send her to stay with a relative. She also gifts Cassie a hard drive with evidence on it.
Which brings us to the Season 2 finale, which you've probably seen even though you had never watched the show, because Jensen makes his first appearance as Sherriff Beau Arlen, who is in town to act as Sheriff while Tubbs recuperates. He meets Cassie before he heads to the police station. He seems like a pretty chill, friendly guy. He meets with Jenny and tells her he's been filled in about the Bhullars and Travis.
Travis finally confronts Verr about his missing lover and informant Kate. While beating him, Verr tells Travis she's alive. Jenny and Beau arrive and arrest Verr. Jenny is meant to transport Tarvis back to his boss, but on the way she decides to let him go so he can find Kate.

Verr is in hospital and his son, who is also still there, comes to visit him, and kills kim. His sister arrives and they leave. Families!

The season ends with Beau joining Jenny and Cassie for a drink. He knows that Jenny let Travis goes, but says he has her back. He's a good egg! “Welcome to Montana,” Cassie toasts as they all clink glasses and we all get excited for Season 3!

Season 3 episodes

Jensen will appear as a regular in the third season of the ABC drama "Big Sky". Jensen will play Beau Arlen, described as “a confident and charming good ol’ boy from Texas", who will act as temporary Sheriff while Sheriff Tubb recuperates from being shot. Jensen first appeared in the Season 2 finale which aired on Thursday May 19. Also joining the cast is Reba McIntyre, as the head of the Barnes Family, who run a camping and hiking holiday outfit.

On 8 July 2022, Jensen started filming Season Three. This photo was posted by co-star Dedee Pfeiffer (Denise Brisbane on the show) who played Kate Milligan - mother of Adam Milligan - the Winchesters' half-brother.

  • Trailer for Season 3 featuring Jensen as Sheriff Beau Arlen which premieres on Wednesday Sept 21 on ABC, and will stream on Hulu.

Jensen is one of those guys that I've always wanted to work with. He's one of those guys that I've always loved. He's someone my daughter and my wife likes, and a lot of guys like. There's not a lot of people out there that tick all those boxes. And I'd heard nothing but raving from people who worked with him — what an amazing guy he was, what a professional he was. Mutual friends put us in touch. He's from Texas. So, I pitched this Texas-type character that finds himself up in Montana. I can't say enough good things about him. He walks on the set and it changes.
  • Big Sky saw its Season 3 premiere jump from a 0.26 and 2.3 million total viewers in Season 2 to a 0.87 and 5.9 million for this Season.

Title Promos Director/Writer Air Date Synopsis
3.01 Do You Love An Apple Sneak peek
Promo Photos
Jeff T. Thomas/Elwood Reid & Sharon Lee Watson September 21, 2022 A hiker is finds a cassette recorder playing a song in the wilderness and is confronted by a weird guy, who follows him and later confronts him again, causing the backpacker to fall off a cliff . In town, three months have passed since Beau arrived in Helena. He's formed a friendship with Cassie and Denise is smitten and cooking him lasagne. Mark and Jerrie have left town, together, to hunt the cartel. Jenny and Hoyt track an escaped prisoner who then capture as she attempts to reunite with her step daughter. Cassie looks into the case of the missing hiker, and visits "Sunny Day Excursions", the glamping and hiking site run by Sunny and Bucky Barnes, and their hunky son Cormac. Later she approaches Tonya, now a relator, to buy her father's ranch. Incredibly coincidentally, Beau's daughter Emily and her step-dad Avery are having a holiday at the camp. Another couple at the camp also hear the music the hiker had heard earlier. Later that night, Sunny takes smores into the forest and gives them to the aforementioned weirdo, Walter, who she calls son. As Beau, Cassie and Jenny settle in for a movie night, Beau admits he feels like he is missing out on being with her daughter as she grows up.

Supernatural shoutout: The escaped prisoner steals a plushie moose. Beau says he had one like it, but his brother stole it. Moose of course was a nickname for Sam (and Jared!)

3.02 The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep Synopsis
Promo Video
Kelli Williams/Kyle Long & Christine Roum September 28, 2022 When Walt presents Sunny with the dying backpacker, she sends him away and waits for the backpacker to die. Tonya calls on Hoyt to evict a squatter living in one of her homes, he turns out have a bag full of money and a gun. He is a whistleblower from a tech company, who fears for his life with good cause when someone tries to kill him in the lock-up. When a US MArshall comes to take him into witness protection, she proves to be corrupt, indicating the company has a lot of influence. Cassie and Beau find some clues to the backpacker's disappearance, and meanwhile two of the glampers, who may have a connection to the whistleblower, also disappear. While searching for them, Emily stumbles open the man, washing blood from himself.

Supernatural shoutout: Beau gives Cassie salt as a house warming present - to keep the demons out!

3.03 A Brief History of Crime Synopsis and photos
Episode promo
Annakate Chappell & Brian McCauley Johnson October 5, 2022 Official Synopsis: While investigating a scamming operation with Beau, Jenny discovers a connection to the crime that sends her reeling. Cassie and Denise run into a strange man on the side of the road who may just lead them down a new path.
3.04 Carrion Comfort Promo Photos
Episode promo
Jeff T Thomas/Ryan O'Nan October 12, 2022 Official Synopsis: Jenny and Beau investigate the bloody murder of a woman in her own backyard. Buck grows increasingly suspicious of Sunny. Cassie and Cormac discover something unimaginable out on the trail.
3.05 Flesh and Blood Synopsis and photos
Episode promo
ALisa Leone/ Sharon Lee Watson October 17, 2022 Official Synopsis: Beau and Jenny chase down bank robbers who have taken Poppernak hostage. After finding the missing backpacker's body, Cassie investigates the possibility of murder.
3.06 The Bag and the Box Synopsis and photos
Episode promo
Laura Nisbet-Peters/Kyle Long October 24, 2022 Official Synopsis: Jenny and Beau are on the hunt to find the killer of a decorated veteran. Cassie closes in on the Barnes family, all while getting closer with Cormac. Tonya and Donno devise a plan for their own best interest.
3.07 Come and Get Me Promo Photos
Episode promo
Tori Garrett/Christine Roum October 31, 2022 Official Synopsis: When shocking new evidence surfaces from the "Bleeding Heart Murder Case," Jenny and Beau team up with Cassie and achieve a major breakthrough. Cracks begin to form in Buck and Sunny's marriage..